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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:

Lovin' it, obviously.

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Review #2, by LiveBreatheNeedHP 

28th August 2015:
This chapter was INTENSE. My heart really goes out for Andromeda, because she's a good person at her roots, which does show on the outside through her actions and thoughts quite a lot too, she's just so trapped in this prejudiced home with an abusive family. She's in such a crappy situation and you really make the audience feel for her, particularly in this chapter especially. This chapter was really well written, good job.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words, and I'm so glad Andromeda reads as empathetic to you. That was one of my biggest concerns when writing. Thanks again for all of these fabulous reviews!

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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell 

13th July 2015:

I didn't think they'd take her side. I even thought they'd try to make her apologize to Rabastan, but I never even thought they'd try to use the Imperius Curse on her!

It was very well done, though--nice and dramatic, with all the "You can't make me," and the quickly dawning horror that, in fact, they could. Ughhh. Chills.

I'm so proud of Andromeda that she's getting out! I'd hoped she would, but was a bit worried she'd remain there and have to go along with all this. Thank Heavens. We always knew Walburga was not exactly a treat, but seeing her like this gives me a whole new wave of sympathy for poor Sirius.

That part where Andromeda was begging her mother and Druella was clearly wanting to give in, but couldn't, was absolutely heartbreaking.

CC: I noticed this one small thing. Walburga says

“Copy the d*** owl, Andromeda."

Should it be "Copy the d*** letter,"?

Overall, that was wonderfully dramatic and well-written as always. You really are an outstanding writer. I'm so hooked!


Author's Response: Yeah, the Black family tend to go a little. . .overboard, don't they? I remember this being a very difficult chapter to write. As it should be, because that kind of abusive behavior makes my skin crawl. BUT as you say, Andromeda has finally begun to see the light!

Poor Sirius, indeed. That poor kid. With family like that, it's a wonder he didn't end up more screwed up than he was.

And ooh! Yes, "letter" would make much more sense, wouldn't it? I just envisioned Andromeda flapping her arms in imitation of an owl, and that is NOT what I'm trying to get across there. Lolol.

As always, THANK YOU! It's been such a pleasure to read through each of your reviews.

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Review #4, by water_lily43175 

24th January 2014:
Ooh, two shiny new chapters! This is exciting. Definitely do not regret writing over the weekend, I would much rather do more writing than intended, than less. I've been free all this week, and planned to finish my WIP - I barely wrote a chapter. Sad times. ANYWAY, enough of me.

I think JK made lots of errors on the Black family tree. She always says maths isn't her strong point, doesn't she? (Charlie's age being the main slip-up here, still annoys me when I read that line in Stone.) Thirteen wouldn't be a COMPLETELY ridiculous age for Cygnus to be having Bellatrix - except I imagine pureblood men would be sure to get their N.E.W.Ts done and dusted before having kids.

I really like the book quotes throughout the chapter. Well, I obviously don't like the quotes themselves, which are revolting, but I like how you've dotted them throughout, because aside from anything else it makes Andromeda's beliefs more and more understandable. Someone who is brought up on this kind of propaganda would need huge strength of mind to be able to realise it's wrong. The quotes are incredibly realistic too; even if they are horrible, they're GOOD. If that makes sense.

Ha! I had to laugh at Cygnus's reasoning for not being angry. SUCH a pureblood response - I don't do emotions, unless they benefit me. And - oh, poor Dromeda. To have that tiny, tiny spark of hope that even if her mother and aunt want her to marry well, her father values her brain and her independence, only to have that spark well and truly snuffed out - at this point it really feels as though she has nobody on her side.

Except Ted. ;)

I absolutely LOVE the contrast between Druella and Walburga here. Druella seems much less ruthless, less willing to force Andromeda into this - it makes me wonder if there's the slightest hint of motherly love in there somewhere, that she doesn't want to force her daughter into something she doesn't want to do? But as far as she sees it, none of them have a choice. And I guess that's worth remembering - Druella, and the others of her generation, will have been subject to the same brainwashing, and the arranged marriages - but none of them see it as bigoted or as brainwashing, just what is RIGHT and what must be done, and it's been going on for centuries. And so long as nobody has the strength of mind, or the morality, to realise it's WRONG - what hope do they have?

Anyway. Enough of my wider ponderings on society. Back to Walburga. Who is horrific. Don't go being quite so smug, my dear, your son will rebel BIG time in a few years. I'm talking flying motorbikes here.

But the IMPERIUS curse. And I thought the Silencing Charm was bad enough. This - this is BEYOND vile. Poor Dromeda! I have to say, I really like the way you've done this - as in, it's not a "girl falls in love with guy, realises everything she ever knew was wrong and leaves family" story. I love that Ted is the person who makes her question all she ever thought about Muggles - that's the way I imagine it happening, for a start - but she's not leaving her family for that reason, she's leaving because she's strong-willed and refuses to let them mould her into someone she doesn't want to be. And that makes her a far stronger character, and the story a far stronger one, than if it were all down to her feelings for Ted. Although clearly her time with him has certainly started to trigger the thought process of "this doesn't seem right" which is a good help. But this all seems very much like a two-pronged thing, and I like that.

And I need to stop rambling. Hopefully that all makes sense.

I actually loved this chapter. It was HORRIBLE, because of what poor Andromeda has been put through - and I hope this is her trough because I can't imagine what else she could possibly be put through that's worse then this - but she's FINALLY made a definitive break away from all the pureblood mumbo jumbo, and from here, things can only get better.


Author's Response: Sometimes the muses visit you, and sometimes they don't right? Though I wouldn't feel bad about not getting to much of your writing; while I was writing these two chapters, I was really avoiding work on another, bigger writing project. Sigh. I need to check out this WIP of yours, though! That just got To-Do-listed.

Yes, I can certainly sympathize with JK on her technical flukes. Sometimes you run a book through so many edits, too, that even you as the author forget the finer details. I chose a later age for Cygnus exactly for the reasons you cite: I think it's perfectly possible that he was 12/13 when he married, but you would think that he'd want to get his shiny degree before he produced three children...

The quotes were equally fun and awful to write, but like you say, I wanted to shed more light on exactly the sort of hate speech Andromeda's been brought up on her whole life. I also wanted to acknowledge the creepy idea that anyone can technically make an eloquent argument for unjust behavior. Just because it sounds pretty/logical doesn't mean it is.

I like your ponderings on society! Haha. I completely agree with you, and I think that Druella is a sad example of someone who perpetuates a way of life that doesn't even benefit her and that's against her own better judgement, simply out of cowardice and complacency. She doesn't have the strength of character that Dromeda does, and it's a super hard realization for any child to realize that their parent isn't fallible like that. Though I find some consolation in the fact that Walburga, at least, is about the suffer the cruel irony of losing control of her own son to "disobedience." TAKE THAT, WALBURGA, YOU BLEEP.

I'm so glad to hear that you like the structure/plot I've chosen! I'm clearly a sucker for all things Tedromeda, but I ultimately wanted this story to be about Andromeda growing as a person, coming to realizations, and making difficult decisions all by herself and because of her own personal drive/motivation/conscience. Of course, Ted ends up being a part of that process, but it's more than just a hormone-driven Romeo/Juliet thing, you know? Or at least, that's the goal. :)

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Review #5, by MarieBlack 

23rd January 2014:

From the beginning yes?

I love the excerpts from the book about Muggles and Muggleborns, it just gives me as a reader so much insight into how lowly they considered muggles and then even muggleborns. The disdain int he voice of the writer, man, you can almost see them with their nose stuck high in the air and scowling. Lovely.

Then Andie's father. That just crushes me. She had held so securely to the words he had told her and fought for them and seized them and let them drive her to this point. And now it seems as if it was all in vain. That she had mistaken what he meant and thus been lead to this point. How terribly heart breaking.

Walburga. EW. I HATE HER SHE IS HORRIBLE NO WONDER SIRIUS RAN AWAY. Albeit, her accusations to Druella are amusing on the other side of things because we know that Sirius eventually leaves them, even her reigns are not tight enough.

I hate how cruel they are to her, poor Andie. She's being forced. I think Rab is the scum of the Earth. Lower than that. The books about muggles and muggleborns should have been descriptions of him. Ugh.

I like Andie running away. It better be to Ted or so help me. I like her leaving. I couldn't figure out if she would concede or what or how Ted would come back into play or if it would wait out until after the holidays or if Rabastan would re-emerge but I like this.

Keep updating as you can, looking forward to writing more reviews!

Author's Response: Yeah, I would NOT wanna run into the author of The Silent Scourge. What an aristo-creep, right? I'm glad you enjoyed reading the passages; I wanted to give just a little more of a glimpse at exactly what Walburga had been reading those kiddoes at night. Scary woman. What amazes me is that Sirius didn't run away sooner. And yes, the delicious irony that she ultimately couldn't control her own kid. Take THAT, Burga.

It was hard to write Dromeda's scene with her dad. She had a lot hinging on his belief and good opinion. She thought he was her one cheerleader out of the family. It hurts my heart. :(

But now she is GONE. And that next chapter FLEW through the queue, so you can find out just where Dromeda went! Thanks, as always, for the reviewww!

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Review #6, by UnluckyStar57 

23rd January 2014:
I'm baaa-aaaccck!

And again, I really should be doing homework, or reviewing the people who requested in my review thread, but this chapter is important, so I'll just do all that stuff later. :)

Can this story get any better? I guess this chapter answers that question. I am SO incredibly happy that Andie is LEAVING FINALLY! Where will she go? (I hope that she gets to see Ted along the way.) Will she get blasted off the tapestry for running away, or will that happen later on, after she marries him?

I really loved how each little section of the chapter was headed with quotes from that awful, awful book. Did you write that stuff?! I mean, it was really good, in a TERRIBLE way, but seriously, did you hate yourself the entire time that you were writing it? The stuff that the book said was absolutely disgusting--it perpetuated the pureblood ideals that are so exalted by the Blacks and other pureblood families, but it also expounded upon them. It's racism all over again, but this time, it's about what sort of bloodline you come from. That in itself is a RIDICULOUS notion. People who thought that way about different races (and bloodlines--English aristocracy, I'm looking at you!) were so completely wrong... I just can't even describe how mad it makes me. And because we were prejudiced and afraid of people who were different from us, we made them the societal Other. And stereotypes were born--ones that I still hear about from my parents (even though they're "just kidding"). It really ticks me off.

Okay, now you think I'm weird because I had a long rant up there. I'm so sorry. :(


Good for you, for creating the two worst and most despicable sisters that I've ever seen: Walburga and Druella! I mean, yeah, they are characterized WONDERFULLY, and their actions, expressions, dialogue, et cetera all totally chime with what we know about Sirus' mother. But that doesn't mean that I don't despise them with a fiery passion. What about feminism?! What about equality? What about having a husband who loves you for who you are, just as you love him? What even happened to the oh-so-sacred institution of marriage?!?! I guess that particular tradition is not one that the House of Black regards with any importance whatsoever--as long as you make a good power couple, you can have all of the mistresses that you want on the side. Ugh. They make me SICK. They seem like fun characters to write, just because they're probably the antithesis of all you believe (at least, I hope so...). You did such a wonderful job of making them so absolutely EVIL. :D

Perhaps Andie's Christmas present to Ted will be... a visit from her?!?! :D That would make me so happy, but if that's not in the plans, I can live with it. It's just that I sort of miss him, you know? Andie misses him, too, so hopefully he will make an appearance sometime soon. :)

Much congrats on writing a whole new chapter over the weekend! I really love you for that, and although I understand that you have lots of things to do, I hope that lucky number thirteen is not long in coming. ;)


Author's Response: HI HI HI.

Thank you for procrastinating and taking the time to write a review. I feel ever so honored! Whe.

I have a confession to make: I had a seriously fun time writing this chapter. Like, way more than I should have. Evil, sadistic characters are just so fun to write! It's like that in theatre, too, you know? It's always more fun to play the bad guy. What is wrong with me. What. But YEAH. Andromeda is OUTTA THERE. As for her future fate, it hangs in the balance!

I had a Jekyll & Hyde experience writing the book excerpts. On the one hand it was a great writing experiment, but on the other hand it made me ill. And the reason it makes me ill is exactly what you mention: it would be one thing if prejudice like that was only found in fiction, but it's NOT, and it's still very much alive in our society. I hate it when people act like there isn't still plenty of sexism and racism going on. THERE IS, and it all starts when you think about someone different than you as a little less than human or a little less deserving of worth. It's messed up. So don't worry, I am SO on that tirade bandwagon with you. I could go on for days.

Where was I? The Seesters. Ever since I read about Aunt Walburga's awful portrait in Grimmauld Place, I figured she must be an absolutely awful woman. And Druella, too, has been raised a bigot and controlling mother, but not to the extent of Walburga; I wanted a relationship where one sister (Burga) was the aggressor and the other (Ella) the passive, do-nothing sort of evil. Either way, poor Andromeda. D: But yes, they were so fun to write, and yes, don't worry, they are the exact antithesis of what I believe. Haha.

Heh heh heh. Maybe. I've missed Ted, too. He gives me the warm fuzzies whenever I write him. As I'm sure you know now, I wrote TWO chapters over the weekend! Or one and a half, and I managed to finish the other during a layover at the airport. Now I'm for realzies writing new stuff, and I'm working on this crazy web series project this weekend, which means I'll be out of commission for a bit, as it were. But I wanted to leave some Ted before I checked out for a little while. Hope you enjoy!

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