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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:

The bit about how Andie looks forward to her meetings with Ted make my heart happy.

(The drama ensues)

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Review #2, by LiveBreatheNeedHP 

28th August 2015:
Wow, that scene is hella awkward. The way it's written is great, but I get secondhand embarrassment on Andromeda's part ...
CALLED IT. I. CALLED. IT. About Rabastan. What a butt.

Author's Response: Hahaha YEP. You called it indeed. He's the worst. Just. . .the worst. Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by Shinicha 

25th August 2015:
Oh, wow, okay, first let me catch my breath after this fantastic (and exiting) marathon through your chapters! I am sorry that I didn't stop after each of the catching and addictive chapters to leave a review, however I'm leaving for holidays tomorrow and wanted to get through some Dobby-Recommendations before leaving!

I really like your idea to chose to write about Andromeda and Ted; and I completely share your love for both of them! You've made two minor characters come to live in a really wonderful way :D

I think you did a very good job at working all the Canon characters into the story. Your Cissy and Lucius, and especially your Sirius, love them! Your managed to really flesh out their personalities, the way they talk and react to things is very consistent and provokes nice dialogues. Also your Rabastan is outright frightning! O_O His domineering ways and this "glint", whatever it may be, that she saw in his eyes made me seriously worried about Andromeda.

Especially Andromeda is great; the way she slowly, slowly changes over the chapters; how she is extremely naive but thoughtful at the same time; how she slowly makes herself question things she has learned to be true, just because that's what she expects of herself; to be consistent and smart.

I, too, enjoyed how you make language a decisive point in characterizing different personalities. I actually watched several youtube videos of yorkshire accident to understand its sexappeal!!! :D But also the usage of words (it's really cute when Andromeda gets thrown off by "uncoth" vocabulary haha)

In between the themes of overcoming prejudice and handling social pressure, the mystery of her nightmares, the blinks into a future with Death Eaters and Voldemorts, are peppering the story up and leave just the right amount of thrill. Ted's tattoo and the fact that it's a bird made me wonder if she might possess some divination skills??

I any case, I'm really happy to have found this story and can't wait to read on~~~ This year's Dobbys are going to be soo hard to choose again, with all these great stories like yours!!

Author's Response: Eep! What a brilliant surprise to come back to. Thank you for this and your other reviews! I'm working through them at a snail's pace, I know, but I intend to reply to each of them, and they've all been total day brighteners.

It always makes me giddy when I hear about a marathon read! Those are my favorites. Yes, I've been a little bit, um, obsessed with Ted and Andromeda ever since Sirius mentioned them in the series. I'm so glad I made a New Year's resolution to write a fic about them and saw it all the way through!

Haha, the Yorkshire accent really is delicious, I think. I know not everyone agrees. . . But for Ted, imho, it's perfect. :]

Thank you for all the kind feedback on plot and characterization! I'm so glad you've been enjoying the story AND I hope you had a fabulous holiday!

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Review #4, by Penelope Inkwell 

13th July 2015:

Not that I'm surprised, since it was hinted at it before. But still, poor Andromeda. Well, hopefully that'll give her the chutzpah she needs to break things off with him. I wonder if her family will be sympathetic, or if they'll just think she should overlook Rabastan's "indiscretions".

And WHAT is she going to get Ted for Christmas?

Highlight Reel: "Are you, like, having some kind of fit? Is there a remedial potion that I need to administer? Do I need to find a trusted adult?!Ē

ďIím sure that, whatever it is, whenever I get it, Iíll really like it. And Iím sure itíll probably be worth more money than Iíll make in my entire lifetime, so Iíll promptly sell it on the black market for hard cash.Ē

Ted is so funny! I love it :)


Author's Response: D: Oh Andromeda. I put that kid through a lot. Reading through this more than a year later makes me throw my hands over my face for all the drama I stirred around. A lot. Of drama.

How will Andromeda's family react INDEED. o.O

Thank you so much for the review! See you son in the next review.

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Review #5, by Moony 

25th April 2014:
I hate Rabastan so much! Hopefully Andie will break up with him and won't return because marrying him would be the 'right thing to do'. Great story!!

Author's Response: Haha. Rabastan is bad news bears. :( I particularly enjoyed writing his character because at first glimpse he isn't necessarily a "bad guy." Rabastan could come up with plenty of reasons to justify actions. And he does... Thanks for the review, and I hope you continue to enjoy the read!

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Review #6, by navyfail 

3rd February 2014:
She got Ted a Christmas present! OMG YES. And oh my Rabastan. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ANDROMEDA? Overall, this was a tremendously GREAT chapter with many quirks and twists (with Andromeda maybe having feelings for Ted and Rabastan cheating).


Author's Response: Yeah, Rabastan is a stupid stupidface. -.- Glad you liked the chapter! Let me just say again how lovely it was to read through all of your reviews and reactions. Hope you continue to enjoy the story!

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Review #7, by water_lily43175 

21st January 2014:
Oh. OH! I'm becoming less capable of coherent reviews as Andromeda and Ted become closer, they're so cute and perfect! She's becoming so much more relaxed and HERSELF. The contrast between the Andromeda that talks to Ted and the Andromeda that spends time with her Slytherin kin is remarkable. And yet... and yet. She has some way to go still.

And now she has to buy Ted a Christmas present.

OHO. Well that explains why Rabastan is less irritable and more attentive, he's getting some on the side. What a 12+. Chuck him, Dromeda!

Author's Response: The final stretch! I have enjoyed these reviews so much. Thanks again, bunches and bunches, for leaving them!

Yes, you've nailed it exactly. Andromeda can be so much of herself around Ted, but she's still got some growing pains to push through. You know, like that superiority complex thing. And YES. That's what happens when you lie, Andromeda. You obligated yourself to perpetuating the lie. How unfortunate for you and how very nice for Ted.

Yeah. Rabastan is a total 12+. RAWR. Move over, boy.

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Review #8, by UnluckyStar57 

18th January 2014:

Sorry, my caps lock was stuck for a minute (just kidding, that was just me being a spaz). But YES, you have updated once again!! I love you for that! It helps that this chapter was so fantastic and just EVERYTHING...

Yeah, I think you can expect reviews just like this from me every time you update this story. I just can't help myself--it keeps getting better and better! Actually, now that you're on the forums (sorry I "friended" you, by the way. I didn't know if that would be okay, but then I was like, "What the hey."), I'm going to post a link to this story in the Awesome Stories thread. It definitely deserves to be recognized!

Okay, now I'll talk about the chapter. :)

Oh, Andie. You're being so silly. Why can't you just say what you need to say without lying about it? Hahaha, actually, I think that it made her interaction with Ted more interesting. Sometimes characters can never bring themselves to tell the truth, and it adds another level of frustration (for the reader) and brings the possibility of mishaps for the future. At any rate, I hope that she makes good on her lie and actually sends Ted a Christmas present, because it would appear that she won't have to stop spending time with him...

About Lucius and Narcissa: I have to tell you the truth. I could NEVER see Lucius being lovey-dovey and kissy-faced in his older years. He just doesn't seem the romantic type in the books--more the conceited, narcissistic type, really (hahaha, it's funny because his wife's name is Narcissa). *ahem* Weirdo jokes aside, my view of Lucius has really changed from reading this story. I mean, I guess he loved Narcissa in his older years, but the lust for power really got his goat, so to speak. In his Hogwarts years, however, it totally makes sense for him to be the romantic-ish type because he didn't have a war to worry about back then. Even so, when he was being all suggestive with Narcissa before Andie left the compartment, I was like, "Ew!!" ;)

Okay, now we come to the part that I REALLY want to talk about, because RABASTAN IS SUCH A JERKFACE AND SO MANY OTHER BAD WORDS THAT I CAN'T SAY. (Sorry, caps lock stuck again, haha.) Of COURSe he was being super nice and attentive to Andie--he was getting what he wanted from someone else on the side!! He prefers women who are good at fooling around and good at being a girlfriend--and he prefers that those two women never meet. TOO LATE. I guess there won't be a proposal from him now, and good riddance!! Unless, of course, he chooses to tell Andie that, while Georgiana Harper is a good distraction, Andie is the one he envisions himself spending the rest of his life with. If he says that, it's the WORST SORT cockamamie buncombe that he could tell her. I hope she slaps him and tells him where to get off.

Although Rabastan is a strumpeting cad, I'm glad that Andie caught him being naughty. It means that she doesn't have to call anything off with Ted--she can still be his (secret) friend and they can continue to be adorable and awkward. I could tell from their interaction at the beginning of the chapter that Andie's getting over some of her prejudices, and that's really awesome. I love that Ted keeps her honest with "the look"--if she's being mean, the look will stop her every time. So here's to their friendship continuing to be a thing. Hopefully Andie's scummy relatives won't get in the way and try to make her ignore Rabastan's infidelity and marry him anyway.

Tedromeda for the win!! :D

See you next chapter! I do hope that it comes out soon. :)


Author's Response: OH YESH HE DID SO!! He did, and I cannot tell you what joy it brought me to see you use the word "cockamamie buncombe" in reference to his behavior. Well put.

You're the sweetest for recommending this on the forums. Thank you! And I am totes okay with you friending me! Clearly, I am currently a loser there with only my three obligatory posts. Derp derp. I need to work on that...

Andromeda is usually quite articulate. How funny that she isn't that way around Ted. What could that mean, Andie?! WHAT COULD IT MEAN? She's obvz too dense right now to know and can only concoct really lame lies... that work to Ted's advantage. >:]

To be honest, Lucius and Narcissa kind surprised ME. You know how sometimes you set out writing a story with a very clear mental picture of how you want certain characters to behave? And then you start writing, and they take on a life of their own that's very different from what you planned? That's what happened with these two. In the books, I always thought that Lucius and Narcissa seemed to have a surprisingly loving and supportive relationship, despite being massive jerks to most everyone else around them. So, like you say, I wondered what they must've been like before all the wizarding war madness went down, and I do think they would've been more carefree and lovey dovey before all heck broke loose. But yeah, they're, like, gross. Poor Andie.

RA-BA-BA-BAD-STAN. Yep, he's a creep. A bona fide creep. He deserves a comeuppance for sure. Ted and Andie are good for each other like nutella and crepes. May the Good Ship Tedromeda sail forevermore.

Thanks bunches and bunches for the review! I seriously get so tickled pink reading these. The next chapter is coming atcha.

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Review #9, by MarieBlack 

18th January 2014:

But alas, I am also overjoyed because now Dromeda and Ted shall come together. >:)

This chapter is filled with so much, where to begin!

I love Andie when she's with Ted, in a way she makes me think of Dora. Dora seems to be this perfect mix of her parents in the best way. I think that's perfectly lovely.

Ted just makes me think of this adorable guy who I would just be best friends with and then slowly fall in love with and marry. He's perfect. He's perfect for Andie. He sets her free.

NOW, Rabastan is the scum of the earth. He does not even deserve to lick the boot of the muggleborns he hates so much. I hope Andie stands up to him. I hope she breaks him down with her words and lets him have it. She has held back for so long about her proper feelings of him and I hope she lets him have it.

However, I do recognize the possibility of her sticking with him for the sake of her parents and their desire to see her engaged to be married. I do see her accepting it because she considers herself plain to her sisters. I do see the insecurity in Dromeda.

But I hope her firey temper comes out. I hope she rips him to shreds. It would bring me the upmost joy.

Author's Response: Yeah, Rabastan's taken a turn for the worse, now hasn't he? >:( I am sure Andromeda would very much appreciate your righteous indignation. RAWR.

I'm so happy that their interactions remind you of Dora! I loved her character in the books, and it's been fun to develop characteristics in her parents that I think she would have inherited, aside from the obvious ones--like the messiness she inherited from Ted.

DO YOU HEAR THAT, ANDIE? TED SETS YOU FREE. I think he's perfect for her, too, but obvz I am biased.

Mm, I have a pet name for Rabastan that I can't write here but that is a mash-up of "Rab "and that bad guy word that starts with a "b." Heh. BECAUSE YOU'RE A TERRIBLE PERSON, RABASTAN.

As you point out, though, Andromeda's family and her position make this a complicated problem, and you're very right that she has plenty of insecurity. Her response is in the queue!

Thanks, thanks, thanks for brightening my day with your review!

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