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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
"It's about me."

"Oh, like everything else."

Best piece of retort that Ted Tonks has. (And Sirius and Andromeda exchange in this chapter is so sweet)

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Review #2, by LiveBreatheNeedHP 

28th August 2015:
"Cavort". What a classic. I love it!
I LOOOVVE the Princess Bride! The book is pure mad genius and the movie has been a love of mine ever since I was real real little, but it's been so long since I've read or watched it and I've scoured the chapter, but I can't pick up on what the reference is! Please help me? It's starting to bothering me that I don't know what it is lol

Author's Response: Bahaha. Not gonna lie, I love the word "cavort."

Isn't The Princess Bride the best? Book and movie. And ah! I honestly don't know if the line is in the book and movie or JUST the movie, but it's when Inigo Montoya tells Vizzini, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means" after Vizzini misuses "inconceivable" for the umpteenth time. And in this case it's Ted telling Andromeda that she's not using "cavort" properly. :D

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell 

13th July 2015:
This chapter may be short, but it is a gem!

Bahaha! When Ted points out the connotations of "cavort". Good ol' Ted. I really like the way you've written their personalities. He's perfect for her. He's laid back and can take a joke and isn't above poking a bit of fun at her, which is the perfect foil to Andromeda's frostiness. But it's clear that he has plenty of self respect. He demands to be treated as an equal. He does things on his own terms--i.e. 7:30. And I like how it's quite clear that he *is* a Hufflepuff, for instance, his unwillingness to cheat, and he's also really, *really* attractive, because some people try to act like Hufflepuffs aren't hot and I'm like "what?!" Even as a Slytherin I must respectfully disagree. Overall it's just a very well thought out set up.

Aw! Marauder's bit! Sirius and Andromeda's friendship is just SO CUTE!


“But if you can’t be disciplined enough to do the required eading," Just a little typo, as "eading" should be "reading".

Another excellent chapter!

Highlight reel:

“You keep using that word,” he said. “I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

“Shut up!” Andromeda growled, stamping her foot. “Are you going to cavort with me, or not?”

Author's Response: Heh heh. Leave it to Ted to have those wide-eyed concerns about what "cavort" entails. -waggly eyebrows- Thank you so much, though! It means a lot that you find him a good foil to Andromeda, because that's just what I set out to make him be. AND I KNOW, RIGHT? All these people acting like Hufflepuffs can't be HAWT. EXCUSE ME. -pokes Ted's abs- Excuse. Me. Even as a Gryffindor, I respectfully disagree as well.

Teehee. I can't help myself. I love throwing itty bitty Sirius in the story.

Eeep, and thank you so much for spotting yet another typo! Your help has been invaluable as I go through the story and tidy up.

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Review #4, by navyfail 

2nd February 2014:
And they are going to see more of each other. *grins mischievously* But one thing that's still stuck in my head is that Ted's tattoo is of a lithe bird and in her nightmare doesn't the lithe bird die? What does that signify then? (I mean according to canon he doesn't die 'til the seventh book but that's for canon). Also Sirius, yay, we got to see him again! Lovely chapter! :)


Author's Response: Heh heh heh. But of course they must see more of each other! >:] EEP. I cannot tell you what the nightmare signifies, but you are SO observant. I can at least say that everything you've mentioned comes back around full circle. Dun dun dun. Okay, I suck when I'm enigmatic. I'm going to take a break from my loopy responses, but I really can't say how much I've loved reading your reviews. It's always such a treat to read new reader's thoughts and reactions! So THANK YOU oodles.

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Review #5, by water_lily43175 

21st January 2014:
Ha! Gratuitous half-naked man. I'm not complaining. Neither, it seems, is Andromeda.

A bird. A BIRD. Linnet bird? HMM.

Andromeda does make me chuckle. She still assumes Ted will do anything she tells him to! He ain't that kinda guy, sunshine. He may do good deeds, but that doesn't mean he's going to follow orders. And good on him; it's about time she had a good dose of reality. She really seems to struggle with the concept of treating him like an equal. And yet, she sees his potential in DADA.

Of course, Andromeda. You're going to cavort with Ted because Rabastan said you couldn't so you want to ... but you can't be seen to be talking to a mudblood, so nobody is going to find out that you've been cavorting. *facepalm* She is a funny one. You can't half-revolt, Dromeda, it's all or nothing! Still, progress is likely to be slow, so it's not unexpected. I just find the contradiction amusing.

Love the little moment with Sirius, too. She's so endearing when she's thinking of him. :)

Author's Response: Well. There's been the obligatory Freudian nod, so clearly there has to be the obligatory shameless half-naked man. Clearly.


Andromeda isn't well-versed in rebellion. She's got some learning to do in that field, too. In her perfect world, she can indulge in a safe, very well-planned act of defiance. It's one step forward, two steps back for Dromeda. BUT TAKE THAT, PRINCESS. Ted has his pride, too, gurlfran.

I love ickle Sirius so much at this point that there's little chance of ever losing him in this narrative. Sirius Nougats always.

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Review #6, by UnluckyStar57 

16th January 2014:
Yes!!! A chapter appears, and another one after it!! I'm really supposed to be responding to reviews and also reviewing people on my review thread, but I couldn't wait another second to read this story. :D

Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!! Ted isn't going to give in so easily!! I LOVE that!! He's perfect! She's still conceited and thinks that he's below her, but OH MAN SHE'S SO WRONG!!! He is AWESOME for turning things around on her and saying, "Yeah, we can 'cavort,' but I'm calling the shots now!" You don't know how happy I am that he DIDN'T immediately say, "Oh yes, let us snog a lot and everything will be rainbows and sunshine." PERFECTION.

I also like that they have a deal going on. That's much better than, "Yay, free snogs!"


The Andie-Sirius moment was so cute! Not only are you exploring her relationship with Ted, you're also getting into her family, what with Narcissa and Sirius. Second year Marauders are so cute! Gah!

The only typo that I noticed was that you accidentally put "eading" instead of "reading" in the sentence: "But if you can’t be disciplined enough to do the required eading..." It's no big deal, but because it was the first typo that I found in this story, I had to mention it. This story is basically FLAWLESS.

You mentioned in your last response that you were an English major. I'm a fledgling English major!! I don't know if college taught you to write like this or if it's just something that you were born with, but MAN, I hope that I can write something as good as this is one day!

Okay, that's enough ranting. I really do have to do other things, but I'm going to be a rebel and read/review your next chapter. :)


Author's Response: YEAH. Your reviews always make me so happy. And I'm flattered that you took the time to read and review in the face of everything else! That makes it, like, ten times more golden.

Rah, rah! No way is Ted gonna break that easily. He has his dignity! And, okay, Andromeda still kind of freaks him out, too, more than he'd ever let on. He's not planning on snogging a girl who calls him bad words all the time. No siree. RESPECT IS A TWO-WAY STREET.

I've really loved throwing Andie and Sirius together. I love baby Sirius and baby Marauders, before most of the angst and drama and pubescent problems kick in. I mean, I love me some older Marauders, too, but I don't see a lot of fanfic about their wee ickle years, so it's been fun to give them some cameos.

-shakes fist- NO! Well, I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. Eading. Oy vey. That's so embarrassing. I'm really glad you pointed it out, though, so I can go back and edit that. Thank you!

Gasp. YAY ENGLISH MAJOR. English major solidarity forever! I absolutely loved studying English. Not only do you learn how to argue and think and reason more critically, you get to read a ton of beautiful books along the way. I was always a big bookworm growing up, and I honestly think that reading well is the key to learning to write well. If you read great prose, you'll eventually learn to produce great prose. It just takes a ton of drafts and constructive criticism along the way, and for me it's been a process that started in middle school and is still going on. A lot of it comes down to editing--from self-critique to a trusted reader telling you when something works and when it's utter crap.

Just based on your reviews, you already strike me as an excellent writer! It's clear that you've already got a fantastic command of the language and a distinctive voice--and believe me, those are THE toughest things to master. We're talking skills you can't learn in the classroom. I'd love to read something you've written. In fact, I'm gonna go be a snoop and read your stuff now! >:] But after I respond to the next review...

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Review #7, by MarieBlack 

15th January 2014:

Ted's reaction to her automatic thought that he'll just agree with her plan because she asks of it is top notch. I am increasingly impatient so slow paced romance really can make me anxious, but I think it is so well fitting with these two. Andie has things to get over that aren't just going to be thrown out of the door so easily, I mean she was raised in them! And Ted also has this set idea of her in his head and I don't think he'd readily throw that away either, he has seen too much of the Slytherin in her I guess. They both have a ways to grow in love.

Ted's tattoo. Just Ted. What a hunk of man candy. Like give me one.

Andie's desire to have everything planned and mapped out I can totally relate to. I'm very much the same way. I don't like to do anything that isn't planned out or do anything outside of that presupposed plan. Which I intend to think is a blessing and a curse, as it will be for Andie. I surmise that she won't get caught, but at the same time not everything will go according to plan so getting caught is an option. I just extremely like some foreshadowing and guessing at future events, I watch too many cop shows haha.

I truly adore the turn this is making, that little by little they are both abandoning what they at first impression believed to be true about one another. I think a love like that would last the ages.

I know you're getting on the tail end of all of your already done chapters, but I will always be checking for updates on this. It's one of the constant stories I enjoy and I like being able to come in from the beginning and see the updates.

Happy writing, and I so do enjoy leaving reviews!

Author's Response: YAY. I'm glad that you so do enjoy leaving reviews, because I so do love reading them!

Yeahhh, Andromeda presumes A LOT. All the time. Constantly. Presumption is her thing. And like you say, that's not something that you simply grow out of in an instant. Both these darlings have some maturing to do. But they will mature. Oh, yes they will. :)

Eheheheh. I hate it when authors wax on about how pretty their boys are, but I can't help myself. He's a freakin' Quidditch player; it was just LOGICAL that he be so hot and tattooed and stuff. Also, I thought I owed it to Ted to make him fit in his early years, considering Rowling gives him a belly 25 years later.

Yes! I was a planning baby when I was younger, and for some reason I mellowed out in my teens, but I can still totally relate to Andie's need to plan out everything--even her "spontaneous" adventures. Like you say, it can be a blessing and a curse. But how shall it plan out for Andie? Hrmmm.

Thanks again for always checking in and leaving such lovely reviews! Chapter 9 is on its way!

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