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Review #1, by Sushmita 

9th December 2016:
"I think nothing of the snort,” Spelling needs to be fixed here.
Loving the drama of this romance and now I'm really intrigued about Ted's condition. Can he change into a bird, the one she dreams about all the time?

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Review #2, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
And this is when I learned it wasn't a disillusionment charm.

I LOVE George Vanderpool and likewise, I HATE Rabastan. The way he treats Andie as nothing more than an object/prize to be won. It's awful.

"Ted Tonks, you and I are going to cavort. ISN'T THAT EXCITING!

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Review #3, by LiveBreatheNeedHP 

28th August 2015:
Even though I have gotten far enough into the story to know what's going on with Ted, I remember being very intrigued by why he was in the Hospital Wing and where on earth he went the night before when I first read this! As always, Ted charms and captivates me.
Oo, the exchange between Andromeda and Rabastan makes my blood boil! I want to punch him in the face through my screen! It will do me well to remember all of this is fictional ... *inhale* *exhale* *inhale* *exhale* ... Nope, still mad.

Author's Response: I'm glad there's still some mystery surrounding Ted, then! Sometimes when I plot out a story I think I'm being so sneaky and enigmatic when really it's obvious. So at least Ted's mystery is still holding up!

Yeah, Rabastan is. . .lots of not-nice words I can't say here. I think you've got every right to be mad.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by Penelope Inkwell 

13th July 2015:
Haha! Oh, that was great! The way steamrolls Ted's friend and goes straight to him. No Andromeda. You're not interested at all. Of course you're not.

Ugh. Rabastan. You've written him well. It's clear that as far as he's concerned, there's no way he's the villain. He feels some remorse for not doing everything the way he ought to have, but he clearly believes that he has the right to command Andromeda, and that she has wronged him twice. It's clear that, according to the (obviously flawed and outdated) rules of Pureblood society, he's in the right. Which makes it even more clear that independent Andromeda does not belong in Pureblood society.

Odd. Clever as she is, Andromeda doesn't seem to have realized that Rabastan could break things off with her if she upsets him. Arguably that might be even more disgraceful. Or perhaps deep down she does know, but that's what she wants, because then at least she won't have to do it.

And what an ending! That should be interesting!


“Then I see no reason why you are here, wasting my time with your stupid face and your stupider words.”

Author's Response: Andromeda? Interested in Ted??? PSHAW. Look how well she hides it! Queen of Subtlety.

Thank you! I was concerned when I set out writing Rabastan. It's hard to walk that line of making him a total scumbag but also giving some legitimate reasons for why Andromeda would want to be with him. I wanted his arc to be a study of someone who, up to a certain point, is just a product of a screwed-up environment. But then comes a time when he's responsible for his own actions, and he turns out to just be. . .um, evil. Ick.

Yes, I think Andromeda's been doing an impressive job of not considering that line of thought--that Rabastan could be the one to call things off. She is a little bit--how shall I put this--VAIN. So honestly it's a thought that her preening little psyche won't let out of her subconscious. At least not yet. . .

Thank you so much for yet another lovely review!

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Review #5, by navyfail 

3rd February 2014:
Ted is in the hospital wing. Aww. Though I am curious. What condition does he have? It's sounds serious. I mean.. he can disappear so is it a magical condition?

And Rabastan makes another reappearance. I had a feeling he was going to make a presence one time or another. Hmm... he's a bit controlling, though not borderline possessive. I like that compared to other pure-bloods he does give her more freedom but they aren't even engaged. He shouldn't be allowed to be that bossy. He sounds like he wants to have a more clueless wife so he can have more power over her.

"You seem to forget that I have a working brain above the shoulders." This is priceless by the way. And the way Rabastan reacted by turning purple... lol.

The end of the chapter is interesting. Andromeda sure knows how to make an entrance. And I love, love, love how she wants to defy Rabastan's orders... it makes her a strong, independent female character. :)

10/10 as always!


Author's Response: I'm BACK to respond to the rest of these lovely reviews!

Ted's condition... Durn durn durn. Tis a mystery, though I promise that all shall be revealed in time!

Oh, Rabastan. Rabby, Rabby, Rab--what am I even typing? The guy has NO good nickname possibilities whatsoever. I take this as a sure sign that he was not meant for Andromeda. >:]

And yes! If there's one thing I want Andromeda to always be, in spite of all her bigotry and flaws, it is strong and independent, so I'm so glad to hear that you think so. :)

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Review #6, by water_lily43175 

21st January 2014:
Oh, Andromeda. You are TOTALLY worried about Ted. As for her examining his wand ... well.

Just a note - I'm guessing that you changed the name of Ted's friend, because he introduces himself as "George" but is referred to as "Dylan" in the narrative after that.

Anyway, back to the story, and Ted's plight has me confused indeed. Is he a metamorphmagus, perhaps? HMM. She seems more and more willing to talk to him with every instance they're together. I particularly thought it interesting that she was surprised his OWL results were so low. After all, he's a thick mudblood, right? And that really does say it all, that she assumes he has someone at home that he needs to prove himself to. An example of how Andromeda doesn't even see her set-up at home as at all out-of-the-ordinary, and that's what makes it so hard for her to begin to question things.

And then, as a contrast to Ted, we have Rabastan. Who I can't express my honest thoughts about, because I have to remain 12+ in this little box. So let's just say he's a moron. Although ... he's treating Andromeda as he's always been brought up to treat women, and I suppose she is doing the same thing with Ted... Either way, she's worth more than that. It's just nice to see that she understands that, at least to some extent. Cavorting indeed!

Author's Response: Pfrsh. There is NOTHING Freudian about her examining his wand. Certainly not. >:]

Oh dear. NO! See, I warned you that there were bound to be mishaps, and behold, A MISHAP. I swear, I thought I'd changed his name to George in all places, but I must've swapped drafts or something equally stupid. Thank you so much for pointing it out. I'll be sure to put that in my editing notes.

Ted's plight gets only plightier still. More reveals to come in a typical dramatic fashion. That's the trouble of Andromeda's family and of the pureblooded aristocrats in general, I think. They perpetuate a false perception of reality, and they never have to look beyond it because their family and friends all hold to the same belief. That's the danger of any insular community, I think, and I'm so glad that Andromeda gets the rare chance to realize that for herself.

Boys like Rabastan Lestrange are the reason, I think, that half of the non-12+ words were invented. But as you point out, both he and Andromeda are products of their upbringing. Of course, I think both of them are old enough to be responsible for their actions, but it does raise interesting questions about upbringing and environment, and how much blame should be shared by those who raised Rabastan and Andromeda. But as you say, Andromeda deserves a guy way better than Rabastan. WHO MIGHT THAT BE.

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Review #7, by MarieBlack 

14th January 2014:
He's not an animagus, this all makes sense about Dora later on and how she is a Metamorphogus! I love the slight fondness Andie is having for him now, how she'll just talk with him for a little bit before that pure-blood voice within her says something.

I do rather dislike Rabastan, but his eerie closeness in mannerisms to his brother shows his tendency to lean that way. I know he's described very similarly to him later on and through research. I think he is a horrible man, and Andie's feelings to defy him are natural.

I love it all because I also feel like now is time where there is a rise in feminism, and women then had it worse than we do now. But it all lines up to me because although this was probably in the 60s, the wizarding world was always late on cultural changes and disregarded them as well, especially Muggle ones. At least the pure-bloods seemed the most concerned about remaining within tradition.

Author's Response: YES. OR MAYBE THAT THEORY...? >:]

Phew. I'm glad that Andie's growing fondness for Ted is coming through, despite her general unpleasantness. I love slow burn romances, but they can be so tricky to pace!

The fact that Rabastan helped torture the Longbottoms later on doesn't help his case much, does it? I didn't want him to be psycho-evil-laughter bad; Andromeda clearly wouldn't date someone like that. But I did want him to be bad in a more subversive, controlling way.

Yes! Yes, this would definitely have been a time where second wave feminism was a huge deal in the Muggle world, but I completely agree with you: purebloods are entrenched so deep in tradition that they're never willing to accept changes in societal structure. Which doesn't bode well for Andromeda... She's going to have to realize that maybe her family doesn't have all the right answers, starting with women's rights.

Thanks again for continuing to read and review! It always makes me so happy to read your thoughts!

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Review #8, by UnluckyStar57 

13th January 2014:
Ohkay. So I think that this chapter has caused me to lose the ability to even. I can't even, and it's all thanks to Rabastan and Andie and... just EVERYTHING.

You must think that I'm an incoherent troll. I'm sorry that you have to put up with me.

But no! Just no. This can't be the almost-the-end of the proverbial gravy train!! This story just appeared to me one day, as if by magic, and now, it's the thing that I most enjoy reading. It's the thing that I look for on the Recently Added page every day. I positively love this story, and though I completely understand that writing takes time, effort, and even more time, I really hope that you keep updating regularly! May your muse never fail you. :)

So. The chapter.

Ted's in the hospital wing? He's got a mysterious silver streak in his hair and he disappeared on the balcony because of a condition?! This is so mysterious--I want to know more! Is he, perhaps, a Metamorphmagus? ...Maybe not. But really, what's going on there? Andie and Ted's friend George--wow, that really shocked me. She cares about Ted, even though she has yet to get over her high and might pureblood fantasies. It was super adorable that she copied her homework for him, even if it didn't take that long to do so.

Rabastan. THAT JERKFACE. I really, really, really cannot stand him. His whole demeanor, his demands of Andie, his ideas about how a woman is supposed to act... Those are ALL the things that I am very against, and he just totally embodies everything I hate about people who try to put other people in a cage. Sure, Andie does almost the same thing with Ted--presuming that he's stupid and incompetent, sneering at him because his societal status is lower than hers, telling him what he can and can't do--she gets a taste of her own bitter medicine, because Rabastan does EXACTLY the same thing to her. I guess that I've overlooked Andie's abuse in the previous chapters because I know that she's going to come around eventually, but there's no denying that the things she did and said to Ted were SICK. And now that Rabastan is being such a *well, I ought not to say what I think right here*, she's going to turn around and go snog Ted to make Rabastan angry.

I sure hope that Ted doesn't go for it. Well, yeah, yeah I do. Ted and Andie NEED to be together, but not because Rabastan tried to subordinate Andie. Ted probably still remembers all of the nasty insults she threw at him, and if she's going to be bipolar about him, he's going to have to stand up for himself. I really don't want him to agree to "cavorting" with her, but at the same time, I do.

Do you see what a mess this story has made me? I seriously won't know what to do with myself if I can't know what happens. Ted and Andie are such vibrant and real characters--they have faults and nasty tendencies (especially Andie), but they are SO lovable and SO meant to be together (but not yet). I never really considered their relationship as being important to me, but now, they're one of my OTPs.

You're relatively new to HPFF--at least, your profile is (sorry, now I look like a weirdo, but I was curious!), but it seems like you've been writing Harry Potter fanfiction for a very long time. Have you got work posted on other sites? What brought you to HPFF? Are you on the forums yet? If so, PLEASE make a Meet the Author page. I will totally ask you questions if you do. :)

Again, thanks so much for writing this story. I'm so sorry that these reviews just keep getting sillier and more incoherent, but I hope that you take that as a compliment. I am absolutely stunned by your geniusnes. ;D


Author's Response: MOAR REPLY:

If you are an incoherent troll, you are the coolest troll in troll-land, that's all I can say. Like, the plastic kind with neon pink hair. That kind of cool.

Anyway, I do have some good news, which is that I got another chapter written today, so YEAH. I have a rather detailed vision of where I'm taking Andie and Teddykins, so at least the storyline is there. Life might get busy, but so help me, I will not abandon my darlings. Never you fear!

What is Ted's condition?! Watch, the reveal is gonna come, and you'll be all, "That was the stupidest reveal ever." I hope not. But 'tis a mystery, 'tisn't it? Can't be a proper story without a little mystery.

I loathe Rabastan with a deep abiding loathing. He is a sexist, controlling, self-entitled pig, and that's just the sort of villain I wanted Andromeda to face and overcome. I cannot stand it when people presume to control or box in others, so you can best believe that I am growling at Sir Rabastan Dumbface even as I write his scenes. I'm glad you find him foul, too. Nothing like a common enemy.

And yes! I am brand squeaky new to HPFF. I recently graduated with a degree in English and actually write freelance for a living, which I love-love-love. So as you might guess, I've written nonstop from a pretty early age. I dabbled in little bit of fanfiction when I was younger, and I've always enjoyed reading stories about my favorite subplots, but I've never really committed to an all-out fan fiction VENTURE. So this New Year's, in addition to a bunch of other writing goals, I decided that I was going to join HPFF (which I'd visited over the years and always considered to be the nicest HP fanfiction haven) and write that Ted/Andromeda story I'd been meaning to write.

And VOILA. Now you have my mini-autobiography. I did just join the forums, and I'm afraid I'm doing everything in a slightly backward, topsy-turvy way, but I intend to get the hang of it. Bahaha. I would feel such a fool making a Meet the Author page, but if you promise to ask me stuff, I guess I wouldn't be a complete loser. XD

Dude. I totally take the silliness and incoherency as a compliment. Like I mentioned before, yours are my favorite types of reviews. They make me, like, technicolor happy. So thank you, thank you, for continuing to read and leaving such long and wonderful responses. I love Ted/Andromeda like WHOA in the deepest part of my shipping heart, so it makes me uber happy to know that someone else is loving their story. YAY!

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