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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

26th February 2016:
"She had just told the truth to a perfect stranger."

I'm in love with that line! (And the Ted and Dromeda interactions begin)

You make me so intrigued by the House of Black, especially with that last bit where it really shines the personalities of the three sisters.

Onto the next chapter (yay!)

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Review #2, by HeyMrsPotter 

13th September 2015:
Omg I am so in love with the first half of this chapter. That first proper interaction between Andromeda and Ted was just brilliant. I love the way that she thinks so highly of him even if it's against everything she's ever been raised to believe. And the fact that he seemingly just gets her right away. Love love love♥

I really loved the flashback you chose to write too, and the way that you linked it back to the way Ted had spoken about the Black family. This was my favourite chapter so far :)


Author's Response: Awww, yay! Love written three times in a row MUST be a good sign. And haha, poor Andromeda. She really can't help herself, despite all her "better judgement." Ted's just too hawt. And nice. That darn Hufflepuff.

And thank you! For whatever reason, those flashback chapters were so difficult to write. I'm glad the effort paid off in the end.

Thank you so much for the sweet review!

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Review #3, by Rumpelstiltskin 

10th September 2015:
Okay, evidently I'm terrible at attempting to review in clumps instead of chapter-by-chapter, but I get carried away with things to say!

I love the initial hate that Andromeda inflicts on Ted. While I find it extremely humorous that Ted's advances had been the result of a dare, I completely understand her reaction, because I would have had a negative one too.

It's brilliant that she thinks so highly of herself, but why wouldn't she? It was the way she was raised. Of course he *had* to be gay if he didn't find her attractive ;), that made me laugh. I love the conflicting personalities between Ted and Andromeda, while both have proven to have the ability to be quite harsh (insults, insults everywhere), Ted seems so carefree and generally laid back while Andromeda is so controlled and up tight.

Andromeda's single statement of not wanting kids, and her curiosity with Ted further emphasizes that she doesn't have actual feelings for Rabastan, but instead is inclined to feel something for him because she is *supposed to*.

Surprising herself by actually enjoying having a conversation with Ted, who conflicted what she'd been led to believe all of her life about Muggle-borns, is a great opening into a change in belief and feelings that I'm anticipating seeing throughout this story.

I thouroughly enjoyed the peek into the past for Andromeda and Narcissa, as it does help explain why they behave the way they do (through their upbringing).

As a reader, I can see the heaviness of the "duties" that are expected of her as a pureblood witch are beginning to weigh on her. That in combination with being forced to interact with Ted creates a great beginning to a personal change.

I can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: Hello, hello!

Apologies for taking so long to get to these fabulous reviews. I've been on hiatus, but I so appreciate you taking the time to read and leave feedback!

Yes, Ted and Andromeda are on quite opposite ends of the spectrum, aren't they? I had such fun writing the "banter" scenes like this one. And I also hope I pushed ahead a little plot and character development while I was at it. "Hope" being the key word there. Hahaha.

And yes! Flashback scenes were difficult for me to write, but I thought it was important to get a glimpse into the Black girls' upbringing and the effect that had on their worldview and treatment of others. NOT that it's an excuse for Andromeda being a high and mighty bigot, but. . .well, it was quite an environment to grow up in.

Thank you again for the review! See you in the next one. :)

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Review #4, by LiveBreatheNeedHP 

28th August 2015:
This chapter had such a charming and sweet sense of humour to it, I loved it - your opening line especially! This chapter is so interesting to me, because Ted is such an amazing character and you seem to write him with such an easiness and he really is a charming character to read. His dialogue is great and the humour in it feels very natural. I love what he brings out in Andromeda, it makes for great dynamics. Great job, I think this chapter will remain one of my favourites thus far, I don't think I could rave about it more! I might start sounding obsessive and repetitive ...

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I definitely wanted lots of chapters to read as fun and upbeat, especially since there's some MAJOR drama that goes down later on.

Thank you for the kind words about Ted! He was a joy to write, and I might be biased, but I really do think he's perfect for Andromeda. :)

And haha, I don't mind obsessive or repetitive! I so appreciate all the kind reviews!

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Review #5, by Penelope Inkwell 

13th July 2015:
Yep. It's for sure now. I'm in love with this story! My love is deep and true.

I ADORE the way you've written this interaction between Ted and Andromeda. It's so realistic. He's a good-humored guy, which gets us through the conversation, but he's honestly astounded by her snobbery. And yet, even though she's a bit awful here, you manage not to make me hate her. You write her so perfectly. Because of course Andromeda would think these things--she's been told them all her life, by everyone around her. She's never really talked to a Muggleborn. The truth is, it would be almost impossible for her to know any better. But talking to Ted confuses her, and that is expressed so well here. She's very much her own woman, so she's trying to think it through, but it's still impossible, in one go, to get past all the prejudice. And Ted is a champ. He totally calls her out on her crap, in the same way we would all want to.

The flashback scene is another excellent touch. It really makes the relationship between the sisters clear, and it gives us a view of how Andromeda sees herself fitting into her family. I just love Andromeda and Narcissa's relationship so much :'(


Author's Response: FINALLY, I am coming back 'round to answer more of your lovely reviews!

Hurray! An official love of the story. That makes me so crazy happy to hear. I'm glad you find Ted and Andromeda's characterization/interaction to be realistic. One of my big concerns when writing was that the characters and their decisions ring true, so I'm glad Andromeda reads as somewhat unlikable but still an empathetic heroine. And it was SUCH fun to write Ted cutting through all that. Very cathartic. :)

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Review #6, by MoonAndStars 

20th January 2015:
Hi again,
I love how Ted handled Andie in the tutoring session. It's strange how she seems offended that Ted called her a bigot when she just insulted him. Strangely, I don't really hate Andromeda. I love how you showed the little flashback with Narcissa. It really reveals a lot about being in the Black family and it shows the close bond between the two sisters.

Author's Response: Poor Ted. He caught Andromeda in fine form, but I like to think he held his own. Andromeda is not used to being called out, so I think this is even more of a rude awakening for her than Ted. And I'm so glad to hear you don't hate her! Haha. I had a tough time trying to walk the line between human and--well, hateable. Glad you like the flashbacks, too. I loved writing those.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #7, by grednforge217 

28th December 2014:
Okay, their back and forth is so dang delightful here. In the rather few other fics I've read about this ship, Andie has mostly been somebody who is pretty much totally unprejudiced against Muggle borns, so I like that you're not portraying her that way, because honestly, I don't think that she would be, even though she is a good person. Because how can you not grow up with that kind of indoctrination and not be affected by it? The way you write her, though, is so clever, because you manage to keep her likable even while she is saying some really terrible things to Ted. I also do love the insight into the childhoods of the House Of Black, mostly because I've always found them all so fascinating. Anyways, well done, and Happy Holidays!

Author's Response: Hello there! Thanks so much for popping in with more reviews. What a treat. It's been almost a full year since I wrote these early chapters, so it's fun to be reminded of early plot and read brand new reactions!

Yes! I had the same experience reading Tedromeda fanfic (of which there is a sad scarcity!). Andromeda is almost always portrayed as good/open-minded from the start. But my interpretation is that it would be impossible for her to be raised in such a toxic environment without developing prejudice.

It's so reassuring to hear that she's coming across as likable, in spite of all the nonsense she's spouting off at Ted! And I'm glad you liked the flashbacks. I've always been so intrigued by the House of Black, so this was the perfect excuse for me to do some speculative writing on the subject.

Thanks for such a sweet review, and Happy Holidays to you, too! Hope it's been a wonderful new year so far.

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Review #8, by navyfail 

2nd February 2014:
Oh, I like the memory/flashback from her childhood. It adds to her backstory and reveals one of her insecurities: that she is just another Black sister, and the unremarkable Black sister. Bellatrix wants to be beautiful and powerful and Narcissa wants to be a princess so... what exactly does Andromeda want? I mean she wants to be different and educated but I feel like there is something more underneath the surface, you know?

Oh, I enjoyed reading her interaction with Ted! It felt realistic. And she admitted that she doesn't want children, well that's a revelation, especially to Ted. And she seems to be confused by his presence and she was admiring his back side... cute. :)

I'm getting quite hooked to this story. :)


Author's Response: Yes! There is most definitely something that Andromeda wants that is brewing beneath the surface. It might just be that even SHE doesn't know what it is. I've always thought it was interesting that she was the middle child, and I wondered how much typical middle child insecurities played into her perception of herself. I'm glad you enjoyed it and even more glad that you're getting hooked, because I've loved reading these reviews!

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Review #9, by water_lily43175 

21st January 2014:
Already I love Ted, especially as a contrast to Andromeda. (Okay, okay, I know I said I loved him in the first chapter ... but now I REALLY do.) He's so laid-back and carefree, he's the perfect foil for her. Interesting to see she learns two new things here. Firstly, not everyone knows who she is and adores her purely because of her name. And secondly, it is possible to be a muggleborn and still have brains. I can hear the cogs beginning to tick...

I like the flashback scene. Even from a young age, Andromeda's had a thirst to be more than just a pretty face. And now Ted himself has hinted that he thinks she should use her brain. The seeds are being planted!

Author's Response: YESH, the love for Ted continues. I'm so glad! And I'm especially glad that you appreciate him as a foil to Andromeda. That girl needs someone laid-back in her high stress, insane circle of acquaintances. I think that being easygoing is, like a cardinal sin in the Black family. Distinct Muggle trait. Ew.

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Review #10, by MarieBlack 

11th January 2014:
I am in love with this story, seriously. You have reconstructed my faith in this era of fan-fiction. I actually had the workings of a story in this time period with different characters but in the same spectrum of the Blacks and purebloods and I've just started researching further now, aha. Your story is quiet the inspiration for me, just that there are still stories to be told of this time. And not necessarily the Marauder side of things.

I love Ted, like absolutely adore him because he doesn't fear Andromeda or her prejudice. He even mocks her. And Andromeda is just left there and she's starting to think on his words. I just find it so riveting, and the way you write is detailed so well.

AH! It's fantastic, and thank you so dearly for updating so quickly.Keep 'em coming!

Author's Response: Good gosh, this made my day! I've had a along-abiding love for this era of HP, but more centered around the Black family and early Death Eaters than the Marauders. Don't get me wrong, I adore the Marauders. But I think there is so much unplumbed potential on the darker side of things, you know? So it means a bunch to me that it's serving as inspiration. I'd love to read your own story once you start writing/posting, so do keep me up to date!

It took me a while to really pin down Ted's character, but I eventually determined that he would have to be a pretty gutsy guy, because there was no way that Andromeda would ever be the one to initiate anything. I'm having a ton of fun with him so far.

Updates should remain regular/speedy for a little while more, since I've got a backlog of a half dozen more chapters to upload. Thanks so much for always taking the time to comment! Your reviews are pure gold. :)

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Review #11, by SereneChaos 

10th January 2014:
Another great chapter! It was so exciting to read a full scene with Ted and Andromeda in it, and I loved especially Ted's reactions "Do you even hear yourself?" Super believable. Great work, as always!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Your continuing reading means a bunch to me. :) It was high time Ted and Andromeda got some significant time to duke it out, right? And it's only just begun...

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