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Review #1, by Marshal 

4th April 2017:
At the start of the chapter I feel really bad for James struggling in his practices. It always sucks when you don't think you are doing well when working on a team. The pressure to perform for the group is so much more compared to the pressure performing for yourself. Of course as the chapter goes on it is clear that it is James being a prefectionist and I am glad that things come together in the end for James I knew they would considering the end but still it is nice to see.

I have to say that I still love the twins and the smack talk against McLaggen was fun. I loved the bit about not hitting him would be a failure at being a beater. Also I really liked the bit about the squeaking pygmy puff. That if the squeaks weren't happy it was a grumpy and upset pygmy puff. I could never imagine such a sweet little critter being not happy. I think they exist to be happy but that is just my opinion - though if they were upset I think they would be silent and tremble but that is my imagination running away from me.

Still a nice chapter, and the ending mention of how the high didn't last long as they had to keep competing was a nice touch as well because it is very true.

Also I've not learned that it is between here and the last chapter I touched that Ryan changes teams.

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Review #2, by adluvshp 

4th April 2017:
Here for Slytherin.

Aw, James' friends are so sweet. Am so on board the welfare committee. He was near his breaking point so it's really nice of them to band together and have a Weasley convention of sorts in his flat - anything to help him get his bearings together! McLaggan is such a Jerk though, Just like his father was, lol. I like his inclusion though, it adds a humorous drama to the group dynamic.

I really like how the conversations you write flow so smoothly. The dialogues rarely get boring and at the same time they are pretty believable. The banter between the friends is pretty well-written so kudos for that. And of course at the same time we get loads of information from the dialogues too - so it's conveyed without being part of a long explanatory narrative.

That aside, the descriptions in the last segment were brilliant. James' fear and nervousness was captured beautifully and it really came through. I could feel for him. The way the pep talk was written was good though and the "fear tactic" was pretty cool. It was nice to see the transition from James' first fumble to how they finally fell into pattern and started playing well together - that's the way it usually works so it was written well.

The pressure seems to be getting to James though. One win is of course not enough, they need to keep winning. I hope he is able to grow confident and savour these moments though -- and of course they do get to win by the end so that's a plus xD


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Review #3, by onestop_hpfan18 

6th August 2016:
Yay! I knew James would be a better fit with Tamsin and Emily than McLaggen was! Also, love how all of James's family/teammates/friends have his back when it's clear he's so stressed out. This chapter was awesome!

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Review #4, by nott theodore 

24th March 2014:
Hi! I'm loving the chance to catch up on this story!

I loved the opening section of this chapter so much. I kind of want to quote my favourite parts back to you but then I think that would end up with me quoting a lot of the story back to you and exceeding the character limit on this review, so I'll just say that I had a smile on my face through all of that section and it made me feel all warm and happy to see all of James's family and friends and girlfriend gathering round him to support him through the difficult times. I can understand them being afraid that he'd lapse again, but I think that he knows he has that support network now and I'm hoping that it won't happen again. They're all so great and I think that the opening scene showed that James is a really lucky guy to have so many people in his life who care about him and are willing to put themselves out to help make sure he's okay.

You're amazing at including threads of humour through this story in events that can actually be quite serious. I loved the part about Lily, Roxanne and Ryan attempting to bake the cake, and Carlotta being happy she'd already made one. And the part about Cordelia made me laugh as well :P

It's nice to see that Brigid is kind of getting on with things and being happy again, even though she's still unhappy about the situation with Fred. She's not letting it get her down too much though, and that's the important thing, I think.

It was good to see that Germany lost to Peru, in a way - it makes it more realistic because not all of the characters we know can win all the time, and it's important to show that in the story. It helped remind us that it's an all or nothing competition, too, and James and England could quite easily lose.

Demelza's scare tactics definitely worked, from the sounds of it! I love how you've taken someone who was a minor character in the books and given her a career like this in the story, and the fact that we know her name and her association with Quidditch makes it more believable too.

England got to the semi-finals! There's a lot more pressure piling on James now and I hope he can manage to deal with it. I'm really rooting for England to win the World Cup but I feel like that might be a bit too easy...

Sian :)

Author's Response: I really enjoyed writing the first bit of this chapter! It's nice to be able to throw the whole family in every now and again. They can be daunting at times given the sheer number of them, but this seemed like an appropriate time to remind ourselves of them. I'm probably a bit cruel towards Cordelia - who, lest we forget, is a living creature not just a ball of animated fur - but I'm sure she enjoys being thrown around. At least, I hope she does.

I've known the Quidditch results for aaages now, probably before I really developed Della as a character. So Germany were always going to lose to Peru. I did feel bad, but at the same time, as you say, it makes for a more realistic story. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Slide 

18th January 2014:
James has the best friends, family, and girlfriend ever. Not that it's unreasonable for them to be afraid he'd have some sort of stress-induced relapse, or simply suffer from the stress from being centre-stage in a global sporting tournament.

Oh my God so many Weasleys. I wasn't writing Ignite when I started reviewing this. I didn't understand your pain. THERE'S SO MANY OF THEM. SO, SO MANY. Yay, Louis! I particularly like that Brigid is perking up even if the situation with Freddie isn't fixed - sure, he's a source of her upset, but she's capable of sorting her life out without her man! Good on her!

Even if it is just a distraction!

I like to think Cordelia's happy, too. I get like that when I chase the cat. I like to think it's a fun chase-game. If not, I'm regularly traumatising a small animal. So I will hope Cordelia is also happy.

Brigid. You're a smart girl and a good friend! And I do love the Bagmans.

I enjoyed the Germany-Peru match! Not filler at all; I think it's an important set-up of the stakes, and an interesting display of the different mentalities. James might be a professional player but this is absolutely a winner-takes-all endeavour, and expectations are vicious and there.

Demelza is putting the fear of God in them, I see. If ever there was a time, it's when you don't want them complacent, but not when the odds are so long that they might break from pressure. There's reason to be confident to off-set the nerves.

And, good stuff! We didn't need another blow-by-blow account of the match - we've had several and when we have at LEAST one more high-stakes game ahead of us (prediction: England will make it to the Final, and lose), we don't need Yet More Quidditch. I think the plot's moving along perfectly fine, to be honest; this one is a transition piece, but we're building up for our Epic Crescendo; the pieces need to be put in place!

I know how annoying such parts of the story are to write, and it's coming fine. Good stuff!

Author's Response: I do love writing the Weasleys, especially when they're being a cute, supportive family network. But YES, so many of them! Ha, love your soft spot for Louis.

I definitely agree with you re chasing cats. And I'd like to think Cordelia is happy too, or my main character is guilty of some serious animal cruelty, and I don't think I'm comfortable with that.

See, I liked writing the Germany-Peru match, mainly because I didn't actually have to write the match itself. This is the problem with James' matches; how often can I get away with NOT writing the match in detail? ARGH. Never write Quidditch.

I like your prediction there.

Cheers for the feedback, it really is reassuring to know things aren't floundering. I suppose it feels that way because my progress has been slow, which makes the fic feel slow. HOWEVER, I am reassured that things are okay. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Penelope Inkwell 

15th January 2014:
So lovely to see a new update! And donít worry about life getting on top of you--it happens to all of us. Iím just happy to have a new chapter to read! Itís nice to see James with a real support group after all heís been through (not that they wouldnít have been there for him before, if heídíve been receptive). After all the angst of his fall from grace, itís still just such a relief to see him doing so much better. Also good to see him get a handle on his nerves. And now theyíre headed to the semis! Pressureís on. Canít wait to hear whatís next.

Author's Response: Sorry again for the wait! I'm hoping to get moving with this again next week so hopefully updates should be a bit more regular. :) The Weasleys really are my favourite characters in the whole Potter series, so I like being able to write about them - even if it IS the next generation. They're still Weasleys! And James definitely needs all the support he can get. The pressure is on indeed ... not least for me, because I now have to WRITE this semi-final, and Quidditch-writing is becoming harder and harder as I go on... Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by a rollerball 

13th January 2014:
amazing chapter, please update soon :)

Author's Response: I'm hoping to get some serious writing done in the next week, so there will hopefully be new stuff before the end of the month. Keep an eye out. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by elleapple 

13th January 2014:
I love love love this fic!!!

Please update soon xx

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying! I'm hoping to get some more written over the next week, so there should be an update or two by the end of the month. Thanks for reviewing!

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