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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

20th August 2016:
Dang it all. I just want things to be fixed between Oliver and Edie. They need to get together. I'm so tired of Rose rubbing it in Edie's face that she's seeing Oliver. I'm looking at their relationship as purely a hook-up friends with benefits affair. It doesn't sound like a real relationship to me.

Author's Response: Oh yes, Rose talking about their relationship is a defense mechanism for sure. I mentioned in my last response that she was based off of an old coworker, and there's a moment in this chapter that was lifted from one of our interactions.

I forget where we were or what we were doing, but the moment when Rose kind of flips her hair and murmurs nervously just to fill the silence--this girl did that. And she always seemed so cool and put-together and everyone liked her and she was like this person I could never be, but then in that moment I weirdly realized that every single thing she did was for the sake of maintaining an image of how she wanted to be perceived. I don't know, it was just really weird. Edie definitely want to be a certain person but she isn't as meticulous about keeping up her identity as Rose, so in that moment she felt sorry for her.


On to your next lovely review.

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

21st February 2015:
Well, the sun was out, and it can be very bright. You know how you can get all squinty


They’re paying him all this money but you know the sun…it makes you get all squinty.

“Outside!” my Mum points to the door, while Andrew calmly sips his tea, “Go outside and play!”

Because at their age that’s normal.

Uh. For a second I thought Rose was faking being drunk. I think she actually likes Oliver and the fame obviously but at first I thought she was just using him because he’s Oliver Wood. Now I’m not too sure. I do know she says all those things to Edie just to bother her. Sure she can have her articles but she can’t have her man.


Edie really likes to sink to rock bottom, doesn’t she? Calling for Jae. Come on girl, get your life together. Score for Oliver for calling her out for not apologizing for anything. I feel like they are going to get into a fight and then they’re going to rip each other’s clothes off.

Cause that’s Edie for you. I should feel bad for Rose because she's going to be the victim here but I don't. She's not too nice. If she was nicer than I would feel for her.

Author's Response: I imagine Deverill to be this really old guy who's past his prime, but is so kind and fatherly to all the players that they've let him stay as Puddlemere's team manager for ever. And when he made that little comment Katie probably gave him a consolatory "Why don't you sit the next couple rounds out?" pat on the shoulder and covered his tracks to the media. I ship their friendship so hard.

Honestly I toyed with the idea of Rose actually being sober. Before the edits, Edie even looked back in the restaurant and noticed that Rose seemed normal. Your first impression was right! Because the person Rose is based off of would TOTALLY do something like that. I don't mean to sound catty. Rose is just so 100% This Girl that I don't even imagine her with a British accent, because I so clearly see this "LS" gal in my head when writing. Anyway, you weren't far off at all with that guess!

YESSS, Edie really hit rock bottom there... But haven't we all done that? Maybe? Or just some of us? At the risk of generalizing, I think we've all gone back to the person who didn't make us feel so great out of loneliness or boredom or what have you. What's even worse, though, is that in the edited version of this story (yet to be validated on HPFF) it's Edie who tries to keep things going with Jae that morning when she realizes how old he is, and he's the one to be like "Uh, no."

HAAA it hurts, it hurts.

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Review #3, by illaiyna 

9th February 2014:
oh my god i just read this in the last few hours and I can't wait for the next chapter i just have not been able to stop reading xD
Edie is so realistic and in the Puddlemere match when she shouted out i think I was turning bright red myself xD i really love her character and also Dean and Seamus who were so underrated in the books, same with Oliver actually. This whole time period is fairly underrated as well haha
either way, absolutely amazing story and I cannot wait for the next chapter and more on Edie and Oliver's relationship xD

Author's Response: Hi there, speed-reader :)

Thanks you for taking the time to leave a review. Glad you can find yourself relating to Edie, even if it's for the embarrassing parts. I agree with Dean, Seamus and Oliver being very underrated characters.

Working on the next chapter as we speak!

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Review #4, by Jen 

2nd February 2014:
Glad to see you're back! I've been checking periodically for an update and I was really glad to find one when I looked today :) thanks for not abandoning the story, it's one of my favorites on this website.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you for checking back! It means a lot. I've just churned out half of the next chapter in one coffee-induced bout of creativity. It'll be up sometime this month!

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Review #5, by LucyInTheSky 

2nd February 2014:
Hey:). I just wanted stay that this story is brilliant! The way you write your characters and add little details and plots and twists is absolutely amazing. I really think your writing is even better than in a lot of published work. I can't wait for the next update, when will it be?

Author's Response: Oh my oh my, blushing. Thank you so very much. I need to get my life together and work on some more writing. Publishing a novel has been a dream of mine since forever. As for KC&CO, updates have been slow-coming, as you have probably noticed. But I've just opened up the ol' Word document in hopes to work on the next chapter.

Thanks so very much! What a motivating review ♥

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Review #6, by Wendy<3 

2nd February 2014:
I really love this story

Author's Response: Hey, thanks Wendy! ♥

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Review #7, by MarieBlack 

9th January 2014:

Sorry for the melodramtics but I literally stumbled upon this today and have glued myself to reading it into the wee hours of the night. Your writing is just superb and I'm so connected with Edie and her personality. Your character development is on point and I love how you portray Oliver as well. He was always the one character I was so curious about Post-HP, because he is hardly mentioned after he graduates. And they don't just go off and fall in love, it's real and problematic, and lovely. Keep writing and updating, PLEASE. I genuinely want to keep reading this and see how it all ends. Btw, Dean's crush on Edie is so well put in in a non-obvious way. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Sorry if this is particularly crazy, I may be sleep deprived.

Author's Response: Oh no! Please be okay! I can't even believe that you've read this whole thing in one go--that is incredibly flattering. Thank you so much ♥

Oliver really is interesting in the books, huh? So serious and calculating, but completely impulsive and inconsiderate too--the way he talked about trying to get Harry back on the team after he'd really hurt himself. I agree, he never got enough time in the spotlight.

Haha, problematic is a good word for their "relationship." I can't wait for a few chapters down the road when everything comes undone--or comes together, depending on how you look at it. I'm really trying to make it as realistic as possible. No kiss-in-the-rain and sweeping dramatic gestures and all that.

Ah, Dean! Yes, he and Seamus need some more time. They will be very present at Lisa's wedding, don't worry. I do miss them, though...

Thank you so much for reading!

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Review #8, by Courtney Dark 

8th January 2014:
Hey there! I am so happy this chapter is finally up! You have no idea how much I have been looking forward to it, because this story is definitely one of my favourites, primarily because Edie is just such an amazing character.

Oh god, that would have to suck, moving back home after 11 years at the age of 26. I know that if I was Edie and my brothers were taking the mickey out of me, I would get very, very angry. So I'm surprised Edie kept such a cool head! And I loved how her mother still treated her like a child or a very immature teenager, what with making her a sandwich and all.

Haha, I loved the 'Use Your Charms' shop scene. Very amusing. But the moment Edie mentioned the cost of all the stuff she brought, I had a feeling something was going to go wrong.

And I turned out to be right! Poor Edie, yet again. It seems like she can never do anything right! I loved Lisa's comment: “Isn’t that what you wore to Terry Boot’s sixteenth birthday party?” because to me it kinda summed up Edie and Lisa's completely different lifestyles. I don't think Edie quite knows how to be an adult yet, while Lisa is definitely moving on with her life.

Ugh, Rose! I just really can't stand her! And we got to see some Oliver in this chapter, even if it was just a little bit! Woo!

Awesome chapter!


Author's Response: Hello, you!

Yeah, I guess Edie should be applauded for only getting into a small scuffle with her brothers--and not doing some kind of mean, vengeful charm as we saw with Rose. Once again Hypatia is becoming more and more similar to my own sheltering, babying mother, haha. I'm glad Andrew got some "screen time," finally. I was hesitant to include him in the smorgasbord of characters since he's so minor, but I'm quite fond of him!

YES MINOR CHARACTERS. Had to throw in Terry Boot, there. It's interesting to think about the average lives all the other students may have been leading--parties, fights, etc.--while the Trio were trying to stop Voldemort. Squeezing into a tiny dress and sneaking Firewhiskey into the Ravenclaw common room was one of those things!

You're very right. Edie is trying her hardest (sometimes) to be an adult (at least as the story moves on) but she's just struggling a little (and moving back home certainly won't help.) Meanwhile, Lisa and her friends have totally moved on with their lives.

Thanks again so much. It means a lot that you've stuck with this story for so long ♥

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Review #9, by marauderfan 

8th January 2014:
Poor Edie - that girl gets no rest does she. I would imagine that the aftermath of that Quidditch game would be quite embarrassing/ irritating/ probably scary.

Having to move back home to your parents' place is never fun - and oh I can really sympathise with her on that one haha. Her brothers, obviously (and predictably) are not helping matters. At least she can hold it over their heads in a few years if they ever have to move back home later on as well. As siblings do :p

Laughed at the scene with her in "Use your Charm" haha, the awkward 17 year old. As fabulous as it must have been to look around for everything and carry it around the shop, it must have been even more excellent ringing it all up hahaha :p

At least Lisa's hen night didn't go as badly as it could have gone. I was predicting much worse. I mean, no one got into a screaming match. I loved this part though: I do my best to appear enamoured by the babies, even though they look like little aliens with a penchant for drooling. -- That is exactly how I feel about babies too. Eek. :p

Meep, awkward scene with Edie and Oliver! Cue guilt. Anyway, yeah I wonder how much longer he and Rose are going to last. PRobably not much longer. But then Rose will be even more annoying, I bet. Oh goodness - probably best that Jae wasn't available, saves Edie some future embarrassment.

Great chapter, looking forward to more soon!

Author's Response: Hello!

Moving back in with parents is definitely my worst fear--although in many cases it's understandable. I know quite a few people who have had to swallow their pride. Like Edie sputtered, "The economy!" And actually, her brothers are all over 17, so they should be out on their own... But all the Lennoxes have flown back to the nest. I think they feel justified because they're younger, but really they're no better! Maybe I should make their return a bit clearer in the writing. :)

Ugh. Babies. That's all I'll say on that.

The next chapter will have plenty of Oliver-related guilt. In fact he's in almost the entire chapter... I'd say it's about time the main character made another appearance, eh? ;)

Thanks so much for your review. I really do appreciate that you took the time to read my little story. ♥

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