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Review #1, by Ronsgirl29 

16th August 2016:
Was Clem being serious when she said she liked Pickett more than Al, or was she just trying to hurt him?? Because I honestly never saw that coming, she never seemed into him romantically. But anyway, great chapter as always. Glad to see Al is switching things up on Clem; she needs to wake up and realize she loves potter soon because clearly he's willing to play her game!

Author's Response: I think she absolutely meant it AND she was trying to hurt him, ha. Though it doesn't necessarily mean it's romantic; Pickett is one of her few genuine friends while her feelings for Albus are complicated at best.

The next chapter's quite a ride! ♥

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Review #2, by SilverMoonFairy 

9th August 2016:
OMG DOM IS HARUHI! I had a manga from Ouran a friend sent me for my birthday where Hikaru professed his love and interest in dating her and he specifically said, "No dense misinterpretations allowed!" XD

Shame, shame, Potter. Coffee and Firewhisky this early in the morning?

And what exactly did he think she would say? She had been actively against this relationship the whole story. Plus, Pickett is one of her best friends. And besides, while DRUNK, Pickett ONLY wanted to kiss Clemence because she sounded like Dom. It's not like he was dragging her under the dock to shag her...

I am curious to know what it is Al has come to like about Clemence. Sure, she's funny and they have good banter, but that doesn't make a relationship. I'm actually rethinking all the movie and TV relationships that started this way. The only really good ones were the ones that had real history behind them, like their friends or they went through some crap together. I'm equally curious as to why Clemence likes Al. He hasn't been particularly nice and has, in fact, been aiming to use her. Why are these things I never thought about before?

By the way... Pickett. T_T Hahaha, Let's get you drunk- Thank you! *dances*



Author's Response: Albus slowly became a surprise alcoholic, who knew, not me.

Omg I love the half of the readers who go DUH ALBUS, OF COURSE SHE WOULDN'T CHOOSE YOU. Such presumptuous Potters. I also laugh when I think about this a little because Pickett was 100% right; Albus did get jealous.

To be fair, you doesn't need to like one another to have a relationship, ha! Only a healthy relationship. I, too, get confused when the love/hate relationships jump from totally angry to sudden domestic bliss. It's not unrealistic to have a heated, clashing relationship, but follow through! Make it ugly.

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Review #3, by The_Crookshanks_Saga 

27th December 2014:
Dude. Update. I can only read the same 21 chapters of your awesomeness so many times (i think around 236 by now). ;)


Author's Response: TRYING I SWEAR ;~;

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Review #4, by MissMoneypenny 

20th December 2014:
"There's a bunch of photos with us and it looks like we're kissing and... you're being sarcastic."
jesus i love pickett i love him i love him i love him plEASE can i have him oh deary me
also i'm not sure what's going on with appy and albus but - well, to be fair, i can't blame him if he ditches clem. she is being a bit of a toad, as the second-years would say.

Author's Response: Pickett, my love, our love, lovely love, he would gladly share himself. Speaks faster than he thinks, and that's his entire charm in a nutshell.

Ha! Clemence embraces being a toad. Just leave her alone, warts an' all. She'll probably stick her toad tongue out at you.

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Review #5, by my_voice_rising (when did it log me out where am i) 

5th November 2014:
I have been binge-reading again, I don't have time to stop, but I want you to know that I snorted into my glass of wine at "Hugo, Weaving?"

g2g bai lol

Author's Response: I aim to please :'D Also laughing at the fact that someone!! out there is pairing my fic with wine. Probs better to read fic drunk, actually~

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Review #6, by QkStephen 

5th May 2014:

Author's Response: :D :D :D :D

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Review #7, by Miss MarlaG 

20th April 2014:


Author's Response:


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Review #8, by Sabrina 

22nd February 2014:
I absolutely love this story! I have it bookmarked and I check to see if you've updated almost every day...I'm pathetic...but really, nice job! You're very talented.

Author's Response: Aw thanks! I'm sorry for the long delay!

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Review #9, by Shams 

20th February 2014:
Hey... I have read this story so many times already... But never left a review... It's witty, dramatic and shows us a totally different picture of the Hogwarts School that we all love... You are doing a great job.

Waiting for an update since forever.!!! What's the hold up. Please, please, please update soon...!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Sorry about the long delay! I'll be posting it today.

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Review #10, by Anon 

18th February 2014:
I love it! I only just discovered this story, and those Dobbys were well deserved!! You're an amazing writer, and your characters are amazing! I noticed you said you'd try to upload before Valentines day, and I understand you're probably crazy busy, but I'm just glad I discovered this story around the time you're going to post a new chapter. Can't wait!!!

Author's Response: Aw thank you Anon! I am unfortunately crazy busy, you can kind of track my progress on my tumblr :( Midterms, projects, etc, just being a slow writer. But I am actively working on the chapter, even if it is a few hundred words a day. I hope you'll pop by when I post it! :)

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Review #11, by sunshine&daisies 

9th February 2014:
Hey...when is the next chapter? I love this story--it's wonderfully written and thoroughly enjoyable, please don't be one of those authors that drop off the face of the earth and leave a great story unfinished.

Author's Response: Hopefully before Valentine's! Definitely not leaving it unfinished :) Sorry about the wait!

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Review #12, by Sakura9879 

8th February 2014:
... and he pulls me in for a kiss outside of anyone's view. He tastes like coffee and firewhiskey.

It's not the first time he's done this.

So he isn't faking it, and either she is too tired to notice or she has and she likes it!

Annnd then the last paragraph. What. The. Heck.

Does this mean that Sandra is the one who took the photograph??? dun dun dun. Too many head games, and while it is masterful, I am starting to second guess everything. I guess that is what war is though.

Please update soon!

Best of luck with the writing
-Rachel Payne

Author's Response: It's very up to interpretation 8D I think even Clemence isn't sure what to make of it.

Errything being dropped like they're hot. As I get deeper into next chapter, I have to wonder if I'm answering more things or throwing a bunch more stuff in the air.

I really hope I can get the chapter up by Valentine's Day! c: thanks for waiting!

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Review #13, by heartjily4ever 

23rd January 2014:
Oh my actual freaking god I can't believe you. You may have broken my heart. This was the cruelest Valentines day chapter ever. But amazing writing as always with the best continuation of you witty characters. I liked the bit at the start from Leon's point of view, it was quite nice to see it from someone elses eyes. I love that she got a boyfriend from actually being normal, and not some weird drooling girl that Appy taught her to be.
Clemence and Albus's fake relationship was very good as well, but you started to break my heart with Dom and Pickett. And the ending! I just wasn't expecting it. I can't wait for another chapter.
PS.Did you intend to have Hugo Weaving sneaking in there? I read that and I know it's meant to be something different but all I could think of was Elrond walking down the corridor at Hogwarts heehee

Author's Response: Valentine's Day isn't over yet! Next chapter will be ALL V-Day.

It's really Leon's point of view through Clemence's point of view, like one of those fantasy dream sequences with the fuzzy camera. Normal is relative, but she's probably on that end of the spectrum considering this school :'D

And I did sneak in a punny reference to a certain Elrond ;D I've been waiting an inordinate amount of time to make that joke, and I can't believe I found the opportunity. It was so bad that I had to leave it in.

♥ thank!

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Review #14, by LuciferandCrookshanks 

22nd January 2014:

Please let it be a love potion, please let it be a love potion. D:


Author's Response: Perhaps, perhaps! But it's never as simple as that!

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Review #15, by Glassw 

16th January 2014:
Ok so I went back and reread all the chapters and I have to commend you on your prose. But not your punctuality. Please update. For the baby possums, for Morgan Freeman, for purple orchids, for me: please PLEASE PLEASE update :)
Love ya (more your writing; I don't know you enough to form a solid opinion of you).
I may send my grandmother after you if you don't update ASAP! Her cookie torture is ruthless (HAHA)

Author's Response: I'll do it for the baby possums. You're best not to love me; I'll play with your heart~

Cookie torture sounds delicious, where can I sign up?

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Review #16, by oswin 

12th January 2014:
Oh My God, I just flipped. What the heck! Why would you do this... My heart literally stopped. So much angst! I love it, but I really just want to punch everyone in the face. I've wanted to punch Appy from day one, but this is too much. Plus, plot twist! and stalkers. Honestly, I hate that people assume so much. I mean, Albus assumes and then he acts and then shit hits the fan. I love this story so much. And so many puns! I sort of hate you right now, but I'll get over it. I guess...

Author's Response: Puns and plot twists, you got my writing down in a nutshell :'D I'm glad that everyone understands after 20 chapters that assumptions are lethal. It is the only lesson I'd like people to get out of this whole shebang.

♥ thank ye, don't hate me too much! Punch a pillow with a face on it!

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Review #17, by BookThief428 

15th December 2013:
Hi! I've just found this story, it's great to find something so well written and original after reading so many iffy fanfics! This is definitely one of my favorites :) Can't wait for the next chapter! Please don't keep me waiting long :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm still writing it, sorry for the long wait!

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Review #18, by joojoo 

5th December 2013:
You're pretty much the only reason I keep coming back to this site. Stumbled upon your story a while ago and it's like a breath of fresh air. Your main character's are sharp and intelligent and it makes the game they're playing between them all the more exciting. This new development with Appy is truly mind-boggling. Had not expected anything of the sort. What on earth is Albus up to? Was he so thrown by Clemence's admission that she values Pickett more to try some revenge via Appy? Or is it because of the photos he saw promptly after said admission? I want to knowww!
If you can't tell by my uncontrolled blabbering, I loved the chapter. Cannot wait to read more.

Author's Response: Aaah, thank you so much! Smart characters are what I live for. There's not enough, especially amongst teen protagonists. Give me some girls with too much pride and power and real meaty consequences. Brainy is the new sexy.

Just about everything will make sense next chapter -clacks fingers together- for good or for bad. ♥ thank you for reading (and waiting)!

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Review #19, by LemonSkulls  

4th December 2013:
So, either dating Appy is part of some "plan" they have (which I really hope it is) or Albus is being dumb (which could also be a possibility)

And Pickett is always so hilarious;
E.g. ""Pickett mouths, 'I am not a hussy' with a scandalized glare"".
That made me laugh for like 10 minutes. Pickett is the best. I love him. A lot. Okay BYE

Author's Response: Plan or not, this is going to be pretty dumb 8D I can only guarantee you of that.

Pickett is so offended by the hussy comment, I can't even begin. Yeah, yesterday he sobbed his soul out and this morning there's a whole new scandal with him, but //hussy//. Well, that's just uncalled for.

♥ ! thank you for reading c:

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Review #20, by UpAllNightReading 

1st December 2013:
I am about 100% done with everyone in this story. EVERYONE. Except maybe Scorp. Scorp hasn't done anything to make me want to kill him yet. And sometimes Pickett...


Also Albus sucks. A lot. Pickett is one of her best friends and has been for much longer than she has liked you. She is allowed to pick him over you. That does not give you permission to run off with Cuckoo Off the Clock. (Appy).

And Dom is an oblivious idiot. Appy is a grade a b-

Ta-da there's my review. Please update soon. And include Scorp! I like Scorp! He hasn't annoyed me yet! et's give Scorp some love!

Author's Response: Ohohoho, Clemence realizes it all right; she just didn't care. And alas, that does have consequences. I'm kind of oddly happy that everyone seems to understand how Clemence can choose Pickett over Albus, though. Sometimes blame gets thrown in odd directions.

Scorp will be included! Quite a bit included! :D ♥ thanks for reading!

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Review #21, by tothoseinterested 

30th November 2013:
I should have seen this coming. *Cries into hands*

Author's Response: Don't soil your hands; here's a Team Appy shirt.

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Review #22, by Voldyplant 

24th November 2013:
Heaven to Betsies.

Clemence/Potter did it again, y'all.

Author's Response: o/ They're consistent!

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Review #23, by Glassw 

18th November 2013:
UGH ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER??! WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO US. What's the schedule for the next update because I can't wait another month I think I might die.

Author's Response: C: I MUST, I MUST.

I do hope you don't die because it'll probably take just about another month from today. I'll try to be quick about it, as best I can!

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Review #24, by ReeBee 

16th November 2013:
Oh my god!! NO!! I am dying inside, my heart is like a withering…i don't even know. But i love u!!! This story is amazing!! Like, if it was a person, its the amazing where u would kiss the ground they walk on!! Ahh! Update soon! Albus is definitely in love, but i never saw this coming…Nooo!

Author's Response: Bahah, glad you're enjoying it and withering in the best way possible. Clemence would appreciate the ground-kissing ♥

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Review #25, by vanityfair 

12th November 2013:
If Appy really is with Albus I won't be very happy, as he is meant to be with Clemence. I hope you're only tricking us again, so I won't mind too much. Or Albus can come to his senses and realise Clemence is the one for him. Though Pickett and Clemence being together would be cute and it would be funny seeing Albus annoyed with that. Very good chapter. Maia xxx

Author's Response: Everything you said is possible! Alas, only time will tell. I simultaneously enjoy and hate jealousy plots all at once, so obviously I had to give it a go 8D

♥ thanks for reading!

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