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Review #1, by Teddy1993 

21st September 2014:
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to see where you took it from here.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! :D I love your reviews.

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Review #2, by nott theodore 

12th August 2014:
Hi Jenna! So I'm massively behind on so many of your stories right now and I really want to try and catch up, so for now I'm going to try and read as much of them as I can! I've missed reading about Tor and Terry and I don't think that I even realised how much I did until I came back to this story. (Also, how on earth have you made it to over forty chapters already? That's insane but amazing - well done!)

I really felt sorry for Tor in this chapter! After the way that the last one ended I really didn't know what would happen next or what to expect from it, but it was sad to see her suffering so much. She's changed such a lot since the beginning of this story when she was so confident and proud of being a Slytherin, because now she's the outcast and suffering from the sort of problems that brings. It's a big change for her and it makes me wonder if the Tor that we see in the prologue of this story is one who is still an outcast of sorts, or if she's one who has somehow persuaded the others that she's seen the error of her ways and has returned to her former Slytherin pride. I suspect that with the Carrows joining the school next year, she's going to have to do a good job to convince them of where her loyalties really lie.

It was really interesting to see all the different ways that what she's done is affecting Tor here, not only in the way that she's treated by her housemates and her friends, and what's happening with them (I'm quite worried about Taurus at this point, actually!), but it's affecting every part of her life, including her grades and schoolwork. I think it's going to make her realise more how much Terry really means to her, and if the same sort of situation arises again, then I wonder if she'll act differently because of it.

I was glad to see that Pyxis and Theo are sticking by her to some extent, though! The Nott boys are good to her in this story, even if Theo is being groomed to become a Death Eater like Draco.

Even though she was suffering a lot from what had happened between her and Terry, it was good to see Tor deciding to do something under her own steam and not just letting the others win as they try and isolate her. The scene between Tor and Draco was really interesting to read as well, because I could sense a sort of companionship beginning to grow between them, and obviously they'll marry eventually, so it made me wonder if the two of them will gradually become better friends while they're at school and then go on to get together. At the moment I don't really want to think of that though because I love Tor and Terry together too much!

One of my favourite bits in this chapter was the way that you wrote Michael and Anthony so the reader knew their connection to Terry existed but Tor hadn't worked it out. I love the way you portray the two of them, and they're good friends for Terry too!

Aw yay that ending! I felt so sorry for Tor all the way through this chapter that it was great to get some sort of light at the end of it, and the hint that there might be a chance for her and Terry again in the future. He's just so sweet and lovely and she is really lucky to have someone like him! Especially when he says that he remembers everything, which means that her spell didn't work but also that he knows what she tried to do to him. If he can forgive her then after knowing that then he really is special!

Great chapter, Jenna! I'll be back soon!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi Sian!! :D

I'm the one who is so massively behind on all your review responses and I am so sorry!! Slowly going through them story-by-story now. I really appreciate all of your amazing comments! ♥

Tor has changed so much! I'm always really happy when people notice that and how much she's matured and is more aware of her own place in the world. I felt that it's a little paradoxical, because at the beginning when Tor was quite cold and uncaring she found it easy to hide her thoughts and to lie, but now that she's more emotional and understanding, she's almost lost some of that ability to conceal her true self when she needs it the most. It's definitely going to be difficult for her to continue the charade of being a perfect little Slytherin girl.

She's definitely realizing what she's lost and how her impulsive mistakes make her not only lose Terry, but also the freedom she felt to be herself when she was around him. She's also going through a huge ideological crisis around this part of the year as she decides what to do in the future, which is very stressful and doesn't leave her with a lot of focus for school.

They are good to her! They're like family, even more so than Daphne in a way. Pyxis especially tries to be supportive even if he doesn't always know how.

I'm glad you liked seeing a bit of a bond or a hint of friendship growing between Draco and Tor! Draco always liked Tor to some extent, partly because he didn't feel competitive with her as he might with the older Slytherins, and she's good at handling his rudeness. But there's definitely a long way to go before they can have any sort of possible relationship.

I'm glad you liked how Tor didn't recognize the boys! They really grew on me as characters and are so fun to write. :)

Terry is sweet! He's very empathetic, which means that even when he wants to be angry he can still put himself in the other person's shoes. This is good for Tor, but also could be difficult for her to handle in the future. He understands how much pressure she's under and so he can't hold her fully accountable even when he is angry and confused.

Thanks so much for another brilliant review, Sian!! :D

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Review #3, by BBWotter 

8th December 2013:
The only word I can think of to describe this piece of writing is beautiful. I stumbled upon this book purely by chance, and I can't think of how absolutely empty my life would be without it. Thank you so much for this story, I can't wait for your next installment,though I understand how it is difficult at times. You are truly talented. xoxo

Author's Response: Hello! Wow, thank you for this truly lovely review. I'm so honoured to hear you like the story, and these kind words mean so much to me! I'm going to try and get an update up in the next couple of weeks. :)

Thanks so much for this, it really brightened my day and made me smile. :)

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Review #4, by marauder5 

12th November 2013:
First of all, I have to say that is a beautiful chapter image! :)

Now, on to this chapter, which was as brilliant as your chapters always are. Tor's solitude is so well described - I find that with most of your characters, actually, but it's amazing how easily I can relate to her, despite all of the million things that she goes through that I don't (I mean, luckily for me, my dad isn't a Death Eeter..) ;) I really felt for her in this chapter. I'm so glad that the Nott brothers still seem to care about her, but it seems to me like they're the only ones she has left right now...

Unless you count Malfoy, of course ;) I love the interaction between the two of them, and while we never see Malfoy from this angle in the books, I think you have portrayed him carefully. I also really enjoyed her encounter with Terry's friends. They really do seem like good guys and if the world have been perfect, Tor would have been able to be part of their group. I feel like they'd get along quite well.

I can't quite figure Terry out, though. In the last chapter, he seemed to determined to do the right thing... it just made it seem like he wouldn't be able to forgive her. And now he wants to? It's not that I'm not thrilled about it, because i want him to, but I don't see how it would happen. Maybe he really loves her, I don't know. I just have a feeling that he'll take her back, and then he won't have truly forgiven her, and it will cause problems in the future. Oh well... I am so intrigued by this story, as you already now, and I get so excited whenever you post a new one. I can't wait to see how things end, and yet I want it to go on forever. You've really managed to get me invested into all of these characters and I worry about all of them and what's going to happen to them, haha... As always, I also want to praise your amazing writing style and the way you unfold this story - it really is beautiful.

Author's Response: Hello! :)

I know right? I think my jaw dropped when I saw it. Those TDA artists are amazingly talented. :)

Aw, I really appreciate your thoughts on Tor and how you're still finding her relatable in her time of solitude and loneliness. (I sure hope your Dad isn't a Death Eater! :P Mine definitely isn't... I mean, he dressed up as Hagrid for Halloween. Okay sidebar...) Anyway, yes, being old family friends the Notts are still there for her, but they still could be doing a little better in my opinion.

I'm glad you liked Malfoy, and he seemed portrayed decently! I really don't want to make him too nice but it's tricky since he has no real reason to hate Tor and it makes sense he'd be at least civil to her. I love writing Anthony and Mike, they actually crept their way into this chapter and I wasn't expecting it at all. I agree, they would get along well, and it's too bad she didn't get the chance to get to know them properly.

I like your speculations about Terry! You're right, his possible forgiveness does seem a little irrational, but give him a chance to explain himself. He's not as black and white, good and evil as he seems to be, and just as being with him has turned Tor into a less convicted person being with her has helped Terry to see there are two sides to every story. But the drama is far from over, of course. :)

Thanks so much for this amazing review, they really keep me going especially from you, since you've been such a lovely supporter of this story since its fledgeling WIP days. :) I really, really appreciate all these wonderful comments and thoughts.

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Review #5, by ValWitch21 

31st October 2013:

I don't really know where to start my review, so this will just have to be all over the place (again).

Your description is the most flawless thing ever. I could quote every single line from this chapter and claim it as my favourite, except it wouldn't fit here.

Then there's Astoria's interactions (or lack thereof) with the world around her, that are perfect as well. This may sound slightly morbid, but what you wrote best (in my opinion) was her isolation and slow spiralling out at the beginning of this chapter.

Then, of course, I really loved the moment with Terry at the end. Need I say more? I do hope we learn more about what went wrong with the Obliviate charm though.

Oh! Also, I thought the interaction with Draco was really well done. It leaves space for canon to happen, but very subtly and without seeming out of place.

This was rather rambly, fangirly and all over the place, whoops... Good luck on NaNo! :)

Author's Response: Hi Val, thank you for this AMAZING review! :) It was such a great surprise and I'm super excited you've been sticking with the story! :D

Aw, you're too sweet! I do love lingering on the angsty description, and Tor really needed to get some thoughts of her chest. I'm glad you liked it, and the way the isolation was written! I felt sorry for her, but enjoyed imagining it.

I know, Terry is so great. There will definitely be more about the Obliviate and why it didn't work, and why Terry has been lying low for the past month letting Tor think it worked. He's still coming to terms with what happened, and even wants to punish her a little, but he still cares about her.

Yay, I loved writing the Draco scene! You're right, it's important to hint at canon and the future even though Malfoy isn't a huge part of her life right now. I like writing their interactions, Tor is always so snarky with him.

Thank you for this awesome review! NaNo will probably distract me greatly over the next month but I hope to have a new chapter up eventually. And thanks, NaNo is so much fun already! :D

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Review #6, by Brightpaw 

29th October 2013:
I was so glad to see a new chapter today! I love how the obvliviate thing turned out. It didn't occur to me that it wouldn't work so it was a nice twist. Though I wonder if it somehow did in some way. I love how you're exploring more minor characters, and I like how you're writing Malfoy. I had a thought... that she might need that book about mind reading again and maybe she might find it in the room of requirement. Where else?

That's all, thanks for updating!

Author's Response: Hi! :) Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the way the spell turned out, and that it was a surprise. I'm really pleased you like the characters, and especially Malfoy: I'm always really nervous about him because I want to do how mean he is in the books justice, but also make him someone Tor would somewhat get along with.

Great thought about the book! :) You're right, where else... definitely keep an eye out for the book's fate in upcoming chapters. :)

Thank you so much for this lovely review! It really means so much to me to hear your thoughts on this story. :)

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Review #7, by your bitty 

29th October 2013:
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I'm so happy that the spell didn't work, and the anguish is perfect for the situation - incredible writer.

Author's Response: Thank you love! :D You are the best. I'm glad this chapter was all you dreamed it would be! :P

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Review #8, by marauderfan 

29th October 2013:
YAY NEW CHAPTER! This one was so good! (as are the rest of the chapters, obviously :p ) You do such a wonderful job at setting the tone in each chapter - this one was all about loneliness, and your descriptions definitely conveyed that. I'm super jealous of your magical powers of description, by the way - you make everything sound so beautiful and poetic. The grounds of Hogwarts, the thawing of winter, even loneliness sounds beautiful!

I felt really bad for Tor during this chapter. What an incredible amount of guilt to bear, and on top of that being an outcast, I just want to give her a huge hug! In a way I'm glad her obliviate spell she tried on Terry didn't work. It will make things much easier in the end, as awful as it is for them now. I enjoyed the scene when Anthony and Michael helped Tor, it was really sweet of them. They seem like good people.

It looks, at this point, like there is still hope for Terry and Tor. They're kind of starting over, but at the same time everything is different now that he knows... I hope they can work it out. I'm cheering for them, though I know that in the end maybe that's hopeless of me *sigh*

As much as I love Terry and Tor and want them to be okay again, I liked the scene between Tor and Malfoy! They're at least being friendly to one another, it's a nice sign of what is to come for them.

Ps, I can't believe you wrote most of this chapter in one day, that's impressive! Good luck with NaNo :)

Author's Response: Hello! :D You are so nice, and I'm glad you shared my excitement for a new chapter! I thought I wasn't going to get any of this done before NaNo as I was a little unsure what exactly would happen but I just sat down one day and wrote the rest of the chapter, so I'm really happy it's now up! :)

Thank you for your comments about my description! :) I love writing long, descriptive scenes, and this story has evolved from being more about dialogue and character interactions to relying on descriptions, especially when Tor is alone. I'm glad you like them!

I know, poor Tori. :( I felt sorry for putting her through all of this, even though she did bring some on herself. I'm glad too, we haven't gotten the whole story from Terry's perspective yet but I thought that in the long run, Tor probably wouldn't have been able to perform an effective spell, and she should have been more careful as it could have caused long-term brain damage, Lockhart style! It's just a classic Tor acting too quickly without thinking things through. :P

I'm so glad you liked the boys helping her out! I quite like writing them, and hope to include more of them as I got attached during Terry's POV chapter.

Yes, there is some hope, and also lots of time as this is meant to be a trilogy (someday, gah!). I'm glad you're cheering for them! :) And yeah, Malfoy just snuck in there. He kind of intimidates me to write during Hogwarts years because I want to get his snarkiness right, but also make him a slightly appealing character at the same time. But I'm really pleased you liked their little conversation! :)

Thank you so much for this amazing review, and for being an amazing reviewer and supporter of this story! It really means so much to me! :D

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