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Review #1, by happyanon 

29th April 2017:
i dont know if you still visit this site. Ive been reading this story for one whole day. JONES was my favorite. I cant deal with this. I cant freaking deal with this. ITS TOO MUCH. Selena and Jones were my shi0 believe it or not. I HAD. A feeling it was Jones or Albus. BUT I WAS SCARED because JONES had been getting so many special little moments past 3-4 chapters and I knew this was gonna happen I just TRIED-DESPERATELY to NOT believe it. And still I end up with a broke heart. Oh I wanna hold Selena. HOW COULD YOU!?

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Review #2, by Libbypotter 

30th March 2017:
Heart was breaking over Tim. Now broken

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Review #3, by Hazel Bludger 

11th October 2016:
OH GOD NO (this story is so freaking good I'm hype there's 3 of them) I LOVED METHUSELAH SELENA LOVED METHUSELAH

Author's Response: So glad you're enjoying. ;) And yeah, poor Methuselah. He was too good for this world. In an awkward nerdy sort of way.

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Review #4, by Roisin 

5th May 2015:
Oh no. I do not like this chapter title. I don't like this chapter title one bit. I know that the idiom begins "to go down in a..." D:

Every time I think I can't enjoy Lockett more, BAM, she does it again. She creates such great rapport with the other characters, and I love the interplay between everyone.

Also, good job making this SUPER DUPER HIGH STAKES!

It kind of works out perfectly, Patronus-wise: Albus already rocks at that stuff, and then ScoRose and MethuSelena all have romantic kindling.

And of course Scorpius' is a fox! The trickster!

You do a really good job of making Dementors creepy. The way you write them as kind of weirdly organic, like fungus, and not consistently tangible really gives me the chills.






Then again, as INCREDIBLY BUMMED as I am about Methuselah sacrificing himself, it works really well on the literary level. Like, shows the most personal arc and all (from him nearly running away early on). He got something to live for, and it was precisely that which enabled him to sacrifice himself. Also, Selena's sort of been least traumatized by everything, and this will probably prove to be a major turning point from her. She of all of them hadn't yet done a huge amount of growing up (which is part of what I liked about her). But I can also see the value of this experience in terms of character development.

"--because they had won."

I need to go curl up in a little ball and sob now.

Author's Response: Ominous chapter title is ominous.

I don't think Lockett worked as well as I'd hoped as a Mentor to the GROUP, but I'm so happy with her relationship with Scorpius and just her as a character that I'm okay with it all.

Hee, romantic kindling. And I didn't realise until later I didn't get to show Selena and Rose's patronus, but we will see those in later stories.

I liked to get into the idea of the creation of Dementors - like, how do these things come into BEING? And they're basically at the epicentre of a birthing lair, so there'll be fully-formed ones and ones still coming into being, and ones probably emerging right then, formed by the gang's feelings and doubts - I'm glad it worked, basically!

Methuselah was always written to die. I knew there would be a Death at the end of Ignite, and I knew it would be the Smart Guy Logicking himself into the sacrifice (instead of Scorpius running on guts and glory). So, rather cruelly, I wanted him to have an incomplete story, to deny the reader closure to him and Selena, because... 'killing' the story is a way of making the reader feel the killing of the character, so to speak. As other characters feel the void of his absence, the reader feels the void of denied future plot.

It'll just be another story, really. Selena's story, and honestly I've never had a character who picks up a ball and rolls with it and grows greater than any of my plans than Selena does in Starfall, and is still doing as I write Ignite.

...yeah okay, my last line is just cruel.

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Review #5, by LightLeviosa5443 

21st November 2013:
That was so sad. Great chapter. But so sad. Poor Jones, I mean, amazing of him. Really, truly. Poor Selena. Those kids will be changed forever.

xoxo LL

Author's Response: They will. It was one thing to see people suffer, and for most of them Tim's death wasn't the death of someone they knew well (exception being Scorp, of course). But this is their friend, their loved one, Methuselah, laying down his life. Because he had to, that poor, mad boy.

Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #6, by Penelope Inkwell 

9th November 2013:
Oh my sweet goodness, was Methuselah able to produce a patronus because he was so happy to finally be with Selena? Because he finally had a good enough memory?! Because if so, that is just...so...*sniffle*...heartbreaking. And sweet.

And. Heart. Breaking.

But I suppose I really should have seen this coming. I mean, after Tim, anyone was pretty much fair game. I let myself be lulled into false complacency. I should have known a sacrifice was imminent. I hate that it happened, but it does fit the sort of epic nature of this story. Iíd have almost expected that, if someone was going to sacrifice themselves, itíd be Al. Heís the white knight type. Which I suppose is part of why it isnít him--youíd see that coming, but you donít expect to see Methuselah Jones running into danger. Itís a real 180, especially when you think about that he nearly abandoned Scorpius in the same place, still using his logic, at the beginning of the story. It shows a real evolution of character. Methuselah never changes *who* he is--driven by logic, reason, and a desire for knowledge--but he does change *how* he is . He goes from being concerned with himself and his own preservation to caring about a whole group of people, and uses his logic in a completely different way. And of course it was the most logical thing. Of course it was. That he could still be perfectly rational and do such an impulsive thing without actually being impulsive at all is so thoroughly Methuselah.


Iíll just briefly mention that Scorpius, Albusí, and Methuselahís patronus (I was going to make a patronus plural joke, but jokes just doesnít seem appropriate at the present) are perfect for them (canít think of Roseís if it was mentioned previously). And also the way you had the Dementors creep up on Scorpius in such a way that it was hard to tell what was natural fear and what was being caused by the evil mind games--that was really well done.

Okay. Iím gonna read forward. And sulk for a while, if thatís okay. Good job. But...*sniffle*...sadness.

But still good job.


Author's Response: Unfortunately, yes. Methuselah couldn't have cast a patronus without a memory as strong as the ones he built with Selena. And without the patronus, he wouldn't have been able to sacrifice himself. It's vicious.

I felt pretty bad killing Tim. I mean, he was 13 years old. But I felt horrid killing Methuselah, though it was inevitable as the situation arose. He grew, he changed, and though in essentials he remained much as he had ever been, he finally had a reason to care about others. Compassion, essentially, became a factor in his logic process.

I have not yet shown Rose's patronus, though hope to do so in Starfall. It was never relevant, though may become so in future. Glad the insidious dementor thoughts crept in slowly, I didn't want it lit up in lights of "Dementor Thinking Now!" And if they'd prey on anyone and feel natural, it'd be Scorp.

Sulking is allowed. Perhaps required for this chapter! But thanks for reviewing.

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Review #7, by Gillian 

4th November 2013:
I will never stop crying about this. You beautifully eloquent, brilliant b*stard. I thought I was sad when Sirius died, I thought I was heartbroken when Fred died... But this. This absolutely destroyed me. You are one sick, amazingly talented author and I cannot wait to read every one of your publications. Please, never stop writing.

Author's Response: Methuselah's death has broken many hearts, it seems. Including mine, I wanted very much to find a way to save him. But I could not.

There will be more to come - more from this universe, a sequel in the works right now, and hopefully coming soon.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by greenphantomme 

30th October 2013:
It's hard having a character die that you really enjoy. We've seen Methuselah grow so much in your story and I'm sorry we can't continue to see that in the sequel. I read this chapter when it first came out and as soon as it finished, I abruptly shut my computer down and went to bed. haha I just didn't want to accept it yet.

It's so heartbreaking. For everyone.

This story has developed wonderfully and has amazing characters who are believable. They have grown in depth and emotion and just sheer awesomeness. Thanks for writing this and good luck with any future novels (non-fanfics) because there is no way you aren't trying to get published or are published. :) (unless that's in the future sometime)

Author's Response: It was tough to write! There would have been lots more of Methuselah to explore as a character and in his relationships with others, but alas, that's why he had to die. We had to feel it.

You're not wrong, I am trying to get published, hopefully with something rather soon. So thanks for your support and your kind words! Cheers for the review.

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Review #9, by Solana 

29th October 2013:
I had a hankering to do one more review now that I've calmed down a bit. To get my own emotional ducks in a row, so to speak.

Now that we've lost our beloved Methuselah, what was it I read in another story and that is so true in real life as well ... attention must focus on those still with us.

I'm still a mess! I've been in mourning for 3 days and just like another reviewer I'm barely able to get my work done! Look what you've done to us ... bad Slide! Brilliant Slide!

Would that my stories have this much effect on readers!

I eagerly await the last chapter, more than ready for it now. I really, really want to see what becomes of the other kids. I figure everyone's starting to wake up even as our 4 are still reeling at the body of their friend ...

I have a hunch Nat's in a tiff of trouble with Hermione. I mean ... she "could" have forbidden them to go ...

You tell us Selena will be much changed through the sequel. Thank God that seems a hint that at least we'll still see her. I was afraid you'd have her disappear somewhere forever and never be ok again. Or, knowing you better now as a writer, will she be ok ... ?

The second most affected person will undoubtedly be Scorpius who was ready to sacrifice himself only to be stopped by Methy. Only the next chapter and the sequel will tell what this will do to him. He's already been through so much but oh how he's grown! So much of this story has been from his POV ... Oh, I so hope he doesn't go home to horrible Draco but you tell us we'll be meeting him so ... oh, I can't wait!

Will we meet Astoria, I wonder? Will he ever find out where she is and if she cares about her son?

And yes, you've made an exemplary leader of Albus. I hope he comes to realize his own value quite apart from his dad. He will need to if he's to make his contribution to solving the wider crisis which they now face.

I've a strong feeling your Albus is an even better leader than Harry was at his age, more able to empathize with others. I also feel now that his friendship with Scorpius benefits him as much as it has Scorp. They truly do have each other's back. And yes, he is indeed Scorpius's stability and will continue to be.

And Rose? I'm also getting the ironic impression her relationship with Scorpius will help to ground her in other ways. They will soar with each other emotionally as you say, but maybe too she will still be as competitive academically but definitely not as embattled.

So brilliant, truly brilliant that you could have this kind of an effect on readers. I actually had trouble sleeping the first night! Well, with the kind of writing you do, I know we'll see plenty more challenge coming with the sequel which again for the thousandth time I'm so grateful we're getting. Now I'm in the mood for as satisfying an ending to Ignite as is possible under the circumstances!

Author's Response: Emotional ducks do need lining up. Unfortunately, then I remembered that I think you shoot the ducks once you've got them lined up? Or is it more about mother duck leading her ducklings? Either it's a sweet turn of phrase or it leads to a shotgun. Worrisome.

I'm... glad?... that the story's affected you so? Actually, I am. I'm not going to lie. I love it when my readers are affected. I was a mess for the rest of the day when I wrote the chapter. And the days coming up to it when I wrestled with the alternatives.

Hermione is beginning, slowly, to accept that the 'kids' are about as much kids as she was at their age, with all the risk of danger and death that entailed. So there'll be some sort of fallout... but not yet.

I will NOT be disappearing Selena in the sequel. Her arc, how she responds to Methuselah's death, is arguably one of the most important to come. If nothing else, the only good part of character death as a writer is that I get to explore how everyone else handles it. I could hardly abandon Selena! Scorpius will, indeed, be a distant second; he's not going to forget how close it was almost the other way around, and that he was the last person to see Methuselah alive.

We'll see Draco soon, I promise. And - yeah, I'm prepared to slip this one: we will see Astoria in the sequel, and find out what's HER deal.

You're right: Albus is a better leader than Harry is, although he's far, far too cautious and passive by instinct. He is much better at inspiring people personally - Harry could be a symbol, but Albus could inspire people who never knew his name. With a bit of self-faith, acceptance of shouldering *decisions* himself, and willingness to take risks, he's liable to be the "in the thick of it" leader that Harry, running off and mostly dragged through situations against his will, ever was.

You're pretty much spot on with the dynamic on Rose and Scorpius. They balance each other out well - they ground one another, while giving warm reality and affection. As they flit around in their pressures and their fuss and their worry, they are solid ground and reassurance to one another - and the trust to push themselves.

Final chapter is in the queue and so should be here SOON. Thank you very much for the big input on this chapter, and the story in general, it's much appreciated! I hope you manage to sleep better from here on out. Methuselah will be missed.


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Review #10, by fanofgredforge 

28th October 2013:
I really thought it would just be formalities for the last 2 chapters. How could I have been so naive. Should have known(expected) better form you considering the rest of the story. And boy, you did not disappoint.

There needed to be more loss considering the gravity of the plot. This was it I guess. Still unexpected at who you chose(though in hindsight seems like the first character one would chose out of the 6) but that is what makes your story so much better than an average fanfic.

I read in your responses that Methuselah was always supposed to die. But then readers really liked the character and Methuselena got itself a big following. An average author would have gone with the sentiment and changed his death. It would have still kept it a great story and people would have still enjoyed. But you stuck to your original plan and that is what makes you an amazing author. I have seen a lot of authors change plots when reviews start pouring in but you didnt and #respect for that

Author's Response: As you say, for it to go down without this sort of ending would have BEEN a formality. Scorpius being given the Stone by Thane would not have been an appropriate dramatic climax. If the plan had gone down without a hitch I think readers would have been dissatisfied.

It was super hard to stick to my guns. Not just because readers loved Methuselah and Selena, but *I* loved them. They wrote themselves, I adored their chemistry and innocence, and I adored writing Methuselah himself. I really, really wanted to save him. If I could have found an alternative which didn't compromise the plot and the themes, I would have done. But I couldn't.

I'm glad it's appreciated, I'm glad it's gone down in the successful/horrible way it has. Because I'd rather lose readers than compromise the story and the drama, but ultimately I'd like to keep both!

Thank you for your words of support, and for the review.

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Review #11, by RocioWeasley270500 

28th October 2013:
You are really brave, that pretty much sums it up. To chose to let a character die, even though there were many posibilities that your readers got really angry because of this, because it was needed to show a point you thought important shows a great deal of bravery and that you are a seriously good writer. And it doesn't matter that I'm now reduced to a crying boundle of feels and I probably won't be able to do anything productive for the next week, this has to be one of the most evil and poetically beautiful things I've ever seen.

Author's Response: I worried when I killed Tim. I REALLY worried when I wrote this. But the play's the thing, and I had to accept the story I'd set out to write, and where it ended up, and I don't think it would have been satisfying any other way.

I'm... glad you appreciated it? I apologise for any lack of productivity over the coming week.

Okay I'm only a little sorry and I'm always pleased when my writing gets a reaction, I ADMIT IT. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by guilty_pleasures 

27th October 2013:
I think my heart just broke. Brilliant writing. I wish you hadn't written it, but I think you're so brave and talented for doing so.

I loved him and Selena so much. Never saw that coming. So so heartbroken.

Goodbye Methuselah.

Author's Response: It was very, very hard to write. I assure you I wrestled with myself for weeks coming up to this, seeking another way - and there wasn't one which didn't have huge story problems, or huge thematic problems. I had built to this from the start, Methuselah's conception as a character was this sacrifice, and it would have been a disservice to swerve now.

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #13, by LillyRoseanne 

27th October 2013:
I know exactly how you feel, but you used the wrong word, it is not the worst thing you've ever written, it is the most emotionally evil thing you've ever written and I loved it! That said, you didn't kill Scorpius, you nearly did, but you didn't, and although i'm being a complete hypocrite I respect your restraint. However, poor Selena...

I accept your apology, and I forgive you, because I'm nice like that. Can't wait for the next update :) Still loving it!

Author's Response: It's certainly the most horrid thing I've written! It was gut-wrenching, really. Scorpius' self-sacrifice was a fake-out, I never really considered killing him. That was, I confess, to toy with you and then put Methy in his place.

More updates soon. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by skeens 

27th October 2013:
i actually cried!! beautiful writing...

Author's Response: Then I have done my work well. Thank you!

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Review #15, by Sleepless Nights 

27th October 2013:
I am in shock. Oh Methusala! I had a feeling that something would happen, you never let your characters out the easy way. But I didn't see this coming. Altough I'm devestated about Methusalems death, I think it was important for the story and even more so for a sequel. In my opinion it's part of what makes your writing so special and different. There is always a trembling uncertainty about whats going to happen.

Author's Response: Real victories never come easy. A price had to be paid for Phlegethon and I, too, am sad that it was Methuselah.

Glad I keep you all on your toes, though!

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Review #16, by EarthsTrueGreen 

27th October 2013:
Wow, I'm shocked, I did not expect that at all, but in a weird way i'm glad he did what he did. I mean I hate beyond belief that Methuselha is dead, because I was just starting to like him but I think that he died happy and I think he died in a way that he would have wanted, being the hero instead of that boy who was very arrogant and smart that no one really liked. I wonder how this will affect Selena because for a while there it seemed that she was really going to change. On a good note though at least this means that your last chapter wont be all bubblegum happy, where everything is perfect.
It always sucks to kill off a character, especially one that people have grown to love, but it had to be done. Thank you for writing the story. I'm not happy that he is dead, but I wouldn't have wanted him to die any other way. I am looking forward to your next chapter, and now I am even more excited about the sequel, if that was possible.

Author's Response: Methuselah did, indeed, accept the end. And the part of him always trying to prove himself is satisfied. Sadly, he probably would have proven himself if he'd lived, for the sheer genius of devising this solution.

Selena is definitely going to be affected, from next chapter into the sequel.

I'm glad you... appreciate the death, that's the word for it. It was hard to write but the story demanded it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by SilverPatronus 

27th October 2013:
beautiful description, this was the hardest chapter on me. Methuselah dead. can't believe it.

good work on the story... one of my favorites :-)

Author's Response: Thank you. It was hard to write.

Cheers for the review!

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Review #18, by Whimsical Diva 

27th October 2013:
Oh and why did this lot have to do this? Didn't Thane say the disease would be cured in a year anyway? Or am I forgetting something here?

Why did Jones have to die? WHY?

Author's Response: I could clear up the language in what Thane said. He mentioned a cure would be out in a year, though didn't elaborate on what it would be, or where it would come from - if it was just a prediction, then predictions can be wrong. If it was a plan, then that would have been the Council's own plan, to provide a cure to further their own ends. However, Nat's Botched Cure changed everything. Made Phlegethon more lethal, faster, and so the Council of Thorns' plan changed. The Resurrection Stone WAS the cure (or the only cure anyone knew of), and it was in Nat's hands.

They could have perhaps waited and not done the ritual, though there was no guarantee more students wouldn't die while they waited. They did do something incredibly risky, yes, acting when they did. And they went in with inaccurate information, seeing as they didn't know about the central markings of the ritual. But considering those were hidden at Ground Zero of Dementor Land, it would have probably been lethal to go investigate that place even if they'd known to look.

It was a gamble to save more lives, knowing Phlegethon was slowly killing everyone it afflicted, and they lost one. Perhaps a mistake. But the mistake they chose.

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Review #19, by Whimsical Diva 

27th October 2013:
Oh God!!

At least tell me Methuselah had a decent death, and not that horrible one he'd described in the previous chapter. The poor, poor boy! HOW COULD YOU! Bring him back, please.

Author's Response: The nature of what happened will be touched on next chapter. Suffice to say Methuselah was not 100% right about everything. If he had been, he would have anticipated the central markings of the ritual.

I have never wrestled so hard with myself over a death. I fear to bring him back would be compromising, however.

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Review #20, by chocolateteacups 

27th October 2013:
Not. Fair.
I can't review past that, I'm not emotionally prepared.

Author's Response: I understand. I recommend a cup of tea and some chocolate.

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Review #21, by Solana 

26th October 2013:
Could you tell us one thing, when you next come on here: Did it come down to one of them having to "absorb the necromantic energies" in order for them all to be cleansed? In other words, for one of them to sacrifice their life at the last moment -- or was it always meant for one of them to sacrifice from the time they got the instructions?

I'm still hoping against hope that ... somehow ... Methuselah isn't really dead.

Author's Response: Methuselah was just in the middle to physically complete the alterations to the ritual so it would cleanse and not explode. If he could have somehow got out of there in time - which wasn't really possible, even apparition out of a swirling vortex of magic like that was probably going to be lethal - then the ritual would have completed.

He is, I'm afraid, gone.

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Review #22, by Solana 

26th October 2013:
I'm not sure how to process this as a reader. I honestly thought Tim was enough death for this story. I know how many readers thought -- really thought and looked forward to Methuselah and Selena continuing on as a couple in a normal world. We're denied that now.

That they won is ... great. That Methuselah lost is not so great. The story is still superb, your writing as awesome as the best published work I see of the genre, but ... as a reader I'm very, very disappointed. Deep inside I don't feel it had to be this way.

Yet I'm not the author. In this story only you get to decide. And still I read on.

Still I look forward to the next chapter and the sequel. Still faithful ... gee, what does that say about the quality of the story? I'm still a fan - at the moment a very, very sad one. :'-(

Author's Response: Methuselah was, unfortunately, always going to die. That was always the plan for him as a character. And, yes, he was killed off partway through an arc, when he had things to look forward to, when you as readers and me as a writer had things to look forward to exploring. Him with this latest success. Him and Selena as a couple in the real world. You're right, you're denied that. I'm denied it as a writer and it hurts me, to ask myself the questions of if Selena would have stood by him like she said, how they would have gone on after this, and I found them as adorable to write as I think readers found them adorable to read.

And that, unfortunately, is the point. Death when it's a side character is just drama, or when it's a character whose arc is already over, and that's all the deaths I've done in the past have been. Methuselah was a young man, killed with his whole life ahead of him, love and prospects, and it's just been cut short. Incomplete. His life is incomplete, and so I felt it was important that his story was incomplete, too, cut off when there was so much to give, because that's what death can do - take someone away before we're ready for them to be taken away.

I wanted the readers to not be ready to say goodbye to Methuselah, just as much as Selena and the others aren't. That is why it is hard. And why it is sad. 'cos it's supposed to be.

And I'm still sorry, because I loved the guy and I loved his story and I loved his relationship with Selena, all more than I thought I would in the planning. I will miss him too.

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Review #23, by Mostly~marauders~1888 

26th October 2013:
Please say it's not finished! 😰😓😢😥

Author's Response: One more chapter to go!

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Review #24, by Alexandria 

26th October 2013:
HOW DARE YOU!!! HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO ME! how dare you reduce me to a pile of emotions! How dare you make me sob for a character whom I detested in the beginning but loved towards the end because of his fabulous character development. How dare you write so heartbreakingly beautiful scenes that illicit heartbreak. I'm so emotional. I love you. I love this story. I'm waiting. This better not end so horribly. Selena deserves to be happy and in love. She was just finally accepting it and omg. I can't. (Goes off to sob in corner)

Author's Response: I loved him too. He was always going to die, but I never thought I'd grow to enjoy writing him as thoroughly much as I did, and enjoy writing him and Selena as much as I did.

It's horrid. :( But the show must go on!

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Review #25, by water_lily43175 

26th October 2013:
I've come back to write a proper review - I would say 'now I've calmed down', but that would be a lie. Nevertheless things have had time to sink in, and so I think I'm capable of a review which contains more than serious ninja threats.

I'm not revoking the threat though.

A couple of smaller things to comment on, before we reach The Big One. Firstly, love that Albus is the voice of reassurance in the middle of the forest. He really WAS the person to take the reins when Nat was AWOL, because he has all the right attributes. And the others listen to him and do as he says whether they want to or not (here's looking at you, Selena).

And that the simple thought of Albus and Rose was enough for Scorpius to conjure a Patronus just says it all. I love that in such a short space of time, Rose has come to mean just as much to Scorp as Al has. His 'goodbye' words to Methuselah regarding them were heartbreaking.

But not as heartbreaking as what then happened. And I loved Rose's thought that Scorpius would have sacrificed himself without sense and reason, but that Methuselah did it BECAUSE of that. It says all that needs to be said about the characters of the two of them. The fact that Methuselah made that sacrifice for them all is just ... beyond words. His parting words to Scorp were so HIM, too. No mushy words for Selena, just that he'd be 'thinking of her'. And as for Selena ... oh, the poor poor girl.

I think this is honestly the most cut up I've been over ANY fanfic character's death, let alone any of yours. Even Toby. But then, I think that was partly because we saw most of the aftermath from Tanith's point of view and she was so completely NUMBED by it that it almost had the same effect on me ... and also because in the back of my mind I just could not bring myself to believe that you would ACTUALLY do such a thing. As it turned out, you didn't. But THIS ... it's like you've just stabbed me in the stomach. It's come completely out of nowhere, I honestly didn't think you'd kill any of the Six, especially after you'd already disposed of Tim. And I'd come to love Methuselah so much; I almost hate myself for thinking he was a bit of a pillock in the scene on the train, because he is such a wonderful character, and his relationship with Selena was so beautiful. And now this. WHY.

I should warn you, more ninjas will be on the way regardless of what happens in the next chapter. Because if he remains stone-cold dead, I will remain upset. And if he miraculously turns out to be alive, I will not be amused at this emotional rollercoaster you've put me through. So be prepared.

I will say though, the last bit in particular - the bit from Rose's perspective - is so wonderfully written. The worst part of it all was just waiting, waiting, for Selena to turn up and realise what had happened ... ugh so heartbreaking. And I can't think about this any more, I'm getting too emotional. AWFUL CHAPTER BRO.

Author's Response: From this point I will ALWAYS expect ninjas.

Albus is, truly, the leader. He's stepped up, he's been tested and succeeded, tested and failed - but he's still here. I've enjoyed exploring how he's a hero in his own right and a very different hero to Harry. Albus could lead men who never knew who he was and never knew his story, and they would follow him to hell. Or, that's what he's growing into.

Scorpius did need him for a patronus (because friendship matters as much as romance, damn it!), too. It's like inspiration and stability - Rose provides the former, Albus the latter. Rose makes him soar - Albus keeps him sane.

Methuselah did, indeed, do it because it was logical. He came a long way from the guy whose instinct was to run away and leave Scorpius when face to face with Dementors. And, in some ways, the words for Selena are even mushier. He needed a patronus to cast, and he thought of her. Ironically he couldn't have sacrificed himself without her, as without her he couldn't have cast the patronus to get in.

Christ, I just depressed myself.

I couched Toby's "death" in different terms. No body, for starters. And yes, it came to Tanith, who just completely shut down, and I'm not surprised that, deep down, readers didn't believe I'd killed him. It would have been Odd, dramatically (though I suppose that has merit, a death nobody expects - this, at least, is a classic self-sacrifice at the end).

I was so anxious when people REALLY didn't like Methuselah at first!! I didn't expect him to be loved originally, but he got such negative feedback! I thought I'd end up killing the guy nobody liked! But I admit he completely got away from me as a character, and I adored writing him and ADORED writing him and Selena, and I'm gutted I can never explore their relationship fully.

Originally the chapter ended on Scorpius' POV. But I figured I wanted the audience to see the discovery, the realisation, the horror. And, to an extent, go "yes, there is a body".

This IS an awful chapter, you're right.

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