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Review #1, by Dinthemidwest 

18th February 2017:
I love a happy ending with Draco involved! Astroria was a perfect blend of sweet & bold... This was a very action-packed story-you captured them all so well!!

Author's Response: I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it!

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

10th June 2015:
I’m not convinced it’s Mulciber. Why would he go to such great lengths to hide himself? Yeah, he could be smarter or he could be an Auror in disguise because who tipped them off before? We still haven’t figured that out.

That was when Mulciber suddenly whipped his wand down and fired a powerful stunning spell into the middle of Avery’s back.

I knew it! It’s not him! Who is it? It can’t be Harry. Too early in his career to be Harry and that would hurt Draco’s ego too much. But he was being watched all this time, Draco, right? So, it has to be someone prominent but I’m drawing a blank. Ah! So exciting.

Astoria noticed Blaise Zabini standing near the wall, looking overwhelmed by the fighting going on around him.

Because Blaise has never been a fighter. He’s just not! He’s all talk but essentially he is the ‘traitor’ if you will. He was never on the Dark Lord’s side and he was never on the other either. He is a coward.

Now get up before I put you in a full bodybind and levitate you!”

I’ve never disliked Ron in a story so much. He’s just so…annoying and catty. He needs sugar and to get over himself.

Astoria was sure that her mouth was hanging open in a most undignified way. “Zabini” was actually Potter.



Mind blown, again.

She’s obviously not saying and, well, she’s gotten pretty good at this over the years. Otherwise, she’d have ended up in Azkaban four or five husbands ago.”

YES! See, I told you he wasn’t a fighter. I mean granted his mother tipped them off but Blaise was never going to be there in the first place. All talk. Too much drunken talk. Ah!

The ending left me feeling very giddy. Though I’m not in a romantic mood so his declaration of love and wanting to marry her made me wrinkle my nose.

What a turn of events though. I honestly saw none of the major parts coming. The marriage, obviously, the fact that he wouldn’t go to prison and the Aurors would find out, yeah and Horatio sort of accepting him (and then finally accepting him), yes, yes and yes. But everything else. The surprise guests, the fits with Lucius and all the fight scenes. I don’t know how you do it Dan but you know the perfect way to bring Harry Potter back to life and close to my heart time and time again.

Author's Response: Hi, Deeds! I am going to try to finish responding to these today!

Not Mulciber? Why, who else would it be? What kind of sneaky author do you take me for?

Oh, alright, you caught me! Mulciber was actually an Auror, but you can totally trust me on all the other characters. ;)

Umm, yeah. Zabini. Totally a lover, not a fighter. Remember how I said you could trust me...

This is definitely the most unlikable I've ever made Ron. Sometimes I feel like I should write something really Ron-positive to make up for it. Or at least some good, goofy Ron like you write.

OK, I'll level with you. You pretty much can't trust me. Harry was disguised as Zabini.

You are right, however. As Draco observed somewhere near the middle of the story, Zabini was way out of his league. He's not cut from the same cloth as Flint, Gamp and the others. Once mummy realized what was happening, she spirited him out of the country. The Aurors could have seen this as a loss. Instead, they turned it into an opportunity.

Giddy. I think Draco and Astoria both felt that way.

One of the things I tried hardest to do with this story was to make it interesting and keep readers guessing **in spite** of the fact that we all know how it's going to end. Sounds like I did alright.

One more review to answer. Thanks so much!

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Review #3, by Pixileanin 

27th May 2015:
Hi there! As you can surmise, my New Year's Resolution to finish reviewing this story is going just as swimmingly as my resolution to quit drinking soda... very, very slowly, and with many setbacks. But hey, it's still 2015. Why waste the moment?

“... not that being smarter than Avery was anything to boast about…”

Hehehehe… I love Avery for all the wrongness that he is. Aww, how he just goes about and ignores Gamp, the guy who thought he was the most dangerous person in the room. I know I’m supposed to be quivering right about now, but Avery, oh my god, I just can’t.

And woot! Surprise twist! Mulciber’s a traitor!

“She tried to curl up into a ball, not that it was going to do any good. He’d already proven that he was able to make Draco do things and Draco had far more experience fighting off dark curses than she did. “

Amazing pov switch here. While Avery’s being a … you know, that… Astoria still lives and breathes and is scared and yet, she has this whole resolve thing going on.

“You’re safe now, Astoria. Everything is going to be alright.”

Umm, yeah, I’d be trying to set him straight too. Nothing right now is “alright”, and it’s going to take a bit more than being her personal shield to get her to something that resembles “safety”. But what a Draco thing to say! He’s probably doing it just so he can believe it himself in a way. Being the stupid hero in the only way he can, the only option he has left.

Ahh, romance. So skewed.

I loved the fight through Astoria’s eyes, how all the action is focused around how it affects her. such a great pov telling, keeping it like that. I love how she has her epiphany in the middle of all the chaos, loses it, regains herself, and still has a spark in her at the end. Very nice, Dan!

Ahh, yes. The spell has to be broken by somebody. Crazy Ron! Good thing Harry was there to… wait, that was Harry! You sneaky writer, you! I loved that you threw in this bit about his explanation for being Zabini, because it made me chuckle too:

“She’s obviously not saying and, well, she’s gotten pretty good at this over the years. Otherwise, she’d have ended up in Azkaban four or five husbands ago.”

I don’t know how you sustained Astoria’s mindset all the way through that scene. There was so much going on, you must have a pair of rose-colored glasses around or something.

“As the warm, tingling darkness claimed Astoria, her last thoughts were of Draco’s beautiful grey eyes.”

Yes, she’s definitely age-appropriate.

Ahh, and Narcissa is still ordering Draco around, for his own good I see. Good on her! I think she’s the only thing that kept him in that bed. The poor Healer was doing his best, but no one argues with Narcissa.

I think one of my favorite parts of this chapter has to be the conversation that horatio has with Draco in the hospital room. It was uncomfortable and necessary, and they both got something out of it that they wanted. I think this goes a long way in paving the road for Draco’s goal in getting his reputation cleaned up.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say there’s anything obvious here, Draco. It’s not obvious that I’ll be marrying my daughter off to you and it’s certainly not obvious that you’re worth thirty Galleons a week. Twenty-five, and not a knut more.”

Brilliant line here.

And this one too:

“Why was it so much easier to express your feelings when people were trying to kill you?”

I guess it’s easier to blurt out what’s on your mind when you don’t have time to think about it. but they get around to it anyway. I agree that Draco’s show of emotion helped to balance the pair out. I liked that he was able to show himself like that to her, that she was able to accept him in his weakness and make him stronger for it. That shows they will make a good pair.

You really do write beautiful moments. I think the story had the perfect ending. Draco was able to keep his euphoria in check until the end, when he’s alone and has the chance to process it. Who wouldn’t be ecstatic about a future with so much promise?

Lovely, lovely work, as always!

Author's Response: Hi, pix!

You have no idea how many times I've started to respond to this view, only to get interrupted. It's getting to be frustrating. I'm going to try to power through it!

Most of my Avery head canon arises from the way you portrayed him in Until We Close Our Eyes, so I'm sure he seems at least a little familiar. He's a fun villain to play with, not least of all because of his inbred craziness.

Mulciber... so he's not a traitor. He's just not who he seems to be.

I thought the PoV switch was helpful. We've already seen the fight with Avery through Draco's eyes, now we get to see the battle through Astoria's. I liked the contrast. He's so analytical and tactical about the fight while she's more emotional about things.

You're correct, nobody is "safe" at that point in the chapter. It's always fun to let Astoria cut through Draco's small conceits.

I probably owe it to Ron to write a story where he isn't a complete jerk. I guess Tales of the Death Hunters **sort of** did that, but maybe something that's purely Ron. Because he is a jerk in this story. A huge one.

Do you remember, way back in Conspiracy of Blood, how Ron pretends to be Zabini to sneak into the Ministry? Almost fifty years later and the Aurors were *still* getting mileage out of the guy!

Oh, yes. It's important to have Astoria fade back into teenage girlhood from time to time.

"Uncomfortable and necessary" I'm very pleased to see that the conversation between Draco and Horatio worked the way I intended. :D It was fun to take these two pureblood gentlemen from different generations and let them hash things out. I enjoyed trying to figure out all the little power games and subtle positioning that was going on.

It was definitely harder for Draco and Astoria to get their feelings out in the open without the imminent risk of painful, violent death. The moment loses its immediacy. One tends to over-think things. There's also greater than a 50% chance that the other person will still be alive when you realize how corny your words sounded. ;)

Wow. I'm really, really glad you liked the ending. I've never felt perfectly sure about it, so it's great to see that it worked well for you.

Thanks so much for all the love and encouragement you've shown this story! It really means a lot.


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Review #4, by Veritaserum27 

25th August 2014:
Hi Dan,

I need to apologize for taking so long to get to this very important chapter! I was hoping to have this story all reviewed months ago.

Wow! The way you ended the last chapter, I didn't think that there was any way these two (or the rest of the Greengrasses) were going to get out of this one. You left the arrival of the aurors until the very, very end - with yet another fantastic fight scene. I love the way that Draco's focus never waivers. "Keep Astoria Safe." has been his mantra for the past three chapters. As soon as he sees his life clearly, he knows that it is worth less than her safety.

Some very important things happened in this chapter to solidify their feelings for each other. First off, they both grew up exponentially. They were both willing to die for each other, but Astoria realized that her death would also mean the end for Draco and so she found the strength to fight Gamp. I love how you were able to convey her insistent injuries throughout this chapter. It would've been easy to brush off the fact that she'd been hit with the cruciatus just a few moments before, but I could really feel her pain with every move she made.

Ron gets his comeuppance (I think that is the first time I've ever used that word!) from the earlier chapter where he humiliated Draco. He is called out by both Harry and Robards - and put in his place. I can't imagine that Draco didn't get a modicum of satisfaction from all of that. Although Ron always was more of a hothead, I can't exactly fault him. His actions are probably motivated by how Hermione was treated at Malfoy manor. If memory serves, that was merely a year before. Ron isn't likely to forgive that.

Harry is, as always the voice of reason in all this. It's really important that he was posing as Blaise because if not, it might've been difficult for Draco to prove which side we was on in all of this - the ending could've been very, very different.

I just melted with the tender moment between Draco and Astoria where we get to see their true emotions for each other. They both take the time to apologize and express their deepest feelings.

Horatio is a bit redeemed in this hospital scene - I like that he doesn't give Draco a completely clean slate, rather a small opening for him to prove himself. That is all Draco needs for the moment.

The scene with Draco and Astoria in the hospital bed was beautiful and perfect. I think it was important for him to break down in front of her and have her comfort him. It gives balance to their relationship where they truly know they can be there for each other in the long run. This has been mirrored throughout the story with both Lucius and Narcissa and the Greengrasses. It adds another layer to their relationship - and maturity.

The proposal was sweet and unexpected, but perfect just the same. These two have had so many obstacles along their way, it makes sense that, one the road is at least a little bit clear, they would jump right in.

This chapter was just perfect!


Author's Response: Hi, Beth! I love seeing you back again!

I wanted the story to go out with a bang, so leaving the arrival of the Aurors to the end was my last bit of fun with cliffhangers. Draco's focus is completely singular by this point. It's all about Astoria and what she means to him.

I like your observations on how the characters changed in this chapter. I agree that they learned some things about themselves in addition to laying it all on the line for one another. I also think it was important not to lose sight of the fact that Astoria had been hit by a terrible, debilitating curse and Draco was in rough physical shape as well. I think it adds something to the strength of their commitment.

Ron gets put in his place, which I think is how it should be. Draco took immense satisfaction in seeing Ron humbled, especially by Astoria. You're correct that a lot of Ron's hostility arose from his memories of being held prisoner in Draco's home. Harry once again helps to save the day. He has an unintentional habit of doing that for Draco.

I didn't want to leave the reader with the impression that Horatio is so rigid in his ways that he could *never* accept Draco in spite of Astoria's wishes. When confronted by very substantial evidence of how Draco had changed, he was willing to give Draco a chance. You're right, it's not a clean slate, but it's a start.

I'm glad you liked the part where Draco breaks down. I felt really unsure about it and my beta reader wasn't too sure either. In the end, I decided to keep it. I thought the moment was far too emotional not to have an effect.

I'm still not 100% sure about the proposal, but what the heck. They're not engaged, they're "engaged to be engaged". It's a small step.

I'm really, really pleased you feel that way! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by UnluckyStar57 

15th August 2014:
Hi there!

So, this started out as another action-packed chapter, but it settled down at the ending, all winding up to the big finish--who knew that Draco and Astoria could be so fluffily, deliriously happy? :D But it would seem that happiness has indeed won the day, and peace reigns again--for now.

Okay, so as if AVERY weren't enough, MULCIBER comes in to wreak havoc... BUT THEN THE PLOT TWIST!! I didn't see that one coming, let me tell you! The battle between the Aurors and the neo-Death Eaters was pretty frightening and fantastic--I think it's really realistic that Astoria wouldn't have known who was friend and who was foe. It was in the midst of a battle in which the good guys were dressed as bad guys! I would be confused, I know.

Oh dear... Ron's little confrontation with Draco made me cringe. It's totally realistic for him to act that way, but I sure do hope that he mellows out with age. You know, during that part, I couldn't tell if the harsh depiction of Ron was due to the fact that Draco has a vendetta against him or if you, O Author, have some sort of grudge against everyone's favorite redhead. :P It was probably a rather accurate depiction of him, though, considering that he was talking to Draco, but this story is from Draco's point of view--we can't totally trust him to be honest about Ron, can we?

But Harry was chill. I admired him for telling Ron to stand down. And the fact that he masqueraded as Zabini was another plot twist that I didn't see coming. :)

One question: Who contacted the Aurors? That might have been mentioned in an earlier chapter, but I think I missed it. Was it Draco? Narcissa? The Greengrasses?

At any rate, Gamp goes to prison, yay! I hope Daphne sees sense and dumps him. Even though she's sort of dumb and vapid, she doesn't deserve a husband who doesn't love her. Nobody deserves that.

Cue the "aw"s as Draco chats with his future father-in-law. The scene was quite realistic! You seem to have a certain knack for realism--I like it! The part about Draco asking Mr. Greengrass to call him by his first name was very interesting and I liked the bit of pureblood etiquette that was thrown in--did you get that from pureblood wizard canon, or did you take it from Muggle society traditions? And I appreciate the fact that, even though Draco asked to be called by his first name and shows immense respect for Mr. Greengrass, he isn't going to allow himself to be cheated just so that he can potentially marry Astoria. He's got potions skills, after all, and he deserves to be salaried thusly. :P Also, he gets to escape from the cold-hearted research lab of Madame Blishwick, hooray! :D This is a very good career move for him, indeed!

Cue more "aw"s as Astoria and Draco start being all cute. Srsly. They are definitely going to become the pureblood couple that shares love and also the responsibility of running an empire together. As such, they're going to be cute when they're alone and totally domineering in public. And Astoria isn't going to let him push her around--ever. I like that! Drastoria for the win! Basically, you've written this last scene with the specific purpose of showing how adorable they are, and now I want to go read more Drastoria fics. Thanks. :P But in the end, Astoria helped Draco become better than he was at the beginning of this whole mess, and they are such an awesome couple. You couldn't have written a better ending for them. :)

Great job, all around! Only one more chapter left for me to read, and it's the epilogue! I am incredibly interested to read about the scene from Draco's point of view--I'm sure it will be very enlightening. :D


Author's Response: Only one more to go? Doesn’t seem at all possible! Actually, I guess if I think about it, it is possible. You were one of the earliest reviewers for this story and definitely one of the most loyal. You have my undying gratitude!

I really enjoyed unleashing both the idea of Mulciber and that little plot twist on the world. I wanted things to seem about as bad as they could possibly get before heading into the big finale. It seems like the sense of confusion and mayhem I was trying to create from Astoria’s PoV worked well, too. All around, I’m pleased with how things seemed to play out for you.

Part of me feels badly about how unkind I’ve been to Ron in this story. I definitely owe him a good one-shot or something. I don’t have anything against him, but you recall his prior confrontation with Draco. I also needed some way to introduce Harry’s role in the capture of Avery and the other conspirators. And, no, you can’t ever trust Draco’s PoV where Ron is concerned.

Harry’s masquerade actually ties directly into a small subplot of Conspiracy of Blood. I enjoyed coming up with that one. To answer your question, the Aurors learned about Gamp’s conspiracy when they were trying to track down Avery. They’d been communicating with Avery in the guise of Mulciber for some time. When Avery told “Mulciber” about a counter-revolution brewing among recent Hogwarts grads, Harry and Ron put two and two together. They went after Zabini first because they saw him as a soft target who would likely sell out the others to save his own skin. Zabini’s mother was tipped off by a former flame inside the Ministry, however, and she slipped her son out of the country. Instead of seeing it as a setback, the Aurors decided to take advantage of the situation by impersonating Zabini and using him to infiltrate the conspiracy.

Gamp will be going to prison for the rest of his life. Essentially, that amounts to a divorce. Daphne doesn’t completely abandon him because pureblood ladies don’t do that sort of thing, but she doesn’t have to stay with him, either.

The scene with Draco and Mr. Greengrass was challenging to write, but I really enjoyed it. It was fun to try to think through all of the little intricacies of how a couple of aristocratic purebloods would interact. I don’t think there is any canon on the topic, so I borrowed a few bits from here and there and I made up the rest. You’re correct, even putting aside the fact that it advances his relationship with Astoria, this is a tremendous step up, career-wise.

Draco and Astoria have great things ahead of them. I was definitely tempted to instantly have them jumping each other like a pair of hyenas in heat, but this felt a lot more natural. You know, I haven’t found any other Draco/Astoria fics with this sort of dynamic. Then again, I haven’t looked too hard.

Gah, one more chapter! I’m excited and a little sad. I see you just posted in your review thread, so let’s go request. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by Remus 

4th April 2014:
Long time, eh? :D

I had forgotten my love/hate relationship with Gamp. But the line If you'll excuse us, we're gonna go overthrow the Ministry. When you're done wasting time on these blood traitors, you can go crawl back into your cave." reminded me of my dislike of him because he's brutal and my love for him thanks to your fantastic work in characterization.

Draco refused to give the former Death Eater the satisfaction--Alright so this line kinda made me think a little bit. Why would they be 'Former' Death Eaters? Even with Voldemort gone, they're still Death Eaters. I guess 'former' would apply to those that left Voldemort voluntarily. Which we know that never happened.

Gah so much action!! I can't believe that it was an Auror in disguise!! Once again you managed to fool us. Haha.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm annoyed with Ron for interrupting Astoria and Draco! And he wants to arrest him? What?! I want to strangle him right now.

And now he wants to arrest Astoria too? It makes me wonder if he's a bit prejudiced himself towards some purebloods. I don't know if its because of the war (its been a year after) or because he just hates Draco personally and everything related to him.

HOLD UP! What?! Zabini was Harry?! WHAT?!

"You'd haggle with your possible future father-in-law over ten Galleons a week?"

"You'd marry your daughter off to a man who settled for a twenty Galleon salary when he's obviously worth thirty?"

I cannot tell you how much I loved that exchange!

AAH *flails*

She said yes!!! Gah! That was the perfect ending to this chapter!! And I needed this happiness today after a very 'ugh' day at work and watching a very sad episode of Once Upon a Time; I cannot handle character's death very well, specially when they developed them really well. Hahaha, sorry I'm still angry from "The Big Moment".

Dan!! I've missed your story telling and I'm glad to be back to read more! Hope to hear from you soon! And hope to see a new, epic story as well! Do you have other stories planned or is work keeping you too busy from brewing new stuff?

Anyway! Miss ya and until next time!


Author's Response: Hi, Rosie!

It has taken an embarrassingly long time to respond to this; I apologize. I was so excited when I saw it!

If I've accomplished nothing else, it seems I've allowed a few readers to rekindle that love/loathe magic with our old pal Jeremy. He's truly one of a kind.

Hmmnn... Interesting point you have there. In some ways, they ceased to be Death Eaters when Voldemort died. But Avery doesn't seem to have accepted that his master is truly dead, so perhaps not. Something to think on.

If you recall from CoB, Draco says something disparaging about Daphne's ex-husband. I believe it went something like, "Gamp is a donkey who to break into Azkaban with two undercover Aurors and the village twit at his back." Well, you've met the first Auror already, and the second is...

Harry! So you see, the Aurors have a long and fruitful history of polyjuicing themselves to be Blaise Zabini and/or his mother.

Poor Ron. I made him sort of a jerk in this story. I didn't mean to, but sometimes when you're writing a "Slytherin story", you need some Gryffindors to be the villains.

The negotiations over salary between Draco and Mr. Greengrass were some of my favorite dialog in the entire story. You can take the boy out of Malfoy Manor, but you can't take Malfoy Manor out of the boy.

And she says yes. It's kind of a soft yes. She still has to finish school, he still needs to impress her father, but she does say yes. Think of it more as a betrothal.

The sun is starting to break through the clouds a bit at my new job, so I do hope to be around more often. And I have a few ideas for a new story to start. It's all a matter of time.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

21st March 2014:
Mulciber! Okay, now he sounds creepy evil. Master of the Imperius curse; I wouldn't want to be near him. There's something odd about the way he's concealing himself. Is that just me? Because he knows Avery and the others are leaving and...

:O Is he lying? Is it not him?

BOOM, cursing Avery! Are you just proving me theory? :D

Ha! I was right! I love being right, it's a rare thing. And the Aurors are here! Finally, good guys. I feel like I will miss the action when it's finally over. It was so good. But i love the rest of the story, too, so it'll be worth it.

Ugh, Ronald. Obviously, my dealing with him last time didn't knock any sense into him. We've gotten to the point where I'm just going to kick him. Okay? :) (I do get why he'd be the way he is, I agree with what you put in your response last time, and I do love Ron (usually), I just need to kick him... maybe it's a Slytherin thing...)

HARRY! Harry as Blaise, but I don't care because Harry is here! My favorite good guys of all my good guys! :D

Wasn't Blaise out of the country in Conspiracy of Blood? Sneaky snake. :D

Aww, he's helping her. Stubborn idiot that he is. :)

Draco would want to leave the hospital, it's definitely something I can imagine him saying. That was perhaps the most professional sounding, while still being completely obvious, insult I've ever read; healers and their bedside manner. :P

Horatio! He's making the right choices in life. And yes, I love Draco and his ability to go against the man even when wanting to be with said man's daughter.

"You'd haggle with your possible future father-in-law over ten Galleons a week?"

"You'd marry your daughter off to a man who settled for a twenty Galleon salary when he's obviously worth thirty?"

Best lines ever. :D

Oh, I like this job a lot more.

Awww, such happy moments. Finally. They deserve it. And they laughed and then he cried and he talked and, gah, they're so lovely. Haha, proper lady. That was, like, the least of their worries. :P


Okay, so I had a hunch, about the question and the answer, thanks to your chapter title, but one can never be certain. :P

Always be a step ahead of the guy.

I agree, I like this new Draco Malfoy, too. He is definitely a vast improvement. There will be setbacks, of that I have no doubt since Horatio is not entirely on board, but I have faith because...

She said yes. ;)

Next chapter...


Author's Response: Hi, Sam! Sorry it's taken me ages to work through all of these. You bring up so many good points and observations that I really want to take my time with them and time hasn't been on my side for the past few weeks.

I really like putting Avery and Mulciber together as a team in stories. Avery is brutal, nasty, uncultured evil while Mulciber is refined, insidious and scary evil. But you're right, there is something odd about the way he's behaving...

Ha! You guessed just in the nick of time!

Yes, the Aurors have (finally) arrived. And the world collapses into chaos once again. I like chaos, to be honest. It's fun to write.

Ron is unfortunately still being a jerk. He really can't let go of the hate. Fortunately, Harry spares you from needing to intervene on Draco's behalf. And then Robards closes the matter with finality.

Blaise did leave the country about three days before the battle in Astoria's house. His mother got wind of the investigation of Gamp's conspiracy and spirited him away. The Aurors were somewhat disappointed, but they also saw the opportunity to make use of his disappearance.

Draco is such a lousy patient. I would never want to be his Healer unless I could just sedate him.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the entire conversation between Draco and Horatio. It was fun to play around with all of the subtle little dynamics of respect and power and authority. And Draco beating him up over ten Galleons a week was just way too funny to pass on.

I really debated with myself over whether a marriage proposal was premature in the context of this chapter, but in the end I felt like the spirit would have carried them there. Think of it more as "engaged to be engaged" if that makes it easier to get your head around. He's still going to do the big, formal engagement in front of their families. There will be dinner parties and balls and such.

The new Draco is an enormous improvement. It was fun to bring him up the steep and slippery slope.

One more to go! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by MissesWeasley123 

24th November 2013:
I know, I couldn't resist.

And now I really, really don't want to read the epilogue :( Also, I'm much more awake now (I wasn't previously, therefore the misconceptions and shortness of the last review.


Um... Dan. I just can't stalk about this chapter, it was far too perfect.

It was Mulciber! Wow. That was such a smart move, and then to have Harry and Ron come in was so perfect.

Once all that was over, Draco and Astoria had eyes only for each other, didn't they? And, ahh Ronald. That "Weaselbee" moment was so funny. I loved it so much. I was fangirling so hard with my pom poms, it was way too cute.

I loved that Draco still wanted her father's approval, it was so cute. I loved this chapter above all.

I loved Astoria in this. I think her perspective is what I'm going to miss the most in this story. She's so witty and fun, and like I said in the earlier stages of this novel, I totally want to be her friend. Her and Draco are going to be one rocking couple.

It was so much fun watching their love grow and fight. I loved it. So thank you, Dan.

And you write fluff so well haha.

"She said yes."

just asdfghjkl;

*favouriting now* ♥ I really, really loved this.

It has been a pleasure to get to know their story, so thank you.

Author's Response: Eh, resistance is overrated. ;)

Aww, you're seriously making me blush over here. I did enjoy writing this chapter, even though it took several tries to get some parts of it to sound right. I figured it was important enough to take the time and do it right.

I never really decided in my own mind whether the Aurors had already captured Mulciber and used his identity to draw Avery out of hiding or whether they just faked Avery completely out and Mulciber was still on the loose. Either way, they had Avery pretty convinced. And Harry infiltrated Gamp's gang by pretending to be Zabini after Zabini's mother sneaked him out of the country. In other words, don't mess with the Aurors because they **will** catch you.

I hate making Ron into a bad guy, but that's how Draco and Astoria would have perceived him. Unlike Harry, he just can't let the school rivalry with Draco go.

I'm really pleased that you've come to like Astoria so much. I know a lot of readers weren't too keen on her in the beginning. It took a while for me to draw out some of her flaws and hopefully move her out of the Mary Sue Zone. I think she'd like to be your friend too, as long as you're a pureblood from a good family. ;)

Ha! I never thought of myself as a gifted fluff writer, but I'll take it as a compliment. If you like fluff, you might really enjoy "And Then There Were Three".

"She said yes." It sums up Draco's state of mind as well as anything else in the story. Somehow, he made it through.

The pleasure has been all mine. Thank you so much for all of the support and encouragement along the way. It means a lot to me.


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Review #9, by Courtney Dark 

18th November 2013:
This chapter was just, so, so, so, so, so (I could put a lot more so's in there, but that would probably get a little tedious and boring) perfect! It seriously had the perfect mix of everything - suspense, tension, action, romance, drama and some nice little fluffy Draco and Astoria moments on the side.

I loved that you told the whole unraveling of the Aurors entrance and fall of the Death Eaters from Astoria's point of view, because she's so innocent! The fact that Harry was Zabini and that Head Auror was Mulciber was pure genius - from the very beginning of this chapter, I had a strong feeling that Mulciber was 'good' and so I was glad to be proven right.

Though I hate to see Ron as the villain, I also enjoyed the conflict between he and Draco - after all, this story is from Astoria and Draco's point of view, so he is definitely going to seem a little bad guy-ish, I'm not sure that Draco and Ron will every entirely be able to forget the past. And also Ron tends to act before he thinks. I did love how Harry stood up for Draco though. It was just a tiny moment of reconciliation, but it just seemed so Harry!

I also think you ended this chapter in a great way, especially with that line: “She said yes.” I could almost see Draco's smiling face, and the thought made me want to smile, too.


Author's Response: Hi, Courtney! Sorry for being so slow to respond lately.

This chapter wound up with a lot more in it than I'd originally planned on, but that was a recurring theme throughout this story. There just always seemed to be another scene to write or another angle to explore. Fun times...

I'm really pleased that you liked seeing that from Astoria's PoV. I'd originally written it from Draco's and I went back and changed it to make the flow of the chapter better. In the end, I think it ended up improving things in other ways, too. Astoria isn't as war-weary as Draco, so she isn't aware of a lot of what was going on. That put a really different "spin" on her version of events. If you've read far enough into CoB -- and I'm afraid I can't recall whether you have -- you might recall Draco saying something to the effect of "Gamp tried to break into Azkaban with the Aurors and the village twit at his back." Well, Harry was the Auror who infiltrated Gamp's group and Goyle was the village twit. ;)

You pretty much summed up the situation with Ron. He's being a jerk, but probably not as big a jerk as he seems to be through Astoria's eyes. Ron and Draco will never completely bury their differences, although they'll be forced to deal with one another someday...

Gah, I went through so many different endings before I came up with that one. I was rather proud of myself, although I still have the nagging feeling that it could have been better...

Thanks so much for sticking with the story and for all of the awesome reviews!

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Review #10, by Sharvi 

29th October 2013:
"She said yes."

What a way to finish the chapter!! When I saw the chapter name was "Yes" I had my suspicions, and this turned out so well =) Also, how Harry and the Aurors (that should be a band!) make an appearance is totally awesome! And I'm writing in exclamation marks, but it's only because I'm so happy! =D

Ron reaction to Draco was palpable. I could feel the loathing in your words if that makes any sense. The whole ending was quite spectacular, and change in POV makes the confession part even better.

Ah, that way by far my favourite part (except maybe the end =P ). Kind of reminds of Ron and Hermione in that only the fear of death could make them confess their feelings. Ah, my favourite type.

I liked the conversation between Draco and Mr Greengrass. It seems so proper, and true to pureblood society for him to get offered a job like that everything. I can't believe that the end has come so soon! I'm sure I'll be rereading the entire story once again after you post the epilogue!

Author's Response: Hi!

I toyed with a lot of different endings for this chapter. In fact, the word "toyed" really doesn't do justice to the amount of hand-wringing I did. But in the end, this was the idea I liked most, so I'm glad you liked it. It also made it easy to name the chapter.

Poor Ron. He turns into kind of a villain in this story. That made sense to me, given that it's told from Draco and Astoria's point of view. There will never be any love lost there.

I tried hard to think about how two "proper" pureblood gentlemen with an age gap would relate to one another as I wrote that. I'm happy that you liked it.

The end is upon us. I'm working on the epilogue now. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by FawkesFelicis 

24th October 2013:
Oh wow, that chapter was so amazing! Love the chemistry between the characters, and the depth you give them. You have serious talent!

Author's Response: I'm grinning from ear to ear. Thank you so much!

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Review #12, by patronus_charm 

23rd October 2013:
Ah, I’m so excited about this and finally knowing the full story about Draco and Astoria. And when I say excited it’s full on jumping up and down in seat excited :D

The tension and suspense from the previous chapter was kept up brilliantly in this one with Mulciber not being revealed straight away. I never thought of him much throughout the book but the chilling air you created around him in this appearance definitely kept me intrigued and made me want to hide behind my hands as I just couldn’t predict what would happen next.

WHAT? PLOT TWIST! I never expected the Aurors to come bursting in like that it was just so action packed and I could just imagine comic like bubbles in my head while reading that scene. Astoria was really great at narrating then with her innocence and confusion mimicking how I felt, so it was nice to be able to relate to someone in such a dramatic scene.

So many plot twists I can’t quite deal with it, though you wrote it all so excellently! First there was the drama of whether Gamp would kill them and I almost thought he was going to, and then some lovely Astoria/Draco fluff which I couldn’t help but coo over, and then Ron’s accusations and Harry sticking up for Draco and being Zabini and Robards being Mulciber. It was simply excellent stuff and I lapped every bit of it even if I was on an emotional rollercoaster (ew, excuse the cheesiness there was just no other way of summing it up.)

I loved how despite the fact that Draco practically saved the day he still does what his mother tells him too :P The talk with Horatio was really, really exciting! It leads to an exciting opportunity of a spin-off in China hint hint, Dan! I really liked that Horatio finally approved of Draco though and it gave me far too many feels! Gah, they hinted at future father-in-law far too often so it can only give me some hope.

GAH! All that Astoria/Draco scene was just so ♟ ♥ worthy! They’re getting married! Everything seems to be working out! Though alarm bells have now begun to ring dramatically in my head yelling that there must be something coming up as things are never this good for people. Oh well, I can just hope for the best. The ending was excellent though and left me feeling very, very excited for the epilogue! I hope it crops up soon! An awesome chapter though!


Author's Response: Hi, Kiana!

Well, you know my version of it, anyway. I'm glad it was exciting! :)

I guess if there was any one thing about this chapter that I was worried about, it would be that Mulciber's appearance seemed too contrived. After all, this is literally the first time in the entire story that the guy's name came up. Glad to know that didn't bother you. Whew...

In Conspiracy of Blood, Draco recalls Gamp's plot to stage a breakout at Azkaban and the fact that it was infiltrated by the Aurors. So this outcome was sort of predetermined, it was just a matter of how to set it up and when to spring it. I originally had Draco as the narrative voice for this scene, but I realized that was dumb. Astoria was more interesting to me because she knows a lot less about what's going on. It was fun to work in all of the little surprises and figure out how to time them. I also got a tiny warm feeling from letting Draco and Harry at least connect a bit, even if it was brief.

I don't think Draco will ever stop listening to his mother. For one thing, she's actually worth listening to. Brilliant, that one. Also, it's the way he was raised. It's one of those strange things that British aristocrats and Texans have in common: always listen to your momma!

Sigh. I doubt I'll be writing Draco and Horatio's Grand Chinese Adventure any time soon. It might make a good "buddy comedy", but there are other things I want to try my hand at first.

The find scene with Draco and Astoria was definitely the hardest part of the chapter to write, so I'm glad you like it. Both sections went through a lot of changes and editing.

It's all over but the epilogue, I'm afraid. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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