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Review #1, by Roisin 

5th May 2015:
I LOVE Scorpius' reasoning for getting Rose chocolates and flowers! LOVE IT. Just so brilliant and lovely and amazing :D

Man, Scorpius spends WAY too much time beating himself up. Just because the story with Thane is a lie doesn't mean he can't be proud of the victory. He's way too preoccupied with this idea that he's getting undeserved recognition. GUH SCORPIUS JUST BE HAPPY.

Also, Rose saying she could take on a whole army of Dementors feels an AWFUL lot like foreshadowing.

'I just have one,' said Scorpius. 'Dementors.'

'Not a question,' said Methuselah.

'All right. Dementors?'

'What, specifically, is the query regarding -'



I always love seeing Lockett and Scorpius talk. While so superficially different they still have so much in common. Self-loathing, to start. It's really amazing to see how their relationship evolved over the course of this story. I reckon that Scorp is closer to he than any of the students, despite the fact that Rose spent the most time with her.

AH! Methuselah's angst here is SO Breakfast Club! Like, that EXACT idea gets floated! And also, I don't think ANY of them will be any good at getting back to normalcy. Whatever Selena likes to think, I can't imagine she could just bounce back to her previous life. She's SEEN THINGS, MAN.


Author's Response: I recently re-read this chapter and thought, 'I pray to God Scorpius isn't coming across to much was "you're not like OTHER GIRLS."' Because that's super not the intention of the scene but he could probably stomp further away from it. But YES, he means it NICELY, like she's more important to him than his past, superficial relationships, but it doesn't mean she shouldn't get the fun, superficial bits too.

Scorpius is an expert at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Couldn't possibly comment on the army of Dementors comment, cough.

Methuselah's right, it's really NOT a question.

Scorpius and Lockett are definitely closer than Lockett is with any of the others. Rose worked with her, but that relationship stayed very... professional, for lack of a better term. Other than Albus' brief sally, Scorpius is the only one who tried to relate to Lockett as a person, and he's the only one who particularly responded to her brand of... trying to help? Not that she TRIED to work with the others, but I think her acerbic sarcasm had more of a dent on him than the rest. It's a somewhat unusual mentor/protege relationship, but it's one I'm happy with, and it's very important to them both.

I need to see the Breakfast Club, evidently, as Ignite is apparently Breakfast Club meets Harry Potter as directed by Michael Bay. ;) But YEAH, normalcy just doesn't happen after this, and Methuselah's hardly wrong to worry. Especially about Selena.


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Review #2, by AriesGirl40 

26th October 2013:
Good question, how do you go back to normal after spending so much of your time living on the edge? Awesome chapter :)

Author's Response: It'd be quite a leap, yes, a big change! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #3, by Shayanne Dubois 

25th October 2013:
Oh, I do so love a good fanfiction. Especially when the main storyline has action as well as romance. Your story is absolutely amazing thus far! I truly you keep up with the magnificent work. Have you ever considered writing your own material?

Author's Response: I need plot behind my romance. I need adventure, danger, death, tragedy, to drive the emotional arc! So that's what I write. I do, yes, write my own material and hope to have something out by the end of the year... but while I edit, there's fun fanfic to write! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #4, by chocolateteacups 

25th October 2013:
This story is brilliant and I'm kinda disappointed that it's coming to and end, though I must say, I can't wait to see the final ritual! You write wonderfully.

Author's Response: This one is coming to an end - but I assure you, there'll be more! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #5, by guilty_pleasures 

24th October 2013:
I love you and this entire story. That is all. So excited to see how it all ends!

Author's Response: Cheers! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Solana 

24th October 2013:
Oh, the satisfaction!

You couldn't have done it better in my book, if you'll pardon the pun. Not just the whole story which was better than any book, but this warm emotional wrap-up before the final challenge to get the cure.

So they are going to be in some danger. What would the story do without danger, of course. And then there is the whole "After" thing ...

First we get the satisfaction of seeing the kids and Nat finally have some company as everyone who's been comatose wakes up and joins the living. Then the leaving Hogwarts to go home as I fully expect they'll do. I'm feeling Rose was right, this school year is shot. Won't everyone go home to be with their families for a tad? Oh, then of course there's Scorpius ... where's he going after all thi? Not home to Draco, I hope!

And I don't think he and Rose need be worried about reactions to them being a couple. They're kind of overshadowed, big time, by Methuselena! :-) Don't get me wrong, I wanted Scorose, too. It's just that "the other couple" is going to be considered a far more unlikely pair.

I mean, I'd imagine there were quiet bets in Hogwarts here and there on the possibility of Scorose, considering how much of their bickering was sexual tension. But there was no Methuselena. None.

I have got to read Nat's first incarnation. I still think I'll understand her far better once I see the earlier Nat in action.

But for now, here's to 5 brave kids celebrating their last night on their own before resuming normal life with the others! I'm ready for them to get out. I can't wait for the last 2 chapters. Oh Slide can't you put them up together? It would be SO satisfying!

Someone else said it, and I'll say it again: Thank God for sequels.

A truly superb job!

Author's Response: Yes, this chapter is the necessary "get all the emotional ducks in a row before the finale" one. I love writing these. I get to wrap up the little subplots and then line up the feelings for the big bang. And then, yes, aftermath.

Ha, I don't think the school had BETS on Scorose, but learning about them the reaction would probably be eye-rolling and snickering. While, yes, the reaction to Methy and Selena would be jaws dropping EVERYWHERE.

Nat is, I warn you, a secondary character in her original incarnation. Also, a lot of what made her how she is happened off-screen. But I shan't discourage you from reading my other fic!

Last chapter coming soon. Sequel coming soon after that. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Penelope Inkwell 

24th October 2013:
So nice to have some loose emotional ends tied up. Of course, potential doom on the horizon, but what else is new?

I don’t think I can quite properly convey what a great job you’ve done here, with this story. SUCH good writing. Thank you for sharing it.

Favorite Quote of the chapter is, in fact, a conversation:

"Any questions?'

'I just have one,' said Scorpius. 'Dementors.'

'Not a question,' said Methuselah.

'All right. Dementors?'

'What, specifically, is the query regarding -'




Author's Response: Yeah, this chapter gets all of the ducks in a row before The End. Thank you for the kind words! I'm rather happy with Ignite, but the best is yet to come!


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Review #8, by water_lily43175 

24th October 2013:
Phew, Rose is okay! Oh, Scorose, how I love you. Scorpius is just adorable, with his whole thing of not viewing Rose as being like most other girls, and yet wanting to give her the things he gives other girls and then feeling bad when he does it ... I mean, what a babe. And this whole scene between them ... oh, it's so beautiful. So so beautiful, and I just LOVE it. Of course, it's no surprise that this happens now, after all Scorpius has been through in the past few days. He's not going to waste any more time now Rose is awake!

Aha, Patronus casting ability becomes relevant! As, of course, does Nat's complete inability to cast one, bless her. Lovely little Scorp pep talk, I really do like how their 'relationship' has blossomed. CALCALCALCALCAL REFERENCE has made me very happy. See, THIS is why he's my favourite, because he gave Scorpius his QUAFFLE! This little passage has pleased me IMMENSELY, because for one thing it's lovely to see that he DID make a cracking career out of playing Quidditch (even if it WAS for Puddlemere, grumblegrumble, though interesting that he never made it to the Catapults!). And a Beater getting Player of the Match is pretty good going. Yes, this pleases me lots. Still sad that things didn't last with him and Nat, although it IS reassuring that they're still on good terms. I sense she misses him, though. Reunion on the cards in the sequel? ;) 'And he knows parents of kids laid up here.' GABE AND JEN. Sudden thought - are there any T/T kids in your extended universe? I honestly cannot picture Tanith being a mother...

'She would never have used the word 'perfunctory' to describe one of his kisses before. She didn't use it now, but that was only because she didn't know what the word meant. But it was apt.' HAHA. Love this. Cute Methuselena moment at the end, of course Methy's going to be worried about What Happens Next. They only really crossed paths because of Phlegethon, and Methy would be the type to worry that things will go back to the way they were before. Oh, to see the school's reaction when they wake up to find Methuselena is a thing... Excited for the resolution! Even if it DOES mean the end. Cause it won't ACTUALLY be the end. God I love sequels. Until, y'know, they're my own, and I have to WRITE them. Le sigh...

Author's Response: Yeah, Rose is different to other girls for Scorpius, and that's why this relationship is more meaningful (though he DID care legitimately about Miranda, Albus wasn't wrong about why that messed him up so badly). So he doesn't want to treat her superficially, but why does this mean she doesn't get nice things? Plus it's how he knows best to express affection.

I was surprised you didn't pick up on the Cal reference earlier - BTP established him playing for Puddlemere AND established Saul Harper as one of his teammates. I thought that would bust me for sure! The earlier reference did, though, note that a Bludger got broken, the match was so intense. Cal had a hard-won game. And, of course, with two of Jen and Gabe's kids laid up in Hogwarts, along with Nat, he HAD to do something to reward someone who'd given as much hope as Scorpius did. Even aside from his relationship with Nat. I could wax lyrical a bit about T/T children but my honest answer is: I think so. I always planned for kids, though they had them later in life than Gannifer (I think the G/J youngest and T/T eldest are of an age, for comparison). Tanith would mellow out. But they'd be in their early-mid 30s before having kids, despite being married for about 10 years by then and I DIGRESS this is Ignite. Shall waffle at you about that later.

As you can imagine, this Methuselena scene was downright agonising to write.

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Review #9, by EarthsTrueGreen 

24th October 2013:
Good chapter, im excited to hear that a sequel is in the works. Im not ready to let go of these characters yet. Can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: There will be more adventures to come, I assure you! Thanks for reviewing.

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