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Review #1, by Roisin 

5th May 2015:
Haha, Scorpius is ALWAYS winging it. That's a pretty good summary of his entire strategy thus far.

UGH, what is Thane's GAME? Scorpius has a really good point about dumping a plague and then getting upset when fatalities happen. I just CAN'T fig where Thane is coming from!

IIRC, there was some mention of the open-ended-ness of Thane's side of the contract last chapter. I'm surprised he thinks it's such a coup to have reinforcements when EVERYONE could see that coming.

OH HUZZAH HOUSE ELVES! YESSS! Oh my god SO BRILLIANT. And man, I love how all the simmering issues around House Elves end up coming to a point here. That Harley would be stoked to beat on some wizards got introduced early on, and it's all just so masterfully well played here.

'This! Is not! A person! Beating the tar out of you!'--YES.

And this is really tiny, but I like the word choice of "stun splashed." I haven't seen that before but it's a perfect sort of image.

It seems like when push comes to shove, Scorpius always responds bodily. Throwing himself at Thane; punching the redcaps. Like "SCREW MAGIC, LET'S TUSSLE."

THANE WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? HE IS THE MOST ENIGMATIC EVER. Also, props on making him helpful AND scary at the same time. His little thing about tracking down Scorp's mum and torturing Albus reminds me of Breaking Bad a bit ("I will kill your wife; I will kill your son; I will kill your infant daughter").

"And a cure was supposed to be out by then"--WHAT? What is this plot, Slide? WHAT IS THIS GAME? (I have to imagine Hogwarts was some sort of distraction designed to cause chaos).

Hahaha, 'the otter didn't smile because it couldn't.' You manage to throw in so many silly little things that nicely offset everything else. Also, I liked Scorpius forcing a smile. His minstrel mask has seriously been peeled back at this point, and there's no longer any question that his Joker Act is just that--an act.

Oh man, I've been friend-shipping Scorpius and Harley for so long! It's so amazing to see them have this little pow-wow! And you manage to add another layer to your theme on heroism here, how it's just not as available to elves. Everyone else will seem brave, but the elves were 'just doing there jobs.' RIGHT IN THE FEELS, all of it!

And yay Rose is better! Now here's to hoping he doesn't immediately do something stupid.

Author's Response: Scorpius, making it up as he goes along, Jack Sparrow-style. I could see that. Thane has his reasons, though I do string them out for quite a while. Who he is, who he pretends to be...

It's probable I shouldn't have pointed out the reinforcements loophole last chapter, as dramatically it does hurt the scene for Thane to do EXACTLY what was predicted (at that point). On the other hand, sometimes he's not as clever as he thinks he is? But that isn't what I was trying to imply to the reader, so I probably shouldn't have drawn attention to it with Lockett noting it.

And yes, the final payoff of the House Elf plot! Harley is okay to take a little demeaning if it means he gets to beat up some dark wizards. Or any wizards, a little bit, but it helps for it to be righteous.

I suppose if a Shield is a barrier, then describing magic as splashing against it came automatically. Could use 'crash', but 'splash' is gentler. And also implies the barrier's sturdier.

It's true that when in doubt, Scorpius stops using magic. I admit, I'm not sure why. I suppose he often assumes that people will be BETTER at him at magic, and while he doesn't think he'll be the most physically powerful, it's probably more 'when in doubt, be unpredictable.'

Enigmatic and unpleasant Thane. It's possibly a little cruel/unsatisfying for the mystery of him and his motivations to be stretched across all three books when it's SO KEY in resolving certainly Ignite. 'cos that's years of telling people, 'wait and see.' Ah well. Haven't seen Breaking Bad (I know, I should); for villainy I do sometimes draw on Philip Seymour Hoffman's antagonist from Mission Impossible 3. Average movie, delightfully casual EVIL.

It's got to be so weird putting a person's expressions and mannerisms, especially one you know well, onto an ANIMAL. And the game's up, Scorp, people know you're not just a joker, flee!

I totally would see wizards dismissing the works of the elves. They're just elves, right, they do what they're told? Who cares that they risked life and limb, it's what they DO, isn't it! Horrific and casual and rather likely, and while Harley knows it's the truth he's not going to be Noble and Accepting it. Resigned, but bitter.

Scorpius, immediately do something stupid? Naaah.

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Review #2, by Siriuslover177 

21st June 2014:
Second time you have made me cry. The house elfnand Scorp finally getting along, and making piece. And them finally understanding each other. Its just... really nice.

And now Rose is better! Like, my goodness.

They have the stone, they can make a cure, and make this all go away.

Like, wow.


Author's Response: Harley is a big enough man to know when he's been wrong about someone. And he can admit it, and make amends! And Rose getting better! See, sometimes things can work out for these guys.

Guess we'll see for how long.

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Review #3, by LightLeviosa5443 

21st November 2013:
His reaction to Rose being okay was so sweet.

I loved the scrap in the woods with Thane. I love how Thane backed out of the ordeal because he didn't like how far it had gone, but still maintained himself by saying if he was paid enough later on that would never happen again.

I hope the cure is easier to administer than figuring out what it would be is.

xoxo LL

Author's Response: Thane - well, yeah. He's a mysterious one. How much of what he was saying was the truth? If it wasn't, what does it mean? What does the truth even mean? He's a mercenary type but everyone has their reasons.

The cure is going to be... difficult.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Penelope Inkwell 

24th October 2013:
I feel like this whole chapter was one big sigh of relief. And, of course, my favorite bit was Harley and Scorpiusí conversation. So nice to have all that aired out, and to understand why Harley acted the way he did, initially.

As for Thane, I like the way youíve painted him. It reminds me of something Lockett said in the beginning, when she was talking about Hermione, about how itís easy to make villains out of your opponents because then you donít think of them as people. Iím glad that the villain of this story has more depth than just being a dark evil being out to watch the world burn.

Favorite Quotes for the chapter go to Harley!:

'This! Is not! A person! Beating the tar out of you!í

'Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go sew a button on.í --best ending to a deep, heartfelt conversation. Ever. And it fit his character so perfectly. :)

So very well done!


Author's Response: Yeah, this chapter marks the end of the Scorpius/Harley arc for the story. It wasn't even meant to be a subplot originally, but Harley rather got away from me.

I'm glad Lockett's comment about villains being easy to, well, villify comes back (and I think Rose actually mentions something along those lines of ironically being something Hermione's told her? Ha, I didn't remember linking those two, I'm accidentally clever). Thane has his motivations and we will explore them in the stories to come!

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Review #5, by water_lily43175 

24th October 2013:
So much love for Scorpius' loophole. SO MUCH LOVE. It helps that I'm reading this chapter straight after the one before, because it means I recall Scorpius having some weird niggling feeling in the last chapter which, I will admit, I didn't pay MASSES of attention to. Course, now it becomes apparent, he was onto something with the precise language of the contract. Nice one Scorp.

'This! Is not! A person!' etc. etc., 12+ and all. Oh Harley, he's hilarious.

Thane. THANE. Layers, so many LAYERS, and still we know little if anything more about why he's doing this. Aside from the money, of course. Although granted, we do now know who's ultimately behind this. Well. A name of an organisation, anyway. Which is better than nothing I suppose... AND, Scorpius got away with both the Stone and his life. Which is a success, I would say.

Nat apologising to the others for not being around is so sweet. Poor woman. And the Scorp/Harley conversation was just wonderful too. Nice to see that Harley didn't refuse to help initially because he didn't care, but because he's in constant fear of wizards taking away the Elves' liberties again. Poor guy. Love that after all this, he has to go off and sew a button back onto his waistcoat...

Author's Response: I had two possible loopholes. The other one was that they were going to get Hermione to pen some paperwork to formally extend the borders of Hogwarts to include the meeting site. XD But then they'd have needed to tell her about Rose and I wanted this to be Scorpius' own achievement, and for him to be on his own in the Thane encounter for obvious reasons.

Of course, he's with Harley, who's a dude and has been so much more successful as a character than I anticipated, but he gets the scene with Thane himself on his own. Who... yes. Well. This plot is to be elaborated on, mostly in the sequel!

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Review #6, by LillyRoseanne 

22nd October 2013:
YES! Fab chapter!!! Loved the altercation in the forest and Thane having had a rethink of his own morals and stuff :D And Rose is ok so i love you for that too...

Author's Response: Thane's morals and reasons will remain, I suspect, nebulous - but now we know he has them! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #7, by missdagane 

22nd October 2013:
As usual, I was not expecting this turn of events. So much happen in each chapter, it's amazing. Bringing the house elves was a great idea, and a wonderfull surprise; So glad that you plan a sequel, this fic is one of the best I read.

Author's Response: I was quite pleased with the twist myself. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Guilty 

21st October 2013:
You have no idea how excited I am to see another update! I'm getting so greedy and checking pretty much every day! I can't wait for more! Are you going to write a sequel? I went on your page and it seems you've done a few series with your past characters! Please do that with this, I'd love to see more of them once this is all done! Xxx

Author's Response: There will indeed be a sequel to Ignite, worry not. The story's not over, Ignite just covers the tale of Phlegethon in Hogwarts. There's a whole rest of the world out there! Thanks for reviewing

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Review #9, by AriesGirl40 

21st October 2013:
Yea! a cure has been created, wtg Scorpius!

Author's Response: This is, indeed, his finest hour. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Solana 

21st October 2013:
Whew! Relief! So we don't have to spend these final chapters and maybe a tad of the sequel frantically searching after Scorpius!

I'm also relieved that, at least thus far, it doesn't appear Draco is involved. Not much of a father, definitely, and apparently not above shady business deals, but at least not a criminal or murderer.

So now Scorpius is keeping secrets. But it seems to me this is one that, at least until Shane and his employers are caught, no one fighting this actually needs to know. All Shane wanted kept secret, really, was the way Scorpius caught him. I think Scorp can handle that -- at least until Albus catches on which I think he soon will. He knows his best mate too well. He knew he was keeping something back.

Oh, please, please give us the rest! At this point I'm ready to see how it all plays out! Truly great work!

Author's Response: Ha, no, Scorpius has pulled a fast one and will not be abducted for the rest of the plot. If it's Draco who's behind what's going on or not... well, Thane's not telling. And, yes, Scorpius can sit on his secret quite safely for a bit - for the MOMENT, Thane's motivations don't need to be public knowledge, especially as his motivations remain pretty nebulous anyway.

Someone might read something into Scorpius keeping secrets, though. Both Al and Rose are getting better at reading him...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by kTDOTC 

21st October 2013:
It's such an amazing story and so nicely written! Thank you! Hope an update is on its way soon!

Author's Response: Updates always on their way from now 'til the end! Thanks for reviewing.

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