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Review #1, by nott theodore 

26th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hi Beth!

So I'm back towards the beginning of this story and it's interesting to see - even from the few chapters that I've read of this - the way that you've managed to develop the two main characters so well through the course of this story, and their relationship with each other as well. It's really nice to see that, and even more impressive given the way that I've been jumping around this story.

Scorpius likes Rose so much... I love the way that you wrote him at the start of this chapter, happy and frustrated and seemingly quite young and in love. You captured his character really well there and I could easily believe his narration as what he was feeling at that point in time.

Silly Albus. :P

The second part of this chapter really contrasted against the first - they were so different, both in tone and content, and I have to say I was really surprised. I've read quite a lot of next generation stories and I don't remember reading many before where Scorpius has such an awful relationship with his father. That was really thought-provoking and original to read, even though my heart went out to Scorpius as I read it. Draco is just so cold and unloving.

The end of the chapter! I don't really know what to think, to be honest, so I'm going to reserve judgment on exactly what happened for now, but that was a shock!

Sian :)

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Review #2, by melian 

26th April 2017:
Wow. Holy flashback, Batman!

Well, it was kinda obvious that Scorpius had a thing for Rose. His protectiveness stood out a mile. Itís nice to have it confirmed on the page, though.

The main thing, though, has to be that flashback. So he was orphaned as a teenager and Ö then what? Lived with the Potters? If Al was his best friend and he had some history of staying there, it could happen. Otherwise, it could be Aunt Daphne, or even Lucius and Narcissa? That would have made life interesting. I guess Iíll find out in the next chapter.

This looks like a murder, though, so thereís that to go through as well. And, I mean, poor Scorpius. No one should have to find out about something like this, that way. He found their bodies, for heavenís sake. I have to confess that when he was thinking about an odd smell, thatís the last thing that I would have thought of. Geez. That poor kid. His parents got blasted and he found them lying on the kitchen floor. Heís very rational about going to the Ministry, but that could be the shock talking. After all, that wouldnít be the first time.

So he and Rose BOTH have some trauma in their pasts. No wonder they gravitate to each other. Though, the fact Scorpius had kept Roseís top suggests his affection may have gone back even further than that. (Then again, she said she thought he must have had it from third year from its size. Clearly the size is due to the fact it was hers, but how much older was she when he got his hands on it? Food for thought.)

Anyway, really thought provoking chapter. I look forward to reading the next one.

Cheers Mel

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Review #3, by Summer_Raven 

6th July 2016:
I really like the backstory you gave Scorpius!!! It's very different than anything I've heard before (in a good way). However, I didn't feel like I needed to know all that information. It's only the third chapter, so I'm not that emotionally invested in Scorpius' character. This backstory would be very interesting to me if it was revealed later in the story, playing on a bit of suspense and having me liking Scorpius already. It's not terrible where it is, if you want his character to be pretty straightforward at the beginning, but I would consider shortening the flashback. A chapter dedicated entirely to exposition is really hard to pull off anytime, and especially since this is the beginning of the story, having the plot moved further in this chapter would be a good idea.
I like your voice and description. You're a great writer and this is a pretty good fanfic so far. Keep it up!
- Summer_Raven

Author's Response: Hi there!

I just logged in to see this review. Thanks so much for the feedback. I've always been worried about that flashback - (worried that it was too long). You bring up a good point. I think I put it in because I wanted the story to be about *both* Rose and Scorpius - so I could show that they both have had rough patches to get through.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by Sophie Grace 

11th February 2016:
I love this flash back it gives us some incite as to how you're going to portray Scorpius. It's very enlightening. I really loved it. Though I was a little sad that his parents ended up dying. I just wanted to hug him after reading this chapter.

Author's Response: Hi again!

I know my version of Scorpius isn't exactly how others have written him, but I really wanted these two characters to need each other on many levels.

Thank you!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by dreamgazer220 

8th February 2016:
Hi there!

So I saw this on the staff recs homepage, and the fact that it won a Dobby for Most Addicting Story - I can totally see why! I've been getting into next gen lately, and I'm so glad I stumbled across your story :) It seems like you've put a lot of work and effort into this, and it really shows.

The writing is wonderful, and I love that we get to see from both Rose and Scorpius' POV so that we can get to know them better. I really like their relationship, just the bits that we've seen from the first two chapters; it seems so normal, but it's clear that they've been through a lot together. I also love that you let Rose joke around even though I can tell she's been through some kind of trauma - that's so important.

I also wanted to applaud you on your writing. The story is already so captivating and addicting, and I love the way you're describing Rose's anxiety, with her mantra and routines and panic attacks. It's so realistically well done.

This is such a great start! I can't wait to see where the story goes!!


Author's Response: Hi Jill,

Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you liked the story. I have put a lot of work into it and I'm glad you noticed that ♥.

Aww, thanks so much for your kind words about my writing. I'm smiling so much as I write this response. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply *hides under couch* I'd love to know what you think about the rest of it!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

20th September 2015:
Oh my goodness - poor Scorpius! It looks like poor Rose isn't the only one who has been through a lot! And no wonder he's always angry!!

This story is so intriguing ... must read more now! Great (although very sad) chapter!

Author's Response: Hiya!

Thanks - I'm so glad you want to read more. I really wanted Rose and Scorpius to need each other to heal - in a very healthy way - for this story. Thanks so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by Roisin 

18th September 2015:
Oh man. Oh man.

That was a lot of a thing. Jesus. Gah.

I'm also really impressed by how you did what you did. Like, there were these few little curiosities earlier on and little things that got dangled, but then you introduced this HUGE and HARROWING thing, which sort of pushes all that stuff away. Quite brilliant, that.

This story does sort of demand to be read. I can't believe how much you've managed to do so quickly, and yet none of it seems rushed or over-stuffed. You clearly put a LOT of thought into developing this story.

Like, it's definitely really tragic that Scorpius' last encounter with his parents was an argument, but then there's a sort of Fate thing--if he hadn't had that argument, he might have been at home and gotten killed too. Gah.

I also appreciate how you've given Scorpius a lot of nuance, even in the flashback before this Big Event happens, he feels like a full and faceted character. Major kudos there.

And I really want to leave a longer review and pinpoint specific things, but I'm just dying to get to the next chapter!


Author's Response: asdfghjkl;'!

^ and I use that phrase sparingly, believe me. Thanks so much. I'm just in awe of all these amazing reviews and super excited that you're getting into the story. But most of all, I'm giddy with joy that you find my characters deep and engaging. So, so happy you noticed the "Fate" going on - and it's not just between Scorpius and his parents. Both Rose and Scorpius are pretty damaged at this point - and the pair of them will need each other to get through it. At the same time, I wanted to handle all of their "dramatic" life events with care and consideration.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by Penelope Inkwell 

14th September 2015:
Oh. My gosh. Poor, poor Scorpius.

I cannot even...wow.

No wonder he's angry.

That's just so horrible. I wonder if they ever figured out who murdered the Malfoys, and why?

You really have a way of pulling us right into the moment. The emotion, the mindsets of the characters--I feel like I'm there. You've a real gift for that.

Turns out that it's a good thing that Scorpius refused to stay home. Although, Astoria did mention something about it not being safe. I wonder if they knew there was some sort of threat, something going on?


I didnít even have a reply for this immature fodder.
--I wasn't sure that fodder seemed like quite the right word there? I think of cannon fodder, or fodder for a fire--sort of like food, or supplies. And that doesn't seem like quite what you're going for. Maybe, "prattle", "jabbering", or "blathering", or something like that?

This chapter might be a bit easier to read with less spacing between the paragraphs.

On the whole, excellent job once again. Your writing is excellent, both technically and in regards to content. Really, really good work!


Author's Response: Hi Penny!

I'm trying to work through all your unbelievable reviews - thank you so much! I can't tell you what a surprise it was to wake up and see that you kept reading and reviewing my story - eeep!

Murder? Who said anything about murder? *looks away and changes the subject*

I'm going to look at the phrasing for that sentence - I'm not sure I've landed on the right word just yet.

Oh! Thanks for the comment about the spacing! I'm going to fix that straight away. This chapter was posted waaay back when I using Word - the copy/paste feature didn't work great and always added extra spaces. Now I use google docs and it's much, much easier. Thanks for pointing that out!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by HeyMrsPotter 

11th September 2015:
Me again!

Omg is it bad that I love Mason? He's so cute and naive♥ I really liked the tense relationship between Scorpius and his parents, it's reminiscent of Sirius with his, and Albus is like James-the saviour whose house he can go to when things are tough.

Wow, this chapter took a dark turn! I'm really intrgued about that second part, what on earth happened? Sorry for the short review but I need to read on ASAP!


Author's Response: Hee hee - Mason! I know - in another time, he would be a completely lovable character. It's not his fault that he's totally clueless. And I didn't even think of the Sirius/Scorpius relationship - that's brilliant. I felt like Harry could relate to Scorpius and do everything in his power to make him feel like he had a place that he was welcome and loved.

Oh, yeah. This chapter gets a bit dark - actually the next few are kind rough.

Thank you for all your awesomeness.

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by Liana 

10th September 2015:
Wow! I can't believe you wiped out the Malfoy parents in one fell swoop. That was a bold move.

Author's Response: I know!

It was so hard to do to poor Scorpius - he's such a great bloke. Thank you so much for all of these reviews!

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by Rumpelstiltskin 

9th September 2015:
I love the POV change, I mean seriously love it.

When I was reading this, I was saying to myself, of course Scorpius is rebelling -- why wouldn't he? While Draco had been raised (from what I'd imagine) in an all-pureblood home, Scorpius has been exposed to Muggles, Muggle-born, half-bloods, and whathaveyou by hanging out with the Potter/Weasley clan. Scorpius has made bonds of friendship in diversity, while Draco watched his family fight to the death over strong pureblood virtues. (I think I'm rambling, and I do believe that I've forgotten my point, so, I'll just move on...)

At any rate, I did NOT see that coming! When I first read this, it was during my little one's 3 am feeding, and I had to stay awake after I'd put her back to sleep in order to read the next chapter.

Mostly because I was devastated! I can't imagine leaving the house in a fight and coming home to find my loved ones dead. I was freaking out, like, WHAT HAPPENED? My 'something's up' sensors were going off, but then...


Author's Response: Hi there,

Gah! Thanks for leaving another review! I'm so giddy that you're into this story. And I feel like you really *get* my characters. It seems that you know why I wrote each of them the way they are and it just makes me all warm inside!

Ah... the 3 am feeding. Been. There. And I really, REALLY appreciate that you stayed up to keep reading :D

♥ Beth

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Review #12, by manno_malfoy 

6th September 2015:
Hiya, I'm still here for the BvB!

Okay, so Iím finally starting to put together the premise of this story. Both Rose and Scorpius have gone through gruesome emotional turmoil, and we get to see how they resolve it (already resolved in Scorpiusís case?).

The beginning of this chapter made me happy because I got to see whatís going through Scorpiusís head regarding Rose, even if it was just a tiny bit. I wonder why this Ravenclaw t-shirt is of any significance and why Al walking onto them while half-dressed felt familiar?

I had a great time to getting to know more about Scorpius and his family and what it was like for him growing up. Well, up until everything fell apart and his parents died. I really didnít see that coming.

I think you wrote that scene when he came back into the house wonderfully! It felt as though I was right there with him, trying to investigate and figure out what had happened, but at the same time, not really wanting to believe what his instincts were telling him. This was especially obvious when heíd found his mumís body. It was just so sad.

I also do like the shift in POV because it's much easier to get to know Scorpius this way. I suppose it wouldn't have as much of an impact if Rose was telling us about what she had witnessed him go through. And I like Scorpius too much anyway to mind talking a gander inside his head.

And I just noticed that all the chapter titles have a word that starts with the letter B. I think that's pretty cool Do you ever worry about running out of them?

Anyway, I really do like where this story is going so far and I do love how it's written!


Author's Response: Wow. Two reviews - thank you so much.

I tried to write the story with just one POV, but it really didn't work that way. I needed to have both sides of the story - because (as you said) both main characters are so damaged. Originally, the flashback was one big chapter, but it seemed too long to hold the reader's attention. The tee shirt is the one inconsistency (but it does come back later).

Aww, thanks - the scene where Scorpius finds his parents was really hard to write and I was never sure that I got it just right, so I really appreciate your comments.

The "B" words. Well, that just sorta happened - haha. I noticed the first few started with B and I decided to keep going. And YES. I worry all the time that I'm gonna run out. I will GLADLY take any suggestion - and I will credit whoever helps me (I even posted a request on the forums for help once - haha!).

Thanks again, Manno!

♥ Beth

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Review #13, by BookDinosaur 

17th July 2015:
hey again, beth! this is just proving to myself that i don't have to be remarkably late with everything. i said by the end of this week i'd be back, and i am! :D are you not proud of me right now? i'm so proud of myself to be honest :P

ANYWAY. i actually cannot shut up i am the worst i'm sorry REVIEW. YES OKAY

it was really interesting to see a bit of the story from the POV of Scorpius! i mean, i love how you've written him and i can harly believe that this is your first story. within the space of a couple of chapters, you've established Scorpius and Rose both as different narrators with their own voices and perspectives - everyone sees things differently because of their past experiences and perspective and you did an amazing job showing that through the differences in narration between Scorpius and Rose.

i really liked the flashback that you showed the audience, as well! it was an amazing way to contrast rose and scorpius as narrators - she doesn't think of the past AT ALL, and in an opposite fashion, he goes through flashbacks where he relives his past, you know? i don't know whether that was meant to stress the different between the two so intensely, but it was a really nice touch and it did an amazing job establishing that these two are very different narrators within such a short space.

but the actual flashback! i need to talk about this as well. i was wondering about draco's reluctance to let scorpius play something as simple as football - i mean, he's definitely smart enough not to be that obvious in his bigotry, to be honest - but now i'm sort of getting the feeling that draco was trying to protect scorpius?

it made me so sad when scorpius said obviously the rumors going around Hogwarts were true. i mean, it prolly shouldn't affect me that much but the thought that there are still pernicious rumours floating around hogwarts about scorpius' family despite the fact that he's presumably done nothing for years and has generally prolly made sure to be as unoffensive as possible bc he learnt his lesson - it makes me sad, but it's probably realistic. :(

and before we dive into the actual content of the flashbacks i just want to congratulate you on how smoothly integrated the flashbacks are within the chapter. it's so easy to make the flashbacks seem weird and awkwardly placed weithin the text but these seemed very naturally placed. it followed scorpius' train of thought and just generally made sense so kudos to you there

now, the actual content of the flashbacks - i feel like this was absolutely terribly timed for poor scorp. thankfully i haven't been in this situation but i imagine that an argument like that being the last way that you interacted with your parents; that would leave you with a massive case of guilt, eurgh. :/ poor scorpius, honestly. and why were his parents like that? honestly, that's such an awful way to find them and a terrible way for them to die, and even though it looks more like a cooking accident than anything else i'm suspecting foul play bc i am PARANOID and DO NOT TRUST ANYONE.

also, before i sign off, i have to talk about the section at the top as well - it's honestly so lovely to see that scorpius seems to like and feel for rose the same way she likes and feels for him, you know? as i said in a previous review, it sets up for a HEALTHY and BALANCED relationship and i am a BIG FAN OF THIS.

alright this rambled on for far too long, honestly, i'm running out of characters, but this chapter was a really interesting insight into Scorpius' mind and his past and I really loved reading about him!

♥ emily

Author's Response: Emily,

Oh - thanks so much for all of these reviews on this story - it's kinda my baby and I really love getting feedback on it. (haha - yes, I'm proud of you :) )

I'm really, really relieved that I've been able to create different voices for Rose and Scorpius. I was worried that they were both coming off in the same tone, despite my best efforts. I also tried very hard to write this story in another POV - either first person just Rose or third person and it just didn't fit - so this is how it ended up!

I never actually realized that Rose is very much in the "present" and Scorpius is hanging on to the past. That's what I love about reviews - other people notice things about my story that I didn't even realize I was doing - hee hee. But you're right - he's still devastated by the loss of his parents.

Draco and the football - yes, you're on to something there about his reasons for not wanting Scorpius to go.

Scorpius and the rumors - okay, so my head canon is that for the most part, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Draco didn't reveal a whole lot about the dirty nature of war to their kids. They'd naturally want to protect them, and while the next-gen would know that their parents fought in the war, but I really think they'd keep a lot of the nastiness away from their children. So, pretty much everything Scorpius learned about his father's role in the war is through the tales of his classmates.

Again, you are right to be very suspicious about this.

Yes! I'm also A BIG FAN of a healthy and balanced relationship. That was something that I was not willing to compromise on while writing this fic. As you'll see, I had to give Rose and Scorpius some time to sort out their own demons before sharing themselves with each other.

Thanks again, Emily!

♥ Beth

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Review #14, by Tonks1247 

13th June 2015:

So. I started reading this during the House Cup review challenge and then I couldn't sleep last night (I'm nocturnal, apparently) so I kept reading and I've read through quite a few chapters, and have a few notes on said chapters I've read, so I figured I'd go through, leave some reviews, read some more, leave more reviews...do all kinds of crazy things because I may really want to read more of this story...

So. That's the plan. I'm starting where I left. I'll try not be rambling in all my reviews, but I'm kind of loving what I'm seeing, so no gaurantees.

ANYWAYS. Onto bussiness.

What. Even. Is. This. I started reading this chapter and was like, okay, so he's standing up to his parents, he and his father don't get along, he wants to go play.I'm not sure why this is a big deal. And then BAM. Both of his parents dead. And he walks into this horrific scene AFTER HE WAS SO MAD AS HIS PARENTS AND HIS MUM AND JUST.

Seriously, some pretty awesome description here and just, Scorpius freezing and just taking it all in as he's going numb and not able to process...brilliantly written. This whole flashback makes so much sense for his character and it's just heartbreaking. It's not fair that Scorpius had to come home to that.

Initial shock out of the way, I now have TONS of questions. Why were his parents dead? It seems bizarre that both of them died in a cooking incident. Why was his father not in the study, as he normally was [this was mentioned? Or was this is the next half? Can't remember...]? This is just...totally bizarre. I don't understand.

Also, one nitpicky thing I noticed, which may just be the variation in writing styles, is the use of commas. There are some areas where I feel they are over used (the first paragraph had a few I thought may be unnecessary, along with a couple other areas) so it may be something to look at, or may be just fine.

Anyways, this chapter was quite interesting. Gave a lot to think about, ended in a place that pushed me onwards to the next chapter, and gave a good look at Scorpius and his life. Really heartbreaking, and really great!


Author's Response: You made notes on my chapters?! Wow. I think that's a first for me. Oh god, the pressure. Okay. I'm gonna do my best to respond here :)

Gah - so happy I did alright with Scorpius's reaction. I've never been super confident with that scene. Clearly, I don't have any personal experience to draw upon, never having come home to my parents being dead in the kitchen and all...

Ooo - you've got some good questions - and they will all be answered... but not right now (oh, I am kinda evil - hee hee).

Thanks for pointing out the commas. This story is lit-er-ally the very first thing I've written - unless you count school assignments. I'm *usually* a pretty good speller, but I've had some issues with tenses and I'll definitely go back and take a look at the commas.

And you definitely got the gist of this chapter - I wanted to give Scorpius's back story so that the reader had a bit of understanding about where he's coming from.


♥ Beth

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Review #15, by Infinityx 

12th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Slytherin

Beth! Omg I've read the chapters but not reviewed so I'm here now to review bomb. :D

So it's been a while since i read the first chapters of this story and this one hit me so powerfully. God, Beth, the angsty descriptions and the entire scene. Have I told you you're a brilliant writer?

I love how you've begun this about adult Scorpius and Rose and moved onto the flashback. There's a bit of discontinuity since you start off about the tshirt he'd given Rose but there's no mention of it later on in the chapter. Since I'm coming to this story after quite a long time, I can vaguely remember the things that happen but not the details of every chapter so when i read this it was like i was reading for the first time. but not. does that make sense? anyway, i was waiting for the shirt to make an appearance again and it wasn't there so there was that bit of disparity.

HOWEVER.The whole flashback was SO well written. I love how young Scorpius uses big words like ludicrous in daily talk. It just shows the way he's been brought up in a Pureblood household. And it's sad that they still don't let him do the things he wants to and I'm glad he stands up to them.

Mason IS annoying. Ugh so clingy. :P I really like the way you've started with a really angsty scene and then moved on to a lighter section with Mason and then back to the heavy, parents dead scene. WHAT'S WITH THAT ANYWAY. WHO KILLED THEM.


This was FANTASTIC, Beth, absolutely amazing. On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi there Erin!

Oh wow - thanks so much for this amazing review! I can't believe you put so much time and thought into a review for the House Cup Competition!!!

As I've said before, I didn't realize you were such a fan of my story and every time I look at your reviews, I'm blown away.

The Tee-Shirt! Okay, so originally, this chapter and the next one were one GIANT chapter that was almost 6,000 words. I kept it that way for quite a while, but did a whole reorganization of the story about six months after I first started posting. I split the chapter in two because it just felt too long. Since then, I've had some chapters that reached that length, but I kept this one split - I guess I didn't realize about the tee-shirt not being mentioned until the end of the next chapter. I hope that ties up your questions...

Gah - thanks for your comment about the flashback. I worked really hard on Scorpius's reaction to finding his parents - and I've never been entirely certain if I'd pulled it off.

Killed? What do you mean killed? It was a kitchen accident (insert evil laugh here).

Love ya!

♥ Beth

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Review #16, by TreacleTart 

27th May 2015:
Hi Beth!

I'm here for our review swap!

Poor Scorpius. I can't imagine what it must be like to come home and find a scene like this. Finding your parents killed in what appears to be an explosion. It's just awful.

I thought you did a great job of characterizing the different relationships between Scorpius and his father versus Scorpius and his mother. You can see that Draco is a stern man who's been affected by the things he's seen at war. I think the fact that he even allows Scorpius to hang out at the Potter household speaks to his growth. The relationship between Astoria and Scorpius on the other hand is more like a typical mother son bond. She seems to dote on him and protect him when Draco is feeling off.

I wonder if the argument between Scorpius and Draco was as it seemed. It seems odd to me that Draco would forbid Scorpius to play football with the neighborhood kids. Maybe there was some kind of threat to their family and Draco was actually trying to keep Scorpius safe. Maybe the accident wasn't really an accident, but a murder staged to look like a gas explosion. I'm really curious now. I might have to go and read the next chapter!

Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Hi Kaitlin!

Just trying to get through all these unanswered reviews. Thanks so much! Good catch about Draco. He's been ostracized by the wizarding world and his response was to basically hole up himself and his family.

The argument was real. Scorpius was just getting to the point where he was first starting to stand up to his father. But... I like your thoughts on the threat...


Thanks for the review!

♥ Beth

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Review #17, by cherry_pop94 

16th May 2015:
Oh my god. I'm just so shocked by what's happened here!! Are Scorpius's parents dead? Does this have anything to do with Rose's kidnapping?? He said that the anniversary was tomorrow and earlier you said that Hogwarts graduation just happened and Rose was kidnapped on graduation. Oh my god. I'm just so confused and intrigued.

Well, suffice to say you've definitely got my attention.


Author's Response: Hi there Stefi!

Hee hee - I'm glad I've got your attention :D I don't want to say too much - I think it's more fun if you find out on your own...

Oh! I hope you're not too confused. You will find out about Scorpius's parents soon. Rose was kidnapped at her Hogwarts graduation two years ago. And yes, it is the anniversary of his parents' death - that happened about 5 years ago.

Thanks so much for these reviews!

♥ Beth

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Review #18, by Flower n Prongs 

13th May 2015:
Hi Beth. I'm here for the BvB review battle.

I was excited to get to read Scorpius's POV for the first time, since he was only in the last chapter and he could be hard to read at times. I was not expecting this though. I was thinking "okay, we will move on from the party and maybe see what happens after that with hints about the past." Seeing this flashback was... wow.

It is clear that Scorpius's parents have something on their minds in this flashback, since his mother was acting out of the ordinary and his father seemed very concerned with keeping Scorpius with him. Like Scorpius, I wondered if it was just Draco's old feelings coming back into play. Astoria's reaction seemed a bit off and I wondered what was coming. I would never have guessed what actually happened though.

And how do I even formulate a 12+ response to the ending? Holy bleep is probably the best I can do haha. That all this happened while Scorpius was spending time with a Muggle kid he didn't even like to annoy his father was a brilliant choice that will certainly affect present-day Scorpius.

The comment about owling Mason was great, because his reaction really showed how slow he was (perhaps why he has a lack of friends). I loved the comment about Granddad Weasley still coming over, curious about Muggle artifacts. =) One question: who is cousin Wolfram? Or is that something that will be revealed later.

Again, that ending... wow. I see why people talk about this story a lot! =)

- Rhaenyra

Author's Response: Hi there Rhaenyra,

Oh - this review is so lovely - thank you so much. This chapter dives into a bit of Scorpius's past and explains a little of why he was so angry during the second chapter. Essentially, he's lost everything and feels pretty alone in this world.

Haha - the muggle kid was super fun to write. He is a bit daft and over zealous - that's why he doesn't have any friends.

Oh! It's not really cousin Wolfram - Wolfie is Wolfram Longbottom, Neville and Hannah's son. He is interested in Rose's cousin Molly. Although Rose and Albus grew up with Wolfram, he sometimes feels like a cousin!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #19, by Claire Evergreen 

9th May 2015:
Hey Beth! Here for the swap!

Ah, I'm so excited that we get a peek into Scorpius's mind (which, you know, I should have guessed by the chapter titles, but we'll ignore that haha). It's going to be so cool seeing multiple sides of the story as it progresses.

Alright, so I'm going to hold off on assuming some of the things that I said in my last review because we definitely get a different idea of Scorpius here. Even in the flashback, there's still that little but if a temper that gives me a weird feeling about what happened between him and Rose, but he seems much more vulnerable here. I have no idea if I'm correct or not, but I'm 99% sure that Scorpius is not exactly the good guy in this, but it was really nice to look into his mind.

Oh my goodness! That whole thing with his parents was absolutely awful! Now I want to know why that happened and why it seemed like his mother knew about it beforehand.

I can see why everyone loves this story so much! I'm hooked! Thanks for agreeing to do the swap with me!


Author's Response: Hi again!

Ah! You got to the next chapter where some of Scorpius's past is revealed. I actually tried to write the story from only one person's POV, but it just didn't work.

Hmmm... I can see why you might think that about Scorpius, but I think if you read on, you'll see that he's pretty much so deeply in love with Rose, it's all he thinks about.

Gah - you pick up on ALL THE DETAILS - I'm not gonna say too much about what Astoria did or didn't know.

Thanks for doing a swap! We'll have to do one again some time!

♥ Beth

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Review #20, by TearsIMustConceal 

9th May 2015:
Oh Beth, what are you doing to me? I was not emotionally ready for this chapter!!

It all seemed to innocent to start and then you did THAT to me!

But anyway, onto the chapterÖ.

Awww, look at Scorpius with his very cute and obvious crush on Rose. Of course, she seems completely oblivious of his feelings, which is far enough seeing as she has plenty going on in her life. But she has feeling of her own Ė is it wrong to want them together already? I want ScoRose now!!!

His memories of that t-shirt he gave her Ė itís nice to see that itís him that holds onto the memories of it rather than Rose, but then again, she might not remember it that much after everything she has gone through. But the fact she doesnít particularly recognise it Ė even if Scorpius doesnít know that, I still want to hug him and tell him she will eventually!

THAT FLASHBACK! Oh the feels but letís start from the beginningÖ

I always imagined that Astoria would be the reasonable parent, the peace keeper between Draco and Scorpius with soft words and Draco as the more stern, stubborn parent who is stuck in his ways. I feel as though Draco is the colder of the two but thatís how I imagine him and itís not surprising seeing as his father was the same way. I also like how you havenít completely changed Dracoís character Ė as much Harry may have saved his life in the room of requirement and won the war, freeing him and his mother from the clutches of Voldemort, I still donít see them as ever being friends, merely acquaintances Ė itís really realistic!

Scorpius walking out on his parents Ė I want to yell at him to go back and say goodbye and that he loves them Ė Beth, youíve killed my emotions. Plus, was Astoria about to say it wasnít safe? Was that a general warning or was she seriously afraid something was going to happen? I need to know!

Befriending the muggle boy, Mason Ė you can just feel that Scorpius is only there, tolerating the annoying boy just to spite his father Ė that must haunt him all the time.

And then the scene that caused serious heartbreak! You did it so well Ė it was beautifully written and I could feel every emotion Scorpius was feeling and I could picture every moment vividly! His inability to move and comprehend whatís happened to his family in that moment, not being able to accept that his mother was lying dead on the floor and not being able to step foot in the room Ė his denial is so realistic and honest.

Beth, how could you do this? To me, to everyone? I am now knee deep in emotion and feels. Iím scared now this is only going to get worse and youíre going to continue to break my heart, bit my bit until there is nothing left!

But ignoring my emotional state, this chapter was absolutely amazing and youíre writing never fails to draw me in. You really are a fantastic writer Beth!


Author's Response: Vicki!

I don't know what to do with these amazing reviews! Thank you so much!

Haha - you're right about Rose. She's only oblivious because she's got her own issues going on right now. And YES. I want ScoRose now too...

My version of events is that Draco married Astoria, but couldn't ever get over the loss of status and his own demons from the war. He became more and more of a recluse and Astoria, being the ever-proper lady that she was, stayed by his side and found her joy in caring for her son.

And yeah, Scorpius is just being a bratty fifteen year old, here. He doesn't realize it will be the last time he sees his parents.

Hee hee - I'm sorry about the emotions - okay, maybe I'm not that sorry - I kinda *meant* to get my readers to feel all the emotions.


♥ Beth

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Review #21, by merlins beard 

6th May 2015:
Hi Beth!

Oh my, this is terrible. Poor Scorpius. He must be feeling so sad that the last thing he said to his parents was just before storming out after a fight. I'm glad he wasn't at home, though, because that would have neen dangerous.

He's been through a lot, too. Knowing this, I think he really would be perfect for Rose to talk to because he could understand what trauma is about.

I'll cut my rumbling off here because I'm in a hurry to get to the next chapter.

Oh, one more thing: I love that you put so much detail into the story, the descriptions are really good.


Author's Response: Ooo! Thanks for noticing the details. I go through multiple edits before I submit the chapter, and I really do check out the little things - how does it look, smell, feel to the characters.

I know, Scorpius does carry a bit of guilt for that - but he was fifteen and angry, so it is understandable.


♥ Beth

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Review #22, by oldershouldknowbetter 

13th February 2015:
This is where we realise that you aren't going to spare either of your major protagonists.

Hi there, here for a bit of BvB action.

I have meant to come back and review this series since you changed and edited it. I first started to review your story when I had the idea to review every chapter of every story as I read it. Since I read a lot on my phone, it meant answering on my phone too - hence their brevity. I cannot look back on those tiny reviews without a massive sense of shame. This is why I didn't come back to reviewing your story, I wanted to give you the sort of detailed review that your story deserves.

So, on with it.

Poor Scorpius, he obviously has it so bad for Rose and she is so obviously oblivious. I bet everyone else knows. I don't exactly blame her, her head is full of whatever it takes to just get her through the day - and to keep it full enough so that there is no room for old hurts to gain access.

The shirt he gave her, we knew, meant little to her than it was just some old Ravenclaw T-shirt. It does mean more than that to Scorpius though and triggers some old memories that he has tried to suppress.

I like your basic set up of his parents: his mother, kind and caring (exactly like I imagine her to be) who will allow Scorpius much but must stand beside her husband when push comes to shove; his father is not bad as such, but is cold, distant and cannot express his feelings properly (again, just how I imagine him).

He angrily leaves his father and mother; fifteen and hormones and angst.

Was his mother about to say it wasnít safe?! With the little I know of the past events that I have read in chapters to come, this would be interesting indeed if information had come to Draco that foul deeds were afoot. Or, maybe I am making something that isn't there out of a mother's general warning to her only son.

And this must be one of the things that haunts Scorpius the most, in the end his defiance against his father's wishes was done for naught beyond the casual defiance itself. He didnít really like the neighbourhood boy, Albus is his true friend. He befriended the muggle mostly for the annoyance factor that it would cause to his father.

The horror of the scene that he faces when he finally arrives home is conveyed well. That it occurred this room, the kitchen, that was 'home' to him moerso than anything else, makes it even more poignant. I cannot, need not, say anything further about the rest as the words speak for themselves. His confusion, his stunned incomprehension is superbly, wonderfuly portrayed.

The next chapter must speak to the aftermath and how deeply such a tragedy has affected him.

I would say wonderful, beautiful work, but it isn't - it's so harrowing and sad and the skill with which you write only serves to leave a deeper impression upon your readers.


Author's Response: Hiya Andrew!

Wow. You really know how to make me blush! You are too kind, but I'm so glad you're here to review the story and I love learning your thoughts as it develops.

Nope. I really didn't spare anyone in this fic. All the major characters are pretty much in for it - mwah mwah mwah (uh... that's my evil laugh).

Obviously oblivious - I love it! Yup, that is the perfect way to describe Scorp right now. EVERYONE else knows those two are into each other - except Rose and Scorpius - sheesh!

More on this shirt in the next chappie :)

Some readers have not been too happy that I killed of Draco and (especially) Astoria, but there is a way that she can live on in her son - you'll see that down the line.

Hmmm - what *was* she about to say? I'll never tell ;)

You're right about the next chapter. It's a little emotional - I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Gah - thanks so much - this review really made my day and I apologize for taking so long to respond, but I wanted to give it its due.

♥ Beth

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Review #23, by toomanycurls 

9th February 2015:
Beth -

this chapter = amazeballs. I was leaning over, on the edge of my seat, trying to jump into the words. how do you do it!??!

Right-O: I could tell last chapter that Scorpius was quite tender and caring towards Rose. Now I know for sure that there's so much there between them (that at least one of them feels). When he had his flashback I never expected it to go like it did. I was thinking there would be a break up and we'd learn why he had her shirt but no - it was so much more than that.

I love the idea of Scorpius escaping to the Potter's for a bit of normality. Draco seems quite upset by that but I didn't catch if Harry was as well. I really like how you've written about Draco - it's quite believable. I'm glad that Scorpius is (rather was *glare*) closer to Astoria. I'm so sad that Scorpius left his father with such an ugly argument between them. Not that it happened but that it was their last interaction.

The idea that Scorpius is befriending the annoying Mason just to spite his father cracked me up. I am surprised that Scorpius didn't do more slip ups playing soccer with Mason. I suppose Mason being dull helped a bit with any that happeend.

Never in a hundred years did I expect Scorpius to walk ino that. Him not being able to refer to Astoria's body as being her really struck me. It's a very powerful feeling to see one's parent dead and not wanting to associate that form with their living self.

I've always thought you were more of a nice, kind author because I've been so involved with Hurricane Luna and your one-shots but this chapter alerted me to the fact that you're just as mean as the rest of us on here. :P I'm so scared you're going to rip my heart out in this story. o.O

-rose (bvb)

Author's Response: Rose!

This review is amazeballs! Scorpius had a pretty sad back story here - and now we can see why he's been so troubled. It's not just that he harbors feelings for Rose, he needs her just as much as she needs him.

He's carried the guilt from how he stormed out of his parents' house forever.

Haha - I guess I'm not so nice? That comment made me laugh out loud. I just *might* have some more mean things planned for this story...

Thanks so much for this super, fantastic, awesome review!

♥ Beth

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Review #24, by marauderfan 

11th January 2015:
Wow, this was such an intense chapter!

I had a suspicion in one of the earlier chapters that something had happened to Scorpius, but I wasn't expecting anything quite this bad. I feel like this must be part of the reason why Scorpius and Rose can relate to each other so much, having both gone through a really horrible ordeal. As much as Scorpius is a comfort to Rose after all she's been through, the fact that he's been holding on to her shirt for this long implies a lot about how she helps him cope as well.

I have a feeling Astoria was about to say "It's not safe", which makes me think she knew something, possibly was expecting to be attacked? Or was expecting someone to attack Scorpius and when that person couldn't find him they went after Draco and Astoria instead? Either way, omg. intense. and so sad.

It makes me especially sad because the last interaction he had with them was a fight, and trying specifically to irritate them. :(

The way you wrote Scorpius' discovery of their deaths was just so chilling. The way you wrote it is phenomenal too - it's just a lot of details that he sees, smells, hears, but it takes him a while to really process the scene and realise that his parents are dead - it's just too much of a shock for him to comprehend all at once. It gave me chills. Gah, this section is just so sad. I particularly liked this line My head hit the mantle hard and I turned around in surprise that there were actually solid objects still existing in the universe. -- as it shows how disconnected Scorpius feels, like what he's seeing can't possibly be real, and then hitting the fireplace reminds him where he is, kind of brings him back to earth.

This was so sad. But a really powerfully written chapter -great writing.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Yeah, this chapter is a heavy one. And you're spot on with the characterization of Rose and Scorpius's relationship. *They* just don't realize it yet...

Good thinking about Astoria - I don't want to give away too much, but you're on the right track. Scorp is going to carry the guilt of his teenage tantrum for a long, long while.

Thanks! I've had a few moments in my life where you're so completely wrapped in your own head that you forget that there is even air to breathe, so I'm glad that came off as realistic!

Thanks again for the swap!

♥ Beth

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Review #25, by ravenclaw_princess 

23rd December 2014:
*sob* I'm not sure it this was the best thing to read first thing on Christmas Eve morning :(

Once again, a very powerful chapter. It made me so sad for Scoprius. Its obvious that Rose has had something horrible happen to her in her life, but I wasn't expecting Scorpius to have such a sad back story as well.

He seems more in control than Rose, but more may come out in the next chapter. You can tell he is still hurting deep inside, but he seems to want to bury his pain away, rather than face it. As well as showing the terrible events of his past, it also gave an insight into Draco's relationship with his parents. I liked how close he seemed with his Mom, and while Draco was a bit stricter, he did allow him to go to the Potter's place so there was a heart in their somewhere.

I suspect foul play was involved, from when his mother said 'it's not sa...' Could this be safe maybe. I think they they new something, which casts even greater mystery into the events. Scopius' reaction to the scene and how his body reacted was so powerfully written and I was completely transported into his numb body and shocked mind.

Scopius was very sweet at the beginning when he was thinking back to Rose's touch and having her in his room. I wonder how long he's been pining for her. And he kept her t-short. So cute.

Thinking back to the start of the chapter has made me feel happier again :)

Beautiful chapter. I'm loving this story.


Author's Response: Hi Jacqui!

Oops! Sorry you had to read this on Christmas Even morning :( This one is a rough one. The next one is the rest of Scorpius's flashback, but it is a little lighter than this one.

Eep! You found my clues! Again!

Thanks again - I absolutely love your reviews.

♥ Beth

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