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Review #1, by Historyrepeats 

15th June 2016:
I have an eighth month old and this paragraph sums up the first year perfectly.
"An infant's cry made them both sit up, and Lucy's husband waved to her from the back door, their five month old daughter in his arms and a helpless expression on his face.

Oh dear, said Lucy as she rolled over and got to her feet.

He looks a bit scared to be alone with her. I can't blame him, Molly added. I would be too. She might turn out like Rose.

Oh, stop. He's not scared. He just jumps to attention at her first cry. She's already got him wrapped around her tiny little fingers. Lucy led the way down the hill."
Thank you for including breastfeeding as the more people see as the norm in media and everyday life the less women who are breastfeeding get called out and the more people ar elikely to try it.

Author's Response: I'm pretty pro-breastfeeding, and it seemed natural for Lucy's character. :)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by bittersweetflames 

20th June 2015:
Yays, next chapter! I am NOT sorry. This story is just giving me a lot of opportunities to smile. I mean, I am already planning on rereading it and I haven't even finished it. So, ok. Meghan McCormack. I've read her in the first two chapters, of course, but I want to take this opportunity to talk about her. She really strikes me as a smart and shrewd woman who knows her business. She is not without her kindness though and that is why, even just as a supporting character, you have really managed to make her completely 3-dimensional. Thought I should mention that (and add in a thank you. Because, really, thank you.)
HAHAHA. OMG. And OF COURSE, a Weasley is the Healer. And Hugo! GOD, I love your Hugo. And, of course, Fitz is right.. There must be HUNDREDS of Weasleys. At least, in their small insular world it must certainly seem so. The way you talk about his injuries, I just feel so much more for him - he seems to be in so much pain and that must have been the most awful thing to have happened to him. I cannot imagine just losing something you're so passionate about in one fell swoop and having to live with a constant daily painful reminder of it.
I think their confrontation on the pitch is just perfect. Molly, while seemingly the type to do things with the fullest extent of her abilities would have an introspective side as well.
OK, awww.. I loved the family dinner. You really managed to capture a lovely family scene that was not without its little flaws but it was so homely and warm. I love the thing about Lucy and Hilarion (note to self: read story about Lucy and Hilarion) and when she came to the conclusion that the only way to get the team up to snuff was to basically do things without letting him know. If I'd been Fitz I'd be royally annoyed but as a woman rooting for Molly? You go, girl!

(And I'm sure he's still plenty attracted to her, anyways.)

House Cup 2015 Amazing Race Part 2, Ravenclaw

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Review #3, by slytherinchica08 

17th May 2015:
Another fantastic chapter. Your description is really beautiful and you do an absolutely great job of switching between point of views, it's really seamless. The characterizations are also really well done and I've enjoyed each new person youve introduced us to. I think Hugo is great and love that he wants to research more about fitz and the spell damage, it gives me hope for him that maybe he will be able to fly again like he used to. I also loved the sister interactions between Molly and Lucy. It was really sweet and was something that I could see two sisters who know and love each other very much doing. I also loved that molly admitted her attraction of fitz to her sister. This was a great chapter and I can't wait to read the next.


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Review #4, by PetrificusTotalus 

19th October 2014:
Only time for a quick review before I read the next chapter! Loving this so far, excited to read on! :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I hope you enjoy the story. :)

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Review #5, by UnluckyStar57 

1st August 2014:
"She might turn out like Rose."~Best line ever! Knowing Rose from the Midnight-verse, it made me giggle. :)

The time on the pitch made me realize another thing I really love about this story--the point of view. It drifts casually from one person's mind to the next, adding more characterization and tidbits of information along the way. And it's so natural and seamless. You must be magical to write something as awesomely as you wrote this story. (Or maybe you're just really fantastic at writing. Or both!)

And Lucy comes back! She and Hilarion are a cute couple. They're quite different from what one would expect--I mean, he's a super-handsome, famous person, and she's a woman who's probably really pretty in a shy kind of way. And it's definitely lurve. :D

Percy... What a goof. He's still pompous and quite overbearing, but it's sweet and fatherly now that he's a grandfather. He is incredibly pushy, but that's one of his most defining qualities. He wouldn't be Percy without it.

Also, I love the bromance that the Beaters have going on. They're silly. :)


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Review #6, by patronus_charm 

1st August 2014:

Wooh Hugo appeared! Hes always been one of my favourite next gen people so I really loved seeing him here. You wrote him as a healer really well and he seemed to be so smooth and professional, it was really cool and I loved him and yeah, he was cool. I wonder what happened to Fitzs shoulder though and this curse which hit him, maybe this was his ex-wife?

Bahaha Fitzs thoughts really made me crack especially the section with the b words as it really showed what a dried sense of humour he had. I especially love how he keeps on noticing all these things about Molly when she seems kinda nonplussed about him and never really pays him that much attention, though I guess I should feel a little sorry about him too.

Ooh so she does like Fitz sort of? Hmm, Im still not sure if this ship has sailed for me or not, but I will remain on the fence for now. I did love how he had to be brought up at the family dinner and Percy was being awkward and embarrassing about showing him the Weasley way as it was just like, please stop, your embarrassing yourself. I really loved seeing Lucy though and she cracked me up so I hope she appears more throughout this story.

Great chapter :D


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Review #7, by AlexFan 

26th July 2014:
Percy has certainly changed from the person that he used to be when he was younger. I don't think I've ever seen him this affectionate with anyone before ever. The idea of him doting on anything is really weird to me but I guess children change a person. I love seeing the softer side of him around his daughters and how much of an interest he takes in their life. It's so sweet how much he cares and loves his granddaughter and wants to hold her and play with her.

I hope Audrey doesn't take to nagging Molly about the fact that she's not married even though she's close to thirty. It's not like there's anything wrong with it and I'm pretty sure Molly would rather get married to someone that she really loved instead of getting married to someone just because. I can see Molly getting married but then on the other hand, I kind of can't.

I love how Molly didn't beat around the bush with the whole attraction thing. I'm so used to seeing characters denying their feelings and calling themselves crazy for who they're attracted to but I like how Molly just admits it to herself and moves on. "I like the man but he's useless at what he does." I wouldn't expect any other reaction from her.

I knew that the Healer was a Weasley (red hair has now come to be Weasley to me) and I started guessing which one it was (I was wrong).

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Review #8, by nott theodore 

9th July 2014:
Hello again!

I think it's great to see how well you're developing all the main characters in this story and not just focusing on one. I've been told before how good your writing is and now I'm enjoying reading it for myself! I liked the fact that we got to see more of Fitz at the beginning of this chapter, although I felt sorry for him when his shoulder was paining him so much. Then we got to see Hugo, too! I've never seen him as a Healer before so it's interesting to see him in that job. This mention of a curse, though - I'd just assumed that Fitz had been injured in a Quidditch accident, but it seems like there was something more malicious to it... I wonder what it could be?

I love getting to see more of Molly, too. The fact that she's inherited some of Percy's personality with all the bossiness and determination makes her more recognisable as his daughter, but I liked the fact she's so nice and caring, too. And the introduction to the rest of her family was great, especially seeing the scene with the two sisters and their closeness here.

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #9, by PolyJuice_ 

29th June 2014:

I like the commentary Fitz has on McMormack's abilities. :p

OOOH, treated by Molly's cousin, eh? Hugo seems very much like Molly, actually. But OF COURSE Molly is there at the pitch. Of course she would be, what did you expect, Fitz? I very much think he should go with his gut and hiss her senseless, thank you very much. ESPECIALLY AS SHE CONFESSED SHE FANCIES HIM MAYBE POSSIBLE PROBABLY. OH MY LORDY.

Yikes, poor Pride. Fitz has gotta suck up his pride, eh? *sighs* oh well. Eventually, I suppose? :P

Faab chapter, I'm really enjoying this, aah ;w;


Author's Response: WOOHOO I'M SO HAPPY! Seriously I've been wanting this story to hit 100 reviews for a while now, thank you so much for coming by and helping out with that. It means a lot to me, and I'm really glad you like the story.

Hugo is among the more sensible Weasleys. Fitz has terrible luck, so whenever he's trying to dodge something it winds up happening to him right away. Maybe I'm mean to him with that lol

He needs to get his act together, doesn't he? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by LightLeviosa5443 

16th April 2014:
Hi again! (I think I need a new greeting)

I love Fitz. I love the way he thinks, I love the way you've written him. I just love him. McCormack is really growing on me and I'm enjoying the way you've got her sweet talking to all of the owners. It's really great, and I love seeing a side to Fitz duties as coach other than, well, coaching! Hahahaha, some cool body mod. I love that he was just kind of like Nope, not going back to you. I wouldn't go back to that guy either.

Hugo! We're getting all of the mini-Weasley's, or well, less-used Weasley's and I love love love it. You go! :) Awe, is Hugo a new healer, or has he just never really worked with quidditch? Whatever, I don't care, I love his appearance in this. I love that Fitz CAN ask for help. I love that he doesn't like doing it, but he does. It's a practicality a lot of people don't have and I'm excited to see that you've given that to him. It's wonderful to read.

Haha, they use similar faces. That's wonderful. I love the way Fitz gets mad, and Hugo just brushes it off. I can only imagine how he'd have to be so calm and patient growing up with Ron, Hermione and Rose, not to mention the rest of the wotter clan! Awe, Fitz has a consience too. This is getting better and better by the second!!

Euw. Dirty socks. Nobody likes those. Why do I have a feeling he should've read those side effects? Maybe its just my nervous side. I read every side effect at least 50 times. I love the way you've described this whole scene and really highlighted what it takes to be a Chaser and Molly's natural talent on a broom and what not. Awe he's jealous. Oh no, now he's being mean. That's a pity.

Awe. I love that Molly can understand what was wrong with him, and that she hid in the corner to watch. She's the right mix of know-it-all, bossy, pushy, and gentle. I absolutely adore her and the way you've written her. I can't wait to see what you do with the two of them, especially now that Molly knows Fitz can fly, and understands why he doesnt do it in front of people.

Yay! Introduction to Molly's family. Oh I'm so excited. I love the way you describe everything. Your description skills are so amazing and wonderful, really they make this story so easy and enjoyable to read. I can SEE it all in my head, and I love that. This is so great, I love the way that Molly lays next to Lucy, and then Lucy just says You first. They don't look at each other, they don't say hi. They just do that thing that siblings to. HAHAHA. I'm going to turn into Victoire, don't tell Victoire. That was priceless.

I love that scene, it's so wonderfully sisterly, and I love the entire familial relationship established through the dialogue and thoughts in it. It's really lovely and wonderful. I kind of love Hilarion. I want to go read your other stories to read more on these two. Once I catch up on this one though, I don't think I could STOP reading this one until I was at the absolute end of what you have so far. It's so captivating!

Haha, Molly clearly needed a little vent sesh with someone who knew quidditch. I love that Hilarion is totally useless here. It's so funny. MOLLY IS SUCH A GOOD PERSON I CAN'T HANDLE IT. She is so good, and pure, and honest, and sweet. She has such amazing intentions. I love this so much. I love that banter. Percy egging her on, saying to use her leadership and organization skills. Lucy is joshing her about being married, and then their Mum being uspet that she's not married. Priceless.

I love Molly. I don't care how often I say it, I love love love her. This chapter was so amazing. I feel like they're all getting better and better and better. It's so enjoyable and fun to read. I'm laughing and reacting and just having such an amazing time reading this story. I feel like I'm really connecting and enjoying what you've put into it and I love that. I think we don't get that a lot in fanficiton. Wonderful job, this is probably one of my new favourite stories on the Archives. ♥

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: McCormack is a hoot. She's a canon character (from the Famous Wizard cards) and seemed perfect to add in here as team manager. She used to play Keeper for the Prides, and her mother played for them as well, so she's very emotionally invested in the team. Her brother is one of the Weird Sisters, incidentally.

Poor Fitz, his shoulder is really awful. It's hard on him living with it. It's forced him to learn to ask for help, something he never really did before. And yes, Hugo! He was a trainee Healer in my first two Rose stories, but he's now fully qualified and went into sports medicine. He's new to working for the League, but not new to Healing.

She is a bossy know-it-all, isn't she? I think that's Percy's genes there haha. She always thinks she knows what's best. And because she's a Weasley and they're so often sneaky, she hides and watches to see what he was up to.

I really enjoy writing the Weasleys en famille. Putting them around a dinner table is a great joy to me. Molly and Lucy lying on the hill behind their house was a thing I used in Lucy's story, so it was nice to sort of have that in reserve for Molly. Victoire is a chubby lady at this point, but hey she has had four kids. Poor Lucy, she's got the short-and-round gene from Molly Prewett and her sister got the tall-and-thin from their granddad.

Percy loves to push Molly, she's definitely the apple of his eye. Not that he doesn't love his other daughter just as much, just that Molly is the one who's like him, so he wants her to do all the things he never could while keeping all the personality traits he likes about himself.

I'm glad you like Molly. :D I'm pretty fond of her, so I'm always happy when someone else likes my version as well. Yay thank you so much for the wonderful review! I really love reading your reviews.

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Review #11, by Haronione 

16th January 2014:
Hello again, momotwins, it's you (not so) Secret Santa finally back with another review :) I apologise I did not get all the reviews to you sooner, but life became a bit manic! I will get all the reviews you were promised done and I plan to follow this story as more is posted :D

Anyway, on with the review! As always, this was brilliantly written and a thoroughly good read :) Ha, I loved that his Healer was Hugo Weasley! And the line 'Good God. Every time he turned around, there was a Weasley. There must be hundreds of them.' cracked me up! His thoughts about there being hundreds of them probably wasn't too far off the truth :P heehee. I can understand why he would be dubious about letting Molly's cousin treat him, even if, as a Healer, Hugo would be bound to confidentially, I would probably be the same. I am interested to see where Hugo's research into Fitz's injury leads! Fitz really is touchy about his injury isn't he (which is understandable considering it is a life changing one), does he learn to deal with this eventually?

Ah, I knew as soon as Fitz was heading to the pitch with his broom that Molly would be there - well, I actually thought she would turn up while he was flying, which wasn't far off the mark as she did spy on him flying! His reaction to her being there was great and I loved that when he was so angry he was cursing his shoulder, the team, his ex-wife and then eventually Molly, with the added detail of her tight trousers :) it was a great touch! Already I want them to just recognise and admit that they like each other! As I said in the last review, they need to see each other away from work and quidditch and just learn to accept that mutual attraction :D

I really loved the scene between Molly and Lucy, it was really lovely, they were just so relaxed and comfortable together. And I loved that Molly admitted to Lucy that she was attracted to Fitz, that's a step forward ;) and also that she defended him when Lucy infers that he is stupid :)

Actually I loved the whole scene at Percy's house. I really liked your portrayal of Percy. He was still the slightly pompous character we saw in the books but he was also loving and caring and family orientated. I don't usually have much time for Percy as he is often portrayed much as he is in the books when he is younger, but I actually like your Percy :)

I look forward to seeing whether Molly does start ignoring Fitz's drills and just doing her own and seeing how Fitz reacts to that! I think that will be rather interesting :)

Great chapter! See you at the next one!

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: Hi there! That's totally okay, because it turned out to take me months to respond to them (I'm sorry!).

Hugo finished his Healer licensure! He was a trainee Healer in the Rose stories, so now he's fully qualified and working in sports medicine ;) When he was a training, he was studying spell damage and injuries, which is pretty good crossover for Quidditch, I thought. There are a lot of Weasleys around, aren't there? ;) Fitz is very touchy about it. We'll see where that goes - I hate to give away plot points.

Poor Fitz, he's got a lot of bottled-up rage over his injury and very few opportunities to vent it. He needs a friend. I enjoyed writing his cursing everyone and everything under the sun there, especially Molly's tight trousers, so I'm glad you liked that ;)

I like writing the sister scenes. I've got more Lucy/Hilarion appearances planned. Percy I think will always be pompous, but as an adult I think he's a well-meaning guy. His heart is in the right place - I think he learned his lesson in the war days. And he does love his family. Molly is sort of the apple of his eye.

Thanks so much for reviewing! It really means a lot to me :)

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Review #12, by CambAngst 

25th December 2013:
Hello, again!

He might make her skin tingle when he touched her, but he was pricklier than a knarl and she did not have time right now for a high-maintenance man. -- Sorry to start off with the very last line of the chapter, but I absolutely loved it. There's something about taking a well-worn, gender-based stereotype and turning it on its ear that always makes for a snappy one-liner. Excellent ending.

Back to the beginning, I enjoyed seeing some of what Fitz is dealing with in his life. Living with chronic pain can do horrible things to a person's mindset, even without any other problems weighing them down. The physical descriptions of his injuries helped to give things even more gravity. Sounds like it was a pretty gruesome injury. Then you layer on the bitterness of having a job where he was to spend so much time around people doing something that he used to love and isn't able to do any more. It's not a recipe for a happy, well-adjusted person. The confrontation with Molly on the pitch said a lot. He finds one of his star players getting in extra practice on her own time. He should be thrilled. Instead, he can't keep himself from being rude to her. I hope for his sake that something comes of Hugo's desire to help him. Otherwise, he's on a very self-destructive course.

For her part, I liked that Molly seemed more intrigued than offended by his boorish behavior. She's a sharp cookie, always analyzing other people's behavior and trying to figure out what's going on underneath their facades. She nails it with Fitz. He's such a basket case at this point. Back to my original praise for your closing line. High maintenance.

I love what you've done with Molly's family. I always have a strange fascination with how authors write Audrey when she appears in a story, because I find that it tells you everything you need to know about how the author thinks of Percy. You went with the warm, loving, slightly put-upon wife and mother. That always suggests to me that you envision Percy as lovable and well-meaning but slightly goofy. A more high-strung and ambitious version of his father. The alternative is the more aloof, social-climbing office politician Percy, which usually translates into Audrey being cool and a bit snotty. I like your version better, for what it's worth. Lucy seems pretty down-to-earth, as well. And her husband seems like a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. Overall, a very likable bunch.

I'm glad that Molly has arrived at a more proactive stance with regard to her team. Something is going to have to shake Fitz out of this torpor that he's mired in, and Molly seems like the woman for the job. Doesn't hurt that the two of them are hot for one another.

I can't believe I'm getting to say this, but I actually found a typo:

She had them all snowed into believing a winning season was imminent when it was far from a certainty that they'd win even won game. -- "... win one game." I feel like I just landed a picture of a Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster. Typos in WTM's stories were rumored to exist, but reputable experts were skeptical...

Great job. You have a very enjoyable cast of characters here and I'm excited to see where you take them next.

Author's Response: Flipping gender stereotypes is fun, isn't it? Molly has no patience for high-maintenance people. Drama she can put up with, cause everyone she's related to is ridiculous in some way. ha.

Chronic pain really is a horrible thing to live with - Fitz not only has the pain weighing him down, but it serves as a constant reminder of what he lost. The scars are a bit gruesome - he got hit pretty bad. Recipe for being badly-adjusted for sure!

Molly's very smart - like her dad. Lots of book smarts, but more people smarts than Percy had. She does like analyze other people quite often. "Basket case" made me laugh - he kind of is!

I like your thinking about Audrey. I've noticed that sort of polarity in how she's portrayed - either she's a snotty social-climber or she's sort of put-upon and kind. I like the put-upon nice lady version better, and probably that is because I think Percy saw the error of his ways in the end. And Lucy and her hubby are pretty down-to-earth, yeah. Hilarion, for all he's famous and gorgeous, is not the sharpest crayon in the shed, but he loves his wife. Molly likes him well enough as a brother. ;)

A typo! I do make them. I usually catch 99% of them in edits and re-reads, but sometimes I miss them. Ah well. Thanks for letting me know! I fixed it.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #13, by MissesWeasley123 

29th October 2013:
Lucy Weasley is so awesome. So awesome. I loved everything about her, she was so funny.

How are all your characters funny?! It's crazy! Even Audrey! Now I really want to meet Victoire, she's so different from everything I'd imagined. Clearly she's not one of the skinnier cousins at this point, and the whole idea of after-baby-fat was hilarious.

Hugo was really done well. I liked him. He was really cool and smart and just all around a nice guy. I was feeling bad for him when Fitz kept on snapping at him, but he seems to have his own reasons on that.

McCormack's bit at the beginning of the chapter was golden too, but I loved Percy in this.

He was so aggravating, it was kind of funny. His pompous-ness filled the air and it's like, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" ;)

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Ah if you're wondering about Victoire, you haven't read the Midnight Run stories. Rose likes to hang out with Victoire, so she features in all three of those novels and then in "Next Midnight" and briefly in "Sparks". She is not skinny for sure, and wasn't really even before popping out a couple of kids with Teddy. She's round, short, and red-haired and looks like their grandmother Molly.

I love writing the funny. I wind up making everyone funny even when I don't set out to. lol. I'm glad you liked Hugo! He's one of the saner Weasleys - his sister is very crazy so Hugo is sort of the good child now. Though he does have a habit of not sticking with any one girlfriend for long.

Percy's always Percy. He can't help himself. It's interesting to write him from the perspective of one of his kids, because they don't have that lens of Percy's buttheadedness during the war to see him through. To them, he's just their slightly dorky dad who wants them both to be prefects and successful, a bit pompous but is a pushover really.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Hope's Mom 

19th October 2013:
I think Molly is right. She should just start doing her own thing. She has nothing to lose especially since Fitz is such a surly, tempermental mess. His injury seems pretty awful with its residual, chronic effects. Hugo seems to have done a good job treating him - too bad Fitz was so resistant to Hugo looking further into the injury and treatment options. It's understandable that Fitz wouldn't want to get his hope up after all this time, however. I love Molly's comment about recognizing a Weasley at 50 paces! Thank you for the new chapter!

Author's Response: Fitz is a bit of a mess. He needs someone to give him a swift kick in the butt. His injury is awful, true, but he still needs to pull it together. Ah character arcs ;) It will come. You can definitely spot a Weasley at 50 paces! lol. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #15, by propensity_to_roam 

18th October 2013:
I have been following your stories since you first posted the Unsinkable Molly Prewett, but, not being a writer or a member of the site I have never actually posted a comment about any of them. Truthfully, I didn't think I could really contribute anything other then awe and respect at your writing style. It was obvious to me that you didn't actually need my awe and respect, you should have been very well aware of how good your writing was.
It was also obvious that you were not new to writing which lead to me using an odd hour off this morning to do a bit of a google search on you to try and find any original work you may have posted or had published. What I found instead was your twitted site with regular updates that your were worried because no-one had commented on your latest chapter.
It seems I was super wrong about you not needed those messages of awe and admiration. So, I came back to HPFF to say that I am very sorry I haven't commented before now. You have taken the Harry Potter universe and explored its potential in a way that was never possible in the original books (because of the apocalyptic story arc and the specific character focus) and you have populated that universe with a brilliant selection of diverse characters.
I will go back and review the other pieces you have done but for now I will focus on Flight and Family because I have just read that one...
I really love what you have done with expanding Molly's character from her cameo appearances in the MR series. She really is the polar opposite to Rose and I hope that we will get to read more interaction between the two of them. In fact, interactions between the Weasleys are always the best parts. It has given all of your original characters a mission to integrate themselves into the stories, as it should. I imagine that being faced with the Weasleys on mass is not just a little bit intimidating.
Also, I love your characterisation of Percy's family unit. I think Percy adores that his daughter has become a professional quiddich player and that she has taken the values that he holds so dear but has the people skills to make other people understand and respect them. I also bet he secretly likes the hair. He always seemed to be a bit jealous of Bill in the books and I think Molly is a lot like Bill but because she is her daughter the admiration that turned to jealousy with Bill is turned to pride with Molly.

Author's Response: Wow, I'm completely speechless after reading this review. I've been re-reading it and trying to think how to do it justice. Thank you so, so much for coming by and leaving this review, it has made my entire month *hugs you*

I do write original work, though the only thing I've posted is a partially-completed NaNoWriMo novel that's up on our sister site, fictioncentral. I like to think I'm a decent writer (without sounding egotistical) but I do get a bit nervous when waiting for that first review on a chapter. So I always adore hearing from readers.

Thank you so much - I'm glad you have enjoyed my take on the HP universe and its characters as well as my additions to that universe. I try to make my OCs fit in with the world and the characters we know. I think character invention is my favorite part of writing.

Molly is definitely Rose's opposite. Responsible, dedicated, hard working, fussy about neatness, and down to earth. And not a pink unicorn in sight. I'd like to have a Rose cameo in this story, just because as you say, seeing her from Molly's POV would be fun. I absolutely agree that the Weasleys are an intimidating group to become a part of. Poor Fitz has his work cut out for him. It helps that Percy so loves professional Quidditch, of course. He'll be predisposed to like Fitz. Percy is totally proud of Molly's coolness in addition to her qualities that are like him - I think he absolutely wishes he was more like Bill, and here's his daughter being super-cool as well.

I still feel like I don't know what to say in response! I'm so grateful that you shared your thoughts with me, it really does mean a lot. Thank you again.

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Review #16, by missdagane 

17th October 2013:
"She might turn out like Rose": too funny. And if what I like the most on your fics: you mention a character and you see how the others consider it, helping to build an amazing universe. I really ove how you write Percy (so lovely with Flora), Hilarion is always the same and Molly: rebel on the outside but formal anyway. Please update soon

Author's Response: Poor Rose, everyone teases her ;) Not without cause though! I like showing things from several people's points of view. We've seen Molly so far from Rose's eyes as well as Lucy's and Roxanne's (and Hilarion's!) so it's nice to write her POV. She is formal. Percy's eldest for sure. Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm editing chapter 5 now, will have it up this weekend.

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Review #17, by Gryffin_Duck 

16th October 2013:
I'd been waiting for a Fitz chapter! This one really made me feel sorry for him (although he'd surely be irritated if he knew that). It's got to be awful to be living your dream and then have it destroyed in seconds. Still, he could stand to be a bit nicer to those who help him. Hugo was very professional, and Fitz ought to be grateful for that. And given the amount of Weasleys, Fitz has no chance of never running into a relative of Molly's.

I adore the way you write the Weasley family. I think the chapters where a bunch of them interact (which often seem to revolve around dinner, haha) are my favorite. Lucy and Hilarion are adorable and I'm so glad they've got a daughter! Percy as a doting grandfather is so sweet. I'm really glad he's so proud of his daughters.

Oh, Molly. Somehow I don't think her plan of secretive drills for the players is going to go over very well with Fitz. I'm not sure anything would go over well with him, for that matter. Perhaps once they win a match he'll start to realize Molly has the right idea. Great chapter! Can't wait for the next! :)

Author's Response: He would totally be irritated. He's a prickly sort of guy about his injury and people feeling sorry for him. Though I totally feel sorry for him too. Poor guy. He definitely needs to work on his anger issues. Having been such a huge star before his injury, he doesn't have a lot of true friends who'll give him some real talk about his attitude.

Ubiquitous Weasleys ;) I love to write them en famille, it's so fun. It is usually dinner, isn't it? They're not going to get together without food though, so hey. Makin' it work. Percy is a proud papa, and grandpapa. And not just to be competitive with his brothers ;)

Nope, not going to go down well at all. You'll see soon. Thank you so much for reviewing! I really appreciate it.

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