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Review #1, by RoseFromGryffindor 

11th October 2015:
Until Professor Lockett cam it I was screaming at them to use Veritaserum

Author's Response: Veritaserum did have to come in, but yeah, as the chapter establishes, at this point in time Veritaserum is MUCH less used! But Lockett can, of course, brew it.

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Review #2, by Roisin 

7th April 2015:
Something interesting happens here with Harley. Like, there's the comment about wanting to help Hermione's daughter, but more importantly, he stops Albus from torturing someone! AND a bad guy AND a human to boot! I think of all of them, Harley has the most rigid and consistent code of ethics. This code is also why Scorpius and Rose didn't get on with him in the beginning--his code sort of dictates that he do everything he can to maintain elf dignity and be sure they aren't taken advantage of.

And man, what an entrance for Locket! The drama and excitement of this scene is a great pay-off after such a long absence. And of course, SHE HAS A POTION TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM! I was recently reading about Deus Ex Machina, and how it's often criticized--but I like a well done one. All the little pieces were put into place and then it ends up coming together at the exact right moment. I find it very satisfying :)

Also, all the stuff about truth serum and conjecture was really interesting. Like, that things get fuzzy around suspicion and guesswork. And I think I've said this before, but I just love the Tamsin Grieg faceclaim for Locket. I've only seen her in a few things--and never in a role quite like this--but I can really SEE her. You definitely have a firm handle on this dynamic character, and the actress you chose is someone who I can really picturing delivering her dialogue. I love that Locket, in many ways, sort of presents herself as a this shrewd, wry, no-nonsense person but at the same time is very kind of fragile and just generally complicated.

It's very curious that Thane seemed upset by Tim's death. I mean, while he isn't himself at the top of whatever's going on, he's certainly a big part of it. Why make a curse that ultimately kills and turns the dead into inferi if you don't want people to die? WHAT IS THANE'S ANGLE?!?!?! I don't buy that he's just a wand-for-hire in all this. Or maybe he is, and he took the job specifically to infiltrate and be sure it wasn't successful? I DUNNO! And what does the stone have to do with it?!

And BAM BOSS WITCH ENDING. Gah, this story is so addictive!

Author's Response: Harley kind of leapt out at me in the writing of this chapter. Looking back, I figured he's older than the Five, and has probably had his moral standards hammered and challenged consistently over the course of his life battling for House Elf rights. While I doubt he's been in this situation before, the idea of giving everyone fair treatment even under harsh circumstances isn't new, while Albus and Scorpius are for the first time finding their stances challenged.

I sometimes feel bad for how I depict Lockett, not necessarily for Deus Ex Machina-ing, but her more heroic moments tend to come at the expense of Hermione's principles. Veritaserum is scary stuff and I could entirely see its usage being restricted. And yet, right here and now, it's the most humane and sensible option.

Lockett is one of the most damaged characters in the entire series, which I suppose I make up for a bit by having her also be one of the smartest and most competent characters, too. Like delivering the Dramatic End of Chapter line!

Ah, Thane. Mysterious Thane. I can't say much, I keep readers dangling on him for a LONG time.

So glad you're enjoying! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #3, by Siriuslover177 

21st June 2014:
She knows how to cure it??? Yayy! I am really glad she is finally out of her room, and helping. And that she had the truth telling potion to use on him. I am so glad!

And now they know he has the reserection stone, and other important things. And hiw toncure everyone!

And hopefully Rose will get better soon. And no one comes after this guy, and attacks. That would really suck... they could not handle five experienced wizards.

Ahhh, a cure!!


Author's Response: When truly needed, Lockett cowboys up. They have the answers, they can sort out the cure. And they'll figure what to do about Downing.

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Review #4, by Penelope Inkwell 

24th October 2013:
Another rough chapter, but it was so nice to see Lockett come out of her self-imposed exile to save the day.

And those last words? YES!

Author's Response: Finally Lockett comes to, indeed, Save The Day. She's good at that. Albeit an unlikely hero.

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Review #5, by water_lily43175 

24th October 2013:
NOW THEN. The trouble with your rapid updates is that I see there's a new chapter, decide to read it when I have time to PROPERLY read and review rather than just skim, and then the next thing I know I'm four chapters behind. Least that won't happen again with Ignite, with only two chapters left. Can't believe it's so close to the end!

Anyway. FIC.

Love Harley's comment that he cares about Hermione's daughter. It's a nice touch. They care about Hermione because she cares about them.

I think it's safe to say Albus needs a few lessons on interrogation. Guessing this is his Big Moment that you talked of? I mean obviously this is HIS point of implosion, which is of course inevitable given the situation. And it's nice to see Scorpius being the voice of reason, to some extent. It's like he's come through it and out the other side; Tim was HIS catalyst, like Rose being injured is now Albus'. It's just, Scorpius didn't beat up mercenaries in an attempt at getting answers out of them.

Beautiful little Methuselena scene. Her worry about Rose, her implicit trust in him... naw. Warm fuzziness. Even if Rose IS potentially on her deathbed.

Oh Harley, having to go get the hammer. Good to see Nat finally out of her room! MANY thoughts about Downing's revelations, namely that Thane seems to genuinely care about the fact that Tim died. Which is interesting. I got the feeling from Scorpius' encounter with Thane that there was much more to him than met the eye, and it would seem that assessment was very much correct.

So, the plague seems to be part of something bigger - which would tie in with Selena's mother's observations. I guess the 'something bigger' is what the sequel will tackle? My excitement for it increases by the day.

And Nat can cure Phlegethon! Good news! Onwards I go!

Author's Response: I'm not even sorry.

Harley does care! He doesn't LIKE Rose much, but he cares about Hermione's daughter.

Albus... yes. This is his Big Moment and, unfortunately, it kind of goes downhill. He was due a breaking point and this is it. Poor Scorp can't really hold the reins, though he's trying to be the voice of reason!

'tis a cute Methuselena scene there. I know. :D

And Harley always has to get the hammer. Nat is finally doing stuff, Downing has... things to say, Thane does, indeed, have stuff going on, but whether we figure it out yet - actually, no, no we won't.

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Review #6, by LillyRoseanne 

22nd October 2013:
GO LOCKETT! Awesome chapter as always, love it :D

Author's Response: Lockett at her best here, yup! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by missdagane 

15th October 2013:
OMG. Now Lockett kows... and I wonder what will happen with Rose, and how her parents will react. I liked the fact that Scorpius could keep his sense and try to restrain Albus. And Harley too: it's pleasant to see more of him. I didn't really like him but now it's a character that I began to appreciate. I can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you very much for the fast updates btw, it would drive me nuts to have to wait weeks to know what happen ;-) And so excited for the sequel... what a good idea.

Author's Response: Harley is a bit of a runaway star. He really was conceptually nothing more than a face for the House Elves, who were a needed plot point and I wanted to play with how they'd change in the 25 years post-DH. But he sort of got away from me and did all sorts of stuff of his own accord, and I'm really taken with him now, especially in this scene of him being the moral centre of the situation.

More updates coming all the time, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Solana 

14th October 2013:
Ooh Merlin! I couldn't review before simply because I had no words. Or I did but they were pathetically inadequate.

So first we had the kids ganging up on Scorpius to give him both the "best" Christmas he'd ever had and the birthday he never had. Then of course since he feels so unutterably undeserving of it all, he runs and hides and tortures himself with another scathing letter from his so-called father whose opinion he still can't help believing above all others.

A little more growing up to do, Scorpius dear. You are not his opinion of you, you will find.

Then the rapproachment with Rose which we were all waiting for. Oh, I knew they wouldn't exactly "get together" then. They're not ready yet. Rose still feels guilty about him and he, as usual, doesn't feel he deserves any real love.

And our beloved Methuselah and his first girlfriend ever! Loved it and I know everyone else did, too. They so belong together. Now here are 2 who are indeed ready to be together, at least as school kids. We shall see for later ... but I love that our Methy can now produce a full-bodied Patronus based on memories of Selena!

Ok, now this chapter. I knew Albus was determined to make something come out of their training and did something ever! And I also knew Nat had to come out of hibernation once she was needed, which as we now know, she was. Albus was not all there. Nat had to be. And we all know Veritaserum does the trick.

Rose? You wouldn't ... would you? You wouldn't, couldn't kill her off. No, you can't! She's in the sequel, right? We have her to look forward to ... right? She will be ok ...


I do think in the midst of the current disaster, Scorpius trying to keep his cool and Albus losing it is the ultimate in irony.

So looking forward to the next 5 chapters. And then ... and then ... SO glad you decided not to let go of these characters just yet. But I do hope in spite of having a sequel to look forward to, you have given these kids a decent ending here. They sure have earned it. :-)

Author's Response: Scorpius is getting there with regards to his father's unkindness and attitude. But he does have a way to go, and so of course Christmas was never going to be easy for him. I will admit that the first draft of the Christmas scene with Rose had them getting back together - but it didn't feel right. It was too much, too forced, I had to manhandle them to get there and the writing didn't feel natural. So I let them be and decided I would let them tell me when they were ready, and I feel I have made the right decision.

Methuselena are coming along nicely, yes. He grounds her and she, well, helps him fly. Though he can't quite produce a FULL patronus thanks to her - he's just doing better with flashes of light.

Lockett has her weaknesses and flaws but she was never going to be so flawed as to stand by and do nothing when she learned the kids were completely imploding without her. And, boy, was Albus imploding. This was him hitting the end of his tether - Scorpius, ironically, did better because he hit the end of his tether with Tim and has managed to get a grip on himself (plus a certain numb reaction to Rose's injuries). Albus, however, got pushed and... snapped. The boy does have flaws after all.

The sequel is needed because the plot needs it. Ignite is the story of Phlegethon in Hogwarts. The wider plot behind it, how it happened and why, will be the subject of the sequel. But the character arcs of Ignite will be completed in Ignite - they will get new ones, but I would hope someone could put down Ignite and feel satisfied rather than feel they got half a story. Still, I hope people stick around for the ride.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by kTDOTC 

14th October 2013:
Oh my goddess what is she going to do!? Please up date soon.

Author's Response: Lockett? Always sane and rational, Lockett is! I don't know why you worry! Thanks for reviewing.

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