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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

5th August 2016:
I think James is gonna surpass McLaggen. He's just a way better player and teammate than McLaggen will ever be. I really want to see the team dynamic of Tamsin, Emily, and James.

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Review #2, by nott theodore 

4th March 2014:

Ah, I kind of expected that James wouldn't be playing the next match, partly because that would have been too easy, but even so, I couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed when he said that he wasn't in the team against Canada! In a way it was kind of nice to step back and view things from a different perspective, that of someone who wasn't playing and wasn't necessarily involved in the intricacies of the game.

I'm strangely proud of James for actually remembering to get Brigid a present! I suppose it's one of those small things that shows just how much he has changed and become a better person recently, and I think that it wouldn't be fair to say it's all down to Carlotta. He's made the effort for his own sake and he's much more likeable because of it!

The ending of this chapter was so exciting! Well, not in the sense that it was action packed or anything, but the revelations and decisions that James made are exciting because they promise some really interesting chapters in the future, when (if, I suppose) James manages to get onto the team instead of McLaggen. He's definitely right in the conclusion that he's come to, that he can be a more valuable player than McLaggen (also, he's a lot more likeable than McLaggen!) and he really deserves to be in the team more than him. I can't wait to see him fighting for his spot and what the reactions of the others are if he gets back into the team!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Of course James wasn't going to play every match, that would make things far too easy for him. ;)

I've been re-reading my earlier chapters recently, and while I always knew James would mature throughout the fic (after all, that's kind of the point of his story arc...) it startled me just how far he's come. The James of chapter one, who had Brigid buying wedding and birthday presents for him, definitely wouldn't have remembered to get her a present in return. Poor Brie! And yes, a lot of his progression has been his own doing. I didn't want to write a fic where the girl comes along and saves the guy or whatever. Carlotta certainly helps - but then, so do his family and friends. She's part of his support group, but he always had this determination and maturity towards Quidditch, and he's learned to apply this in life as a whole.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Slide 

21st October 2013:
Oof, I read this while ILL and a review wasn't quite something I was capable of putting together coherently. So I return, and write!

Poor James. Can't win. He deals with it like a champ, of course, but it would be hard moving away from control, and of course it's different to how it is for the Falcons (not just because he's a Falcons regular), it's England in the World Cup!

Aw, he remembers Brigid's birthday on his own. Sweetheart. UGH writing characters giving presents. I hate it. I'm bad enough thinking up what I should give people, let alone what my fictional people should give one another. But he's a good friend, and it's nice to see him proving it more and more after his little breakdown.

And of course he reaches the conclusion we anticipated: that James is a better option than McLaggan. Which, while evident, is obviously JUICY because of all the DRAMA this is going to inevitably cause when he's the one signed up for the big matches. Of course James considers other options, being James, but it's clear this is going to go.

I can see why this chapter was tough - it's a transition piece, moving through events and matches which need to be addressed but not in minute detail, and how to sweep across them is tough. It's well-done, though, with the key or fun conversations with Maddie and Brigid to round them out, and honestly if I hadn't known you were beating it with a hammer I wouldn't have known; it feels like transition, yes, but effortless. So, good stuff!

Author's Response: Should probably answer these reviews. Actually, that's a lie, I should be REVISING, but I am gifted at finding all sorts of forms of procrastination. This is one of those.

Although I can't remember what I'm actually replying to. This is why such a chapter title format fails on all levels.

Bleurgh, PRESENTS. I don't know why I insert present exchanges into my fics, I struggle every time to work out what said present should be. THIS will be the last time. (She says...)

I love writing James when he's trying not to get his hopes up. Bless him. There will be drama of some sorts; certainly McLaggen won't be happy with this turn of events!

Ungh. Beating the whole of this sub-plot with a hammer right now. All of the woes! Thanks for reviewing all those eons ago :)

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Review #4, by a rollerball 

16th October 2013:
great chapter, please update soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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