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Review #1, by Roisin 

21st March 2015:
Methy totally reminds me of me right now *facepalm.* The plural of 'octopus' is actually 'octopodes' (in biology), and 'octopuses' is accepted. 'Octopi' is just WRONG. I twitch and fidget anytime someone says 'octopi,' and try not to say anything because it's usually coming off the heels of them correcting someone for saying 'octopuses.' GUH. I digress...

Ooh! A 'they discussed the plan' but we didn't get to see those specifics! That means something surprising and awesome and twisty must be in store!

'We're just sixth years, mate. These aren't going to be the loves of our lives'--hahahahahahahha.

Oh also, I failed to mention last chapter how clever Rose saying "You know I'll always come back" was. Like, cuz, she'd already reappropriated it once before, and then did a call-back in a different context! Having things like that re-surface does good work showing how much has changed.

Lockett's commitment to her solitude is pretty ridiculous at this point. I love that Malfoy does 'daily buggin.' Like, it's ridiculous, but WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? Ridiculous has become the status quo, and they all just kind of accept these things with a shrug now. Where once it might have inspired righteous indignity, it's now something noticed, but discussed only wryly.

Hahahahahahahaha--Scorpius and Harley should be friends! Harley is hilarious!

And wow, Scorpius was just way more honest with Harley than he's been with pretty much anyone. I am friend-shipping them.

BLARGH ACTION SEQUENCE. I have no comments to make because it was really good and I just want to keep reading!

Author's Response: Methuselah Jones, power nerd. I can't judge, I went into all sorts of reading on Latin grammar to reach the conclusions onf Patronuses, Patronus, and Patroni.

Never discuss the plan on-screen and then show the plan kicking into action. ;) Unless the plan is a cool one which goes IMMEDIATELY wrong and the point is the team trying to wrestle matters BACK to the plan.

Sorry, Scorpius, you live in the Potter 'verse. Odds are good you've met your life-partner by the time you turn 14. Even they're just 'that person I knew by name and sight but barely spoke to.'

'I'll come back every time.' - Scorose's arc words. 'cos I'm a SAP, yo.

Lockett is being absolutely ridiculous by now. Scorpius doesn't have much of a choice! And I love Harley, he is absolutely my favourite minor character to write in this story. The two of them still have their arc to come about, so we'll see how it goes...

Cheers! :D

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Review #2, by Siriuslover177 

21st June 2014:
No. She is not allowed to be hurt. That is against the rules... like, NO! And it was the spell that Scorp dodged... so he must feel horrible. She has to be okay. She just has to be!

Although I am glad they got this guy. Hopefully they will find something out about him. And find out the cure. I just really hope this does not backfire... it cant.


Author's Response: Going five schoolkids against one adult mercenary was never going to be easy. The question is, will it be worth it?

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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell 

24th October 2013:
Oh, my gracious! No no no no no. Rose has to be--nope, Iím not saying it. Thatís what I said about Tim, and then he died and turned into a zombie and got incinerated.

Nope, Iím just going to congratulate you on another gripping chapter and go find out what happens. Positive thoughts. Happy thoughts.

Author's Response: It's true. I do get my characters murdered and then incinerated. I'm cruel like that.

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Review #4, by missdagane 

15th October 2013:
Well done, that was stressful. But the end, please don't kill Rose... In a normal fic I would be sure that you can not kill a important character like her but here, I'm not so sure.

Author's Response: It's true, I can be quite cruel with my character deaths. Still, I've never killed off a major character before, it's usually just secondaries who die like flies. Oh well, maybe I'm going to change my habits now? Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by greenphantomme 

14th October 2013:
! Oh man. Oh man.

Well, this was a really good chapter! And realistic - a bunch of teenagers fighting an adult - of course it wouldn't go right to plan but they managed to knock out Downing. I'm curious to see how that pans out when they interrogate him! And Rose. Is this going to finally draw out Prof. Lockett? Because I don't recall anyone else showing any affinity for healing... I HOPE SHE'S OKAY. . . hahah alright, ready for the next chapter now!

Author's Response: Yeah, numbers count for a lot and based off the books I would imagine that children trained in combat magic fighting adults trained in combat magic isn't as ridiculous as it might sound to 'realistic' ears - but the idea of the fight going smoothly was unlikely to happen in truth. Dangerous gambits incur consequences, and these consequences could be lethal. Fortunately, as shall be seen, there shall be good hands to TRY to take care of Rose. We'll see how well they work out. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by LillyRoseanne 

14th October 2013:
NO! ROSE! Ouch! Erm... please let her O.k... Pretty Please...

Author's Response: She might be. She might not be! I am capricious, ha!

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Review #7, by EarthsTrueGreen 

13th October 2013:
Wow, what an ending to the chapter. I can't wait for the next one, I'm excited to read it. I'm sorry that you have finished a story, because I never want a good story to end, even though I know it has too, but I'm happy that we wont have to wait as long for updates. This is a great story, and very well written.

Author's Response: There will be more updates coming regularly until the end. And when the end comes we might take a bit of a break - but there is, indeed, a sequel in the works! Thanks for the kind words and for reviewing!

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Review #8, by sleepless_nights 

11th October 2013:
Holy sh**, what are you doing to me?!?! My heart has stoped so many times reading this story. I'm SO excited about this load of new chapters and read them all in one go. But the suspense might have been to much for me ;)
I can't write a proper review before I have processed what happened (TIM!, Selena and Jones, that quaffle, TIM!, Rose?!?!, TIM! .). But I want to say that I love your story and your writing is just amazing! It's great to hear that you finished it - I can't wait to read more. A little bitter sweet, because I could read on forever. A you planning another story in the Anguis world? That woud be brilliant!

Author's Response: It's the long march to the end! Non-stop from here, so hang onto your hats! I knew I was going to get the pitchforks for Tim, so glad you're still reading onwards, though, and thank you for the kind words!

Don't worry. Ignite may end, but this is not The End. Its sequel is in the works (started chopping at the first chapter yesterday). And perhaps something special in the future for the Anguisverse in specific (I suppose Ignite is Anguisverse, though I will depart the two canons from one another if the story demands it). Cheers for the review!

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Review #9, by water_lily43175 

11th October 2013:

Um, we seem to be missing a lot of question marks. Like, all of them. Guessing something's gone wrong somewhere in the uploading process?

Cute Scorp/Al conversation. It's nice how they both understand each other without either of them needing to say anything. Love Scorbus.

I also like that Scorpius has been checking on Nat every day. He's such an absolute babe.

Sprout covering for Neville? Any reason for this?

I like the Scorpius/Harley conversation, too. Harley DID pre-judge Scorpius based on Draco, and so it's nice to see that he's willing to re-assess that opinion if Scorpius proves him wrong. Of course, so far Scorp's just proved Harley right. But then, it must be hard to be nice to someone who assumes from the start that you're going to be the exact spit image of the father you hate.

Again, love the duelling scene. Those passages are always so vivid and well-written, it's a skill I envy! Methuselah's snow tactic wasn't too dissimilar from Tanith's car/sheet/insert-object-here tactic. And I like that it was him and Selena who got Downing down (haha I'm so punny).

Not impressed at the cliffhanger. Not impressed AT ALL. Scorpius' concern for Rose is adorable, though. MOAR PLZ.

Author's Response: ...omg the formatting. I used a different website to usual to rip out the horrible things Word did to html and yes, it looks like it ate my question marks! Edited version in the queue!

Al and Scorp are a good pair. Scorp trying to check up on Nat is part concern, part simply that he tried to and she didn't let him and so now he's STUBBORN.

I'd like to say there was some sensible reason of Sprout covering for Neville to keep a character as potentially important to the Potter-Weasley brood out of the way. But the truth is I just completely fell on my face when mentioning Sprout (of ALL the Professors to still be around, I pick the one who canonically retired?) aaages back and this is me cleverly covering. Oh yes. I'm smart. Also I couldn't read my notes because my ACTUAL notes said Flitwick was the only old-school Prof still around and then he was never mentioned again. Basically I suck.

Harley certainly has lots to be blamed for with this issue, because he was incredibly hostile to Scorpius from the get-go and remained so going forwards. Scorpius just didn't make it better, and as Harley pointed out in the past, lots because of pride. But they're both proud and stubborn. Harley, as we will see, though, is a bit more mature about things than a 17 year-old boy. Plenty more from Harley, he's become not-so-secretly one of my favourites (though my favourites tend to be "who did the most recent cool thing").

Evidently my idea of tactical sense consists of 'using the environment', repeat until clever. But thankfully there will be new tricks in future fights. Still, Methy thought quickly, and he probably saved Albus' life by obscuring Downing's vision when he did.

Mwa ha ha, mine is an evil cliffhanger! Will stick next one in the queue tonight/once the edited version of this is through, can't remember if I can do both. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by AA. 

11th October 2013:
So I have been a silent reader for faarrr too long, but this chapter really compelled me to tell you that you're a prolific writer. I read some of your other works and DAMN, you knocked the wind out of me with your character development and your plot building. As a serial fanfic reader, I have noticed those qualities are oft missing in majority of the writers. The complexity with which you have developed your characters has really brought them alive and it has me on tenterhooks waiting to know what's next for them. Your Scorpius is probably the very best I have read so far and believe me I have read a lot of them.

Sorry for the rambling :P
Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I try to keep the characterisation strong because, for me, a story falls down without people the reader can care about involved. So it's good to know it's successful, especially Scorpius! I wanted him to be different but still have the attributes which people imagine he'd have and find appealing. Without being a ridiculous sex god!!

Thanks for the review! Updates soon.

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Review #11, by kTDOTC 

11th October 2013:
that cliff hanger was just mean! I hope rose is okay. Keep updating and I'll keep reading lol :)

Author's Response: In my defence, my cliffhangers are always mean. Okay, that's a lousy defence. I guess we'll find out soon if she's okay or not! Thanks for the review.

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