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Review #1, by Libbypotter 

25th March 2017:
Poor, poor Scorpius.
I love them all but he is my favourite

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Review #2, by Roisin 

21st March 2015:
What's amazing is that even though these circumastances are so extraordinary, and the people end up having to do extraordinary things because of it, they still feel like REAL people.

"Can't you just tell me I'm useless once more, Dad? One more time, it's Christmas"--I am broken. Like, he's so disappointed his father hasn't written at all, even though he knows he won't like what he writes. He wants to burn his father's present, but he needs to have it first. That's pretty convoluted emotional stuff, which is why it feels so real.

They are all SO up to something. I can't imagine Albus being OK with Christmas not happening.

I also like the way the boy-talk mirrors the girl-talk, yet both are super accurate. Scorpius is much more candid here than usual, but it's well justified by the previous events.

METHUSELAH WAS DISTRACTING HIM! I'd actually totally suspected that last chapter, and it's SO perfect. Like, he shows some charming self-possession here. He never needed TIPS. He's METHUSELAH!

Also, the fact that Harley helped with their plan says a lot. Things are definitely getting warmer between those two. It's also funny here how people are being nice to him, but also teasing him at the same time (Selena). And man, Oliver Wood WOULD go hours with a broken arm without telling anyone. Zealot.

It makes perfect sense that Harry would send a broom. Like, I get why Scorpius thinks it's extravagant, but Harry got A NIMBUS 2000 from MCGONNAGAL after BREAKING SCHOOL RULES. Then he got a FIREBOLT from Sirius. So like, yeah. He'd of course be pretty down with offering people brooms. (And I have to note that it's a NIMBUS STARFALL AND THE NEXT BOOK IS CALLED STARFALL AND WHAT)

MOLLY WEASLEY JUMPER (sorry about getting really shouty). This also makes so much sense--GAH, you toggle 'things readers would know' with 'what Scorpius would think' really well. Didn't Molly send Harry his first jumper after meeting him, like, ONCE. And she has FOUR grandkids at Hogwarts and is MOLLY-MY-BOGGART-IS-DEAD-FAMILY-WEASLEY so you just KNOW she was listening to his radio show live, and probably re-listening to the recorded versions over and over again and now I'm sobbing.

Man, this chapter is so emotionally dynamic. There are jokes and cuteness, but then also so much Scorpius angst. Really well done, again. Like, before, there were lighter chapter arcs and heavier chapter arcs--but this chapter sort of oscillates. It fits really well with Where They Are in the story.

And the whole interaction with Rose. It's really amazing how you write characters who /do not know what they feel or want./ And also, the nuances of their Wants and Feels are slightly different. That you can present this emotional chaos in such an effective way is a testament to your assured hand.

"like something that had happened on the news than something that had happened right in front of him. Twice." The use of 'Twice' here was wonderful/heartbreaking. You manage a lot with just that one word, and it has so much more impact for not being spelled out. He had to watch him die and then kill him--and that is some HARROWING business. Of course he's going to be angsty and out of sorts. Again, his candidness makes sense--it's out of character for him, but he WOULD be out of character right now. I wonder how you'll ever bring back the reluctant cuteness they had before, or if it CAN be brought back. At least right now, it makes sense that Scorpius would be too distressed for any nice romance.

And Draco is definitely projecting a WHOLE bunch. I wonder where Scorpius' sympathy for his mum comes from. He doesn't seem to want to blame her for running off and leaving him behind, or for failing to write. Very curious about that.

And then the chapter end betrays that same push-and-pull you have here between light and dark. The ending is sort of optimistically tepid, and largely exhausted. Lovely!

(Also, I REALLY wanted to nominate you for a Golden Paw for most addicting, but I totally blew it by trying to nominate the whole series--I didn't realize this story alone fit the time criteria! Blast! There's always the Dobbys, though!)

Author's Response: I like high adventure and epic antics and stuff specifically because I like seeing what it does to the characters. While I can appreciate a rocking action sequence, I'm 100% more invested in what those life-or-death circumstances do to the people behind them.

Scorpius, so desperate for attention from his family that even his father's abuse would be better than nothing.

Methuselah Jones, Master of Obfuscation. I think he probably did need a little bit of tips and he's totally going to use that advice, but he only asked out of desperation. The last resort.

Harley was probably asked very nicely by Rose and then more properly nicely by Selena, and isn't enough of a jerk that he wouldn't go along with it.

Oliver Wood's just crazy enough to do that. And yes, this is ABSOLUTELY the kind of gift Harry would send. It's established he's very generous with his wealth, and that he has Ginny's industry contacts to help him get a shiny broom... ah yes, the Starfall model. The next book? ALL about Scorpius' broom.

If my chapters are making people shouty, I'm just happy.

Molly would TOTALLY do that. She absolutely listened to Radio Malfoy (and there would be more than four, there's going to be probably 2-3 cousins, I can't remember the ages off the top of my head but DEFINITELY Roxanne and Molly BUT I digress, damn that family tree). And they all know he's Al's best friend even if they don't spend time together outside of school, so Molly would just be MOLLY about it and now I'm upsetting myself even.

I think the mixture of light and dark is going to be pretty much the rule from here on out. Or, at least, there will be fewer chapters without the dark. Being where I am in the writing I'm so curious as to how it'll pan out for you; tonal shifts over the series are HUGE and I always worry if I'm going/have gone too far, but... I digress.

I struggled to entirely grasp where Scorpius was until I wrote the bit about it being like there was a bruise on the parts of him that wanted to kiss her. Honestly, first draft of their conversation, they actually did have Round Two of Kiss, but I scrapped it because it just DIDN'T work. I've fumbled in the dark a lot on these guys at times, though I'm generally happy with the final decisions.

There's healing to be done, but they're hardy enough. In the long run, the things Scorp's been through can be recovered from.

Aw, nominations are lovely, but this story would definitely NOT fit the criteria. Last chapter was posted in late 2013. Books 2 and 3 should be eligible come Dobby season, though! Dobbys were awkward, I had both this and Starfall in the running which I think split the votes... ah well. It was just lovely to get nominated.


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Review #3, by Siriuslover177 

21st June 2014:
I am not sure how I am feeling right now... I am glad that they are okay now, but I want them to be together! And I am glad that she is helping him, but mad that there was even a letter. I mean, really? How could his father say something like that?

And then everyone giving him the gifts, that is just so nice. I just wished he could have enjoyed it more. I mean, he should have been happy... but he wasnt.

I am iffy about how I feel right now!!


Author's Response: The first time I wrote this chapter, they did actually get together in it. It didn't work, it felt forced. It was too soon; Scorpius was simply too hurt.

He'll look back on the Christmas kindly, remember the gifts, remember how people saw him. It's just a bit much right now.

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Review #4, by Allison 

19th November 2013:
I started this novel yesterday and I'm at a loss for words. I've never been into the "next generation" and you've turned my opinion around. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Oddly, I'm not a huge Next Gen fan myself. Guess I wanted to do a Next Gen story in a style which would appeal to me. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by ladymontgomery 

9th October 2013:
I haven't commented in quite a while, but I've been reading these chapters almost religiously. The story is beautifully written and appropriately complicated. Honestly, this is one of the most well written stories I've read in a while, and I'm positively captivated by this story. Quite honestly, it's been part of my inspiration for the fanfic I started writing.

I think one of your other reviewers said it best when they said, "it's like real life". Your characters are so real and so flawed and nothing is as simple as an "oh I like you, marry me" and that's good, because that's what makes a story good. Scorpius is a real person who just can't accept that he can be loved because he's been "hated" his entire life, and it breaks my heart...but I think that's what makes the beauty of his and Rose's relationship. It's founded on two broken people that aren't ready for the complication but see there's refuge in the other.

Seriously, I ADORE this story and I hope you continue to write not only this novel, but any novels you may pursue in the future. You definitely have a fan.

To comment on this chapter though...Scorpius just breaks my heart, poor guy :'((...I wish I could just hug him and tell him that everything's gonna be okay.

Also.seriously the most realistic and beautiful Sco/Rose story EVER.

Author's Response: If I'm inspiring someone to write then I could hang up my hat today and be happy. I won't, don't worry, the show will go on! But I'm immensely pleased to hear that.

I do pride myself on keeping my characterisation the keystone of a story like this. Or, really, in any of my writing. I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi for seeing real people in unreal situations which place the most extreme pressures on them - and seeing how real human beings respond and act. That's what I hope to achieve, anyway.

Scorpius is broken in that way and the great tragedy is that he almost takes Al's for granted, because Al sees the best in everyone. But if he can win the approval, even love of someone determined to hate him, then that's worth more, perhaps, in making him see his own qualities.

Thank you for the review! I hope to have news by the end of the year on original works. Cheers!

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Review #6, by water_lily43175 

8th October 2013:
BAHAHA so I'd gotten 1500 words into my chapter of pain, and then realised THIS bad boy had gone up. You need to stop this whole fanfic writing business because it's proving a perennial distraction.

Christmas. Wow. Part of me thinks "that's come fast" and yet part of me thinks "it's ONLY December?" God knows what these guys are thinking.

RIP Scorpius' broom. "The sweepiest broom!"

Did I say that I expected Selena kissing Methuselah would help solve his Patronus problems? Because if I didn't, I MEANT to. I am pleased to see I was correct.

See, I would understand Scorpius' point of view here. Except, let's look at things here. Hector was a *12+*, yes, but he was Rose's BOYFRIEND. Surely, in that sense, she SHOULD have been putting his feelings before Scorpius'? As it is, I don't think it's as black-and-white as that, and it's NOT just her putting one of them in front of the other. It's not quite so easy when said boyfriend is half-conscious, is it? So ... yeah. Points from you, Scorp. Sorry, babe.

Nawww, warm fuzzy feeling time. This explains the Owlery mystery of last chapter. And also the significance of Scorpius telling Nat they'd missed his birthday, and more importantly her recognition of that comment. I like Nat when she's thinking about other people.

...whoa. Whoa. HALF OF BRITAIN got Scorpius presents? I ... am melting right now. I am a puddle of goo on the floor. A BIG GOOEY PUDDLE I TELL YOU. And I'm meant to write fanfic this evening? Yeah cheers for that one. NO RAILS FOR YOU.

A Harper at Puddlemere. Is that our friend Saul? Naw, I love Nat SO MUCH. Is that how she got the Quaffle, I wonder? There would be a connection there, albeit a vague one.

A broom. A BROOM. And - oh my god, Scorpius has a Weasley jumper. I'm out. OUT, I tell you. I AM NO LONGER CAPABLE OF COMPREHENSIBLE THOUGHTS.

Poor Scorpius...

Author's Response: Muwahaha I am a procrastinating tactic.

Time in Ignite has been funny. In the 'annoying to plot' way. If I've failed in anything in my writing, it's been figuring out progression of time. Progression of plot? Easy. How that plot relates to the calendar, or how long it takes? Nooo. Bad planning. Bad Slide.

The Broom is Dead. Long Live the Broom!

It was a good bet Methy would have an easier time with a Patronus after a good snogging! Though the boy's never going to be the best at casting. A fully corporeal Patronus is still something he's going to need a hell of a thought to conjure up at a hell of a time.

I'm glad Scorp loses points. Because he IS a grouchy git. And I have worried Rose came across as the less sympathetic of the two, because as Selena points out, she did manage to pick the worst of all options. But it's meant to be about both of them being a bit right and a bit wrong, and this is where Scorpius is being wrong. He really didn't have a plan when he kissed Rose, and, astonishingly, if you kiss a girl with a boyfriend, it's probably NOT just going to be okay right away.

The Owlery mystery had a point - and, somewhere in there, Nat remembers how to be a nice human being. Though Rose deserves credit for making it happen. This incident was in the cards as an event in my head from the beginning of the story, along with Radio Scorpius. So it had to include a Weasley jumper! Just think about it, Molly's got... er, SOME grandkids (I'd have to check my numbers) infected with Phlegethon and two awake and enduring Phlegethon, you just KNOW she listened to Radio Scorpius and if that didn't make her think it was time to knit Albus' best friend a jumper like she knitted Ron's best friend one 30 years ago, I don't know what would.

Interesting you pick up on the Harper connection to Puddlemere. 'tis a vague thread between Saul Harper and Nat Lockett indeed, though yes, it is the same Harper.

If this chapter reduced you to goo it has done its work well. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Madison 

8th October 2013:
I Love this story so much, all the actions and reactions the characters have are so realalistic, like its actually happening! Keep it up, I look forward to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: I try to keep my characterisation as true-to-life (in so far as this is possible for kid wizards in a magic school quarantined against the outside world because of infection by a supernatural illness). So glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #8, by LillyRoseanne 

8th October 2013:
YAY! Aweosmesauce chapter... and they've made up :D Love you!!!

Author's Response: It was a cute chapter to write, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #9, by kTDOTC 

8th October 2013:
This was amazing. I hate waiting to know what happens. Please update soon.

Author's Response: You don't hate it really. ;) Or else you'd already know and it would be over! Updates coming all the time. Thanks for reviewing!

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