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Review #1, by Roisin 

20th March 2015:
Ooh, Selena interacting with the eagle! I'm very stoked to see that play out!

I like the analysis of Selena's intelligence. That's how she'd been striking me--she's not stupid, she just doesn't really care about school. It's not an indication of her intelligence, just her priorities. I mean, in a way, one could argue that not being interested in study is kind of stupid, but that's getting into it.

Hah. There's a great humour to Scorpius getting stroppy with the eagle, because it just seems like an enchanted object that lacks self-awareness or emotion. But here, Selena almost kind of /gets a rise/ out of the eagle! Also, I like that she super guesses the riddle and is kind of into it :)

Ah! And now the eagle's actually talking to her one-and-one! And making that exact point about not being interested in the challenges of study or examination being itself dumb! YAY SELENA CHARACTER ARC *rubs hands together*

Hmm, so the idea of dark magic 'pooling' is coming back. I guess it was right to take them all off those potions. I also like the idea, for how it fits with like, humours and stuff.

Aw. Methuselah being upset over being outshined here is, again, very convincing. Like, 'you're good at everything, calm down,' is an easy point to make--but you write why he might still feel bad about it well. How being really good at magic stuff being his ONLY thing, and so it would feel crappy to not be the best.

Methuselah saying Selena is smarter than him is also really believable--like, he offers support for the statement. And the whole 'but you've been with so many guys' thing also kind of makes sense, because he's weird and analytical like that. Like, 'would be disappointing' and all makes sense coming from him.

You also do that kiss really well, which is impressive, given it isn't in a SURGE OF PASSION sort of way. Like, it's very staged, which also brings a lot of cuteness to it.


'When I pulled back, he said "thank you"'--BAH.

And the 'he's a very good student' thing. Like, it was so perfect for her to frame it all more like a lesson. She really GETS him.

Selena's point is really good--it's a bit more defensible to dump Hector because he was a prat than just because she wanted to mash faces with someone else. And this whole girl talk sequence is just excellent. So much easy wit, and very realistic!

Ooh, Selena really is a person who needs to be listened to more. They might even figure out Phlegathon if they could figure out how it fits in with what's going on internationally.

'Aleister Crowley's cat resplendent in a Father Christmas hat'--Bah.

While Scorpius and Harley are certainly being snitty with one another, they're definitely on better terms now. I suppose Harley saw everything Scorpius did for Tim and had to concede he might be an ok guy.

And the idea that a blizzard would help paint dry is ABSURD. Snow is WET.

AW METHY ASKING ABOUT GIRLS CUTE. 'Twice. And then sixteen further occasions since then, last Friday.' BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Wonderful. Just wonderful.

Author's Response: Selena's intellect has been a sticky wicket. I mean, she's NOT as intellectual or even magically capable as even Scorpius (who has a good dose of raw talent but struggles to apply himself), and that's always been intentional. There are other virtues, other strengths. But she's still no idiot, manages to keep up with people like Methuselah and other smart cookies when they're talking research, and has pretty sharp wits. So... yeah.

Though she's not much appreciating the door-knocker being a pest. Even if it is making points! Even if she did kind of enjoy the challenge when she set her mind to it!

Apparently all my characters have cripplingly low self-esteem. Methuselah's rocking smart and still knows he's a bit inept in everything else, so, all the sadness for that poor kid. I'm glad the kiss came off as cute, cute is what I was going for. Those two are so damn cute to write.

GIRL TALK. Yes. It was SO needed. Those two do each other a lot of good. It's harder to see the good Selena's done, but Rose brings her away from her distant, superior observation of people, and much more engaging with them.

Aleister Crowley was so probably NOT an actual wizard, or if he was he was onto the BEST tricking of Muggles EVER, but I needed an off-hand portrait reference. Though his cat is probably a really DARK REFERENCE to make. I only just thought of that. Ugh.

Harley has indeed seen more of what's beneath on Scorpius - the rant about his father, his grief over Tim. He's only going to cut him SO much slack, though. And apparently he's being a terrible, TERRIBLE liar.

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Review #2, by Siriuslover177 

21st June 2014:
Oh my goodness. Selen and Jones?! That makes me really happy. I cannot believe they have a thing. And then she went to Rose to talk, and he went to Scorp. That is just really cool. I am loving this!!

And what is happening in the owlry? Jones said there were people in there... I think there is a surprise for Scorp or something. I dunno!


Author's Response: Selena and Methuselah, sorting it out at last! I did like the chat with her and Rose, it was fun to write girly talk for a change.

And I couldn't possibly comment about a surprise...

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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell 

24th October 2013:
Hooray! Loved this chapter! I think that Selena is, perhaps, just the sort of friend Rose needs, and vice-versa. And Methuselah getting love advice from Scorpius was just hilarious.

You write so well. Your style is really great--very neat, with the right mix of humor and heaviness to give it depth. Just thought I should mention that.

Favorite Quote:

'Less Latin. This is girl-talk, we don't do Latin in girl-talk."

Author's Response: Definitely no Latin in girl-talk.

I do sometimes wonder if the humour is more whiplash inducing as Ignite in some ways is my most light-hearted piece while at the same time I have done some really horrid things in it! So I'm glad it's not discordant.

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Review #4, by Hopeless dreamer 

8th October 2013:
Omg this is amazing!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: The queue is forever filled with something by me. Or, more or less. More to come soon! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #5, by wicKeDwitch1316 

8th October 2013:
Hi! *waves*

Even though I've long since left the world of HP fanfiction, I still come back to this site for you. At first, it was to see Tanith and Tobias through to their end. And then I started reading Ignite while waiting for updates to Falls the Shadow and Beyond This Place. And now, I'm stuck waiting until you give me a happy ending here!

My point is that you've created characters that are as real and dear to me as the original HP characters. There are lines and moments from your stories that stick with me, that I have to go back and reread every so often.

Well, before I get too mushy, I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful writing. When you get your original stuff up and running (aka published), I hope there's a way you can let your fanfic followers know. I'd love to read anything you have to share :)

Author's Response: Hi! So glad you're still reading and reviewing my stuff, it pleases me very much to see long-term followers still around! And glad that you're still enjoying it, and rereading things - Anguisverse was a huge part of my writing career and remains very dear to me, too. I just hope Ignite can follow in such footsteps (though, due to being more mainstream, is already arguably more popular).

Original stuff should be in the world... soon. I am sure I will be able to communicate this somehow, and intend to. Watch this space.

Thanks a lot, for all your support in the past and your continued support now. It means a lot to me.

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Review #6, by water_lily43175 

5th October 2013:
I think Methuselah sums up just why I love Selena. Because she's the cleverest of the lot of them when it comes to real life, and people, and actually she's a lot wiser than it seems. She's clever in the kind of way that makes her the typical Slytherin. If we want to judge people by houses still. In fact, now I think about it, she's similar to the Nat of old in a way; she knew far more about most people than she let on. I think Selena's the same, although without the diplomatic skills that Nat had.

And now I'm a massive pile of mush. Crying with joy while waving my Methuselah/Selena flag (there's definitely potential for a CRACKING relationship name there, just give me time to work on it). I have NO WORDS. No words at all, except that is a beautiful, beautiful scene. NAW.

Bahaha at Rose's reaction. I love that Rose/Selena is an ongoing thing, I think Selena has easily become my favourite character here (until Scorpius does something totally awesome of course) and so the more important and prominent she becomes, the happier I become. And I agree with her in that Scorpius needs to move on from the whole Hector issue. He had a right to get angry when the thing blew up in the first place, but really, Rose didn't have all that many choices. And now she's actually DONE something. Not seeing much more valid reason for Scorp to continue being a jerk. SO. We shall see what happens. :)

Loving the discussion about Matthias there. All the Doyle love!

Hmm. Dark magic OUTSIDE Hogwarts. That sounds ... worrying. And yet intriguing.

TOO MANY PEOPLE in the Owlery. Yeah, I'm not believing for one second that there are just House Elves up there. PEOPLE. Hmm. But what could be happening? Who could they BE? HM.

Oh, Methuselah, you are so adorable. I want one please! And I also hope Scorpius takes heed of his own advice there, he wouldn't go too far wrong...

Methsulena. BOOM.

Author's Response: Boom! Methsulena are indeed adorable, aren't they? They're the most innocent and angst-free pairing I've written. Bless their little cottons. It was refreshing to write.

Selena DOES have good qualities which she hides, for reasons as illustrated in this chapter. There's a bit of low self-esteem after people seeing only a pretty face, and so she plays up to that, though she also just enjoys the low pressure which comes from being underestimated. The girl CAN be diplomatic, mind - she just doesn't care to. I hadn't considered the similarities with old Nat - they're so very different in other ways, but you make a good point. They are/were similarly socially aware and capable of cutting to the heart of matters.

I enjoyed writing the girly talk. Those two are a fiercely entertaining duo, and Selena is, of course, right. Scorp needs to move on, and HE kissed HER knowing she was in a relationship. But we'll see what he does next.

Matthias Doyle, crowbarring his way into my story again when he was originally nothing more than a name to slap on a prefect Rose could ask where Scorpius was in Chapter 1. Then she mentioned snogging him a few paragraphs later and now HERE HE IS. I blame his mother.

Mysteries! Mysteries in the owlery, mysteries outside of Hogwarts! Could be nothing, of course. Totally sounds like me.

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Review #7, by LillyRoseanne 

5th October 2013:
Aw... bless Jones... he's being so sweet! I agree with Selena... scorpius does need to get over himself... love it!

Author's Response: Scorpius does. He's got woe, but, yeah. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by fanofgredforge 

5th October 2013:
Your Original characters are really endearing and well written. Keep up the good work. This is one of my favorite chapters in story yet.

Author's Response: Thanks, I do my best to keep the characterisation engaging. Cheers for the review!

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Review #9, by Em 

4th October 2013:
Brilliant as ever...Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! New chapter being queued up all the time now.

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Review #10, by kTDOTC 

4th October 2013:
i loved the chapter! i love this story you make it seem too real it's Unbelievable . You're really really good please update soon .

Author's Response: Cheers! Very glad you're enjoying the story. Thanks for reviewing!

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