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Review #1, by nava 

4th March 2018:
Uhh... I didn't really like the Malfoy scene. We know for a fact (from Pottermore which is supposed to be canon) that Malfoy did not stick to that whole pureblood nonsense. And calling his friend a mudblood just to please his father's friend... And the nerve of that woman! It wasn't any of her business. I also don't like Lucius being in Azkaban because it definitely goes against canon. Standing up for his beliefs?!! Seriously?? He stayed out of Azkaban by giving away the other death eaters! The rest of the chapter was okay though. It was good. Victoire's announcement made me literally laugh out loud :))

Author's Response: I definitely understand what you mean! I guess I just don't think people change overnight though, and that he's always harbored this deep desire to please his parents (and their friends). It was years ago, so I'm not sure I remember it right, but I think I put Lucius in Azkaban because I just thought he deserved it, and because I thought Draco and Narcissa deserved the chance to see what their life could be without him. I'm glad you liked Victoire! Thank you again for reading and reviewing!! Xx

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Review #2, by titanwiz 

22nd March 2017:
It's nice that the relationship of Ron/Hermione is patched up! :)

Author's Response: I am so glad you think so! Thank you for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #3, by PurpleLadybug 

28th December 2016:
WOW!!! Each chapter your story gets better and better. I really enjoy reading it. Looking forward to the action/adventure aspect. Happy writing!! :)

Author's Response: Aw, I am so happy that you think so. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will continue to enjoy this! Xx

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Review #4, by Vengence of the Fallen 

5th November 2015:
Ron way more forgiving than just about anyone would be. Most people would be mentioning at length how they told her she was an idiot for trusting Death Eaters.

Author's Response: Maybe some people would, but I don't think Ron is that petty-minded! Xx

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Review #5, by xray 

20th July 2015:
You have me perplexed over this whole thing going on with Draco. I eagerly await what you are planning on doing with this.

Author's Response: I totally understand your feelings about it! I hope you will like how it turns out xx

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Review #6, by One for the Ages 

1st July 2015:
Reading through the fic for the first time and thought about going on to the end but I'm going to have to mirror some others. Hermione repeatedly made excuses for Draco's multiple violent crimes, as well as his bragging about being a Death Eater, including crimes that badly injured Ron, Bill, Katie and a host of others so she has no room at all to talk about this very minor thing Draco has done now.

Draco commits monstrous acts against her finance and thats total okay with her but he says a mean word about her and its unforgivable. Hermione is pretty rotten human being.

Author's Response: I understand where you're coming from but I see it differently. I think that Hermione had a big enough heart to see (now that she's a little older and more mature) that Draco was shaped by his environment, and he's never before had the chance to choose differently. I think the selfish thing would have been to never give him a chance to prove himself. Saying a mean thing about Hermione isn't really about her - it's about not having changed his ways the way she started to believe that he had. Again, I understand your point, and I so appreciate you sharing it! But i kindly disagree :) But thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me xx

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Review #7, by Siriuslover177 

24th June 2015:
I really don't think Draco meant anything by it... really. He was defending her at first. But the woman just kept on pushing. I understand why he did it. It's hard to be a different person to someone who knew who you were before and wouldn't like who you've become. I really want Hermione and Draco to get along again. I'm pretty sure her friendship to him was really important in him changing for the better. And now that she has lost respect for him? Who else would have it...

Bill is going to have another baby! Yay!That is really exciting. And Vicky's reaction was cute. I am sure she is going to love her new sibling!


Author's Response: You're right, it's a very hard situation for Draco. I'm glad that you can see his POV. And yes, I do believe their friendship was a good thing for him. However, I think it was doomed to break down at some point..

And yay for another Weasley baby! I'm glad you're excited with me. Thank you so much for this lovely review xx

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Review #8, by chelciannabelle 

9th April 2015:
I'm really enjoying your writing so far! Thank you for taking the time to write for all your fans! I can't wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: That makes me so happy! And I'm the one who should be thanking you for taking time to read and review, I appreciate it so much xx

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Review #9, by Snorcacks Dance 

24th February 2015:
I think this chapter encapsulates why I think Hermione is a completely worthless A-hole. She ignores all the things Draco did, horribly violent things, and ignores canon evidence that she knows which proved that Draco wasn't just forced into things but gladly and proudly embraced them until they got difficult. So much so to the point that she abuses and victim blames Ron who accurately remembers all of Malfoy's crimes but then when Draco does something so mild as misleading her its suddenly worth tears. This is either because she values no one, and nothing nearly so much as she does her own feelings.

That or the author is a Draco fangirl and that's why Hermione has been acting so crazy from the start during this part of the storyline. Right now I'm guessing fangirl.

All of that aside I love the rest of your fic. I just wish Hermione would get eaten by Dementors and Ron could find someone with a modicum of love and respect for him.

Author's Response: I completely disagree that Draco gladly and proudly embraced the things he did. He was brought up a certain way and poisoned with all those prejudices from the day he was born. Dumbledore said it quite well, I think: "It matters not what we are born, it's what we grow to be." And Draco was born into certain circumstances, but grew to realize something about him. Not everyone will be as strong and open-minded as say Sirius or Andromeda. But like I've said before, if you want people to change for the better, you have to try and let them. Of course, it's all the worse if it turns out they weren't worth it, and I think tears are very well justified. The person who's wrong here is not Hermione, in my opinion, but Draco. I don't think it's so much her own feelings Hermione is crying about, but the fact that she was hoping someone could change for the better, and he disappointed her.

I'm very glad you like the rest of the story and though I am protesting against what you're saying I really appreciate you sharing your opinion x

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Review #10, by LiviusAuthor 

28th June 2014:
I know how Hermione feels, someone pretending to be your friend when you think the friendship is real. I've been there.
By the way- this story is amazing! I am addicted to this story!

Author's Response: Yeah, I feel very bad for anyone who's been there. It's not much fun.

Thank you so much for your kind words - I'm thrilled to hear that you're enjoying the story! xx

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Review #11, by Liana 

19th January 2014:
I'm curious as to what will happen to Draco. I can imagine that he was just saying those things to his father's old friend and Hermione walked in at the exact wrong time. I hope they work it out. I like Draco in this story.

Author's Response: Draco is so complex... I sort of like him too. And then I don't. And then I feel sorry for him and start liking him again ;)

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Review #12, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

1st November 2013:
Ah HA! I knew it! I knew Malfoy hadn't really changed!! Poor Hermione, though; I know she's really got to be heartbroken over the whole thing, even if she acts like she's not. I think it's really great that Ron is trying to be there for her, even though he doesn't like Malfoy.

I really loved Ginny's birthday party! :) And YAY for another baby for Bill and Fleur! *Squees*

Another amazing chapter, and I'm off to the next! 10/101

Author's Response: Yes, Hermione is going to take it hard. She hates being wrong, and I think it's especially hard when you put your trust in someone and give them a second chance, and just end up looking like an idiot. I like the idea of Ron being the bigger person and just comforting her for once :)

Glad you liked the birthday celebration and and that you're excited about another baby!! ;) I am too!

I'm so glad you enjoyed this! And as always, I can't thank you enough for sticking with this story and continuing to read and review every single chapter. It means so much to me!!

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Review #13, by Livy 

22nd October 2013:
I finally caught up so u need to write faster! This is good stuff I'm so addicted

Author's Response: Haha I'll try ;) I've been sick for the last week and haven't been able to write at all, but since I'm finally starting to feel better I'm going to be able to work on chapter 34 over the next couple of days. I'm so happy that you like the story that much! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #14, by henny1070 

10th October 2013:
When are you gonna upload Chapter 33? it's been more than a week. And why is the page say you upload chapter on 10/7/2013? you obviously didn't.

Author's Response: Chapter 33 is in the queue! Please understand that my life, like anyone's, can get busy and crazy sometimes, and know that I always do my best to update as quickly as possible :) that date is when I last updated, which means when I updated a chapter, i.e. edited and changed errors etc. It doesn't have to mean that it was a whole new chapter. I hope that clears things up!

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Review #15, by jharry1960 

10th October 2013:
Well done. Even if Malfoy was just going along with his family friend and did not mean what he said, Hermione would be justified in her response to his betrayal and cowardice. And the way she is feeling is very much Hermione-ish.

Author's Response: Thank you! I couldn't agree with you more. Sure, Malfoy fell into his old habits, but Hermione has all the right to be upset over it. I'm so glad that you think it was Hermione-ish of her, I'll take that as a compliment!! :D thank you for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #16, by g ygb 

8th October 2013:
great story. I really enjoyed it so far

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that :)

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Review #17, by ... 

8th October 2013:
I love your writing. I searched for a good story about the between years like forever and finally found it in yours. I really hope you keep up with writing, 'cause every story I liked was discontinued halfway, and I'm really starting to believe I'm curesed. Thumbs up for your story

Author's Response: Thank you, that makes me so happy! I'm so glad that you like this version of those years, and I can assure you that I have absolutely no plans on giving up on this. I understand the frustration about getting really into a story and then find that it's been abandoned. But like I said, I have no plans on doing something like that. I'm so happy that you like this, thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #18, by WalnutQuill 

6th October 2013:
I love it! Unlike some other fanfics, you capture the way the characters talk and act really well! I love how you make Ron all awkward, and you've captured the way Hermione speaks perfectly! Keep writing!

Author's Response: That makes me so happy! I am so glad that you think that the characters and their speech is written in a way that you can believe, because that's something very important to me! Thank you for saying that about Hermione too :) and for reading and reviewing, I really appreciate it!

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Review #19, by Hpfff 

5th October 2013:
May I ask when the next wonderful chapter is going up?:)

Author's Response: Of course! I am working on it and I hope I'll be able to post it today or tomorrow. Then there's the queue, but I would guess that it will be validated by the end of this week :)

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Review #20, by Pigwidgeon1 

4th October 2013:
thanks for writing this book i really enjoy reading it and i look forward to the rest.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading! And reviewing! So glad you're enjoying it, and I hope you will continue to :)

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Review #21, by nevilleslonglostbrother 

2nd October 2013:
Okay so here goes... guess what? Another great chapter :). Malfoy being so perfectly nice was beginning to freak me out and it makes sense that he'd still be defensive about his ideology around those close to his family. A leopard doesn't change his spots and it should come as no surprise that he still has that mean streak in his repertoire. I'm looking forward to how you move that particular storyline forward and as a Draco sympathiser I hope that some good comes out of it.

All in all a fabulous chapter and the story is going at great pace! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I'm so happy that you liked this chapter. I'm glad that you found the whole Malfoy thing believable, and as you say, I don't think that he can suddenly become a straight-through good person either. I hope you'll like the continuation of that storyline as well :)

Again, I'm so happy that you liked the chapter and that you're still enjoying the story! And thank you for all your support!!

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Review #22, by FriendofMolly 

2nd October 2013:
Another very enjoyable visit with our favorite Magicals. Well except for Draco's misstep. Perhaps he needs to let the people of his parents generation know that he has seen the light. Poor Hermione. I knew when he was talking that he was appeasing that woman. Maybe Hermione will understand sometime soon

Author's Response: I'm very happy that you liked this chapter! As for Draco, yes, he was clearly being pressured here. Hermione is one person who hates being wrong, though...

Again, thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm so glad that you have stuck with this story for so long!! :)

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Review #23, by Scottieclark 

1st October 2013:
Amazing as always! Waiting for the next one!:) keep it up. You are an amazing writer!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words! It makes me so happy that you like this :) and thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #24, by Thrane 

30th September 2013:
I just started reading last night, and I just could put it down again. Even after I closed my laptop and tried to sleep, I kept thinking about the story for what seems like hours. And now I'm finally up to speed.

I have just read the later chapter and I love it. My favorite part is when Mr. Weasley tries to ask Ginny if Harry proposed, but still tried not to say anything in case he didn't do it on her birthday. I simply loved how George took it all and turned it around. Everyones reaction was so fantastic. I think, I read that part about 5 times :)

But seriously great work, I love it and can't wait till the next chapter is here.

Author's Response: Wow! I feel so flattered that you were so caught up by this story! I am so, so happy that you like it so far :)

Haha, Mr Weasley was trying to be subtle ;) Glad you liked that part! I absolutely love it when people point out their favourite parts so than you so much for that. Glad you liked George as well :)

Thank you so much for this review and for reading this story! It makes me so happy :)

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Review #25, by Aurorofthelight 

30th September 2013:
Another chapter that whacked the top of the Ol brilliance meter!!! Still looking for Harry's proposal to Ginny tho! (I may have to hex you if it isn't in the next chapter)! Looks like Dorko stepped in a proverbial big pile of Thestral poop! That's one foot he didn't want to stick in his mouth -- eeew! Nice touch with the news about baby Dominique to come! George sure was scoring multiple hits with his zingers! Good move by Ron backing off Hermoine. The boy is learning! Can't wait til the next one!!! :D

Author's Response: Aw, I am so happy that you're still enjoying the story and this chapter! Let's just say I'm not going to have to worry about being hexed, then ;) Haha! No, Draco definitely shouldn't have stuck that foot into his mouth!! Glad you liked the news about the pregnancy and George's little comments (those were a lot of fun to write!). Well, Ron has to learn some time, doesn't he? ;) Thank you so much for another lovely and hilarious review, and for sticking with the story!!

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