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Review #1, by Roisin 

20th March 2015:

Man, this was such a lighter chapter after so much heavy. I did much snort-laughing at Scorpius' various commentary. It's so nice to have him back in a quippy mood!

I'm also glad you addressed where Lockett's getting her whiskey from. Like, I had been kind of curious just before where it was all coming from, but it was a very convincing explanation.

I'm super bummed Scorpius and Lockett didn't have a drink together, though. I felt certain, especially since he'd missed his birthday, that that would come up. But, the way he ended it with her was pretty strong. And MAN, if it takes them TWO WEEKS to start having success with patrous(es!) then Lockett's REALLY slacking for a LONG time. Which starts to maybe make me think there isn't something nefarious going on? (I really only suspect Lockett because I feel like I need to suspect /someone/ of /something/ because: fiction).

All in all, the way you lightened things up with TRAINING MONTAGE really worked. It was totally believable (because it feels more like school and more normal), and your changes of tone and pace have just always been well timed.

The stuff about Methuselah has me very very intrigued! Like, at first I thought he'd struggle with patronus(es) because he just isn't very emotional, so sublime joy would be hard to manage, but you've really hinted at maybe a lot more dimension to his character. He actually shows frustration and even anger here, and I'm very curious where it will all go. We're dealing with memories here, so I'm excited to maybe find out more backstory on him!

Man, stopping to leave this review is SO HARD when I want to keep reading!

Author's Response: *plays the Team America montage song*

I think this was the first chapter I wrote after a several-months hiatus - I probably finished off the previous one, but this was the one I came to fresh, and so I needed the whimsy and silliness to get the flow of everyone again.

I don't know what possesses me sometimes to explain the little things like the whiskey, but the explanation seemed to make sense. It would have been good for those two to have a drink together! But alas no.

Methuselah has complexity beyond being the nerd, poor kid.


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Review #2, by Siriuslover177 

20th June 2014:
I am glad you did not make anyone be able to produce the patronus right away. Have them work for it, and not be perfect. I think them working together is really helping everyone, and their moods. Besides for Jones. He really needs to lossen up, and feel this spell. It is not something you can study, and then just do.

*sigh* this teacher really needs to get her act together. She is going to kill herself and everyone else if she does not snap out of whatever funk she is in.

Loving this story so much. Really.


Author's Response: Nah, none of them would get a Patronus right away. Especially not Jones, whose magic is very curt, technical - that and he lacks the life experience, really, to summon a Patronus.

Lockett's messing things up. She's going to need to sort her act out, one way or another.

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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell 

24th October 2013:
Yay! Improvement! Teamwork! Patronuses...Patroni...er, whatever! Hope Methuselah perks up, but itís good to see him run across something that doesnít come so easy to him, just for a bit of a change. I do feel a bit badly for Selena and Scorpius--I hope they find what theyíre best at, what fulfills them. It seems like they handle it well, overall, but it must be disheartening to be competing with a boy with a computer for a brain and the brilliant progeny of the Potter-Weasley clan.

Another great chapter! Itís nice to have a beacon of hope.

Author's Response: Methuselah is good with the thinking but less good with the magic of blood and guts - which is more Albus' forte and it's where Rose beats him (being able to combine both smarts and instinct). Selena and Scorpius will have their fortes, Scorp's being hinted at in this chapter, but the fact remains they'll never be the magical powerhouses that Albus and Rose are, in their respective ways.

Which is fine, because they have other talents to contribute, though Scorpius will forever be a jack of all trades, master of none. In some ways it's disheartening - in some other ways, they value themselves for traits other than their magic, so it's disappointing but not crushing!

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Review #4, by water_lily43175 

5th October 2013:
Scorpius missed his own birthday! Poor thing. I like this - another one of those things that's only a little mention, but serves to remind us that life right now is SO different to what they're used to, that they've totally lost track of days, and real life as a whole.

Oh, poor Nat. Poor, poor Nat. The more I read of her in this, the more I want to run back to Shade, and read about her when she was emotionally HEALTHY. And, you know, WITH CAL. Yes, I am still waving my Cal/Nat flag. Can't believe you deprived me of that Quidditch-team litter of theirs.

Oh, that's so cute that Methuselah is so BOTHERED about not being in the top five best at practical DADA. I mean, it makes sense that he wouldn't be, he seems the type of person who's TOO good with the bookwork and the theory to have really good wandwork skills. If my wording makes sense.

"I'm "Scorp" when I talk in my head, being best friends with myself and all that" - CRYING. In fact, that whole monologue has me in fits of laughter. Good thing I'd just finished my mug of tea, isn't it? Consider this near-payback for snorkelgate.

Selena's super happy. Scorpius and Rose's livestock debate. CRYING SOME MORE. Top marks for this banter, I loves it I does.

Oh, poor Methuselah. Can't produce a Patronus. Of COURSE he can't. I'm with Albus here, his memory probably isn't good enough, but Methuselah refuses to believe it's a problem with HIM, and so blames the magic instead. Or at least, that's what he wants everyone else to think. BLESS HIM. He needs some Selena love right now methinks...

Author's Response: Their lives have gone topsy turvy, so birthdays get left by the wayside (also I totally didn't get outwitted by my own bad calendar planning and turn it into a plot point). Nat is... yes. Her live su-huucks. I can promise that Cal's existence will be acknowledged in Ignite? Not saying more than that.

Methuselah has pride! Methuselah has actual emotional reactions to things! Methuselah is, indeed, almost TOO cerebral, he over-thinks and analyses everything which makes it much harder for him to trust his instincts, which I do imagine would be of great use in magic.

The banter in this one was fun to write. The first time in six months I sat down with all the characters in one room for more than just a briefing off Albus and they refreshingly wrote themselves. Hee, snorkelgate. I'm not even sorry.

Ta for the review!

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Review #5, by missdagane 

30th September 2013:
Poor Methuselah: it's so strange to see him snap at someone. I like how Selena acts with him. Hope to read the next chapter soon (I see it's in the queue, I'm so impatient...).

Author's Response: I'm impatient for the next one too, it's a good 'un if I may say so myself. I have a real soft spot for Methuselah, the boy has hidden depths. As does Selena. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by guilty_pleasures 

28th September 2013:
I'm so glad you've updated so much the last few weeks as I really love this story! Even more excited that you said you'll finish it! Thanks for not leaving us hanging.

Author's Response: It'll get finished. Promise! I'm up to writing the home stretch now. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by kTDOTC 

28th September 2013:
Another great chapter :) x

Author's Response: Cheers! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by AriesGirl40 

28th September 2013:
Scorpiuses talk with Lockett was awesome! You know the saying, let me show you where the bears (Does his business) in the woods. That was Scorpius. He wasn't taking any funny business. Things happened, now it's time to move on and get to the answers. They need Lockett, Scorp knows it.

Good work, see you next chapter.

Author's Response: Scorpius has done a lot of growing up over these chapters. We'll see where that road leads him! And where the rest of them wind up without Lockett...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by LillyRoseanne 

28th September 2013:
That banter had me creased with laughter!!! Love it, love the motivation and the fact that they are finally doing something active :D I forgive you for the absence as every chapter since has been fabulous :D x

Author's Response: I did enjoy the banter in this chapter, it was fun to write! Finally they got their act together, yeah. Guess we'll see how well that works out! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Solana 

28th September 2013:
This was what you'd call a bit of relief after the intense happenings in the last couple of chapters, emotional release I feel all the characters, especially Scorpius, needed. Albus, too, really did need to get things started if they were to keep hope alive.

Scorpius going to Nat was totally awesome! Now, I don't have the background on Nat that many of you do, I know this is her second incarnation and I'll have to read through the first to better understand her. But I'm glad Scorpius thought to try to get through to her, even by bringing her the Firewhiskey. I'm also glad he didn't attempt to drown his own sorrows. I'm proud of him that he's really trying to keep on an even keel.

I do feel so bad for him, though, that even his mother doesn't appear to care about him either.

Wow, Methuselah! We finally get to see some real emotion coming out of him. Everyone has it, even the "brains" of every group. And yes, the way relationships have been building in this story, only Selena has even a slight chance of getting through to him.

Thanks ever so much for keeping up on this, giving us a new chapter so quickly after the last ones. YOu know how much we wanted it! And now, on to more!! :-)

Author's Response: Yeah, the last few chapters were a bit depressing to write, can't imagine how they were to read! But fortunately Scorpius is starting to figure out how to move on, mostly thanks to Albus. Even if his scheme doesn't work out, he's done a lot of good just by giving the kids motivation.

Nat's story is meant to be able to be enjoyed in a self-contained manner in Ignite. If you've read my other stuff (in which she is a decidedly secondary character) then it should be an enjoyable elaboration, but I never want it to be required for Ignite readers to go off and read the Anguisverse if they want to understand this character and her story (not that I'll mind). A lot of what made her how she is happened in the intervening period between stories, and it's that time which Ignite really explores and develops up until the presence.

We'll get to Scorpius' mother some day. In the meantime, there will certainly be more of Methuselah to come - we'll see what's eating him next chapter!

Thanks for reviewing!

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