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23 Reviews Found

Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy 

8th August 2016:
The voice in my head for Pickett (I forgot to mention this earlier) is the guy who does the Scamalot videos on YouTube. Also, this anime-esque story has taken a terrifying turn toward Peach Girl with Appy playing the devious role of Sai Kashiwagi...

These last two chapters are SO PACKED, my head is spinnging. @_@ From drunken 'I love you' to being forced into a situation he did and didn't want. Oh, Al... If only you could be a pygmy puff on the wall of Clemence's life. He has no idea what poop he's put her in. It better hurt.


Author's Response: I imagine Pickett to be from the Scottish coast, but I never entirely nailed down the accent. I had to look up Peach Girl; I can only imagine the horrified look Appy would have if one called her the antagonist, you know, right before she kills you.

I'm also imagining Albus as a pygmy puff.

"It better hurt" -- AHA ♥ my kind of reader.

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Review #2, by randomnickname 

3rd April 2015:
aaah, that familiar feeling when you ook at the clock and suddenly it's almost 5 a.m.
This is excellent, no comments, you've got true wit and grit

Author's Response: Thank you! :3 I'm glad you made it this far. I hope you like the few that remain. I'm going to update with a new chapter soon!

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Review #3, by Miss MarlaG 

19th April 2014:
I'd say this chapter was absolutely perfect if it wasn't for absence of Pickett. The other chapter is already up and i'm gonna read it now, but i gotta tell you - I need some Pickett in my life.

Author's Response: He gets a much bigger role as we head toward the end of the story - a bit of a dark horse character. He's a fav of mine too! Opinion may or may not be influenced by Sam Claflin's face.

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Review #4, by Sakura9879 

8th February 2014:
Holy guacamole! This chapter was heavier than heck! Oh my gosh! The last scene sums up all that I am feeling right now, and I am at such a loss for words I don't even know what to say.

Best of luck with the writing
-Rachel Payne

Author's Response: Ooft, yes, I didn't mean to make it heavy, but it ended up that way. Thanks!

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Review #5, by Failed_and_Forgotten 

31st October 2013:
I honestly don't know what to feel about this chapter. Emotions are overflowing, really. It's like, I feel bad for Clemence, then I kinda hate Albus, then I feel like Appy is half funny half stupid or something.

Like... Oh gosh, how am I supposed to sort out my thoughts? I totally love the idea on the war thing is one. I haven't even thought that something like that could happen or if it would most likely occur in their generation or if Al would have that kind of attitude. I mean, what's their (Clemence and Al) deal? Was there real feelings involved or would they find about it more on later?

This story always leave me with mixed feelings in every end of a chapter. Only a few stories would leave a lasting impression to me and I'm quite glad to say that it includes this one. I'm sure that this story will swarm with my thoughts for a bloody long time. (And that's a compliment. I'm a weird person, I know.)

Anyways, best of luck in this story and I'll be lounging back here to stalk for some new updates. ;)

Author's Response: Ahh, I love sticking my fingers into reader brains and mushing them around a bit :D I think good mixed feelings is a big compliment for this fic, especially when people read despite that. It must be frustrating! Sometimes, as the author, I forget that people don't know the rest of the story that lingers in my head.

I love guesses on every character's intentions! I never really spell it out, and when I do, it's up to you to believe them or not. So what ~is~ Clemence and Albus' deal is totally up to you. It's like Clemence saying she doesn't care. She can say it as much as she wants, but the people around her and us readers can see that's not always true.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! ^__^ I hope you like the update!

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Review #6, by Elise 

21st October 2013:
Love this story, can't wait for the next chapter!!! (9 out of 10 because nobody wants to be perfect)

Author's Response: Thanks! But I think I'd want to be perfect :D

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Review #7, by maya 

12th October 2013:
I have reread this story twice waiting for the next chapter I love it so much! can't wait to see chapter 20!

Author's Response: Thank you! I've had to take a break due to work, but I'm still working on it c:

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Review #8, by Alyce 

11th October 2013:
Oh my god. This story. So happy about the update. Clemence and Al are very...difficult. I kind of support them and then I kind of just stare at them and wonder what the heck is going on with them. The whole Rose vs. Dom thing was...exciting. I seriously ship Scorpius and Pickett together though. Can't wait for the next update. And for Appy to get slapped in the face. god she annoys me.

Author's Response: Difficult is the nice way of putting it :'D Unhealthy, wildly dysfunctional, everything-gratuitous, and ridiculously fun to write and watch--everyone loves a good train wreck.

Pickett's a hot item right now, looking at reviewers! Shipping is split in a bunch of ways. He has a couple of great scenes with Clemence, Dom, and Scorpius coming up in the next few chapters c: I hope everyone is satisfied the way it turns out!

Thank you for reading!

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Review #9, by Penelope Inkwell 

26th September 2013:
Yowza! This chapter is painful, but in a good way, because if you hadnít made me like all these characters so much--despite, or more aptly because of, how screwed up they all are--I obviously wouldnít care what happens to them. But I do, and Iím dying to know what happens next. Iím really looking forward to a little fluff--spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, and all.

I love Clemence. She may be a tad terrifying, but she wears it well. She makes mistakes, and she may be pretty convinced that she doesnít have a good heart, but she does.

This fic is so different in tone and style from any Iíve read before. I really enjoy it. Congratulations on your Dobbys! You totally deserve them : )

Author's Response: I do love making my characters suffer, as much as I love happy endings. Never expected that 8D Fluff is a bit relative in this fic; next chap's certainly Clemence and Albus' most light-hearted interaction in a long long time. And I get to write Potter-Weasley family banter!

It's funny; I personally have few redeeming things to say about Clemence. She's a combination of the traits I dislike the most in myself. But I know she has good qualities--I write them in, so I must know. But I don't really acknowledge them. It's mostly been readers who inform me of them. There's a bit of a heart in that, in that people really do believe and hope she's a good person in the end and that makes me, personally, happy!

Thank you so much! ^__^

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Review #10, by ButtercupBoss 

23rd September 2013:
Ok so this is my first review ever! Exciting stuff, man
I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH! It has witty dialogue, a clever writing style, sexy Albus, an actually original character, a hilarious plot line, sexy Albus, plot twists, oh and who could forget sexy Albus? Haha but seriously it's amazing! Keep it up!
Can't wait for the next chappie - I hope Clemence continues her rebellious streak ! ;)
xoxo didi (:

Author's Response: I see you have the priorities in orders: sexy Albus, storyline, sexy Albus. It's a good thing the plot is relevant to sexy Albus, or we might not have a storyline at all.

Thank you for reading! c: hope you'll like next chapter, when it goes up!

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Review #11, by Addison Pickett. 

19th September 2013:
Good lord, I haven't read a great Al/OC story just like this one (I don't mean carbon copy, but as great quality as this) since Who Knew by the Unwritten Girl. Sure there were other good stories, but I think this one takes the cake. The relationships between the characters aren't stereotypical. The characters do not good guy/bad guy sort of qualities. And, excuse my pop culture reference, you give meaning to the term "blurred lines." No one is a hero, no one is a villain. And that is why I love this story so much (as well as the character of Pickett. Sorry, I have a thing for minor characters, Seamus, Oliver, and Hugo Weasley, just to name a few)

Congrats on the Dobbys. I'm new to HPFF, but I understand this is huge deal. So congratulations. Also, a virtual kiss to Pickett. (I LOVE HIM SO DAMN MUCH!)

Speaking of Pickett... we need more of him. Perhaps shirtless. Or perhaps together with Dominique. Perhaps even both.


Shirtless Pickett is just a suggestion, but it would still be nice to read about him.

Also, I'd like to thank you for giving me two new OTPs. Clembus (Almence?) and Domkett (Picinique? Wait, that sounds like picnic. Oh well.)

Thanks for reading my review sweetie. (I have a habit of calling people sweetie.) And have a happy life.

Author's Response: Wah, thank you so much! Breaking archetypes is what I love to do most. I get so frustrated with teen archetypes, too. This is a story from the mean girl's point of view but she isn't so mean as much as a combination of cynicism, ambition, and her own philosophies--and that's the point. There's much more dimension to people than good girls always being the voice of reason or bad girls always being moralless and vindictive. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone bleeds, both sides of a conflict can make sense.

I love my minor characters the most too :') my first HP love is Oliver. He takes off his shirt a lot in my first fic. I had a lot of priorities back then. Pickett is mah darling in this story, but I have a feeling if he tries to take off his shirt, he'd somehow get stuck. Which is more ogling for everyone else, I suppose :'D


♥ and thank you for reading my fic!

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Review #12, by LemonSkulls  

18th September 2013:
This chapter was amazing, just like every other chapter :) I'm excited to see #clembus take down the qga now!

(i also love Dom)

(and Appy still scares me a little)

Author's Response: Thanks! c: Aha, bringing out the hashtags now, eh? Appy scares me /a lot/, so you're in better shape than I am.

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Review #13, by nextgenerationcuriosity 

17th September 2013:
and the plot thickens. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Like gelatin! Thanks for reading! c:

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Review #14, by Back in Black 

15th September 2013:
So addicted to this story!

Author's Response: Glad you like it! ^__^

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Review #15, by radicalrose 

15th September 2013:
Yay! An update :). I love this story, and I look forward to seeing how the story continues to unfold. Please post again soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll try :)

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Review #16, by patronus_charm 

14th September 2013:
Yay Domís back in the house! Iíve missed her being around as sheís such a laugh and just generally annoying but in a good way! When Clemence was apologising to her it was such a great sign of their friendship and made me feel all warm and gushy about them being friends again and all that stuff. I think the end part of that section really cemented that fact ;)

These girls are really awful! The whole wand drawing and constant questioning, if I was Clemence I would just set Rita on them because it would sort them out. I really love Clemence here because sheís still trying to be all head strong but then thereís a sense of vulnerability and gah sheís just adorable. ♥ The flashback though was truly heart-breaking and her following thoughts and emotions towards Albus were really fitting!

Ooh an update on the Team Rose/Team Dom front! I almost want them to join together and create a super power so they can take Appy and all her dim-witted followers! That would be so awesome, possibly even better than the Battle of Hogwarts. I guess I can see Domís point, and I like the scenes discussing Rose because, again, seeing the vulnerable side of her is adorable and makes me closer to her when she isnít all harsh and domineering.

Clemence is really famous now getting interviewed and everything. I hope this article does sort its self out and that the newspaper doesnít go downhill because she really does need a morale booster after that last encounter. Sheís just so evil and eurgh I just want to rant about her evilness but that would get boring and repetitive so Iíll just stick to doing it mentally.

The last scene. ♥ I think my heart might have broken over that situation it was just so sad to see them like that. They were like injured kittens (weird comparison but works in my mind), though I felt as if both of them, well certainly Clemence, had this fighting spirit about them and how they really are going to take them all down now.

Look at me all caught up and everything now! I can now see it was a brilliant chapter and I canít wait for the next update :D


Author's Response: Bahaha that is my exact sentiments about Dom. Annoying in a good way--my own charm with my friends, I'd like to think :P I have a friend who I cannot get too mushy with at all. Sometimes, we're like, 'why can't we?' and we try for like, two sentences and our cringe faces come on, and we remember why we don't share ~feelings~ ever. That went into that scene 8D

Oh no Rita is definitely a better liar than an aunt, unfortunately xD I also have a habit of writing main characters who are overly independent, and I don't think Clemence would appreciate anyone swooping in, outside of Dom and Pickett. I'm glad you pick up on her vulnerabilities; I was thinking to myself, how do I show that she's not fine but she thinks she's fine despite every piece of evidence telling her that she's not? Even at the end of the panic attack, she refuses Albus' help, refuses to acknowledge she has a problem.

Ooh the interview is a bit of a ploy. Janey's part of Witchy Business staff, so Clemence is manufacturing her own PR. When you have a monopoly on the school's newspaper business, you take advantage of it 8D

Wah, injured kittens! Now that's a play for my heart. It's a desperate, reluctant, angry fighting spirit but a fighting spirit indeed!

♥ Kiana, thank you so much for reading and reviewing the whole story; it's been amazing to follow your thoughts and your crazy sleep-deprived nights :D

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Review #17, by heartjily4ever 

14th September 2013:
Congrats on the Dobby wins.
I like this chapter. It seems more serious, and gives a lot more information on the true evilness of Appy. The gloop sounds disgusting, and not something I would wish on anyone.
I can't wait for the Valentines chapter. Lovey dovey may be cheesy, but no one can really resist it.

Author's Response: Thanks! Appy's brand of evil is even a little more insidious than this chapter shows; she plays the part of the good girl in her story, after all. She can't go around dumping gloop on Clemence every day (but she'd say Clemence deserved it this time).

It's a two parter! The next chapter is the first pre-Valentine's day stuff, actually, but it gets a lot of things going.

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Review #18, by newgenerationlover 

5th September 2013:
Love the chapter and I am so glad you finally updated. However, even though I have liked the time-chapters these last two chapters, I like the normal kind better, this just seems a little choppy. Please update soon and hopefully there will be some more developments between Albus and Clemence. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I agree, the idea sounded better in my mind :P I just had too many things I wanted to say! Next chapter'll have lots of fun stuff though c:

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Review #19, by Flying mandarin 

5th September 2013:
Wow, great chapter! It has such depth and motives and it's just like teenage war I love it :) Are the dobbys over what? I'd love to vote aswell

Author's Response: Thanks! :) The Dobbys are over, unfortunately. The winners are up! They have these awards annually this time of the year, if you want to vote next year.

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Review #20, by Evangeline August 

5th September 2013:
I'm speechless. So many things to say but at the same time, less things to give out.

Appy is a b*tch. I think Dom is a miracle? Clemence is my Wonder Woman and I need her to kick Albus at his bottom, which she somehow did in this chapter...BUT I WANT MORE OF THAT.

Girl Power. Booo yaahhh~

Go Team Clemence, rock on people!

This PG12 rating is killing me. hahah

Author's Response: I APPRECIATE THE CHEERS. I actually wrote these last two chapters as the extra ~girl power~ chapters; they're clearly the true rulers of the school, even the crazy ones.


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Review #21, by Courtney 

5th September 2013:
I know that you're trying to show that both Dom and Rose are equally as bad as each other and too concerned and caught up in their reputations. But I have to say that I still see Dom as more at fault and really dislike her. From what I remember (although it has been a while since I read the earlier chapters), this whole thing started because Dom (with the willing approval of Scorpius it seemed) publicly humiliated Rose and rubbed in Rose's face the fact that Scorpius never loved her, etc. That's pretty low and I don't really see how Scorpius can be as nice as you are portraying him if he really knew what Dom was going to do and was fine with it, especially as it seems like Rose was supportive (despite her obvious hurt) about his being gay, at least in private. He didn't ever seem to be mad at Dom for using him to hurt Rose like that, so it seems like he didn't care or was aware of that plan. Or perhaps he just too self-absorbed that he doesn't notice was happens to anyone else and is just trying to avoid helping as well as hurting anyone. So even though you are trying to show him as an innocent victim in their warfare, he treated Rose like crap. I mean they were in a long-term relationship and seemed to at least be good friends so I think she deserves a lot better than he treated her, even if he wasn't in love with her romantically, he still should have cared that his whole thing with Dom was bothering her and that he was publicly flaunting their relationship problems to make her look bad. And I know that Rose has acted just as bad as Dom in this whole warfare but I guess for me, Dom seems more malicious and way too bitter and hung up on destroying Rose's life and reputation and I don't really like or respect her very much.
While Clem is also selfish and doesn't seem to care that much about hurting others (though that seems to have changed at times), she is at least more interesting. And I am interested to see how she thinks she'll be able to get so intimate with Al and not be affected at all as she is already caught up at least sexually. Al's groupies are scary in their obsession and willingness to turn violent and I feel bad for Clem having to go through that. I think Al should confront them and make it clear that he would never date them if they hurt Clem, though who knows if that would help anything. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback! I personally like to think of Dom and Rose as equally bad, but it doesn't need to be the same for readers! They've each done bad things and some might seem worse than others. I will say that Clemence's point of view is biased. She's very insecure about her relationship with Dom, and she hardly truly criticizes her; she generally lets her be, in fear of losing her if she pushes too hard. So I wouldn't necessarily forgive what Dom does, but Clemence will.

Scorpius is more of someone who's being pushed around. He did let Dom print her article, but I don't think he had the guts to say no anyway. He might be a victim but I try to portray him as a pretty pathetic one. He can't stand up for himself, and he made a lot of problems worse. The big question to consider, concerning his and Rose's relationship, is: how long has Rose known that he's gay? The relationship between him and Rose might not be much closer than him and Dom. Rose, too, has a very assertive personality, and she might have forced some ideas on him, thinking it was for his own good *hint hint for anyone reading review responses*.

There's a lot of Clemence and Al coming up, to make up for the lack of such recently ^__^ excited to write it! Everyone's watching now!

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Review #22, by AlexFan 

4th September 2013:
I think it's safe to say that you've scared me. Honestly, I was actually a little bit frightened by everything that happened. You've captured the psychotic fangirls that some celebrities have so perfectly, it's amazing.

The ending though left me feeling that NOW was when the war started and that things would get a little bit more fun while still being serious.

I feel like I'm walking through a battlefield while I read this, I swear I do and now I've got to prepare for the real battle. The one where I make sure that I make it out of this story with my feels undestroyed.

Brilliant as usual (and congrats on the Dobby's!)

Author's Response: Psychotic fangirls are morbidly interesting to me, but then I'm a pretty rabid one, too 8D That's probably why.

The necessity of these two chapter was mostly so I could setup everything for the future chapters, all the current heightened emotions and where loyalties lie and bringing up some old things that slipped through the cracks. Probably overwrote it a bit, alas, but indeed ~THIS~ is when the war starts, hehehe.

Thank you! ^__^

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Review #23, by Gryffy Girl917 

4th September 2013:
Another great chapter. I think Albus may actually like Clemence and that's what he was half saying earlier when he was talking about romantic tragedies and such. I think he was originally just using taking down QGA as an excuse to be around her, and now he's upset because she's being hurt because of him but he doesn't want to give up his chance with her. Clemence is just too cynical to see it. Looking forward to the next update!

Author's Response: A lot of the emotions in this chapter are more subtle than previously; no one says what they really feel out loud, and there's a lot of dodging questions and unfinished!! sentences, so speculate away on that :D Thanks for reading!

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