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Review #1, by Historyrepeats 

6th May 2016:
Great start to my favourite of your stories.
Love the introduction to Fitz!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, this one is my favorite too. I love Fitz ;)

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Review #2, by bittersweetflames 

20th June 2015:
Shame on me. Haven't read and reviewed this. Although I always meant to.

Molly! Molly! Molly! She's one of those next-gen characters that I haven't really thought a lot about but you have managed, just in this chapter alone, to make me love her. She's fun, she's engaging, she's smart and she's talented but she's not without her flaws and failures. Which is why, hello, I really enjoyed this. You managed to characterise Molly really fast and I could not wait to see more of what would happen to her. That she's being scouted to be the new Keeper of a different team made me think. She's probably thirsting for the challenge but she really wants to keep her loyalty where she's at. That I would think I understand her so well is to your strength as a writer so thank you. Then there's Riordan. Riordan is just so interesting. He seems so temperamental and angry and, oooh! I just CANNOT wait to see what happens next. I can feel that he would have a difficult time with Molly and vice versa but I bet it would be a truly engaging read. Although I really could not blame him for being angry. A rising star that had his star sunk AND not learning anything from an old coach that was nothing short of incompetent? He's probably feeling whole bucketloads of panic along with that anger.
And then there's Mariah Walden. Intrigue. Who's Mariah Walden? The way you wrote it made me feel as though she's someone that used to be part of Riordan's life. I cannot wait for it.

House Cup 2015 Amazing Race Part 2, Ravenclaw

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Review #3, by slytherinchica08 

30th April 2015:
Figured I would start off my reviewing challenge right by finally coming by sand reading this story. And boy am I glad I did. I had completely forgotten just how much I enjoy your characterization! Each person that you introduce is completely fresh compared to what we are normally presented with and I think it's absolutely wonderful. I also really loved how we got a look into more then one persons view, I think that it really adds to the story and helps me understand the characters much better. I thought this first chapter was really well done and did a great job of settng up the story. It gave me enough information to feel comfortable with the world you were presenting as well as leaving many open questions that I want answered and making me interested to read more of the story to find out. I feel like this review is rather rubbish but as I'm about to fall asleep I figure I'll leave it here. Great chapter!


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Review #4, by The Basilisk 

24th March 2015:
Hello WTM! It'ss the Basilisssk.

I absolutely love this story, goodness me! You're a wonderful writer and if I could scoop up your writing talent and run off with it I definitely would. Alas, that's not an option. Instead I'll just read your work. :P

One of the things I love about your writing is that everything is so well rounded. You know the saying "jack of all trades, master of none"? I'd call you more of a "jack of all trades, master of all", haha. From the way you have a nice mix between humour and angst, while still making everything believable; to the way your characters develop in a real way, letting us get to know them and empathise with them to the point where it seems like every one is a MC and we want a story for all of them, and it emulates real life where you are constantly aware that each and every person has an important backstory, even if we don't know it; to the way the words just flow, making for light, easy reading. (Holy heck that was a long sentence.)

You are, without question, one of my favourite authors on the site.

(Molly and her mohawk, oh my gosh. I can just imagine it now! I'm only giggling a little...)

(I've decided to post 44 reviews over the next little while. Each one of them has a character at the bottom. If you can find all 44 reviews (not all are out yet, so keep your eyes peeled) and rearrange the letters into a quote from Harry Potter and PM it to WriteYourHeartOut on the forums you could win a donation to HPFF in your name! There's a topic in the Off Topic Section if you want to collaborate your efforts!

Anyway, I'm very glad to have gotten the chance to read thisss, ssso thank you for the amazing read.
The Basilisk


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Review #5, by Shinicha 

27th November 2014:
Great! I love stories that are set in one universe :) I'm sorry to keep my reviews short - your stories are perfect anyway, so I hope it suffices to say: love it!!

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Review #6, by UnluckyStar57 

1st August 2014:
Hallo! :D

So, I've never tried my hand at graphics, and I can't offer to clean your house or give you 20% off at the store where I work, so instead I'm going to review-bomb you! I'm sure you'll get a lot of reviews in this 24-hour period, and I know that you deserve every single one of them. (Even though they're going to be a pain and a joy to answer, I'm sure!)

I've got to start off this review (well, the real part of the review) with a confession: I've been keeping up with this story ever since you started posting it. I read the Midnight Run series, as well as the spin-off about Roxy, Hilarion, Perry, and Lucy, so I'm pretty familiar with everything. But I think that this one is probably my favorite of all of those. I just love how different Molly is from how she's normally portrayed--not only is she a Quidditch player, but she also has a MOHAWK! And on top of that, she's super smart, super organized, and super good at being a leader.

I am absolutely in awe of your mad writing skills. You've got a definite knack for action, description, and character interaction, which moves the plot along nicely. I can see the development of the friction-generating relationship between Molly and Fitz in this chapter almost before it even starts. :)

Sad to say, because I don't have as much time as I'd like, these reviews will not be as long as I'd like them to be. And if I can't finish them all before 24 hours have elapsed, then I will get them finished before the end of next week. You deserve praise and adoration, for you are WeasleyTwinMom, only the coolest Head of House ever! :D

So, onward!


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Review #7, by patronus_charm 

1st August 2014:
Yay Iím so glad that I can finally read this as Iíve heard so many good things about it!

Molly, Molly, Molly ♥ I donít know what to say about her other than her being completely fab and that I love her and want to meet her and for her to become my friend as it would just be so cool and yeah. I always imagined Quidditch players being a little quirky and she fitted right in with that image with the way she had a dyed Mohawk, that small touch was just such a good one.

The Quidditch talk was really interesting with the way it seems as if the Quidditch is going to be potentially shaken up with the reformed Pride of Portree team. I canít wait to see whatís the meaning behind all of these plans and whether this is based upon any old rivalries or anything like that. Though right now Iím not sure if I should be looking forward to seeing the Harpyís reaction to Molly being poached from them.

Your characterisation throughout this chapter was really fantastic and each character was really well developed and I got such a strong sense of them I canít wait to read more about them and see what they get up to. McCormack is definitely the one intriguing me the most because she definitely is a woman on a mission.

Great first chapter :D


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Review #8, by AlexFan 

23rd July 2014:
I've been hearing quite a bit about this story and it sounded really interesting so of course I'm going to be stopping by (and I'll be reviewing as I go so that I don't forget anything).

From the moment that you mentioned leather and mohawk I knew that Molly was probably going to be metal as fudge. I love how she's completely confident with her appearance and knows that it's not the most important thing as a Quidditch player.

This Meghan woman sounds like she plays a tough game. I mean, it's a little insane to fire half your team and their reserves but it sounds like she knows exactly what she's doing and what she's in for. Molly sounds like a great option for captain of the team actually, with that school record of hers she really is suited for positions of leadership.

Riordan is being a little too harsh, there's plenty of Quidditch talent out there but it's just sitting on the bench. Of course he thinks that just because it's a reserve player that they're going to be no good but he can't really judge since you don't often get to see reserve players play. And besides, it's not like the Pride of Portree could do any worse with these new players, the old team was almost as bad as the Chudley Cannons for chrissakes!

I'm obviously going to have to read the Midnight Run trilogy because otherwise I just won't feel right but other than that, I'm excited to read the rest of this story!

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Review #9, by Veritaserum27 

12th July 2014:

I thought I would give this a go. I thoroughly enjoyed this first chapter. I like your version of Molly - intelligent, clever and "stylish." She's confident, but not arrogant (at least it doesn't seem so from this first chapter). Usually Molly is portrayed as intelligent, but super-annoying so this is refreshing. It looks like you've set the stage for some interesting conflict between Fitz and what I am assuming is his ex-girlfriend. In addition, there are a lot of new personalities coming together in a highly-charged slightly stressful situation. Makes for a good story and a lot of drama. I can't wait to see the purple mowhawk - or maybe Molly will adopt a totally different hairstyle for the Harpies!

House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #10, by TidalDragon 

11th July 2014:
Howdy! I've seen you posting statuses about this story, and having become quite burnt out on reviewing one-shots this week, I figured a Quidditch-based novel would be a good change of pace!

As it turns out, indeed it was! I haven't read any of the stories mentioned in your A/N, but I was struck right off the top how clear and well-defined the characters are. Molly is immediately interesting - with her distinctive hair, you'd fancy her to be a rebel from the word go, but as you lay out in her background, she's anything but (or seems to be right now).

Meghan certainly seems shrewd. She's struck fast with the element of surprise on the other managers around the league hasn't she? The thing I perhaps like most about her already though is that she's a female character in a big role in sport. I have always wondered whether the Harpies are proof of past (or lingering) problems with sexism in Quidditch or whether they're a shining beacon symbolizing how equally both genders fare in the sport. If Meghan is any indication, it's the latter in your world, and I think that makes things interesting when comparing it to how things are in our world.

I also enjoyed Fitz. He was a nice change of pace from the other characters and while he seems like a potential hothead with a side-order of frantic, he's readily differentiable from the other two that featured most prominently and he's distinctive.

As well as you did the characters, the plot was still very clear and stuck out as well! I'm very interested to carry on and see how the story develops!

House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #11, by marauderfan 

10th July 2014:
Hi WTM! I always enjoy reading your work so this was a great reminder to come by and read more of it ;)

I must say, after having read Unsinkable, this is quite a change, despite the main characters of both having the same name :P Molly II is FABULOUS. Seriously, from the first line with her wearing leather and styling her hair in a green mohawk... haha. I can't imagine Molly I is too thrilled with her style choices, and probably laments the fact that Molly II wears punk leather instead of lovingly knitted Weasley sweaters. Such is life. I digress. Anyway, I love that she's got this rebellious style AND was Head Girl at Hogwarts and got 12 NEWTs. She basically defies all stereotypes. Love her.

Poor girl though, that must be hard realising your dream job is not what you dreamed. That's a really important decision to make on the spot, so good for her! I love that she's planning to dye her mohawk purple for joining the Prides :D

Megan McCormack seems like an interesting character who's willing to take a lot of risks. I suppose at that point the team didn't have much to lose, if they were tied with the Chudley Cannons! Well, only time will tell whether it was wise or incredibly foolish of her to fire half the team and then steal reserves from the other teams. She's definitely crafty.

And Fitz certainly seems to be in an unwelcome situation, having to train all these new people when he doesn't have much experience training. I can see why he'd be furious with McCormack! Especially so because it sounds like she hired his ex, as well.

Great introductions to all your characters, and this looks like an entertaining story so far!!

House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #12, by nott theodore 

9th July 2014:
Hi WTM! I thought that it was about time I came and left some reviews for our lovely staffers while I'm in the middle of this reviewing frenzy, and this story has been something I've wanted to read for a while, even though I've not had chance to read the Midnight Run series yet.

This is the first time in any next generation story I've read that I've seen Molly characterised the way she is here - not only a Quidditch player, but a bit of a punk - a Quidditch player with a green mohawk! It's so original and made me intrigued in the story straight away with the description at the beginning which told us about her appearance but also the situation Molly's been in with regards to getting to play Quidditch.

I love the set up in this chapter already! The meeting was with McCormack was so well written and I thought the dialogue was great, because it seemed so believable. It's exciting that Molly's going to captain the new team! Fitz was an interesting character too, and I could understand his frustration at being told he's got half of the training season to sort out a whole new team of players who've come from all over as reserves - it's not going to be easy! I'm looking forward to seeing what's going to happen next!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: I'm still playing catch-up from the review frenzy! I swear I got more reviews during the Cup than I have all year. It's definitely made me super happy :D

This story should be okay on its own, without having read the Midnight Run series. It falls into the same world, but all of this story is after the Midnight Run ones and I tried to make it a stand-alone.

I haven't seen a version of Molly like mine either - she's an OCD Head Girl type as well as dressing in leather and running around with a mohawk and being a "cool" type instead of totally nerdy.

I liked writing McCormack. First chapters are usually the hardest to write for me, but this one came along pretty easily so I'm glad you thought it read well. Fitz really has his work cut out for him, even if he'd been an experienced coach which he certainly is not.

Thanks so much for reviewing! You are a beast, your review total for the Cup was insane! :)

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Review #13, by PolyJuice_ 

29th June 2014:

So, you're a wonderful writer, aah. I loved the way that, even in only 3.3k, you managed to introduce all the characters. I've never read the MR trilogy, but after this I think I'll have a look, because I loved this chapter.

A green mohawk? Heck yeah, Molly. Lovin' her already. I loved the way Fitz was hesitant (might be an understatement ;) ) about the changes made to the team and even more so about the new recruits. I can already tell he's gonna be a handful, haha.

I'm dead excited to see where you're going with this, on to the next chapter~


Author's Response: OH MY GOD THANK YOU YOU'RE THE BEST! *hugs you*

Aww you're too kind *blushes* The MR stories are from Rose's perspective, but Molly appears several times in the first two stories.

Molly's a bit punk and a lot Good Girl haha. Hesitant is one word for it! He's definitely a handful.

Thank you so much for reviewing! I got very excited seeing your reviews :D

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Review #14, by LightLeviosa5443 

15th April 2014:
Hi WTM!! ♥

I always see you posting about Pride of Portree so I decided to finally come read it and oh my merlin am I so glad that I did. This story is so wonderful!!! I don't even know where to start with this review. I think I'm just going to re-read it and comment as I go along!

I love the way you've described Molly, that you CHOSE Molly!! I love the way she dresses, and acts and thinks. I love how she rationalizes things, and I am in love with the way she's confident but yet it feels like maybe she's not at the same time. I'm just in love with her so far. Plus, that mohawk is genius. I have a feeling this meeting is going to be great. Um, yes. Haha, trying to stay calm. I'd totally fangirl. No shame. I love that McCormack asked if she'd dye her hair. So great. I'm so happy that Molly is going to be Captain too. Oh I'm so excited about this story already.

I love Fitz. I'm so anxious to see how his relationship with Molly develops. I can tell from the way he's speaking and talking that he's going to be tough on the whole team. But part of me is wondering if he'll be even tougher (is that a word?) or nicer to Molly. I'm also curious about what's going on with Mariah Waldman. Did they date? Is this going to be a love triangle thing? I feel like I've been missing out not reading this sooner. Wait. Maybe reading the genre's of this will help me figure it out. I don't know. I'm babbling.

I love this story. Excuse me while I review every chapter. (because what's studying for class?)

xoxo Sarah ♥

Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

Author's Response: I'm so sorry it took me a month to respond to your reviews. I don't even have a good enough excuse!

I'm so glad you came by and started reading! I hope you continue to enjoy the story as it progresses :)

Molly was a side character in my Rose stories and then in "Sparks", so giving her her own story seemed inevitable at some point. The mohawk is sort of famous amongst her cousins. She's fun to write, cause she's so different from how I write Rose.

Fitz is sort of tough, isn't he? I don't think he'd do it intentionally, more of he thinks it's how it should be done, if that makes sense. No love triangles, I'm not a big fan of those as a plot device. You'll see about Mariah soon ;)

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Bigfan 

30th December 2013:
This looks like it will be very interesting! I hope you are a frequent updater because I happen to be slightly obsessive and impatient when it comes to great stories and this one looks very promising!

Author's Response: I try to update regularly - sometimes it gets away from me. But I am compulsive about finishing stories, so no fears - it will get done. :) Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you liked it so far.

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Review #16, by Secret Santa-Claw 

17th December 2013:
Ho ho ho, Secret Santa-claws here with the first of your Ravenclaw Christmas gifts :)

I really enjoyed this opening chapter! I particularly loved your original portrayal of Molly Weasley in this, and that she is the main character. I am used to seeing her as a background character and being portrayed as a bit of a mini Percy, so I was intrigued by the description of her in the very first paragraph - as far from a mini-percy as you could get! I thought it was great that while her appearance is not what you would expect from Percy's daughter, she still has some very Percy-like qualities. For example, her logical thought processes about the move to a floundering team, her academic back ground and exam results etc. I found it awesome that she was neither a (female) clone nor the complete opposite - you have given her a more realistic character here :)

I also like the OC's you've introduced here; Fitz, Max and McCormack seem like interesting characters and I look forward to seeing how they develop as the story continues :) I am particularly interested in Fitz, and the snippets of his back story have me intrigued - is this covered in more detail later in the story, or is it in the Midnight Run trilogy? Either way I am excited to read about his story :)

I've not read a Quidditch based story before, and if I am honest I've not really been drawn to them before. However, this seems a very interesting premise for a story and I am intrigued as to where it leads :D

All-in-all, a great opening chapter that I really enjoyed reading and look forward to reading on!

-Secret Santa-Claw ♥

Author's Response: Hiya and thank you so much for reviewing!

I'm glad you're enjoying the opening salvo - I wrote Molly as a background character a few times in the Rose stories I write, then with a slightly larger role in "Sparks", so it felt time to give her her own story. She's got a lot of Percy's meticulousness, ambition, and feeling of always being right ;) Her aesthetic is more of her uncle Bill's "cool" though, with the leather, dyed hair, mohawk, and postmodern style. She's fun to write.

More about Fitz's backstory will come out throughout the story, yes. This is his first appearance in a story. Same for his buddy Max, and for Meghan McCormack, who is actually a canon character. I love developing OCs, so I'm always happy when readers like them too.

It's both a romance and a sports story. I'm not super experienced with writing sports (or for that matter, with watching them), so I'm hoping that aspect of the plot turns out.

Thanks again for reviewing, and I'm sorry for the delayed response!

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Review #17, by CambAngst 

15th October 2013:
Hi, there! It's been quite a while since I've checked out any of your writing and the story description for this one really roped me in. I love a good Quidditch story.

Right from the outset, I got a chuckle out of this. Tight black leather trousers, tall dragonhide boots, and a silky top in a rather glaring shade of green. Is it bad that the first thing that popped into my head was, "I wonder whether she borrowed those trousers from her Aunt Hermione?" Seriously, though, you immediately created a striking persona for Molly, one that flies in the face of the vast majority of the Next Gen characterizations of her that I've read. There's nothing bookish, snobby or church-mousey about this Molly Weasley. One wonders what Percy makes of his eldest daughter and her unconventional fashion sense.

At the same time, there's a conservatism and vulnerability to her that helped to balance out the character. She isn't completely sure of what she's doing. She seems very nervous about it, actually. There's a real conflict between the security of her backup role in Holyhead and the thrill of taking a flyer on a starting job in Portree. In spite of her "bad girl" image, she doesn't want to upset her team by being disloyal. Maybe she really is Percy's daughter after all.

I loved the way that you worked a lot of her back story into the dinner scene and made it feel completely natural. If Molly had been saying or thinking all of those facts about her Hogwarts and Junior League career, it would have felt awkward and forced. Instead, you just made it seem like Meghan McCormack has really been doing her homework. Very nicely done!

Riordan Fitzroy was really well crafted, for my tastes. His situation fits so well with the narrative you've built around the rest of the team. A former star player whose career ended far too soon, thrust into the head coaching role with little or no experience and handed a completely rebuilt team. I love it. The Prides are basically going to be the Bad News Bears of professional Quidditch! I would also be completely remiss if I didn't highlight this line: ďNo wonder he started wearing his underpants on his head, then. Love it! Hmmnnn... Seems that Fitz and this Waldman lady have some sort of history. I'm curious whether she's a player or a coach.

First chapters are never easy, and I thought you did a great job with this one! I'll definitely be back.

Author's Response: Hi there! I hope you like the story. Hopefully I can do Quidditch justice - I'm not an especially sporty person, but I do my best to write it.

Ah Leather Pants Hermione. She's a queue classic. Right along with Leather Pants Draco. haha. But no, this is because this is how I've written Molly in the Next Gen "Midnight Run" and its spinoffs. So now she's got her own story after making brief appearances in Rose's POV and slightly more appearances in Roxanne and Lucy's POVs. Don't worry, Percy is very proud of her for being both rule-abiding and "cool" ;) What he probably wishes he'd been, more like Bill. Molly's avant garde and dresses punk, but she's not a bad girl. Quite the opposite. Head Girl in her day, after all.

Jumping ship from Holyhead is a scary thing for her. Rose remarks (in the second Midnight Run novel I think it was) that Molly wants to be Aunt Ginny 25 years ago, and Roxanne wants to be Aunt Ginny now. Ginny played professionally for the Harpies - and not as a reserve player. So leaving that dream behind to make something new is a scary thing. For all her modern art tastes and punk clothes, Molly likes to take a sure bet rather than take a chance. And she definitely doesn't want to be disloyal. Such a Weasley about that ;) Some of Molly's backstory (the Head Girl thing in particular) was brought up during the Midnight Run stories, but I wanted this to be able to be a stand-alone story so I got it in here as well.

I'm glad you liked Fitz! The Prides are a bit of Bad News Bears, aren't they? You'll see Waldman soon ;) and find out who she is.

First chapters are definitely tough to write. Thanks so much for the lovely review! I really appreciate it.

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Review #18, by Hope's Mom 

3rd October 2013:
I am sorry that I missed this when it first went up - I look forward to seeing old friends from your other stories and meeting new ones! Molly seems like a pretty tough customer (as does the new coach). I look forward to reading more - thank you!

Author's Response: No problem - I'm always happy to hear from reviewers no matter when they stop by :) It's nice to see you back! I hope you like this story. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by TheGoldenKneazle 

1st October 2013:
YAYAYAY MORE MIDNIGHT RUN UNIVERSE ♥ I love your writing and characters so much; Molly and Quidditch is an excellent new addition to the family, I am so excited to find out more! As a Quidditch fanatic, all the team references in this were so brilliant. I am really looking forward to more Fitz, too ;) and EEP tension turning up already?! TNPoP is like Christmas come early in my reading terms XD

Author's Response: Yay I'm glad you're here and reading! I hope you enjoy this outing of Midnight Run next genners. I'm glad you like my new addition there, Fitz. Tension will (hopefully) run high for a while. Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #20, by navyfail 

22nd September 2013:
I haven't read the Midnight Run series so I wouldn't know who Lucy and Hilarion are.

I have to say I always love a quidditch story. And Percy's daughter being the keeper? Well, that just makes things a whole lot more interesting. The hairdo bit is interesting. I do get what she means by standing out and all. I also like that you can see Moly's passion to Quidditch.

Second off, kudos to you on point of view switching. Sometimes it gets a little confusing when authors do that but you managed to pull that off very well.

The ending has got me waiting for more. And I wonder who this Mariah is? *winkwinknudgenudge*


Author's Response: That's okay, you don't need to have read the rest to follow this story. Hopefully. If I'm ever unclear about a backstory, just poke me in a review and I'll fix it. Lucy and Hilarion's story is in "Sparks", if you do want to read it. :)

I think Percy would really love having a kid who's talented at Quidditch. He seems to be the only Weasley with a lot of interest in the sport but no talent, the poor guy. Molly likes to be a leader. She has a talent for it, but it's also a facet of herself she finds appealing and likes to focus on. She does love Quidditch.

Thank you! I like featuring several points of view in a third-person, and I try to make it obvious when switching without being obtrusive.

Mariah will be coming soon ;) Thank you so much for the kind review, I'm glad you like the story so far!

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Review #21, by toomanycurls 

13th September 2013:
This is an amazing chapter. I haven't followed all of the JKR reveals in the past few years so I had to do a fast 'huh' and check out Molly Weasley. Then this made perfect sense.

I love how she's depicted. I can only imagine how horrified Percy must be to have a daughter who plays quidditch and has a mohawk. She kind of reminds me of Lisbeth Salander from the Millennium Trilogy. ^_^ Though, hopefully Molly doesn't have the same tragic past.

I really like that you used familiar surnames for the characters. It completely fits that McCormack's daughter would be a professional quidditch player. I like the other OCs here - they're developed enough to feel real without being over-developed for an introduction.

^_^ definitely reading the new chappy!

Author's Response: Ah yes - Molly is the elder daughter of Percy and Audrey Weasley. Her sister is Lucy. I follow the canon Weasley family tree that JKR drew up for the Next Gen kids, and then I pair them up how I like them ;) Victoire (Bill's daughter) and Teddy Lupin are married and have several kids at this point. Rose is together with Scorpius Malfoy and has a kid, though they're not married. I've got three novels and several shorter pieces on those two.

Percy is not so pleased with the wild hair, but he overlooks it because she's a successful, professional Quidditch player, former prefect and Head Girl, and all that he's very pleased with. Percy was a big Quidditch fan in canon so I think he'd be chuffed that he was the only one of the Weasley kids to produce a pro player (Ginny having retired by this point). I haven't read the Lisbeth Salander books, so I don't really have a comment for that. :)

Meghan McCormack is a canon character (from Quidditch Through the Ages), who played for Pride of Portree in the 1990s. Her mother Catriona also played for the Prides, as Chaser and captain, and played on the Scotland team 36 times. And of course, her brother Kirley is in the Weird Sisters. I love to throw in lesser known canon characters. Good eye to pick them out!

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #22, by Gryffin_Duck 

22nd August 2013:
Wow, you got this chapter up fast! I love your version of Molly II so I can't wait to see where this goes.

I love how Molly said yes before dinner was even served. Not that I blame her, since she hasn't seen much play in four years. McCormack makes me laugh. Can't wait to see more of her.

I'm very intrigued by Fitz, especially his injury and why he stopped playing. I suspect there's more to it than just your average injury. Yay, more Lucy and Hilarion! Love them. Can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: It just came into my head! I love when that happens. I'm sure later chapters will have to be beaten into submission, but I try to revel in it when it comes easily.

Molly is decisive, isn't she? She's been feeling itchy with her life so this is a good change for her. McCormack was fun to write, can't wait to show more of her.

Ah more to come on Fitz. There's a backstory there, yes ;) And cameos from Lucy and Hilarion! I love a cameo. Thank you for reviewing! *hugs*

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Review #23, by handknittedsweaters 

21st August 2013:
Ooh so exciting, love Quidditch stories :) I always really like your Molly since so often everyone makes her this boring little female Percy.
Interested to see where this goes... Do I detect romance in the wings?! #oohlala

Author's Response: Oooh la la la... Yes, romance in the air in this - I've got a romance novel sort of plot in my head for Molly. I know what you mean about her being a Percy-junior. I find the whole 'Next Genners as clones of their parents' rather boring so I try not to write them that way. I hope you like the story! Thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #24, by MissesWeasley123 

21st August 2013:
WeasleyTwinMom! Hi! YES! NEW STORY!

Okay. A great first chapter! We introduced to the great Molly II and, I love your characterization of her. I mean, she has a mohawk. How hardcore is that? I love how you still made her that "Straight O" student, but she's still her own person and makes her own choices.

And I never thought she would be a Quidditch player. Must be the Weasley blood!

I like McCormack, she seems like a very strong character/coach. I think she's very cool - that's the best word I have to describe her ;)

I cannot wait to read more because I was already excited about this one when you said you had a plot bunny bouncing around, and well, yeah, I anticipate the next!
A brilliant start! :)

Author's Response: New story yes! I'm excited about this one, the plot is dancing around in my head. I had to put it on hold while my mother was visiting and I'm happy to have time to write again now. :)

Ah Molly II in this is the Molly II from the Midnight Run/Sparks stories. She's definitely an odd duck with her type-A personality and all-leather wardrobe, not to mention the mohawk and brightly colored hair. I didn't intend to do much more with her than her appearances in those stories, and this plot suddenly popped into my head. So I get to write her a lot more.

I do think Quidditch is a family trait, and her being Percy's daughter I think he would have encouraged it. He didn't play (that we know of from the books) but seemed to be a big fan. I think he'd get a big kick out of having a pro Quidditch daughter.

McCormack is a canon character, but I'm having to invent a personality for her myself ;) I liked the bit we learn about her from "Quidditch Through the Ages".

Thank you so much for the review! I'm really glad you liked it.

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