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Review #1, by Lexi Penney 

2nd January 2015:
This chapter is so sad at the end😭. I had tears in my eyes, it was amazing work!

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Review #2, by AlexFan 

29th October 2013:
This chapter really got me thinking. Lily mentioned that she has nowhere to go and just about no resources to survive on her own. When you think about everything that she's been through, it's kind of amazing that she hasn't had a complete and total mental breakdown over this.

It's one thing to look at what's happened to her separately but when you jumble it all up into one big pile and add in that she can't get a job because of her blood status and the fact that whoever hires her will be targeted, it gets a bit much.

But I love that you discussed what would most likely happen after Hogwarts. And I'd just figured that Lily would stick around the Marauders since she'd practically become part of the group.

And James was right, she was asking for it when she kept pushing and pushing her family to the point that they would break. She shouldn't have expected much else to happen.

And the whole Vernon offering Holy Water and such was pretty funny. That's the first thing that his mind jumps to when he heard that's his fiancé's sister can do magic. I've never seem that reaction before from Vernon so it amused me greatly.

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Review #3, by Manga_girl 

22nd August 2013:
Helen! Wow, this chapter was amazing! I'm so glad this was updated as it's one of my favourite stories! This chapter was so emotional (partly because there was really emotional music on the radio as I listened to this). I can't believe there are only four chapters left - I remember reading the first chapter of TAoB and it's weird to think that this is almost over. 10/10
Great writing!
Emma x

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Review #4, by Lily__Potter 

20th August 2013:
Hey AC! I finally got around to reading this sequel and its fantastic, of course. For old time's sake, QT.
1. Did you plan for Lily to become this much like Mary?
2. Where are Nate and Quiggles?
3. How was Johnny's treatment and does he like Hogwarts?
4. How is Mary's family? The new baby?
5. Have you ever thought about doing one chapter from Mary's point of view in the afterlife watching over all of them and her reaction to their lives now?
6. How long is this story going to be?
Alright, AC, I'm looking forward to the next chapter :)
Forever your biggest fan,

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Review #5, by Shay_Gryff 

12th August 2013:
Helen, please NEVER scare me like this EVER AGAIN! For a little while I was scared you had /abandoned/ us! But then again, you always *KEEP WRITING :D*

Now for review time (:

Jily Jily Jily Jily Jily! James and his family (I am including the other Marauders in his family) are just perfect! And he is so loving and affectionate toward Lily! It makes me sad because I know that the world needs more people like him, but he's fictional ):

Lily seems to have the worst of luck, and I agree that she has some mental stability problems, but I'm so glad she can hang on to the few threads of happiness she has and twirl them into a huge rope to haul her back on to her feet from the darkness. She is such a sweet girl and she deserves to have James and the Potters and the Marauders, especially since she doesn't have her family or her best friend. They are not only her rocks, but her every living breath and the way you portray that is beautiful.

If you wrote the personalities of the people of the world, life would be so much better!


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Review #6, by Anna 

10th August 2013:
I'm so happy to see a update from this story! I simply adore it and this chapter was so great (I cried like three times but what's the arts series without tears) I'm glad that you're going to be updating faster but so sad that the story will end soon. Thanks for a great update!

Author's Response: Hi Anna! I'm so glad you liked it! And yeah, what IS the arts series without tears?

I know the answer to that one: not finished yet!

WOOOHHO. More soon, though.


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Review #7, by Ally 

3rd August 2013:
I just want to say I've read The Art of Breathing and this directly back to back and WOW! Your writing has really really improved. From grammar and spelling to actual plot movement and style. Just wanted to say congrats and keep writing! :)

Author's Response: HIii Ally! Thank you! Yeah, I'm still a little awed/embarrassed reading over the beginning of TAOB... and you just try and STAP me writing :)

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Review #8, by patronus_charm 

2nd August 2013:

Bahaha your beta note really made me crack up! I'm not even sure why but it's just the way you worded it. Yes, I am responding to your A/N before the Story and I'm not really sure why. Gah only four more chapters :( I hope there's a Sequel or some sort along the way!

also, apolgises for random captilisations, I'm also travelling and using a European Keyboard and I'm suffering for a large bout of laziness.

On with the Review though!

I really loved this chapter, I really thought it was a really iconic part of James and Lily's relationship and showing how horrible the war is.

The opening Scene was great! That had me cracking up to! I loved the General Maruaders banter, but it was interspersed with serious things too and that really made it work. With Lily's inner reflections and thoughts about Sirius and Mary, it made the Moment tender too.

I'm actually sad that Lily's moving out, which is weird considering how horrible Petunia and how her mum's going through a bit of weird stage at the Moment, but I still love those Scenes all the same. I think it's because I somehow don't hate your Petunia which is very odd because that can't be said a lot for her!

I really felt for Lily in this chapter, all this inner conflict she was having and it still isn't settled despite James' Proposition of her moving in with him. It makes me wonder whether it ever will be...

All the James and Lily fluff = ♥

Gah, I really loved this chapter and I'm sorry this Review isn't amazing, but I really hate this Keyboard! Congrats on all of your Progress by the way ;)


Author's Response: OH HAII KIANA!

I like your unconventional way of starting your review. it's nice. I appreciate it. Kudos for you for addressing my authors note, ahahahahaha.

I HATE THOSE EUROPEAN KEYBOARDS. I swear they make the @ symbol the most difficult to find and like YOU NEED IT RIGHT so that's all forgiven.

Plus, random capitalisation is always fun, right? I think it adds variety.

I had a LOT of fun writing that opening scene. it was so nicceee to just have a bit of a fluffy marauder banter + family because well... I don't have a lot of chapters left and basically everyone is going to die.


Damn, I hate the Marauder's era.

IT IS SAD. I kind of think she's half ready and half doesn't have much of a choice, which is kind of how the whole buisness is to me. I feel like it would have happened anyway, but she would have taken more time, you know?

Anyway, thank you for the lovely review!


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Review #9, by Mutt N Feathers 

30th July 2013:
I'm still around. I will PM you with my email addresses. Great chapter by the way.

Author's Response: Thank you Amy! You're lovely. I now have your email address and have emailed you:D

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Review #10, by Hope's Mom 

28th July 2013:
Great chapter! The Potters are amazing and so generous with their love and care. No wonder your James is the way he is. Carolyn's speech about surviving the war was well written and made an excellent point for Lily to consider. Thank you for a new chapter. Enjoy your travels!

Author's Response: Thank you! Always lovely to hear from you and I'm glad you liked the Potters. Every scene I get to write of them makes me feel all warm and gooey, although.. well, you'll see. :)

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Review #11, by classicblack 

28th July 2013:
Fantastic chapter. Definitely worth the wait. I mean, I still wish it came faster but you pretty much made me forget about that with this chapter.
You know, the "I love you"'s are still just as cute as they were last chapter. Despite Lily's angst, I can't get enough of Lily and James cute coupleness. You and Disney have thoroughly ruined my expectation of relationships. But I'll take your fictional James any day.
Phenomenal chapter! I can't wait to see how you wrap this up (and by that I mean obviously changing canon to make everyone survive).
Happy writing,

Author's Response: Hello Classicblack!
I am so sorry about the wait, but the next chapter is half done and I reckon I'll be putting the finishing touches to it soon because I wanna get this all wrapped up soon ish...

OH, enjoy the disneyness whilst you can! The spoiler, everyone dies.

Oh, I wish I was kidding.

Lots of love!


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Review #12, by house elf 

27th July 2013:
Bjahhh what an emotional chapter. But it was brilliant as always and I am very muchly looking forward to the next one

Author's Response: THaankkk yoouuu! Hopefully It'll be coming your way real soon :)

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Review #13, by Fonzzx 

26th July 2013:
This was worth the wait.

Author's Response: Thank you! So glad you liked it :D

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