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Review #1, by ilovehpfanfiction 

18th February 2014:
It was Snape. I know it. WHYD SHE HAVE TO DIE???

Author's Response: I'm sorry! It was Snape, always Snape, from the moment I started writing this story. He is actually my favorite HP character, but I'm not blind to his faults, and getting to write him with a bit of a mental illness twist was too tempting to pass up.

I hope you enjoyed the story all the same! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by Courtney Dark 

13th November 2013:


Oh my god, I am just so shocked and surprised and stunned right now, like I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that Lily is dead, which is something that I was definitely NOT expecting, even if this is AU and WHO IS HER KILLER?

I don't think it's Snape. It's not Rosier and Wilkes and Avery...WHO IS IT???

Okay, it could be Peter. We all know he's a rat and in this chapter he seems to hold James back quite a bit if that makes sense. And he was with Remus when Remus thought he had figured out who it was, so maybe Remus knew it was him but just didn't say anything...although that doesn't really make any sense so I'm counting it out.

Is it Sirius? That sounds stupid to even say, but this is AU so ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE! Anyone could be the big bad in this story!

Oh, and be the way, I loved the way you wrote Lily's murder scene. I mean it was horrifying and horrible but it was so haunting, almost poetic, and it sent shivers up my spine!

Time to read the last chapter!


Author's Response: I think a good mystery deserves a good twist, and I'm glad I could pull this one over on you! I like to keep you guessing, too. :)

Thanks for the compliment on the poetics, too! I appreciate your review!

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Review #3, by ValWitch21 

17th July 2013:

I'm going to start at the end because it deserves the most shouting.


She just nooo. And James. *sobs* At least now you're prepared to how I will react when Lily and James die in BE. Though for that, I sort of know what to expect, I suppose?

Okay. Rosier and Wilkes is probably the most horrifyingly anti-climactic moment ever. Stealing tests, really? PSHF.

I'm going to go cry on chapter five now...

Author's Response: The end deserves a LOT of shouting -- something you probably know by now, reading as much of my writing as you have, but maybe it's not so surprising anymore? I think I've smashed a lot of hearts over the years; I sort of hope so, because I do want my sad things to be... sad. But I apologize for it all the same!

Ooh, you think you know what to expect in the end of BE, do you? :3 (Cryptic review response is cryptic. I will say no more on that subject.)

Rosier and Wilkes were faking it all along! It was hard to write those conversations, but if you do go back and read through them, you'll find that they never mention anything specific; all those conclusions were drawn by James alone.

Don't cry! If nothing else, all your reviews have made me so happy, and that should make you happy, too. :) Thank you for them, and for being so supportive!

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Review #4, by academica 

10th July 2013:
Let me present to you my experience in this chapter.

At least don't sneak up on me like a rat - OK, clearly it's Peter. He's the culprit. I am confident! However, I did go back to chapter three (you must be good if you have people frantically flipping back and forth) and could find nothing that seemed like an obvious reference to him or anyone else. Argh. Back to the drawing board, then.

The fact that it turned out to be McGonagall's tests Rosier and Wilkes were plotting about made me laugh. Given the general mood of the story, I think that was probably inappropriate. Also the fact that I immediately thought of Gob Bluth when I read "He'd made a huge mistake." SO INAPPROPRIATE.

Gosh, I really, really feel bad for James, and you know that's a hard thing to get me to do so kudos, kudos all around. Mostly I feel bad because he's the only one who seemed to actually be trying to protect Lily and solve the mystery and then his preoccupation with that and in turn his friends' preoccupation with him maybe cost Lily her life.

And Lily! I've never seen a murder scene written so well. The way you described her body was haunting and really poetic, like something out of classic literature. And it just hit me how much of an impact this would have had it not been AU. Scary.

Yeah, I am stumped. Clearly it's not Peter because Remus doesn't seem at all suspicious of him here at the end--well, clearly Remus doesn't think it's Peter, at any rate. Can't wait for the big reveal :)

♥ Amanda

Author's Response: -cackling at your theories- Of course, I can't tell you if they're right or not, but seeing as I'm about to post chapter 5, you'll find out soon enough! And oh my goodness, that line about mistakes made me think of "Arrested Development" too! I couldn't think of another way to phrase it, but I giggled more than is considered appropriate given the content of the story. :)

Aha, I've gotten Amanda onto James's side, if only for a brief moment! That's a victory for the books. ;) He definitely was more intent on figuring out the mystery than anyone else, and I think that's because he just took it more seriously than everyone else. It was easy to write it off as a harmless prank or scare tactic, especially because it wasn't necessarily 100% revealed that Lily's note was connected to George Asher's death.

-squealing forever- THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT ABOUT THE MURDER SCENE. ♥ That seriously just made my entire day all over again, almost a week after you left your original review! It was my favorite scene to write in the whole story, that, and I'm so pleased you enjoyed it.

All will be revealed in just a few minutes! Thank you for reviewing!!

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Review #5, by patronus_charm 

10th July 2013:
I hope you had a great time at camp, Rachel and yay for another chapter being posted!

I re-read the last chapter after reading your response and I still couldnít figure it out, well I may have done but it just doesnít seem likely. The characters mentioned excluding the Maraduers and Lily were Wilkes, Rosier, McGonagall, Asher, Marlene, Mary, Snape and Slughorn. Iím excluding Wilkes and Rosier after reading this chapter. Marlene and Mary have been minor to be the murderer. So it just leaves McGonagall, Snape and Slughorn.

I donít believe itís Snape from your response, and judging from the amount of comments of Slughorn in that chapter it is a bit suspicious. Then the mention of marks on Remusí essay by Slughorn seemed a bit odd, so Iíve come to the conclusion he is the most likely, but Iím still unsure about it! Then again, Peter had been a bit slow in the past two chapters so it could be him. Ok, my final two are Peter and Slughorn but leaning more towards Slughorn due to Peter being with Remus when Lily was killed.

Must stop discussing theories and get on with review. Gah, I canít though you killed Lily? Why? Why? I never thought you were actually going to kill her, I thought that was just a plotline that whole letter being sent to her and they were going to kill Sirius or someone else unexpected. That whole scene was so horrible and the sense of knowing that she was going to die but still not being completely sure by who.

Jamesí reaction to her death was truly horrible! I really felt for him as you could tell how much he loved her and to see him by her body, broken, was just dreadful. I think it was the belief he had in her being in alive was the worst thing, because that hope was so potent that I almost began feeling it and to have it crushed was just heart-breaking.

Even though this review was mainly comprised of my theories about suspects, I really did love it and Iím so excited for the next! Iím hoping that they are right, but I just canít see Slughorn doing that. I guess this is an AU story so anything can happen!

Kiana ♥

Author's Response: I did have a good time at camp, thank you! I was so glad -- and still am glad -- to be home. :D As I get older, it takes more and more out of me. There definitely was something in chapter three that nearly spelled the murderer out, but no worries, because most of the other reviewers I heard from didn't pick up on it either! That's what chapter 5 is for, I suppose.

I love all your theories! :D Although, of course, I can't tell you if any of them are correct. Because I'm cruel in just such a way. I'm actually very surprised, too, that you thought I'd spare Lily! I'm somewhat of a masochist, and a sort of cruel writer, and she definitely was going to die from the moment I started writing this story. I know you really ship James/Lily, and I'm sorry to have done it to you. ♥

James's emotions, as I said in another review response, were my FAVORITE part of writing this entire story. I get really into it when one of my characters is experiencing emotion like that... I don't really know why. It's another reason why writing big yelling scenes is always one of my favorite things to do, too! They're always very clear in my mind, scenes like that.

This is AU and so anything DEFINITELY can happen! I hope you'll think that the way I've ended things isn't too awful, too. ♥ Thank you for reviewing!!

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Review #6, by Lady Asphodel 

10th July 2013:


No LILY is NOT... I REPEAT... NOT - Dead!! No Way... Mhm.

This is a trick I tell you... trick... . :'( :'( NO

Better write soon or else Your next!!! DX Tick Tock!

(Love the emotion of James over Lily. Even though I ship them already, I never actually went out of my way to read how they came to be. Lovely job. ♥ )


- Asphodel

Author's Response: I'm sorryyy! ♥ I knew from the very onset of this chapter that Lily was going to die, which really doesn't leave much hope for James/Lily shippers at all (never mind that I outright refer to this as a James/Lily story). She is, I'm afraid, very much dead at this point in the story. :(

Writing James's reaction to Lily's death was my favorite, favorite, favorite part of writing this entire story. Is that too odd to admit to? I get very wrapped up into character emotions, I think, which results in things like that. I'm so glad you liked it!

Have some chocolate and hugs for your troubles. ♥

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Review #7, by a tramautized ghost 

9th July 2013:
THEORY OF THE MOMENT: Wilkes and Rosier have given their likenesses to upper-rank Death Eaters so that they can kill people. Lucius and Bellatrix, maybe, on Polyjuice, with...Voldemort as Snape. No, Voldemort wouldn't partake in minion work. Maybe one of the Lestranges.

WAIT! IT'S NOT LILY, EITHER. Or no! It's not Mary or Marlene! There's an impostor in Gryffindor House! I bet it's Remus. Wait, I bet it's PETER. Yes, and that's how he's squeezed into Voldemort's circle. He's offered himself up as more than a pair of ears and eyes. Someone's wearing his face and wreaking havoc. He's not smart enough to do it on his own.

Maybe it was Lily and she was her own killer. She was kind of unfocused and acting strangely and...I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ANYMORE.

I did NOT see this coming.


WELL THAT'S NOT A CRYPTIC AUTHOR'S NOTE AT ALL. Damn it, now I'm going to comb through that last chapter and - is it Severus? Is it seriously Severus? I cannot fathom it being Severus. I cannot fathom life.

-spirals into abyss-

Author's Response: You poor traumatized thing. :D I AM VERY PROUD OF MYSELF FOR HOLDING OFF REVEALING THE ANSWER UNTIL THE END, CAN I JUST SAY. I always end up spoiling things for you because of your virtual puppy eyes, but I have been strong where this mystery story is concerned. I should go get pie to celebrate or something.

I'm so surprised that more people didn't expect me to kill Lily! I thought her death, from chapter 1, was a certainty. I always knew she was going to die, too, because I am apparently that heartless. ♥ The answer has been revealed in previous chapters, but I think no one actually picked up on what Remus did (I think maybe you did?), so now you'll have to read my (hopefully not awful) explanation in chapter 5 of how things go down.


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