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Review #1, by Teddy1993 

20th September 2014:
I think it was a good idea to write a part from Terry's point of view. It makes it easier for the reader to understand where they both come from.

Absolutely amazing chapter! I'm interested to see where you took it from here.

Author's Response: Hey!! I'm really glad you liked this, it turned out to be one of my favourite chapters and helped me understand their relationship even better. He's quite interesting to write and it was fun to see Tor through his eyes.

Thank you! I'm so excited that you've gotten this far, I really don't know how to thank you properly for all your thoughtful reviews.

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Review #2, by tonksadora 

24th August 2013:
This is a fantastic story- love love love it so far!

And I've always liked Terry from the moment you introduced him, he's amazing and I'm falling in love with this character. Real happy you wrote a chapter from his POV :)

Also, haven't heard from Ginny in a while- what happened at Christmas? Is it going by the book story line or movie? Either way, she's one of my all-time favourite characters so please bring her back!

Keep it up xx

Author's Response: Hi there! :)

I'm so glad you're liking the story, and enjoying Terry. I love writing him, and this chapter from his POV was especially fun.

Ginny will be making an appearance soon, there's just been so much going on with Tor that she hasn't had a chance to see Ginny! For the most part, I try to follow the book storyline as much as possible, but the attack idea was definitely inspired by the movie. She's one of my favourite characters as well! :)

Thank you so much for this lovely review, it was such a nice surprise! I hope to have the next chapter up soon!

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Review #3, by nott theodore 

22nd August 2013:
I'm finally all caught up! Yay, it's taken me a long time I know, but now I can read this story as you update it with new chapters! :D

I have to admit, I've been really excited to read the chapter from Terry's POV, and I really enjoyed reading it! I hope you'll think of writing from his perspective again, because it gave us a clearer insight into his mind and personality. I felt almost like he could be friends with Harry, since his opinions are a lot more concrete and decided, and there's something so good about him. I honestly don't blame Tor for falling for him!

The opening made me laugh, especially with Cho hiding from Professor Flitwick - it's another one of those aspects that helps to remind us these characters are still young. But obviously there was something much more serious going on at that point; I have a feeling that something has happened to Bentley's family and he's gone to visit them. It reminded me of what happened when Hannah Abbott got the news about her mother and rushed home.

Can I just say that the fact you've included the name Scamander makes me smile? I wonder if he's a brother of Rolf's?

It's interesting to view the events from a Ravenclaw perspective, and the way that Terry notices there is something happen with the Slytherins. I wonder if he'd have noticed if he hadn't been paying so much attention to Tor? It helped show that something that's so big to one group of people can also be completely insignificant to others.

I liked the moment when Terry was talking to Hermione and the fact that the pair of them had both chosen to study Muggle Studies as a reminder of the life they could have led if they hadn't received their Hogwarts letters. Hermione's definitely not the sort of person to take a subject for an easy qualification, and Terry doesn't seem to be either. It was nice to get to view the trio and other people in their year from a different perspective too, particularly when Ron and Hermione had fallen out.

Oh, Margaret Macauley's death was so sad! I guess she must have been the woman that Theo was forced to torture on New Year's Eve? I was wondering who it had been but really had no idea - it was sad to see that she's been taken as a victim of the war. I wonder if Terry will eventually tell Tor, and she'll begin to realise that someone who was helping her has been killed by those she calls friends and family? I thought you wrote Charity Burbage really well - her grief and sadness at the news. It reminded me that in less than a year she'll also be killed by the Death Eaters after being tortured by them...

Oh goodness, that attack! I was so worried, even though I knew that the boy couldn't die because it wouldn't fit with canon. I didn't know who would be behind it but when I saw Tor there I was so shocked. She says that she wasn't a part of it and even told on Demetria, so I do believe her at the moment, and it's nice that Terry did too. Perhaps witnessing the extent to which her classmates and friends are prepared to go will make her truly realise that what they've been taught to believe in is wrong; at the very least, she tried to stop them.

So, was Demetria the one to put the dead snake in Tor's bed? It seems she knows about Tor's secret, and I'm curious about how she found out, but it's definitely not a good thing that she knows about it! This could cause some serious problems for Tor, and I'm already worried about what's going to happen to her when she returns to the other Slytherins. She did tell on Demetria, after all... although she didn't tell on the others, and that might be enough to save her.

I honestly felt so sorry for Tor in this chapter - maybe even more so because it's not from her perspective. Everything here seems to escalate so quickly and she's put in such a difficult position. Now Terry knows that she's been hiding the truth that her father really is a Death Eater, and that's not going to be an easy thing for either of them to deal with, and I don't know whether they'll be able to continue with a relationship now... I hope Terry doesn't go off with someone like Leanne in reaction to it, although I have a sneaking suspicion that he will!

I really, really enjoyed this chapter. There was so much more that we learned seeing events from Terry's perspective; the way that he feels about Tor and spends so much time thinking about and looking for her. It was great to see his friends, as well. I like Michael and Anthony a lot - I don't think Anthony's going to tell anyone even though he knows about Terry's secret, because he seems a lot quieter and more reliable than Tor's friends. Having said that, you could decide to surprise us all and make Anthony a bad guy (please don't do that, please)!

I'M CAUGHT UP! And now I just have to say... update soon, please? :P

Sian :D

Author's Response: Hello again! :) Ah, as if you're all caught up and have left me an amazing review on EVERY CHAPTER OF THIS MONSTER! You are awesome my dear, and really hearing your reflections on these chapters helps me so much with planning and reader reactions.

I'm glad you liked Terry's POV since I really loved writing it! I think Tor does see him a certain way, and even slightly idealized, but this helped me get into his head and hopefully to show there's a lot more to his personality. I'm glad you like him, and understand why Tor likes him! :D

Haha, I'm glad you liked the Cho moment! I agree, they are silly teenagers when it comes right down to it, and have their moments of fun even when dark things are happening all around. You're right, there is something sad happening in Bentley's family, and so many Hogwarts students really are affected. In this chapter, Terry returns from his safe bubble of his Muggle family and notices even more the drastic effects of the Death Eaters, making him even less receptive to learning about Tor's father.

I'm pleased you liked Hermione's cameo and the references to the trio! It was nice to have Tor's world intersect with Harry's for a change, since they mostly exist in seperate spheres. I liked the idea of Hermione and Terry connecting through their Muggleborn identity, and enjoying learning about Muggles from the wizarding perspective- it's very Ravenclaw/Hermione of them! :P

I was sad to kill of Margaret, but it helped give a face to the woman who was tortured in my mind. I really like Burbage as a character, and the poor woman has no idea that in a year she'll be in the same situation as her friend. It's so cruel, but such is the nature of Voldy, and I hope Terry managed to give her a bit of comfort. :)

The attack was horrible to think about! I thought Terry would believe Tor, but the situation does make her look fishy to both sides. Even if she hid her reasons for stopping her friends under the guise of selfish reasons - like saying that they would get in trouble otherwise - Tor herself knows that she's changing, and Terry sees it as well. And yes, Tor's position has suddenly escalated, and Terry and the other Slytherins might start seeing her in a different way. Interesting predictions about what will happen... :)

As for the dead snake, I can't say exactly who put it there, but Demetria is certainly a sneaky lady! I hope to answer some of these questions in the following few chapters.

I'm so glad you liked this chapter, and getting to know Terry's friends as well. I loved writing them, and Terry's voice. Thank you thank you thank you, and I really hope I can update soon! Fingers crossed... :)

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Review #4, by Your Bitty 

18th July 2013:
I'm pretty sure you lace these chapters with crack, cause I'm dying for another one super super badly. HURRY LOVE, IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU HERE I NEED YOUR AMAZING CHAPTERS! xx

Author's Response: You actually kill me, thanks for being this story's oldest and biggest fan! :D Can you please get started on your own brilliant hpff so we can be besties online AND in real life? :) Yes, this shall happen.

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Review #5, by Natalie 

16th July 2013:
seriously one of the best fics of this website! Love it!!! can't wait to read the next bit!

Author's Response: Hi! Aw, thank you so much, it really means so much to me that you like the story! :) Thanks for enjoying my story and leaving this lovely review!

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Review #6, by XoXmaximumcullenXoX 

16th July 2013:
oh my god i love this story so much! i read this whole thing in two days and i fell in love immediately! I have so many feels about this story and I cant wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Hi! Wow, thank you so much, it's so wonderful to hear you're enjoying the story! :) Thank you for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #7, by sal 

7th July 2013:
OMG. just read this entire story in one sitting and it is AMAZING. It's so original and I love the plot, update soon :)

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so happy you like the story, and I promise updates are coming soon! Thank you for this unexpected and lovely review, I loved receiving it! :)

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Review #8, by marauderfan 

28th June 2013:
I really liked reading from Terry's POV! This was a really cool change. And it was nice to see the cameos from Harry, Ron and Hermione in Charms. Padma Patil was great too - we never get to see what she's like in the books apart from when she was ditched by Ron, but I like how you've made her just as gossipy as her twin! ;)

How scary for those three first-years. I'm glad Tor finally intervened though - even if it took someone almost dying for her to stand up to her friends.

So I guess Avery found out, huh? I guess Tor and Terry's secret is still relatively safe because Avery is leaving Hogwarts, but the secret's not going to last long.

A couple of things I thought you might want to look at again - Flitwick sort of takes a stab at Neville in Charms class, which seemed a bit OOC for him - that's more something Snape would do. I think Flitwick was a lot nicer to Neville. Also, you mentioned Zacharias Smith being in class with them, but I thought he was a year younger? (But I honestly can't remember and I don't have my books with me, so maybe I'm wrong on that.)

This was a great chapter! I can't believe I'm all caught up with this story now, and I hope you update soon!!!

Author's Response: Hola! I'm happy you liked Terry, I loved writing it and getting to know him a little better. It figures that Harry etc. would interact more with Terry, since they're friends and in the same year, so it seemed like a good opportunity to put in some core canon characters. I like Padma as well, and you're right, there was a lot of free reign but I wanted to have a more light-hearted female character since Tor and her companions are pretty intense.

I know, the poor first years! At least they were okay, however. And yes, Demetria's involvement, the incident with the Slytherins and their reactions will be better explained in the next chapter, since we're only really seeing Terry's perspective here.

Hmm, that's a good point about Flitwick, I don't think he would take a jab at Neville either though he might be a bit wary without realizing it. I might fix it so it seems like Terry's the one thinking that, however! And I'm not sure about Smith, I don't have the books here either but didn't want to throw in another OC, maybe I'll make Justin the one with the failed Charm. :P

I'm so pleased you're caught up now! Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon, I'm working on it so there shouldn't be too long to wait. Thank you for reading and supporting this story, it's very encouraging for me and much appreciated! :)

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Review #9, by marauder5 

23rd June 2013:
Okay, so I feel like if this story had been called The Boy from Ravenclaw instead, I still would have loved it! Terry's POV was absolutely great: please tell me you might try it out again??

I think that if I would have known Terry in real life, I would have been a little bit in love with him too. He's just so amazing and kind and GOOD! Okay, don't worry, I won't waste this review on obsessing over how wonderful of a character he is - let's talk about the actual chapter too.

As for Bentley Wickham, I'm sure something happened to his family. It must be something like that. When Terry thought about Anthoney's secret, I figured he must be the Muggleborn that Taurus goes out with, but then Demetria called him a 'blood traitor' rather than a 'mudblood', so I guess he's not a Muggleborn after all. And then it hit me that maybe Wickham is Taurus' secret boyfriend, and so they targeted his family? Well, it's sort of farfetched. But I do think that Wickham's family has been attacked, because it reminds a bit of how they take Hannah Abbot from class to tell her that her mother has died.

I do have something to point out about the Charms class. Aren't the students divided, so that for example Ravenclaw might have their class with Gryffindor, and then Hufflepuff with Slytherin? Would they really be together, all of them? I don't think so, but I might be wrong.

I loved the little detail of Terry thinking that both he and Hermione chose Muggle Studies because it's a reminder of their childhood and their families back home. It was so sweet, and definitely believable :)

And then Terry was just being wonderful again and visited Professor Burbage and offered her support. It's horrible tings like Burbage's friend dying that reminds both Terry and me as a reader that there are still such horrible things going on out there. With Margaret Macauley's death, I wonder who will take care of the subsription of her magazines. Will Tor's subscription be revealed to the wrong people? I hope not.

What happened with the first years was so terrible! I really thought that the little boy was dead, and I was preparing to feel sad and (even more) angry with the Slytherins, but then Madame Pomfrey was able to save him. Thank God. and Thank God for Anthony and Terry being so amazing in that moment.

I feel so bad for Tor, though. I'm glad that the professors seem to believe her, but I wonder what her housemates will do to her now. After all, she tried to stop them, and she betrayed Demetria. I'm not sure if covering for the others will make up for it. :( And then Demetria had to go and reveal that Tor's father is a Death Eater! Poor Terry! My guess is that now he'll take Padma's offer and go out with what's-her-name again, and Tor will be ALL alone (at least, she will be if her friends don't forgive her).

And now Anthony knows about them, doesn't he? But he won't tell anyone. At least it was Terry's friends who found out and not Tor's - imagine if they'd find out about that after what she did to them... Well, things are not looking good. Which is not very surprising - I think that their relationship was doomed from the beginning. But I still keep my fingers crossed for them.

I'm also wondering why Terry still needs Polyjuice Potion. He's done with his prank now, isn't he?

Oh man, this story is just too good to be true! It has grown to become my absolute favourite fan fiction ever!! :D I'll be waiting eagerly for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hola! :)

I'll admit I was so excited to hear what you thought of this chapter and of Terry's POV! You always have such thoughtful observations and reactions to the story, and knowing you loved it is high praise indeed! :)

I definitely think I'll be trying out Terry's POV again, I loved writing him! He's so witty, but also such a good guy, and I think I'd love him too were he real! I liked getting to know him and his understanding of Hogwarts beyond Tor in this chapter, and have lots of other ideas for what he gets up to!

Ah, I love your predictions! Poor Bentley, of course something bad has happened and it is a very good guess that it has something to do with Voldy!

That's a good point about Charms class, I'll have to double-check! I thought in NEWTs all the sixth years were in one class, since I thought in the Potions class all four Houses were together, but could be wrong! :)

I'm glad you liked the Muggle Studies part, and Terry's connection with Hermione. Harry and his friends don't make appearances very often in this story, but I loved giving Hermione some time in the spotlight, I feel like she and Terry would get along. I know, poor Macauley and poor Burbage! :( It's just the horrible events coming in to infiltrate Hogwarts and Terry and Tor's lives, and is so sad.

I considered having him die, but figured it wouldn't fit with canon since a student death would have been widely known. It was very awful of the Slytherins, though most of them will get off thanks to Tor's silence and the idea that it was an "accident" gone terribly wrong.

Yes, things are starting to look bleak for Tor, and for her and Terry! :( This whole post-holidays section is so dramatic and I feel terrible for putting these characters through these things! I have my fingers crossed too! :)

Thank you for your amazing review! :) You're the best! Aw, your favourite fan fiction, that makes me SO happy! Thank you thank you thank you! :D

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