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Review #1, by spreaddapoo93 

1st December 2013:
Haha, getting back to Fred in a rush of excitement, I see! Ah, every time I think of reporters now, all I will think about is etc.'s Clemence! (I must say, my view on them has turned from irritation to a strange amalgamation of annoyance and admiration: you have to give it to them for their determination!)

Oh, Gina... What I wouldn't give to enter that brain of yours for a split second (of course, this would probably mean an overwhelming sea of genius and craziness that I would end up clutching my head in the greatest Brain-Freeze Reboot since the last slushie I ever dared in seventh grade... So maybe it's a good thing I can't). "bankrupt Britain with a sneeze"?! By golly, your talent/skill never ceases to amaze!

I mean... even Teddy and that sweet-briar envelope (and just everything Teddy does in general, you know). You have this ridiculously phenomenal ability to make zesty-kill-me-now-before-I-die-of-heart-attack-suspense-what?-that's-awesome-why-didn't-I-think-of-that? in the place of what could have been just a normal occurrence.

Hahahahaha, sorry for the sudden burst of laughter. I just read the biscuit scene... BEA! Hahaha, "half of two..." Once again, stressed doubletime, you are spectacular with humour. Something that's absolutely tricky and difficult, almost impossible to manage unless you have a godgiven talent, and by golly, you have it all the way through.

Which is fantastic, because you have that other, opposite end of the spectrum covered; that gravity and seriousness that you can handle with one line, one phrase, one word in just the right place. I'm reading and re-reading "The breath beside her sieved from his mouth with a lightness, as if a thread unwinding for seventeen years had finally been freed from its spool; with a sigh, the Trace had been dissolved." Absolutely beautiful; such a gorgeous, delicate image that I, for reasons above and below me, forget...

Anyway, this was a FANTASTIC chapter... I'm half in excitement, half in trepidation and anxiety because this is it! It's almost the end... I've grown so attached to all of the characters, and I can't bear the thought of saying farewell! Sending them away on their little handcrafted boats, towards the horizon of their futures!!! WILL I EVER SEE THEM AGAIN? It was great knowing them, though, and I have you to thank...

But what am I doing, talking as if I've already read the finale and the epilogue, when I still have two ruddy chapters more to look forward to?! I'll catch you at the end, my darling Gina~~~!

Always with love

(p.s. When I read your after note about Fred, and George's name, I felt a part of my heart blub up... GYAH, WHY, GINA~?)

Author's Response: I couldn't help but think of Clemence while writing the reporter too xD Oh dear, I don't think I can ever look at one the same way again. I've been too influenced by the spunky, snarky 40s girl reporter trope.

My brain is full of protein and sugar! You can find the same things in a regular energy bar. It is probably more accessible. A slushie is also probably quite similar too--probably most similar in texture. Ideas get sloshy up in the noggin, something a hard shake springs a few leaks, ya know.

I ACTUALLY FIRST SAID THE "HALF OF TWO" LINE IN REAL LIFE WHEN I... DID EXACTLY WHAT BEA DID 8D then I was like, wait this is perf for Capers *makes note.* Oh if only you all knew my eating habits c:

The last part about the Trace lifting is one of my favorite bits I've written. It was something I could see and feel very clearly and I was so excited to write it down. I pretty much sat and thought, well, what would it feel like to suddenly have a wee security camera suddenly vanish after sitting over your shoulder for 17 years? Thankfully it came out a bit more poetic than that.

I took a long hiatus before this chapter and when I came back, my writing style took a huge leap. I'm really happy with how this chapter turned out, especially the pacing. Despite being largely set in the hospital wing, a lot of characters showed up/were mentioned (which I was worried I wouldn't be able to do!).


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Review #2, by nargles 

1st July 2013:
I seriously LOVE your story. I've read lots of stories on this site, but I've never read one like this. It's so unique. It's a brilliant idea. All the other stores are about Scorpius and Rose or James and some other girl, but yours is so different. Bea is awesome. I feel like I can relate to her, even though I'm no where near as brilliant as she is. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much c: in the beginning, I put in the characters that I felt like would fit, and it turned out to be a rather motley crew~ I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Review #3, by soliloquy 

26th June 2013:
OH MY GOD. GINA. I CAN'T EVEN. I was going to leave you a review for each chapter but they ate me up and here I am at the very end of your updates.

I can't even. How do I even articulate...hold on. Let me...gather up these scattered thoughts.

Okay. First, there isn't going to be a sequel right? Or is there? I forget what you told me when I asked forever ago. I mean, I don't know! I'm a wreck! I'm a mess! I don't even know my feelings.

Second. OH MY GOD. BEA AND SCORP AND OH MY GOD. I left my Rose idea 5eva ago and thank god. Bea and Scorp are meant to be! I always saw it but I just was being a sloar in denial -- EVEN THOUGH I DON'T KNOW WHY BECAUSE GAH.

Okay, okay. I'm calming down. When I thought Scorp was dead...I literally had a melt down. I paced around my house for like an hour before I could go on. I was like, please tell me you're not pulling a Hitchcock and killing off your main character (okay, it wasn't Bea, but still -- he was pretty important, y'know?). And then I kept reading and RELIEF. RELIEF. RELIEF. I'VE NEVER KNOWN SUCH RELIEF. (except when I found out I passed French ;D).

The slow blossoming of Bea/Scorp was incredible and moving and literally...when she kissed him...I cheered out loud and my parents looked at me strangely.

I honestly had no idea that this kidnapping plot business was happening and oh my goodness, Draco's dead and my head was spinning. I was behind a couple chapters and everything just sort of happened. I love it.


Sigh. Real life just has to get in the way of love, doesn't it? X_X I just want them to be together and to be happy and for everything to be okay with rainbows and biscuits and cupcakes and glitter and confetti and smiles.

I want to squeeze them together in my arms and never let them go.

Wonderful job, Gina! As always ;) ♥

Author's Response: ♥ TANYA ♥ there is no sequel though it's highly likely I'll be posting little ditties about the future because I can't help myself YOU KNOW ME. I have my folder of cute and antics and Julia and Gubby's fic of my fic.

BAHAHA I FORGOT YOU USED TO BE A SCOROSE SHIPPER, I WAS LIKE /TANYA THEY HAVE ALL OF TWO LINES TOGETHER/ but then I think of the multiple Anjali/James shippers -- before James ever had his cameo, mind you.

You're lucky you read it without waiting for updates :'D I think it reads better that way too, all at once, like one big adventure. It's funny because I mention a lot that I like happy endings, but historically, looking back at my stories, I'm actually *terrible* at actually providing that happy ending oops, and Capers is semi-not-an-exception. If I got anyone apprehensive about Scorpius dying, I'm happy *__* but the actual sad part that I wanted to hit people hard with is the one in this chapter. One that kind of makes you stop and go 'oh', because you realize that everyone's growing up and going away and you're proud but it's bittersweet and unavoidable.

~ * ~ * ~ Long-distance confetti! * ~ * ~ * ~


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Review #4, by ValWitch21 

11th June 2013:
GINA. &hearts

First of all, congratulations on this story getting a Diadem! I meant to stop by your profile to say so earlier, but I figured I'd cap-bombed you enough already, so yes.

Next, I AM SO GLAD YOU DIDN'T ABANDON THIS. I was worried you'd just leave us hanging, which would have been horrible and basically thank you thank you thank you for not letting that be the case.

And I was planning on making this longer but then I procrastinated and now I can't think straight anymore so this chapter was perfect and I loved it and sort of wanted to cry or laugh or both the entire way through.

Also, I love that Bea stole Scorpius' biscuits despite her conscience, and that Fred is now considering to become an Auror.

Hogwarts was better prepared for these things than him. Professor Pym had placed a temporary ward around the wing to prevent unauthorized access, and upon reaching the infirmary's double doors, Fred turned around to see Miss Galloway's face whump into the invisible wall like a bird to a window. Her spare quill feathers fluttered to the floor, on which her photographer slipped. He subsequently crashed into an expensive heap of former camera parts.

Oh and this made me snort and my brother looked at me like I was mad. Which is true, kind of.


Author's Response: VAL ♣ (because why not)

Eee thank you c: AND CONGRATS TO YOU TOO. And of course I would never EVER abandon this, thinking about that just makes me sad - it's right at the ending! I've just been very plagued by school and projects ;A;

This fic started as a zany Oceans' 11 style antics fic and I have no idea where all the sadness came from, but here it is. Slapstick though, that's gotta stay, always.


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Review #5, by heartjily4ever 

10th June 2013:
Oh my, no...just no. I can't believe its nearly over. Woah, thats scary. This chapter is so sweet, especially after the action in the last one.
I have to say, I laughed so hard at the mental image I got when that woman crashed into the invisible barrier. I can just see her face smushed up against the thin air, her nose pressed up into piggie form. Anyway I cannot wait for the next chapters. which will surely be a brilliant end to a brilliant story.

Author's Response: It's been four chapters of action :'D I'm quite happy to write a reprieve.

That bit was my FAVORITE part to write. I love love love writing slapstick and that's sort of my version of the banana peel~

♥ thank you!

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Review #6, by Solo 

10th June 2013:
I love this story so much. Your writing is just absolutely perfect, you have every character portrayed just magnificently, Bea is so lovable and Scorpious! I adore him. I feel so sorry for him, having to leave Hogwarts and taking on so much. But it's kind of fitting that he is. The humour in between everything is just so delicious. Capers is probably my favourite story on here, it's just superb!

Author's Response: Aaah thanks c: When I stepped back from the writing a bit and took a look at everything, the end really became about everyone going their separate ways. That's been the issue since the beginning, starting with Bea and Fred, and I think this chapter got to show that it can be a happy or a sad thing, but always hopeful. I tried really hard at the humor this chapter, just because there is quite a lot of sad D:

♥ thank you again!

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Review #7, by Hedwig_Pie 

10th June 2013:
ERMAGOD. when i saw this had updated i was just too happy. OMG THIS CHAPTER WAS AMAZING. its like i need to know whats gonna happen to bea and scorp in the future. the way you write is amazing bro, i actually love every sentence you come up with.amazing story, amazing chapter and i really dont want it to end but i know it has to :'(

Author's Response: AAAH glad you liked c: the epilogue takes place 5 years later (well, the number of years changes every so often), so you will get to see what happens to them in the future :'D


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Review #8, by peppersweet 

9th June 2013:

I've read this chapter a few times already (oh my god it is so so flawless) and I know I've already waxed lyrical to you about it BUT I NEED TO WAX SOME MORE LYRICALS OK.

First and foremost, you're bloody sadistic. Which I like, because you know me, I'm a fan of angst, I like to turn my characters into undead microwaves and whatnot. But!! Scorpius!!! bb. He's really put up with a lot in the past few chapters. And, oh god, the fact that it's his birthday. No. Not acceptable. Das ist verboten.

I actually think Fred's bit is some of your best writing (that I've seen, anyway, who knows what inhuman levels you're going to reach with etc) and eee! I love his ending. Auror Fred! And I know what Fred was going to say his name was to Bea, and that makes me 57% more sad, and why did you tell me that oh you're a brute ;~;

So! Not only am I, like, champing at the bit for the next chapter (with pinwheeling arms as per) but I am just generally SO EXCITED about this story and how good it is and how perfect everyone is and how everyone lives, in the end -- even if, uh, it's a bittersweet end.

Bee x Scorpion 5eva (love stings).

Ever your adoring, square-faced, exclamation-mark-abusing reader,

Author's Response: YOU'RE WAXING TOO MUCH you're making candles badumtsh

It was always kind of going to end this way (on various scales of bittersweet to chipperly happy and you can see from the chapter title which I chose). I always knew this, but I just reread the end and I realized how many heartstrings I must've just snapped. Author cone of shame.

I had the birthday thing stowed away for a looong time too, if you remember the time I told you that the last three words of this chapter was going be gr9, das ist it. IT WAS TOO GOOD TO PASS UP~

c: staaahp -dinosaur arm flail- I'm just glad Fred and I made our amends in the end. It only took /until the end of the story/ amirite. I think I like his resolution the best out of everyone's, just because it's so fitting and this Auror offer is his first real 'reward' and you get to see him earn it the entire way through the story.

I read that as exclamation mark faced and I can't unsee. EVER ADORING YOU ♥

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