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Review #1, by ak 

24th March 2017:
I AM SO PISSED AT GINNY. not that i dont understand her side... BUT SERIOUSLY?!?!

Author's Response: I can see where you're coming from! I have been known to make stupid decisions while heartbroken too though. Sometimes you just want someone else to be last person to have held you, you know? I love hearing your reactions, thank you so much for taking the time to share them! Xx

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Review #2, by Dinthemidwest 

3rd March 2016:
Agh!! It's too painful... Well, I guess something like this was bound to happen... Just can't wait for a reunion!

Author's Response: It is painful, isn't it? And it isn't looking too bright at the moment. But we all know who belongs together, right? Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, I am amazed you have made it this far! Xx

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Review #3, by Maya 

21st November 2015:
I think it best for people to go out into the world and explore the possibilities of othet relationships before deciding on the one youll end up with. So since youre closing the gaps and the end is somewhat known the journey there is just more fun and a little less stressful on us readers :)

Author's Response: I agree with you there- not a lot of people will end up with the first person they are with. And yes, it may be reassuring to know they do end up together eventually, haha! Thank you for still reading this far along the story, and for reviewing! Xx

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Review #4, by Siriuslover177 

23rd June 2015:
No! Stop it Ginny. You're not allowed to be with Oliver. This is making me soo upset. Harry and Ginny just have to forgive each other. This has been going on for way too long now. Ugh.

I feel bad for Malfoy. He has probably gone through so much the last couple of years. Seeing Ron and Hermione probably didn't help very much. I hope he has changed for the better.


Author's Response: I know it's frustrating. However, what I was thinking was that when you're feeling really hurt, and that age, you don't really see how stupid it is to seek comfort in someone else's arms. You just don't want to be alone.

Malfoy has probably had a really rough time since the end of the war - but I do think it will change him for the better eventually.

Thank you so much (again, I know!!) for reading and reviewing xx

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Review #5, by Narcissamalfoy394 

14th September 2014:
I swear to god I just wanna MURDER Ginny & Oliver now !

Author's Response: I don't blame you. Remember that young people (especially heartbroken ones) don't always make the best choices. And try to forgive them for it.


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Review #6, by Sprifius 

25th March 2014:
I liked if at first but now I hate you, how could you let Ginny do this?! With wood!!!

Author's Response: I'm sorry to hear that. I guess when you're young and heartbroken you rush into thing without thinking about it first. Thank you for sharing your opinion! And I'm not offended, but maybeyou should reconsider using the word 'hate'. :)

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Review #7, by Teddy1993 

20th February 2014:
You did a great job on George's proposal. On the other hand, I think the fight between Harry and Ginny has been spread out too much already. Maybe there's more to the story of Harry and that girl, but Ginny sleeping with someone else - someone who is supposed to be Harry's friend no less - goes a bit far in my opinion. I'm sure you have your reasons though.


Author's Response: Thank you! I understand your feelings about all the drama between Harry and Ginny, as you've probably seen now there's more to the story. As for Ginny and Oliver, I'm sure you know as well as I do the stupid decisions we make when we're young and love goes wrong. I can confess to making an irrational move or two and I totally blame it on being young and stupid, haha! ;) thanks for sticking with the story this far, you are amazing!

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Review #8, by aperfectperson 

9th January 2014:
I got goosebumps over the George and Angelina engagement. I almost burst into tears over "Mischief Managed, brother". That has got to be my favorite line I've read so far. Although I'm not particularly enjoying the Ginny/Harry fight, I'm willing to wait it out. Can't wait to see what comes in the next chapters.

Author's Response: Aw, I am so happy you liked that! And that little line.. thank you for telling me. I love hearing stuff like people's favourite lines :) I hope you can be a bit more patient with the Harry/Ginny. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by Liana 

6th January 2014:
I think it's a good time for George and Angelina. After the war people were eager to get on with their lives and live. Malfoy was rude but I think he was probably embarrassed about his past behavior and didn't want to admit that he was on the wrong side. I really can't get too upset with Ginny. She did walk in Harry's door and find another woman there.

Author's Response: I'm glad you think so, and yes, I agree, I think many people would want to move on quickly. It's definitely an awkward situation with Malfoy. I'm glad you understand where Ginny is coming from too!

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Review #10, by jaylajaguar 

21st December 2013:
you leave hanging every time. i am going to be so sad when its over.

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear that! The story is far from over yet so you won't have to be sad in a long time :)

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Review #11, by Amy 

14th October 2013:
Umm Draco didn't help Ron or Hermione both Draco and his mother identified them both. Hermione wouldn't have been tortured without Draco telling Bellatrix it was her.

Author's Response: I think that the way Hermione (and I, haha) see it is that Draco was trying his best to actually help them and not identify them, but that he eventually caved in to the pressure. However, I still admire him for it and I think she can appreciate it to, even if some people - like Ron in this chapter - really can't. I hope that makes sense :)

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Review #12, by ginnyrulz 

1st September 2013:
NOPE. oh my god. i swear you are so ridiculously cruel for doing this to me. i cant stand it!

Author's Response: I know. I feel a little bad :( Just keep reading though! :)

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Review #13, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

6th July 2013:
Oh boy... things are certainly getting complicated now! How will Harry and Ginny ever get back together now that she's living in Holyhead and apparently falling for Oliver??

I have to admit, it seems like they're having a good time together, and Ginny certainly could use a distraction from everything she's been going through lately... but I'm still ready for her and Harry to make up! :P

Well done, dear!

Author's Response: Well, Ginny trying to move definitely complicated things even more. As for her and Oliver, yes, they're getting along quite well. And Ginny just really wants to fill the void at this point. But of course, she SHOULD be with Harry!!

Thank you so much! :D

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Review #14, by Lunalovegoodlover7869 

30th June 2013:
I was guessing Ginny was going to end up with oliver at one point or another. :-)

Author's Response: Well, you were right then ;)

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Review #15, by Ashleythemuggle 

18th June 2013:
This is a realistic breakup! I hate when ppl write overly idealistic Ginny/Harry or Ron/Hermione stories. They're all young and Harry is still a GUY! Chosen one or not. Excellent, loved Wood by the way he's mhmmm :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought so, and I agree with you; they ARE young, and they've never learned to deal with this kind of problems before, as they've been busy fighting evil forces. Haha, I'm glad you liked Oliver Wood.. and yes, he is mhmmm! Haha ;) Thanks for such a wonderful review!

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Review #16, by Gwenevere_Prewett  

16th June 2013:
loving Gin and Oliver! Obviously it's sad but we all know Harry and Gin get together in the end! Really liking this story so far, moves quickly and I like that, interesting ideas I haven't read before on here, keep it up :)

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear that! Yes, that is true - they've still got some figuring out to do, though. I'm so happy to hear that you like the story, and that it has some original ideas. Than you so much for reading and reviewing, I really appreciate it :)

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Review #17, by Lucy 

16th June 2013:
Im loving the story do far! Please do some more Romione! Angelina and George are so cute I loved the way he proposed!!! Please please get Harry and ginny back together!! I hate them apart please just let them be together and no more drama after this. X

Author's Response: Aw, that makes me so happy! There will be a lot more of Ron and Hermione in the future :) I'm so thrilled to hear that you liked George's proposal, which was my personal favourite part of the chapter. Keep your faith in Harry/Ginny as a couple, but be patient - they've got some figuring out to do before they'll get there. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #18, by Christy_is_FAB 

16th June 2013:
No! ::sigh:: poor Harry is heart broken & alone with Teddy while Ginny is busy bumping uglies with Oliver! & WTF Oliver?!?! I thought you liked Harry! Going after his ex?! No way dude!

This is the only fanfiction I follow that actually keeps updating frequently. Thank you for that!! I've gotten attached to two others & the writers stopped posting! That's just cruel so I love that you still update! Thank you!

Author's Response: Yes, I feel quite bad for Harry... as for Ginny, she's just trying to get Harry out of her mind. Haha, yes, Oliver does like Harry, I think, but they're not very close. They weren't exactly friends, were they? Oliver was just his Quidditch captain. But still. I know what you mean.

Well, thank you for letting me know that you appreciate the frequent updates! I know from my own experience how frustrating it can be when you sit around and wait for the next chapter, so I try to keep the updates coming! It's great to hear that my readers appreciate it :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #19, by xMsFiggx 

15th June 2013:
Yay George and Angelina!! The proposal was incredibly sweet and I liked the little part about him hearing Fred. Loved the part with Ron and Hermione haha he would want a Quidditch Pitch in the backyard and she would certainly try to add more bookcases. Very cute and lighthearted.

Still sad for Harry and Ginny, but hopefully they learn more about themselves and about what and who they want after this time apart. Not too thrilled about Ginny and Oliver, but she does deserve to have some fun.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so happy that you liked the proposal, and George hearing Fred's whisper. Also, finally some Ron/Hermione, I'm glad you enjoyed it ;)

I understand that everyone wants to see Harry and Ginny together, as I do too, but you're right. They've got some figuring out to do before that can happen. And yeah, Ginny and Oliver... she's really just trying to fill the void. I understand that this is not the pairing that people want to see, but, well...

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, I love hearing what you think!! :)

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Review #20, by FriendofMolly 

15th June 2013:
George's proposal was unique and fun, just as he is. I have no doubt he heard Fred. It would be great if George kept hearing him, from time to time. How sad for Harry? I don't hate Oliver, he did move rather fast. Love doesn't always run on a smooth path. Young loves also have a tendency to make bad decisions when the going gets rough. I do hope that Ginny stops things before she hurts herself and Oliver. Someone needs to step in, it's obvious that the couple are doing their best to ignore just what they're feeling. Please try to post the next soon

Author's Response: Well, I'm so glad that the proposal was fitting for George - that's exactly what I was going for. I think he heard Fred too, at least in his heart.

Yes, Oliver sure moved fast. You're right though, when you're young you tend to move fast and rush into things. Ginny is trying to fill the void that Harry left, but people might end up getting hurt. At this point, both Harry and Ginny are trying to get on with their lives... well, we'll see how it goes. I'll try to update quickly! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #21, by DracoGal 

14th June 2013:
I love Oliver, so there's no hating on him :) I still have faith because Harry and Ginny get married. And what's a relationship without drama and fights?? Loved this chapter as per usual! Update soon! :)

Author's Response: That's a relief :) Yes, we know how the story ends ;) and you're right - not even their relationship can be perfect. I'm so glad to hear that you liked this, and I'll try to update as soon as possible! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #22, by zorica 

14th June 2013:
Well if it had to be anyone I'm glad it's Oliver. Always fancied him myself. And George's proposal was just perfect.

Author's Response: I'm glad you approve! I actually thought that they'd make quite a good pairing. Also, it makes me so happy that you liked George's proposal! :D thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by potslicker 

14th June 2013:
Love your tale of George getting engaged, about time.
However, I don't like where you are heading with Ginny. Not right or even getting her in this situation.

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought so! I was quite exited about that part myself.

As for Ginny, she and Harry are broken up, she thinks that he no longer loves her, and she's trying to fill the void/move on. I hope that explains her actions better, and I hope you'll stick it out, because we all know how the story ends :)

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Review #24, by HeyMrsPotter 

14th June 2013:
I absolutely LOVE this story. I love how real it is, like the 19 years didn't run completely smoothly and after the war they were faced with real life issues as opposed to death-eater related ones. I think I've told you this a million and one times already but you write beautifully, I always lose myself in your stories and I love that. I don't think many reviewers ever say this but I appreciate how quickly you update and though I'll be eagerly awaiting the next instalment of this story I won't nag you to update ASAP!

Author's Response: Wow, I can't tell you how happy this review has made me! I'm so glad to hear that you like the story so much, and you're right, they are faced with a different kind of problems now that Voldemort is gone. Also, it's so nice to get some appreciation for quick updates, haha! I've got so much written already, but it takes some time for me to translate (because I didn't originally write it in English), and edit, but I try to be quick, since I know that I appreciate that when I read a story. I'm glad to hear you do too, so that the work is not for nothing! :) I'll try to keep the updates rather quick. Thank you a million times for this absolutely wonderful review, I appreciate it so much!

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Review #25, by Ashley Lovegood 

14th June 2013:
I'm seriously freaking out right now! I want Harry and Ginny to get back together so badly! But I'm so excited for George and Angelina! Love the story, update soon!

Author's Response: I know that you want to see them get back together, but be patient :) they'll get there eventually. I'm glad you're exited about the engagement, and I'll try to update soon!

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