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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

15th August 2016:
Loved this so much. I'm glad she got busted. Yet Blakeslee ended up offering her a position as a journalist out of it. Things are finally turning around for Edie. And I bet Oliver picks her out of the crowd at Sunday's match, easy. Great chapter!

Author's Response: This chapter was so fun to write! Usually I think ragtag heist scenes are so cheesy but it seemed like something the fic needed, so I actually struggled with it at first, haha. It's funny because this chapter has one of the highest read counts in the fic, by hundreds. So I guess it went over well?

Oh yes, the match! That was also a fun scene to write.

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

15th February 2015:
I look like a suspicious characteróa tormented poet at the least.

I wear black on black on black all the time and now Iím going to
laugh at myself because of the different shades of faded black I
wear and call myself a tormented poet. No one will understand my
plight. Or my laughter.

ďThe flying buttresses have it the worst!Ē

Iím pretty sure my love for you has grown immensely after this

What goes on in your head?

Her eyes go even narrower behind their spectacles, ďThey donít
allow it anymore.Ē

She should really get in touch with Filch.




Okay, I loved Jae and under different circumstances I would say
team Jae! But Iím already TEAM DEAN AND TEAM OLIVER so letís just
not confuse me so much, okay?

I thought it was ratherÖeasy? I guess for the truth to come out. It
didnít seem as shocking when she said it or that there were
consequences. I felt there should have been consequences. Edie
sticks up for Rose, why wouldnít she? Itís not like she wants to feel
her wrath all over again but I do think the two of them should be
punished. She could have hired her but maybe on probationary
standards or something. I donít know.

Iím glad itís out though. I suppose now we wait for Oliverís reaction
because theyíre going to have to interact soon. I think heíll finally
read the articles now, at least once the third one is out and itíll bite
her in the bum so maybe thatís what she needs. Plus, sheís a good
writer but she gets her ego and emotions in the way. She needs to
learn to control herself and write the truth, not the half-truth. I
imagine her less of a celebrity journalist and more of a sports
journalist and I donít think sheíll find that at WW. Plus, can she be a
journalist and have Oliver too? It seems like another hurdle because
it could be considered a conflict of interest. I think maybe thatís
why she didnít say anything about Oliver and Rose, plus sheís in
denial too but that could hurt Roseí career even more. It has to be
out in the open and readers have to know and editors need to
know. I guess we arenít even close to the end of this drama. Oh
Edie, digging yourself into a deeper whole as the chapters go on.

Author's Response: Hello again!

"What goes on in your head?" Ha!! That is a really great question... It's something like thinking about 58 things at once, and thinking that everyone you see is really really pretty, and constantly realizing that you've drank all your coffee and need more.

*Sips from coffee*

You're certainly not the first person to ask for a Mildred/Filch story, and I really have considered it... Unfortunately I have to force myself to be solely focused on this story, or I just won't write at all. I have a few ideas from time to time for new fics, but I just can't multitask that way and won't allow myself to write anything until KC&CO is finished (I've never technically finished a novel before.) Unfortunately that includes a Filch/Mildred... Milch? Filchred? I ship it.

Hahaha it's so funny how many of my readers really like Jae! The whole time I'm writing him I'm just like "ew." I imagine him being really cocky and womanizing and just kind of falling short of the mark. Like a lot of male characters on HPFF who are just so full of sass and swagger and good looks, and the characters end up falling for them. Jae is kind of like that except Edie doesn't fall for it. (Whoops! Spoiler?)

It was indeed an easy conversation with Blakeslee, and one that I re-wrote many times. I agree that it *does* seem a little too carefree up front, but I think this chapter mentions (or at least at one point it did) Edie's concern that they'll sack her as soon as the articles are done. She's gotten what she wants, in a way, but WW and Blakeslee are just using her to get their articles. She's of little value to them otherwise.

I wish I could address your last paragraph better, but I can't yet! Don't worry, pretty much everything that you've mentioned is addressed and comes to a culmination. As usual, there are 4738927321830912 things going on at once in this story and it takes time to get to all of them.

I suppose that's what happens when you write on a coffee-high.

Thank you again for another lovely review! Glad you're sticking around ♥

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Review #3, by Courtney Dark 

2nd July 2013:
Hey! It's been a while, but I'm back and I loved this new chapter as much as ever! It was very nice to finally see something in Edie's life go right, for once.

I don't want to bore you with my waffle, so I'll try ti make this quick!

There were so many bits and pieces throughout this chapter that made me giggle - for example, the idea of Dean and Seamus wearing their old Hogwarts robes with black pant smeared over their faces. I think Seamus has to be my favourite character in Keep Calm and Carry On, so it's always fun when he makes an appearance!

I also thoroughly enjoyed Jae in this chapter - and the snogging session was great - Edie really does have perfect timing, doesn't she. I liked the addition of Jae flirting with the door knob (he's such a charmer!) and the line: As Blakeslee leads me round the corner, I hear him try valiantly, ďMildred, is it? May I just say that you look stunning in greenóĒ You really have a talent for perfectly timed humour! And I think comparisons between Filch and Mildred were justified.

I like the way that Edie was finally given a proper job by Blakeslee - it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows and I definitely was surprised when Edie stood up for Rose. I wonder how the two of them will interact next time they meet?

This was a great chapter - I missed Oliver a little bit though, I have to admit! Hopefully we'll see him in the next chapter?


Author's Response: Hello you! It has been a while for me as well :D

Most people seem to generally like Jae, especially after this chapter. I have to admit that he's grown on me too. He was a huge part of what made this chapter so fun to write (as well as Seamus, which you've mentioned!) And it just suddenly struck me in this chapter where most of my inspiration from Mildred came from... Filch! They should totally be together forever.

I definitely did not want it to seem all sunshine and rainbows, as you said, so I'm pleased that it read that way. As for Rose and Edie's next interaction, my initial idea was thwarted because I thought of a much more realistic one... Nothing too suspenseful, but that's all I'll say.

Yeah, I realize there isn't an overwhelming amount of Oliver in this story as of late. But I want to give the impression to readers--young, old, male or female--that your life does not have to revolve around your love interest. I'm very guilty of spending all day sighing and daydreaming and batting my eyelashes, but there are other things going on too that require our attention. Like female goblin rights, and friends (and their babies), and careers, and candy! :D

Thank you again for another lovely review ♥

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Review #4, by Jen 

27th June 2013:
Amazing chapter!!! I absolutely LOVE Seamus. I can just imagine his birdcalls and it starts me laughing every time i do. And Jae! I cannot figure him out, he's such a smooth talker (except with Mildred of course) and I love his character, but at the same time I ship Ediver like there is no tomorrow. Ugh I can't wait for the next chapter, please post it soon (no pressure).

Also, not to be pushy or anything, and honestly I will not be upset if you don't, but do you think we could see more of Edie's brothers? it's just so perfect that they get along so well with Oliver, and Edie is such a great (although overprotective) older sister! I love their interactions with her, and something gives me the feeling that they'd get along pretty well with Seamus to... just a hunch.

Anyway, keep going! I will recommend all of my fanfic-reading friends to this story because it's definitely worth reading!

Author's Response: Hellooo!

That Jae is a tricky one, yes indeed. I like him better after writing this chapter, though ;3 And I am about two pages into the next chapter... which is not nearly long enough! Plus, I will most likely be doing some serious editing (read: deleting) of what's already written.

Not pushy at all! I obviously have my story planned out and most likely won't just throw things in because readers say they want to see it, but you're right! I would love to include more of Edie's brothers, and your comment about how well they got along with Oliver actually inspired a plunny! I've been looking for a way to sneak them in and haven't been able to come up with a legitimate way. So I appreciate that very much.

Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm sorry the update is taking so long. ♥

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Review #5, by marauderfan 

22nd June 2013:
Dean and Seamus are amazing. I love any scene with them in it. The birdcalls. so great. I wonder if that's what tipped off Mildred, lol. And Jae chatting up a door knob was fantastic.

And how lucky for Edie that she finally got hired!!! I was actually glad that Edie stood up for Rose and didn't get extra catty and try to get her fired. After all it was because of Edie and Rose's shared decisions that gave Edie the opportunity to write in the first place, so I thought it was very good of her to defend Rose. Of course, Rose will probably continue to be a jerk, but Edie has the moral high ground now, haha.

Ack! I can't believe I'm all caught up now! Honestly I was enjoying being so far behind because there were always chapters here waiting for me to read them. So... can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Ugh, I don't know if this story would even be half as fun to write without Dean and Seamus. Pahaha, you're right. I wonder if Seamus was just standing around outside trying out new birdcalls and Mildred heard him... Nah, it was totally that Brutus fellow. What a surly jerk.

I'm glad that you support Edie's decision not to throw Rose under the bus. It just felt too mean, even for self-absorbed Edie. And you're right--without Rose, Edie would probably never have met Oliver. She would still only know him as Viktor Krum, in fact.

I'm taking a small break to tie up some loose ends with the plot. Like I totally glossed over Puddlemere's first Quidditch match... whoops. hehe. Just little things like that, and some of the bigger plot points.

Anyway! Thank you for all of your reviews. They're so lovely to read ♥

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Review #6, by OhSoSqueamish711 

15th June 2013:
I absolutely adored this. I read the whole thing in about 4 hours. I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: SERIOUSLY that is one of the best compliments I can hear. I just think of the stories that *I've* done that to, and how much I love them, and gah. Thank you so much ♥

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Review #7, by Hope's Mom 

9th June 2013:
I am surprised that Edie defended Rose! Edie is so lucky that her bumbling break-in crew didn't blow the whole "mission" to smithereens. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hello! Surprise seems to be the general reaction, haha. And I think that if Blakeslee's commitment to the magazine wasn't so strong--and the promise they made to their readers to have three interviews--she would have sacked Edie too! Thank you ♥

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Review #8, by AlexFan 

4th June 2013:
YES! Finally good things are happening to Edie. After goin through all of that stuff she finally has something good happen to her! I'm so glad that she got the job and I really like Jae. He seems like a new version of Sirius Black what with charming the doorknob and everything.

I was really hoping that Rose would hey fired but it's just not in Edie's nature and I'm just so darn happy that her life is finally turning around!

And as much as I love Jae, I still want Edie to be with Oliver because it's just Oliver and Oliver is perfect in your story.

Author's Response: It makes me all warm and fuzzy that people are excited for good things happening to Edie. I can kind of see that Jae is similar to Sirius! He doesn't strike me as quite so loyal though, and maybe more laid-back. :3

It seems that most people wanted Rose to be fired! I love reading all these different responses to the characters' actions. I feel like it really helps me get to know my readers, as weird as that sounds.

It's nice to know some people are still shipping Ediver.


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Review #9, by tulip 

3rd June 2013:
Love this story; it keeps getting better and I can't wait to read the next chapters!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much ♥ I've got two days off starting tomorrow, so hopefully chapter nineteen will begin to assemble!

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Review #10, by LittleMissPrincess 

3rd June 2013:

also i think i recognize the 'minotaur in a china shop' thing - wheres that from again?

OH YAY THIS WAS SO GREAT! GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING TO EDIE! also she called oliver her potential boyfriend - did anyone notice (;


im not surprised that edie defended rose. while i hoped that rose would go to jail - or accidentally drink poison - you remember my earlier reviews, right? but i guess a heroine couldn't just wish something onto someone, even if that someone is as horrible as rose.

the fact that edie kept saying more stupid things to her boss was kind of worrying - i was scared that she might get her job lost faster than she got it written.

ALSO WAIT, isn't the article she gave, the one thats bad mouthing oliver? but then he'll know that she wrote it? also what about rose? and what about rose and oliver?

also how is lisa.


please update soon or i might spontaneously combust.

Author's Response: Hello!

Well, I actually thought I made up "minotaur in a china-shop," at least somewhat, haha. The minotaur was the most bull-like HP creature I could think of. Maybe it's actually said in one of the books?

Hmmm, I really hope Edie isn't coming across as the typical do-gooder heroine type. In fact she's the opposite in many cases, mostly in that she hasn't really listened to Rose's problems before now, and oh yeah she's in danger of destroying Oliver Wood's career. I hope her sudden change of heart for Rose didn't feel as two-dimensional as "Well, she had to, because she's the MC."

Thanks for the review ♥

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Review #11, by Lululuna 

2nd June 2013:
This was such a wonderful chapter! :) And so funny, I loved the whole stealth mission style, although I think Edie was right in firing Dean and Seamus. I really enjoy Jae, and while I support Edie and Oliver (Eliver? Odie?) all the way Jae isn't such a bad distraction! I adored how he chatted up that cheeky door, it was just great, although perhaps a little worrying. I love how sneaky he is, perhaps he was a cat burglar before being a studio assistant?

The demonizing of the models is quite funny too, and I like how instead of Filch and portraits, WW has Mildred and tattle-taling, partying models. I hope Edie splashes some water on Brutus' poster next time she's in!

Speaking of being into work, I can't believe Edie got hired! I'm very happy for her of course, and while a little surprised she defended Rose I'm glad she did. After all, they both were in on it together, and it would have been unfair for Rose to take the fall and Edie to only benefit from it. I'm so excited to see how the job will go, and how Oliver will react to the situation and the article, and just everything really... :) Thanks for writing such an awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Hi again!

This chapter was so much fun to write. I haven't done anything action/adventure-y in many years. And I've never written a comedy adventure scene, so it was fun trying new things. My favorite part to write was definitely Jae (who very well may have been a cat burglar) flirting with the door :P

Hahaha, I hadn't thought of Edie trying to get back at Brutus! In a way, though, she has him to thank. If she'd just slipped the article onto Ward's desk, it still would have been under Rose's name, and she very well may have never been hired.

Whoa, that's crazy to think about. Brutus is actually the hero in this story! I need to celebrate a Brutus-appreciation day!

I'm glad you understand why Edie didn't bring Rose down. You're pretty much spot-on. And oh yes, Oliver's reaction. It's just getting worse and worse, the longer she goes without telling him, and the meaner the things she writes.

Yay! Thank you very much indeed ♥

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Review #12, by Pattalack 

2nd June 2013:
I really like your story so far and I'm ready for some more Oliver action!

Author's Response: I am also ready for more Oliver! I think you and I are one of the few who still ship Ediver at this point xP

Thanks for the read ♥

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Review #13, by TeenageTerror 

2nd June 2013:
I'm a relatively new reader (I just started your story the other day and finished it in one sitting), and I've been checking back every day in hopes of a new update. The feeling I got when I saw there was a new chapter was no less than "OMG so stoked!", haha.

Anyway, the suspense after she got caught by Mildred and told the truth about the article was intense! I can't wait to see how it and her article will affect her relationship, or lack thereof, with Oliver. I'm also excited to see how Rose takes the news and what kind of retaliation will come from her.

All in all, I want to read moar!!

Author's Response: OH MY GOSH ONE SITTING? Flailing and screaming over here. That's so incredibly amazing, thank you!

I'm glad the scene between Edie and Blakeslee was suspenseful! I did a lot of trimming, because I was worried everyone would fall asleep xD It's good to hear the opposite.

I will update moar!!! Unfortunately, I'm just not sure when I'll have the chance to write. Maybe sometime next week, when I have a few days off. Lately all I'm good for is hours of watching Lena Dunham movies/TV and snacking.

Pardon the over-share of my pitiful existence, and thank you so much! ♥

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Review #14, by Siriusly89 

2nd June 2013:
The happy-dance I do whenever I see youíve posted a new chapter is so ridiculous. I really hope none of my neighbours see me. . . . .

ANYWAY! New chapter! Excitement! The heist! Anticipation!

Edie the tormented poet. You canít hear me, but Iím laughing! Edieís sandwich forays, I like it! Seamus is influencing her nicely then. Itís a completely irrational thought, but how cool would it be if they were just about to swap the articles when a piece of cheese feel out of Seamusí sandwich (he managed to find the time to make one while Edie and Dean were sneaking up the stairs-he just lumbered after them, earning him a smack on the head from Edie for making noise) and all these alarms went off! Imagine trying to explain that one to the Aurors! I know that wonít happen, but a girl can dream, canít she?

Wow. If you managed to read that whole thing above there, you deserve a cheese sambo too!

Miniature-Lisaís back! I love her! Though I feel very sorry for her, because she has to sit there and watch Edie make very bad life choices, Edie really doesnít listen to her at all, does she?

It seems she listened to her. Darn.

On second hand, it seems she isnít. I love how Jae just invites himself along, like everybody wants him there. Grr. . . . . If Dean and Seamus like him Iím going to scream.

Couple-hood. Again, Laughing.

He smells nice? Why are you smelling him? Who smells people?-sorry, its one of my pet hates. Really creeps me out when people say ĎYou smell niceí itís just about the weirdest compliment you can receive, right behind ĎYou have nice earsí

Seamus and Deans Ďspy gearí is their old Hogwarts cloaks? I can just see the two of them poking around their flat trying to find them. Iím going to assume Deans was discarded to the very depths of his wardrobe, and Seamusí was somewhere really weird, like inside the freezer, or behind the boiler.

I get way too into this story. Ah well, too late to quit now!

Edie? What are you thinking? Leaving Seamus and Dean to stand guard? Dean will probably start doodling and forget why heís there, and Seamus will more than likely fall asleep! Or, the two of them will start messing around and end up setting off all these alarms! The girls lost her mind!

Jae started flirting with a door? I was wrong. I donít mind if Dean and Seamus get all buddy-buddy with him, heís just as mental as them anyhow!

Stupid Brutus! Though I suppose this heist was never going to go well, was it? Itís Edie weíre talking about here! And also, very nice try Jae, but canít you see Mildred and Filch are destined to be? I feel a new ship coming on! MILCH FOREVER!

AAAH! Edie got a real, legitimate, proper writing job! Blakeslee, oh that woman, sheís brilliant isnít she? Iím so happy right now!

I know this stroke of good fortune isnít going to last for poor Edie (because lets face it, when does it?) but Iím enjoying the moment while its here!

Update soon ♥

Author's Response: Hey-lo!

Man, the cheese sammich tripping the alarm system would have been awesome! Too bad I just couldn't have poor Seamus get caught, and lose his Auror's license. I would feel too bad for the wee fellow :c I'd much rather just abuse Edie! (And I did read all of it... I will indeed eat a cheese sandwich!)

Hahaha. What! That makes no sense! It's one of our senses; recognizing scent happens naturally unless you happen to have a particularly bad sense of smell. I've inadvertently smelled somebody's cologne/shampoo without grabbing their head and avidly sniffing them (although that would make a much better story.) I guess that's the same kind of thing that happened here ♥

Oh my God Seamus's cloak would TOTALLY be in the freezer. And you're right, he probably was so pumped to be lookout for the first four seconds, and then immediately passed out. Bahahaha. Sometimes I think you know him better than I do...

MILCH. MIIILCH. I love it! Maybe Mildred even has a grumpy old man-cat that Mrs. Norris could fall in love with.

I really like Blakeslee, too (though I always feel arrogant saying that about my own characters.) She's a sharp one, her!

Thank you again, my dear ♥

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Review #15, by PitchBlue 

2nd June 2013:

Wow, I was completely wrong when I said in my review that her plan could never work, wasn't I? I'm glad that she finally has some things going for her. She deserved it.

I wasn't very surprised that Edie defended Rose in the end. I mean, she whines a lot about Rose but in the end Edie's a good person.

And Jae chatting up a doorknob - that was quite unexpected! I still need to wrap my head around it I think. Your imagination is very impressive though :p

Right, so I really really liked this chapter (I particularly love Dean's comments) and I can't wait for your next chapter! Your writing is brilliant, it gives me new inspiration for my own story.

- PB

Author's Response: Hello again!

Don't worry, I hadn't given you any hope that any of Edie's plans could work. I think she deserved this one too, but then again I'm quite biased.

It's good to hear that somebody wasn't surprised that Edie defended Rose! I mean, really, could she have felt good about herself after getting her fired? It's enough to know that Rose is so immature and emotionally insecure. And it wouldn't have just been a quiet sacking; if they'd gone public with the plagiarism and the wrongfully-accepted award, Rose would have a VERY hard time ever finding a job again.

Wow, endrant. Sorry...

Yay Dean! It was fun getting to write some of his snark. He's quite snarky sometimes... I have absolutely nothing of the next chapter written, haha. But hopefully my writer's block will dissipate soon enough.

Thank you again ♥

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Review #16, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

2nd June 2013:
EEEK!!! Yay!! The truth has FINALLY been revealed, and Edie didn't get in trouble for it!! *Squeals*

I was SO worried when they got caught, but I'm glad it worked out the way it did! Now I'm just curious and very, VERY afraid of what Rose's reaction will be... she doesn't seem to be the kind to take something like this without fighting back, if you know what I mean. But I'm SO happy that Blakeslee believes Edie!!

I'm also a little worried about Oliver's reaction to all of this. This big revelation is going to make him VERY angry with Edie... as if Rose hadn't already ruined their chances as a couple, anyway. But, depending on how everything goes with Jae, the Oliver thing might not even matter anymore...

Speaking of which, I wasn't sure what I thought about Jae at first, but when he and Edie started kissing I nearly started squealing for joy! I really don't know where that came from... :P

My favorite part in the whole chapter was Seamus and Dean's outfits... haha! Wearing their old Hogwarts robes and black paint over their face? I could just see the two of them dressed like that and I laughed out loud... they're such goofballs!

And Jae flirting with a DOOR?!? He certainly is a charmer, isn't he? I wonder if he intentionally started flirting with the door, or if he was simply admiring the architecture... something tells me it was deliberate. :P

Anyway, I'm so thrilled that Edie has a JOB now; something's finally going right! (Although I am curious as to how long it's going to last...) Another GREAT chapter dear, and I can't wait for more!! 10/10!

Author's Response: I know! It's hard to believe that one of her plans actually succeeded, huh? :D

I think you'd be right in saying that Rose won't take this lying down. But, really, it could have been much worse for her. She could've been sacked, and Edie was the only thing keeping her from doing that. Hopefully Rose will recognize this. Then again, it's Rose.

Oh really?! Haha I was totally creeped out by Jae kissing Edie again! I mean he'd just showed her that he'd flirt with quite literally ANYTHING. How special could she feel after that? :P Oh, btw, he was totally flirting with the doorknob on purpose. But it was only to butter her up after Edie miserably failed at getting them in ;D

Seamus and Dean! I really wish I could have had them sneaking in to WW alongside, but it just didn't make sense. There would be nobody guarding the entrances, and Seamus is WAY too loud.

Yay yay yay! Job for Edie! I am equally thrilled, trust me. Thank you so much for the review! It's greatly appreciated. ♥

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Review #17, by ValWitch21 

2nd June 2013:
SARAH &hearts

Okay. I have spent my day revising Britain's social and economical changes from 1945 to 2007, or a forty-eight page long poem, so seeing this made my entire weekend.


I think I'll make a list so as to give this review some structure.

1. I'm so happy things are improving for Edie. I never expected Blakeslee to be this understanding, to be honest. There was something about this that really reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada, where at the end the boss is like "I hired you because you reminded of me" or something like that, you know?

2. WHAT IS WRONG WITH JAE. First he flirts with a doorknob, but then (even stranger), he flirts with Mildred. He doesn't need Saint Mungo's, he needs Azkaban! The more he apears, the more I get a blargh feeling about him. Edie can't date him. SHE CAN'T. Plus Jedi sounds a lot less cool than Ediver.

3. Dean and Seamus make me laugh: "What's he got that we don't have?" Seamus pouts. Dean murmurs, "An ounce of sanity?" I love that Seamus teased Edie about Oliver too.

4. Why is Edie defending Rose? She doesn't deserve it! I hope something terrible happens to her -- Edie's flatulent charm could maybe make a convenient reappearance?

5. (I'm rambling all over the place but who cares?) Blakeslee has suddenly become a much more interesting character. I hope we see more of her soon!

Now for my absolutely favourite part of this chapter (though it was very hard to choose):

As Blakeslee leads me round the corner, I hear him try valiantly, "Mildred, is it? May I just say that you look stunning in green-"


"Yes, ma'am."

But it was closely tied with this: "And furthermore!" I freeze mid-pace. "What did you just say?"

Also, mini-nitpick: it's either Prior Incantato or Priori Incantatem (I think it would be the first here, as the HPL seems to say that the second is spontaneous when two wands with the same cores duel one another).

Anyway, that aside -- this was such a great chapter, and I'm glad I found the time to review! You definitely deserve those Kecker awards &hearts

Author's Response: Hi again!!

Gaah I keep hearing things about this being like Devil Wears Prada, haha. But I see how the two are similar, so I can't gripe too much. Blakeslee's motivation is actually completely selfish; she wants to sell the most copies of her magazine that she can, and Edie happens to be necessary for that. I think I mentioned Edie recognizing that she'll only go so far as the articles will get her. ;3

Hahahahahaha. I guess Jae was just working with his best asset, which is his charm, to get them in the door and out of trouble with Mildred (unfortunately the latter wasn't having it.)

Dean and Seamus ♥ ♥ ♥ They're going to be on this CI, for the first time since chapter one, and I am weirdly excited for it!

Edie's just trying to be the bigger person. Rose is obviously immature and vindictive, but she's no Voldemort. Also, Edie agreed to write the article. She could have said no to Rose, but she wanted to feel important, and did something illegal. She never signed a contract, so it was all under the table and not legally upheld. I guess I just put myself in Edie's shoes while writing this scene. Edie was getting something great out of the deal with Blakeslee, so why take Rose down?

I actually really like writing Blakeslee! She's a career-driven person, and obviously has enough good in her to remember Edie's name and not fire her on the spot. But, again, WW is the most important thing to her, so I'm afraid she'd always put that first.

I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I THOUGHT OF JAE TRYING TO FLIRT HIS WAY OUT OF TROUBLE WITH MILDRED. And that's not the only instance where the old broad will be pitted up against a cute boy ;3

Thank you for your mini-nitpick! I have edited it in my Word document, and will correct it when I upload the new CI. Thanks so much for your kind words, Val! ♥

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