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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

22nd January 2015:
J, I'm thrilled with this chapter. Not with Violet obviously. I hope Lily doesn't feel like she has to give it up in the next few chapters because of her. Even though she's strong all girls have insecurities.

What I LOVED was Frank and Alice. Oh Augusta! My favorite overbearing lady. I adored their interaction. It was sweet but still stayed true to their characters. Talking about Augusta and marriage.

Deeds approves.

Deeds approves very much.

And then their interaction with Moody. Sweet, sarcastic and hilarious. I almost forgot for a few minutes this story is tear inducing.

I can't believe I'm almost at the end. I can't imagine how you felt coming so close to the end and just working through all these chapters. Such hard work and dedication on your part.

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Review #2, by nott theodore 

12th July 2014:
Hi Jami!

Ah, I can't believe I'm down to the last ten chapters of this story now! It's taken me so long to read it and I'm sorry for that, but I'm loving the chance to get back to it now!

It's kind of scary how well you write Bellatrix and Voldemort. They're just so... chilling. Every scene you write including them just seems to include such brilliant portrayals and every single word seems to be something I can hear coming from their mouths. Bellatrix, especially - her utter devotion to Voldemort and the fact that she loves being in his presence. But now I'm really worried because of the end of that section - Bellatrix has it out for Belle and I feel like it's not going to end well...

It was great to see some of this story from Alice's POV! She's such a lovely character and I liked the discussion of their relationship so that we got to see how it started and the way that they've both developed as people from when they were younger, because it reminded me of Neville. And it made me laugh that Frank discussed the problem with Augusta - at least she made him see sense, though!

Ugh, Violet is just irritating. I hope that it won't turn into anything worse at the moment because it's just so strange for her to carry on behaving this way - can't she see that James is besotted with Lily? Lily behaved really well though, but I'd like to see Belle let loose on her!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #3, by Pretense Of Perfection 

16th June 2014:
Poor Violet...I mean, how desperate and insecure do you have to be to throw yourself at someone else's boyfriend when he clearly isn't interested. Sadly, a lot of girls seem to think this way...

Anyhow, poor Lily too! I don't know if I could hold my tongue, or my fists at my side listening to all of that! Violet is actually planning to use her body to try and manipulate James away, and Lily knows it. She has wayyy more self control than I do, that's for sure.

Overall another awesome chapter. I can't wait to finish this and start reading the sequel. Please update it soon!!

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Review #4, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

20th June 2013:
Hey Jami :)

You write both Bellatrix and Voldemort so disturbingly good, it gives me chills. I've seen a few attempts at Voldmort but none of them quite got his way of speaking as well and as close to JK's as you have. The way he toys with Bella and uses her is just brilliant.

And then you have Bellatrix who is just so obsessed with him and being in his favour. I loved the detail that she's not very chuffed about another female death eater possibly joining the fold either. I am very terrified for Belle right now though! Bellatrix being allowed to get revenge is not going to go down well.

I can't remember reading any other part of this so far from Alice's POV and I have to say I really enjoyed it! I really hope we get to see some more in the future. I love the character you've created with her and her relationship with Frank is just amazing and everything I'd have expected it to be. I love that we got to see the start of their relationship too - the shyness just reminded me so much of Neville who never seems to have one best friend like most of the students but different groups of people he can go and talk to.

The resolve to their argument was beautifully written and I had to love that Augusta of all people is the one to make Frank see sense. Then when Moody comes back in and Frank answers back to his joke about respectable Aurors again all I could think of was Neville. Him growing up to be a shadow of the shy boy he was which is exactly what you did with Frank. I think focusing on these two for a few chapters has really worked well and I love them all the more for it. I hope it won't be the last time they're focused on!

Eugh, Violets just getting plain annoying now. She reminds me of a girl I used to know which is good as she's realistic but it isn't helping Violet's case with me as I didn't think much to that girl either. She really doesn't see what's right in front of her face does she? She clearly doesn't know when to stop either. It's quite embarrassing to read her throw herself at him to be honest. I can only hope she gets her demise soon. I wouldn't object to seeing Belle let loose on her though!

Um, one thing I wasn't sure about - I may have read this wrong but you said someone - Elodie - was engaged to a Weasley but then said she was still engaged to Gideon. Isn't Gideon a Prewett? Brother of Molly? Tiny thing but just thought I'd check :) Also having him engaged when we know he's going to die soon, Jami! Can you not give our hearts a break at any point in this story ;)

A quick mistake for you too I think: "Just because she didnít want to through her spot on the Auror department away". I think you mean throw?

Amazing chapter as always though, I loved it :D

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Eeek this was such an awesome surprise! I hope you had a blast in Rome! I'm going to start poking your for pictures as soon as we're on skype at the same time, haha!

Awww yay! I gave you chills! I wish I could say I was sorry, but we'd both know I was lying :P. Voldemort is still pretty intimidating for me, though nothing compared to that stinkin' twinkly bearded Dumbledore!

Bellatrix definitely isn't someone to forgive and forget, is she? Maybe we should send her to therapy to learn to deal with her anger :P!

You're right! This was the first Alice PoV! She snuck in there... sneaky thing. She deserved it though, after all the stuff she's put up with the other characters :P. I always thought, before I started working on this, that Alice would have been the shy one and Frank the outgoing. Though they're both outgoing now, it somehow ended up Frank being the shy one from the start. It's funny how characters can go against what you originally planned, haha.

It definitely won't be the last time they're focused on! But it will be for this book. Well, at least from either of their PoV's unless one of the next five chapters gets away from me. But the last five that I have left to write are pretty detailed with their outlines, so I don't see Alice thoughts sneaking themselves into there :P.

I love what you said about Violet being just plain annoying now. That's exactly what I wanted. She's not Death Eater sort of evil, and she's not even a bad person. But she's a self centered girl who doesn't understand her actions have consequences. You'll see her kind of be forced to face that in a few chapters. I'm excited to see what you think!

HAHA, you're completely right. Gideon is supposed to be a Prewett. Thank you for that! I sometimes forget they weren't just all Weasleys from the start :P!

Thank you so much Lauren for sticking by me through this insanely long story ♥ You're reviews always turn me into one huge smile.

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Review #5, by Morgana Tales 

29th May 2013:
Oh no. Oh dear. Bellatrix doesn't want revenge on Lily and James. She wants revenge on Belle. She told Belle at the first defy that she would suffer the most painful death. D: I am sort of afraid you won't recognize me anymore since I got an account. Well, my old pen name was Ginny Weasley. And another thing. I need some advice. I started making a story on here, and I posted the first chapter. If you want to know, it is called Morgana Merlstien and Her Rubbish Life. If you want to read it and even review it that would be great. It would just touch my heart to know my favorite fanfic writer considered to read my story. Well, what I want advice on is a banner. I would love a banner for my story. That is actually how I found this story. The prettiest banner I would find, I would read the story. Do you know any fantastic artists you could link me to? It would be highly appreciated. My longest review yet! Let's hand out the FireWhiskey! Just kidding. I love your story so much, I will stick with you UNTIL THE END. Another refrence for you. With all the love I can spare for you lovely person, Morgan.

Author's Response: Hi Morgan!! I'm so happy you made an account!! I would love to review your new story. It doesn't look like the first chapter has been validated but I'll check back soon :)!

Also, the banner deal is pretty complicated to explain through here. My best suggestion is for you to make a forums account. Those take about a day to get validated, but they're such an awesome place to hang out and get help! You can also request reviews and join a house and lots of fun stuff. Anyway if you do decide to make an account I'm Jchrissy over there as well and a Prefect, so i'd be happy to talk you through it over personal messages :)!

Thank you again for always being such an amazingly loyal reader and I'm so excited you have your own account!! √ʬô¬•


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Review #6, by Courtney Dark 

24th May 2013:
I FINALLY got the time to read this chapter! I am honestly so sick of all this work that is keeping me from my reading and writing fanfiction - but it's Saturday today, two o'clock in the afternoon and I'm still in my pyjamas. Good day!

Anyway, I loved this chapter, especially Alice's point of view - have there been any chapters from her point of view before this one? If not, you should write them more often! I'm so glad Alice and Frank made up! Because of your story, they are honestly now one of my favourite couples! And I really liked that you gave us insight into how they actually became that couple.

Oh, and Moody's entrance was great! I loved the line: ďStop right there, girl,Ē he said, twisting around meeting his eyes with hers. ďLetís not say something thatís going to make me throw up the breakfast I just had. Besides, after today, youíre going to hate me more than youíd hate an ornery dragon hell bent on taking off your head.Ē From what I have read of him so far, you write Moody absolutely perfectly!

I enjoyed Lily's point of view, too. It was nice to see the group doing something as simple and ordinary (well, ordinary for Hogwarts) as studying for N.E.W.T's. I have to agree with Lily - I have no idea why she would take History of Magic. Though I guess I can't talk, as I take History at school...and almost fall asleep every time.

Agh, Violet! She really is the most annoying person - I felt like throttling her quite a bit in this chapter. I have to admit, Lily shows quite a lot of restraint when it comes to her - Belle, on the other hand, well...that is probably how I would act, to be honest. I honestly love the fire Belle has in her, and how protective she is of Lily.

Ugh, the conversation that Lily and Belle overheard! I really hope Lily doesn't do anything stupid...and I hope James doesn't do anything even stupider.

Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Hi lovely! RL is a drag sometimes. I had one of those not leaving my pyjamas days today as well :P they're the best :P.

No! This was the first Alice Pov one! I never really planned on doing it, but it felt pretty necessary to sort of get the full idea of their argument. I'm so happy you like them as a couple and that you enjoyed her pov ♥

Moody was one that I thought would be really scary to write, but now I just giggle my way through it. JKR created such a vivid image of him that it makes it a lot easier. I'm so happy you like him in this story ♥

I HATED history.. dates. Not my thing. Or paying attention :P. Belle is the one I identify with more as well, in terms of temperate at least. If any girl tried to pull something like that... ohhh she would NOT doing well. Lucky for her Head Girl badge that Lily has a lot more restraint than us :P

THANK YOU for another amazing review, Courtney! I'm sorry I've been responding so slowly. Work hates me right now!

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Review #7, by patronus_charm 

23rd May 2013:
Hey Jami! I have to admit I read this chapter on Sunday and waited to post my review in the hope I could get the 600th one, but as itís nearly Saturday I thought I may as well write it and wait for the next big number.

I really loved the opening part it was great! Even though it was a really minor detail the idea of giving Bellatrix red lips was great, as it represented the danger she was to people and herself in a way. Iím glad we got to find out more about what caused the attack at the inn as it was interesting to see it from a Death Eaterís perspective compared to the other one.

Ah I knew there was something evil about Abigail! I think it may have something to do with the name, as Iíve never met someone nice called Abigail but she was just horrible to everyone. It saddened me to see that Snape and Regulus were part of that number too, as theyíre both so young and innocent and to see that theyíre now practically Death Eaters is really horrible.

I didnít like the talk of revenge, as I didnít expect the twice defied to come by so quickly after the other one. Poor Lily and James they really did have tragic lives going through all of that with Voldemort and then dying. I really did enjoy the encounter with Bellatrix last time as the action was great, so Iím sort of looking forward to it with dread.

Eep thanks Jami we got an Alice and Frank centric part! I really love those two as theyíre both so adorable and meant to be together so my heart did break a little when I heard that Alice and Frank hadnít spoken in weeks. Then their conversation! I was just sitting there yelling at them to stop giving one another monosyllabic replies and actually talk. Then the talk about the weather, I know the only time I bring that up in conversation was when I couldnít think of what to say so I knew they were probably doing it for the same reason.

I really loved the memories of how Alice drew him out of his shell. I always imagined that one of them would be the quieter and shyer one of the two so hearing Frank was like that fit perfectly. I felt bad for him that he didnít have any friends, but I really loved the story of Alice dragging him over to James meaning that he started to become friends with them and became the quidditch commentator through that.

The make-up scene was wonderful ♥ I really loved how it happened and it was so fitting of them. I think my favourite part was when Frank was talking about his mum saying she had gotten used to them getting married and Aliceís reaction really made me aw as you could tell that she really didnít expect that to happen. Then Frankís impression of her was also great, and I can imagine why there would be differences between Alice and his mum.

Iím glad that we got a Lily-centric part as it was beginning to feel a little weird without either her or James featuring majorly. Jami, why did you have to make Gideon engaged? Why? Heís death going to be even more tragic now, so I suppose I should start preparing myself for it already, at least that way it wonít appear to be as bad as it will be. I loved the little thing with Margaret and Briscoe, it was so cute to watch as you could tell how much Margaret wanted to get close to him and I was awing away.

I remember saying in one of my first reviews that Violet was going to be one of those annoying ones and she did it again in this chapter. I felt bad for James as he really didnít have a clue what to do, other than telling her to go away there doesnít seem to be any solution to it. I did like Belleís suggestion, though I doubt the heads would let her get away with that!

Ack I hate that girl she is those words you said! My French isnít good enough to know if theyíre correct or not, but you could always ask Val as sheís fluent! Back to Violet hating though, ah I really canít say anything than she has some deep rooted issues she really needs to solve! I love Mary though she is my new favourite person and I felt proud of the way she stood up to Violet!

Another excellent chapter Jami and I canít wait for the remaining chapter and the sequel ♥


Author's Response: Kiana ♥ your reviews are always such a treat to respond to!

I'm sorry you didn't get 600, but am so grateful that you've played such a massive part in helping me get here ♥

I was excited to show the reason behind the attack from the DE perspective. Not that they have to have a reason for everything, but I'm sure that most of the time they do. Even if it's just for plain cruelty. And I'm so happy you liked seeing it from their perspective!

Hahahah I am SO with you on the name Abigail! I think I went out searching for an evil name and that one just felt perfect :P.

If it helps calm your James Lily nerves, Bellatrix *may* not have been referring to them with her thoughts of revenge ;). It is sad how much they all go through in their young years :(.

Ahh I'm so happy you liked their conversation! I wanted to make it just a bit awkward and uncomfortable, because how can you be normal with someone you just had a falling out with? I think Frank fit the part of the reclusive one well, too. I was worried though that I wouldn't be able to make it feel natural, so I'm really relieved it did to you &heats;

You knew Violet wouldn't go away, didn't you ;)? I think Belle really could teach her a lesson, but our poor Heads have to attempt and follow rules :P. And it's sad how clueless men can be. They just don't know what to do in these sort of situations, haha!

Val did help correct one of my terrible Google translator words, haha!! I don't know that thing can't be more accurate :P.

I'm so happy you liked this chapter, and that you're still spoiling me with incredible reviews ♥ THANK YOU MY LOVELY KIANA!

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Review #8, by MissMdsty 

23rd May 2013:
I have finally gotten around to reading and reviewing this! I am so sorry for the wait, but with the judge exam less than 3 months away, I'm in a perpetual state of panic these days!

I loved everything about this chapter! Let's take it from the top, shall we?

Number one: What did I tell you about playing with Bellatrix? You know she makes you want to kill of my favorite characters and we can't have that, now can we? I see that the second defy is well on its way and I'm fearing the day it will come to pass. Oh I sound so... educated :P

I liked that you focused on Alice and Frank for a bit in this chapter, since to me they seem like a team of their own and it was good to see some of their little quirks as a couple. Augusta is amazing! The kind of mother-in-law I'd like to have. Well, because she is badass, not because she is overbearing. Moody's lines were hilarious. You keep him so well in character!

Oh, the mean girls. I still have trouble adjusting to the idea that somewhere there are girls that think putting out will make them get the guy. Or that they can trick a guy into doing that... You can't. If they don't want to, they won't and Violet will end up making a fool of herself. That is, if Belle doesn't kill her first, which would be hilarious! I hope she does!

What annoys me about the Harry Potter books is the kids complaining about having to study History of Magic. I get that it's a plot device to show us that they are normal kids and all that ... but really! You are studying History of MAGIC! If you don't like it, I'll take it and you can have History of Law and State (yes, there is such a thing) and see how you like that!

One thing I noticed was a typo here: "time together before gradation." - graduation.

Other than that, your writing was flawless as usual and this chapter was amazing and look! I can use every letter of the alphabet to leave this review so it can be long and fan-girl like, unlike the one I left for chapter 29!

Author's Response: Three months away?! Ahh you're going to do incredible, promise!

Bellatrix. I try and stop! I need to go to Bellatrix Addiction Anonymous or something! If it helps, she *may* not be referring to the second defy. But, you know, she may. um. Yeah. Shhh Jami no giving away secrets :P

A lot of how I write Augusta comes from a humor writer who used to be on the site. Her penname was DirtyDeedsDoneDirtyCheap, and she was hands down one of my favorite authors to come through here. She got busy with RL a while back and got sick of her writing and cleared out her AP, and now her stories are just a memory ;(. but anyway, she had a few humor Augusta one shots that really gave her a strong foundation in my head. Okay, back to topic... haha

I'm not sure what would be more amusing... Violet making a fool of herself or Belle just finishing her off :P. Both could have their benefits... :P

Ahhh thank you for the typo! I think I'd get bored in History of Magic too *ninja face.* But dates bore me SOO much, ahahahah!

I'm so happy that you liked this chapter! And that you can use all your letters again, hahha!

Thank you so much for another amazing review ♥

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Review #9, by CambAngst 

20th May 2013:
Jami, you and I need to have a little talk about this Violet girl. Remember how I've been lobbying for a very untidy demise for Mr. Rukin? Now I think I'd prefer to see Violet suffer a collision with the goalpost seconds after she catches the Snitch and mouths "I love you" to James. A fitting end, no? Everybody's happy. Well, except for Violet...

First, however, we need to talk about dear Bella. Her insanity is exquisite, as always! The mania with which she worships her Lord, and her burning need for even the tiniest measures of approval from him were perfect. She seems to be making her way back into his good graces, and the physical sort of affect that it has on her was well-written.

I like the way that you rounded out the Death Eaters by mentioning their attempt to recruit the giants. I think it's important not to lose sight of the fact that Voldemort is trying to take over the world. Wow, as I re-read that sentence, it sounds really dumb. But you get what I mean, right? There are lots of matters that need to be attended to, and you do a good job of weaving that into your story. Being the Dark Lord is about more than just saying evil things and going on the occasional murderous rampage.

Now what's this about Bellatrix taking revenge on a certain female who helped to prevent her from capturing James and Lily? I don't like the sound of that, not one bit. Yes, she thought as her lips curved into a very infrequent smile, she would get justice. She would stand and watch as the light fled from her prey's eyes. Watch as the heart slowed, then stopped. -- Gah, she's so awful! But I can't look away.

Before I get into Alice's section, let me just say that this non-verbal, wandless shield charm sounds like it could really come in handy. Nice idea!

I really liked the struggle that Alice goes through. She's trying so hard to deal with the argument she's having with Frank the same way that she'd tell any of her friends to deal with it: sit down and talk it out. She such a practical, level-headed person and she's a communicator.

Poor Frank, for his part, is such a mama's boy at heart! I'd probably be the same way if I grew up peeking out from behind the skirts of a woman as formidable as Augusta Longbottom. To wit: "But I need security, Alice. You know I've always been that way." -- That was a whole lot of honesty, probably not at all easy for him to admit. It's neat to watch the process of Frank transitioning his emotional attachments (dependencies?) from one strong, independent-minded witch to another. It actually makes him seem like a bit of a man-child.

Summoning all of those memories, both before and after Frank's arrival, was a nice was to ease the two of them back together. It also gave us some more great insight into Frank's character. Alice really does seem to mean almost everything to him. It isn't at all surprising that he's terrified of losing her. Makes me kind of glad that Neville never found a girlfriend while he was at Hogwarts. He might have been too busy sheltering her in a corner to cut the head off of Nagini. ;)

Aww, so it was actually Augusta who slapped some sense into Frank. Well done, Mrs. Longbottom! It's really awesome to see her realize what Alice is all about, even if she is a bit obnoxious about Alice's weight and going on about Frank and Alice's love life.

Lastly, there was Moody. I really love what you do with him, you know. You don't go over the top in either direction, making him a big teddy bear or a completely unapproachable lunatic. But you keep him gruff and grumpy and all-around menacing in an oddly loveable way. With that, he rubbed his hands together and told them to take out their wands and prepare to leave the room with at least one less finger. -- Yep, that's Mad-Eye!

You start off the last scene by weaving another little thread of connection into Lily and James's world. So Margaret's older sister is engaged to Gideon Prewett. I wonder how this will come to impact future events. I have the very sad feeling that aside from Peter, Sirius and Remus, none of James and Lily's friends have especially long life expectancies. :( It also gives Lily a bit of an opportunity to ponder what sort of living arrangements she and James will have after school. I feel like you're setting up a Big Decision, which is odd, because it's such a small mention. Wonder whether Lily and James will live together before they're married?

And then Violet arrives. Seriously, Jami, can we just kill her now? Belle seemed ready if Lily hadn't stopped her. In fact, I feel like there could be a violent confrontation in Belle and Violet's future. Or maybe that's just what I'm hoping for. Either way, I think I'm just going to start calling her Vile for short. As you know, that's a lot less nasty than what I want to call her.

I absolutely loved what you did with Lily. She's trying so hard to be the bigger adult here. Her logical mind knows that James isn't that sort of guy, and that he isn't going to throw away their relationship over any sort of quick fling with Vile. But her heart isn't going to let her head win the fight that easily. You captured something sort of primal in her character here. A part of her that looks at Vile fawning over James and snarls, "MINE! Get away, you trampy, amoral little hoe-bag!" Gah, I so want her to just hex the daylights out of that girl and leave her vomiting slugs and oozing unidentified green substances from every pore. But Lily's the Head Girl. She's a bigger adult. And the fact that you can't eat in the Library actually comes in handy.

Vile isn't going to give up easily, is she? Where's Alice when you need her? My money says that Alice would have confronted the girl right then and there. Because Alice isn't one to let a situation linger. Unlike Lily. Sigh. :(

Wonderful chapter, and I'm also a little sad to see things counting down to the end. Good thing there's another coming!

Author's Response: Dan! I should be in trouble for how long this response has taken. I'm punishing myself by ordering Italian for dinner. Poor me!

Violet really hasn't been liked the last few chapters, has she? I just can't see why, she's so lovely and delightful :P!!

Bellatrix is an addiction, I've decided. I think my decision to add the DE in this story is one of the favorite I've done so far, just because i love the dynamic it creates, and I might love writing the insane Mrs. Lestrange ;).

That's how I felt when I was trying to have Lily decide where Voldemort lived. It just had to be a lair, hahah! But that was always something I got annoyed with during the HP series. A lot of what Voldemort did focused on killing Harry, and I understand that a lot of that is his obsessive personality, but I did always want to know a bit more about what was going on. And why it took more than three years to finally face him off. I mean, for Harry it was good to figure out all the soul stuff. but i can't figure out why Voldemort was never able to find a way to get himself or his followers close to Harry, then one quick snap of the neck...

okay, not sure where I'm going with this. haha. Back to your awesome review :P

Everyone so far is sort of placing Bella's desire for revenge as the second defy... I'm happy I have someone i can talk to about the real deal :P

Frank, in my head, would be SUCH a mama's boy. Like, annoyingly so :P. And I think dependencies would be very accurate to show is emotions toward the women in his life.

Mad-Eye is someone I'm *really* excited about playing with in the next book. I feel like he'll have a lot of face time during it.

Haahah NO Dan! We can not kill Violet now! Though I absolutely love your new name for her. I think Vile suits perfectly ;).

I do try really hard to have a good balance between teenage Lily and Head Girl Lily. Being 18 is hard. Actually, 13-20 is pretty much just a struggle all together :P. And I think that Lily does do a really good job with being the adult, but that doesn't mean she's immune to jealousy .

I can't figure out how I feel about things winding down... but I am excited to see how the last two chapters are received!

THANK YOU DAN for all your amazingness!

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Review #10, by True Author 

20th May 2013:
Bellatrix! Did I tell you that you write her amazingly? She's so cruel and cold and she gives me the chills. It's hard to write a villain for me, so I might get inspired by your characterization of Bella. :)

Aah, finally Frank and Alice are not arguing. They're so perfect together aren't they?

Author's Response: Awww I'm so happy you like Bellatrix in this! And I hope you're able to get inspired by her!

I have a trick I use with her that may or may not help, but i'll tell you anyway in case it does. In my head, Bellatrix bears a lot of similarities to a very battered spouse, with Voldemort being the abuser. Now, obviously there's plenty of huge differences, like the fact that she really is insane. But her attitude, her willingness to do anything for Voldemort, to always come back to him no matter what he does to her - and not because she's afraid of him, but because she needs his approval - is just what I connect that to. If you ever want to use that mentality to try and write her, feel free! It really helped me for some reason, haha!

Wow, sorry to ramble so much. But I'm so happy you liked this chapter, and yes, I totally agree that Alice and Frank are perfect together ♥

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Review #11, by ValWitch21 

19th May 2013:
Hi Jami! I'm so sorry I never got to reviewing the previous chapters, but RL stuck its nose in the way. Speaking of which, I may not be reviewing the coming chapters either because revision and exam period is starting, and I think the computer will be a no-go zone until the end of June. The prospect makes me want to sob.

Right, moving on. I loved the appearance of Bellatrix at the start of this: as always, she was very disturbing to read. I don't know if this is just me, but have you changed your way of writing her? I feel like before we saw things through her eyes while still being exterior to the scene, whereas here I was completely in her head, without the sense of detachment I usually get. Does that even make sense?

I'm so happy Alice and Frank managed to solve their argument. If this wasn't you scrupulously sticking to cannon, and if I didn't know how the story went, I think I would have died seeing them angry at one another because they just fit together so well. Please don't throw anything at me, but I think I might almost, almost prefer them to James and Lily.

Ugh, revisions, following me even here. LEAVE ME ALONE EXAMS, PLEASE! I think I'm actually going to use the technique for myself though.

Violet is a character I had forgotten about, to be honest. I think she worries me more than Bellatrix, and I was persuaded her sandwiches would be spiked with love potion. And now she wants to do what? Huh, not a chance. I loved Mary appearing here, though I don't understand why she'd be friends with someone like Violet.

Aw, it's finished already... I can't wait for next Saturday!

Also, just me nitpicking: it wouldn't be ca, it would be cette or quelle. That being said, I think the more I see Belle, the more I love her. And on that note, I adored Alice thinking back to how the group came together, and at the same time it made me sad because they haven't got much time left.

Right, and that reminds me: it breaks my heart to still see Peter being nice and loyal and part of the group -- we all know how that ends. And I also wanted to cry when you mentioned Margaret's sister marrying Gideon, because he dies and I'm pretty sure you'll stab us in the feels with that.

I'm very, very conflicted about this chapter. Amazing work, as always &hearts

Author's Response: Oh oh oh VAL! I can't tell you how scared I was that you got bored of BTF! YAY. HI!

You know you never have to leave me long reviews or any at all, just knowing you're still reading makes my week ♥ and definitely focus on school first. BTF isn't going anywhere!

You know, I think you're absolutely right with how I write her and that changing. I think it may have actually changed with all the characters, I just didn't really realize it. I hope you like this way, without the sort of detachment, better!

Hahah I can't throw anything at you, you're too sweet! I really like Alice and Frank as well. Probably not more than LandJ, because, well, you know. But I love how level headed their relationship is but without lacking passion. They're actually based very loosely off my sister and her fiance. Those two met in HS, and they're the sort of couple that just seems normal together. They don't act or seem like they're head over heels in love, but you know they are. And Alice and Frank sort of reminds me of them.

Hahah Violet is so much fun to write as just an annoying bratty girl. We'll see a different side to her in a while, and I think then you might be able to tell what draws Mary to her.

I knew I should have asked you! Thank you, I'll fix my French ♥

I'm sorrry :( that's all I have to say for how everything all ends. You know if I could change it I would. I've been so tempted before to give them a happy ending... but I just can't. BUT I do have a plan to sort of make it all feel happy by the time we get to the end. Except for Peter. because as sad as it is, he can never take back what he did. Or will do.

AH sorry I'm talking gibberish. THANK YOU for another amazing review and for still being into BTF and gah ♥ You're awesome.

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Review #12, by DracoGal 

19th May 2013:
Awe i loved how you included the scene with Alice and Frank!!! Why can't Violet just stop?! I hate hate hate hate her! She needs to fall off a cliff or drown in the Black Lake. Update soon!! :)

Author's Response: Hi darling! Yes, they've been needing their own scene, haven't they? I'm so happy you liked it!

Hahahah should i just add in a chapter about Violet being taken out of Hogwarts by her mum and dad? :P

I'm so happy you liked this chapter! I hope you like this Saturdays one as well!! ♥


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