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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

14th August 2016:
Edie is being stupid and acting too much like a hothead. If only she hadn't burned Oliver's letter. I would have liked to have known what he wrote her. :(

I hope this doesn't ruin Edie's chance at becoming a reporter. She applied to Oracle Underground so I don't even know why she's letting it get to her that Rose let her off the hook for the second and third articles. I wonder if Oliver is only going along with Rose taking the lead of writing the last two articles so that things can progress with him and Edie... we may never know. Because I still don't think he kissed Rose back... I think he was too caught off guard to react. Gah. This is crazy.

Author's Response: Ah yes, this is really the culmination of her pigheadedness. Or one of the culminations. If she hadn't been such an idiot and just read the letter, she would have saved the next (how many? 20?) chapters and probably added a couple years back to her life.

She needs a life coach.

I think Edie is upset about being let off because she is genuinely loving the chance to write what she considers to be very edgy, informative work (it's not). Also, she already did the work of writing a second article. And, to her anger, she really needs the money. (I think in this chapter she even shouts "I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY" and is secretly like "no wait plz I'm broke can I have your money?")

Also she is wildly unqualified for the Oracle Underground and knows in the back of her mind that she probably won't get it. Writing for Witch Weekly, even if it's under the table, and not the kind of work she wants to be doing, is her only chance to be a journalist.

Not defending her stupid, letter-burning, Oliver-shunning behavior, but there's a glimpse into the way her brain works ;)

Thank you again!

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

8th February 2015:
Yes, they must all wear black and leather gloves. They should also...

NO! BAD IDEA. What bad influences they are. Agreeing so easily. Boys.

Edie. Oh, Edie. I want to know what Oliver wrote in the note. I wonder if he's REALLY with Rose or it's just a pretense she's using to write the article. She flirts. Oliver doesn't really do anything but stand there dumbly.

A part of me doesn't want them to get together in the end. I mean I want them together but does Edie really deserve a happy ending? She doesn't necessarily have to get one. Or if anything they could be friends. But really she thinks she's better than so many of them when really she needs to take a hard look in the mirror or the bottom of her empty beer glass. She's honestly better than all of this though I think. I think Edie lacks real confidence. She's cocky but it's all a facade.

Oh, this is my last chapter for awhile. How did I get to chapter 17 so quickly?!

Author's Response: Huehuehue. This chapter was so unlike anything I've ever written, but it was REALLY FUN TO WRITE. I've never done any kind of humour action scenes (chases, magical duels, breaking and entering, etc.) but it came so naturally? Not to sound arrogant at all, as always this could use some editing. But I was surprised how fun it was! I don't want the whole fic to continue in this vein because it strays from the overall intended voice and language, but man oh man, was it fun.

I really like hearing people's honest opinions of Edie and Oliver. It feels the same way to me, at times--that she actually doesn't deserve him. I wanted to write a story exploring the "love/hate" trope (which I love and am obviously guilty of writing) and what happens when it may not work out. Obviously you disliked the person in the beginning, and that doesn't always go away. Even if you end up together, those fundamental things that made you dislike them so strongly at first will always be there.

"Take a hard look in the mirror or the bottom of her empty beer glass." SNORT. So, so true. And your opinion of her is pretty spot-on ;)

Oh my, this is the last of them. Wow! Seventeen reviews, what a fun surprise. Thank you so much, seriously. I'm excited because this is the first novel-length fic I'm really going to finish--excluding the complete crap I wrote in high school--and I hope you stick around!

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Review #3, by marauderfan 

22nd June 2013:
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I am so excited to see how this "plan" works/doesn't work. Knowing Edie, it's not going to work at all. I'm imagining broken glass, fire, belching slugs, really anything could happen.

And I hope you don't keep us readers waiting long to find out what Oliver wanted to say to Edie. Something tells me Oliver doesn't even like Rose, and that Edie's imagining it all!

Regarding ships, at this point I'm not sure whether I ship Edie with Oliver, or with Jae, or with Dean. I like all of them. Or maybe the non-ship, in which Edie does whatever she wants because who needs a man anyway? and is a wildly successful career woman, breaking down gender stereotypes and bringing equality to the wizarding (witching?) world wherever she goes.

Author's Response: Pahahaha. So many people have been like, "Welp, THAT won't work," just because Edie came up with it. I love that! Although now I really wish I'd included some belching slugs... I feel like I missed a golden opportunity, here.

I don't think you'll have to wait too terribly long to find out... if my meticulously outlined plot serves me correctly, it should be about three chapters away??? I dunno, is that a long time?

YES. I wanted this to be kind of realistic, and I know that, at least for me, I never have "this one guy" that I want to date. Yeah, you can have serious feelings for somebody, and daydream about them and want to be with them, but you're probably still eyeing other boys (or girls) on the periphery. Hence Edie isn't like *INSERT BOY'S NAME* IS THE ONE I WANT FOR EVAR.

And you're right--who needs a man anyway?!

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Review #4, by PitchBlue 

29th May 2013:

I just read your story and loved it. It's nice to read something about the daily life in the Wizarding World that isn't set at Hogwarts for a change. I'm curious how everything will develop - Edie's plan can never end well, of course, but that will just add to the drama and plotline!
I'm so curious about that note from Oliver, can't wait to read about that.
Anyway, great story and good luck with the writing!

- PB

Author's Response: Hello back! Thanks so much for dropping by to review. It was really hard to dream up this story simply because it's not set in Hogwarts, which is such a huge part of the series for me. It was to the point that DH was my least favorite book in the series simply because the castle was largely absent! So I'm glad you're able to find this story enjoyable despite the lack of Hogwarts.

Hmm, maybe just once things will go well for Edie? Then again, probably not.

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Review #5, by Nina Nguyen 

26th May 2013:
I agree with how Lisa reacted to Edie's article. It was a personal attack against Wood. She was too biased and should be a tad bit objective when giving news.

Author's Response: ;D ;D ;D It's true, she does have a bit of an agenda clouding her vision... Thanks again!

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Review #6, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

20th May 2013:
Well, although this whole "breaking into the office" thing sounds like quite an adventure and I'm really excited for it for some reason, my mind is screaming "NO, DON'T DO IT!"

I know Edie's upset about the whole situation, but it really seems like Rose letting her out of her "contract" is for the best. I mean, if Edie goes in there and puts HER article in the paper, then Rose is going to know it... and I can only imagine the backlash!!

And I'm also afraid for Dean and Seamus' jobs...

And I'm curious as to what Lisa does or doesn't know that's got her taking up for Oliver suddenly? I'm sure it could be hormones... but I guess we'll see! Another amazing chapter and I can't wait for more!! 10/10!

Author's Response: Weee! I love reading readers' thoughts on whether or not Edie should go through with her half-baked ideas. This is a particularly interesting one, I think. You raise some really valid points! Unfortunately, I can't say what happens, but I'm working on finishing up the next chapter. Hopefully it'll be done sometime next week!

Haha, yes, it could indeed just be her hormones talking...

Thanks so much! ♥

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Review #7, by HomeAtHogwarts 

19th May 2013:
Please don't stop! I really like what you've done with the characters, especially using the minor ones that the great JKR wrote for us. I think it's amazing that you've managed to create such complex characters, Edie's denial and lack of identification of her own feelings as well as lack of awareness of others is impressive as well as realistic, she also has a great narrative voice. I really enjoy Seamus and Dean as the comic relief. Can I have a talking bin that tells me what's in the letter?!

Author's Response: Hi there! It's funny how much we can glean from what JKR gave us about minor characters. Dean is creative, supports West Ham, and is a bit jealous and sulky, as we saw with his relationship with Ginny. He's also very brave and was politically active in the war. Seamus is clumsy and hot-headed, but loyal to a fault. I think the bit about him being so, well, Seamus-y isn't quite canon. But it's how I've always imagined him!

A TALKING BIN! Edie really should have thought of that. Now she may never know what the note said. That should be a lesson to her about acting before thinking it through!

Thanks so much! ♥

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Review #8, by LittleMissPrincess 

17th May 2013:
Oh yay! i literally loved everything about this chapter!

no seriously it was perfect. and i dont even know why im typing in not caps lock because im acTUALLY REALLY HAPPY WITH THEY WAY THINGS ARE TURNING OUT. YEAH.

okay so basically, i notice that you added something about justin being passionate about that goblin thing that i remember edie was passionate about too, in the first couple of chapters or something. SO IM GUESSING that was because to have moar proof that they are like the same person. yeah? i knew it, dont lie to me.

AND AND AND just ugh rose i mean srsly like what is her problem omg, she should just duck her head underwater and then count to a million.

and ohhh oliver - he wants to try, he really does. i know that edie was too busy being sassy mcsassface but still, WHAT WAS ON THE NOTE. OMG. IF I DONT FIND OUT I THINK IM GOING TO SHOOT MYSELF.

must i say it *AWESOME*

honestly, i cant wait for the next chapter yay! please update soon ples otherwise i might combust, and that would suck because you would lose one (of the coolest) reader.

i comment on this all the time but like
humor A+
style A++
characters A+
humor A+
humor A+

hey awh man, this editor box doesn't let me show half the amount of '+' . :(

okay so i should say that dean and seamus = best friends ever. like actually.

also lisa- what was that secret? something to do with oliver? she treats his back - does she do it alot? does she know the backstory behind the shoulder injury, which is why she didn't like edie to talk about it like that? also, maybe, just maybe, did oliver talk to lisa about his feelings for edie, and made her swear not to tell him?

i feel sorry for edie feeling upset with lisa. but like i said before somewhere i think, lisa is edie's adopted mother. she seriously needs that focus.



i think this review is too long.

okay update soon (:

WAIT ONE MORE THING. now that edie literally has no income, and no excuse to talk to oliver anymore - WHAT IS SHE GOING TO DO? her job and love life both got smashed in less than an hour and by the same person.
its time for REVENGE.

Author's Response: Hello again!

Actually, I mentioned the goblin thing because it's going to continue to be a part of the story, and I thought it was important to mention it again. Y'know. Keep it in the backs of the readers' minds and such. But I like your theory about Edie and Justin being similar! Although I imagine Justin being more irritated that he has to deal with it than anything xD

"Edie was too busy being Sassy McSassface." hahaha. I feel like you just summed up this entire story... Luckily, as you said, Dean and Seamus are amazing friends, and will do crazy-stupid things to help her undo her blunders. And yes, she has adopted-mum Lisa to help, too!

Thank you so much. Your reviews are always so fun to read!

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Review #9, by Lululuna 

17th May 2013:
I was so excited to see that you'd added a new chapter that I went and did other errands for 15 minutes to savour the fact that there was a new chapter to read before actually reading it, and therefore extend the excitement. Hopefully that indicates how much I enjoy this story! :)

I actually think Lisa's worries are very reasonable, and I don't blame her for being nervous! So many things in her life and progressing and changing, and she's certainly entitled to being upset. I do think she'll come around and make a wonderful mum, however!

Also, I think one of the things that makes Edie so appealing as a character is how honestly self-centered she is. She worries about having to move out when the baby arrives, and has to refrain from talking about her own problems over Lisa's. Even though these might seem like bad qualities they make her more dynamic and believable as a character, and the fact that she recognizes that she has faults make me like her more!

Incendio-ing the note from Oliver was just too funny and Edie-ish. I appreciated her sassiness, though definitely wanted to know what the note said (as Edie did). Her attempts to repair the note were so funny, and I liked Oliver's reaction as well. Again, he's one of those characters who is all the more appealing for being imperfect.

Can't wait to read about the break-in! (I'm personally predicting they're going to get caught, because that's just Edie's luck). Another great chapter, good job!! :D

Author's Response: Whaaat! That's so awesome! What a compliment, thank you so much. :3

Oh man, Lisa is going to be, like, THE best mum in the history of mums. That kid is going to be smart, and eat stupid-healthy, and probably be really pretty. hehe.

Yes, Edie is quite self-centered, isn't she? xD Originally she didn't mention at all that she had to move out, but it didn't feel awkward enough, haha. I'm glad you find her likeable despite all of these faults, though!

The break-in! Yes! It's going to be great. I'm taking my time with it, because it's been so long since I've written an adventure scene and I want to get it right.

Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #10, by Siriusly89 

17th May 2013:

And so much Lisa-angst!

I understand why she’s so upset now. She’s one of those compulsive planners, isn’t she? I’m one too, and I know that if something deviated from my plan, I’d have a mini-meltdown, so in my opinion, Lisa’s taking it rather well. Rather well indeed.

And the only thing Edie’s worried about is the hen night. I LOVE EDIE SO MUCH! The fact that Lisa won’t be drinking worries me. It will probably compel Edie to drink for the two of them, and really, her waking up in a wheelie bin mightn’t be the best end to Lisa’s hen. Knowing her luck it would end up being Rose’s bin, or worse, Oliver’s!

Yes! Finally Lisa’s standing up to Edie. Now, me being my biased self would love to see that article published, and Oliver’s career left in tatters. But my inner Lisa has just made me realise that it might be a little wrong. Gah! Go away inner Lisa! I will NOT pity Oliver-stinking-Wood who ran off with Rose first chance he got! Nope, not happening.

Lisa knows something, she does, about Oliver’s shoulder. Don’t tell me they used to go out or something! But then, Edie would know about that so forget that theory. Gah! This mystery is annoying me. . . . .

Hee, I know exactly what Edie would have used to lengthen that article, but I agree with inner Lisa, it would do more harm than good if she did it.

Oh how dare she! She had Edie write that big long article, and get her ‘vent’ on for use of a better word, to just waltz in and say ‘Sorry, we’re using my article’ all because she doesn’t want to look bad in front of Oliver? Grr. . .

Okay, about these articles: Rose asked Edie to write them, so she can put her name on them, and then Oliver thinks Edie’s writing it, and that’s why Rose doesn’t want her name on them, because Oliver will know it wasn’t Rose, but actually Edie! That makes more sense now I’ve written it down!

I agree, what is this? Fourth year? God sake Oliver, you’re an adult! Man up!

Burning the note was a very nice touch, but I do wonder what it said.

Evidently, so does Edie. Groping around in the bin for something Oliver- stinking-Wood wrote her, this is bad. Come on Edie, you’re a feminist, you don’t need him!

AAAH1 Seamus and Dean time! And who better to break into an office with? I can’t wait for this, I really can’t! It’ll be like the clumsiest heist ever done in the history of breaking and entering!

Update soon! ♥

Author's Response: Hello!!!

Yay! I am *so* glad that somebody understands why Lisa's upset! I was trying to comment on the whole track that many women are expected to follow: get married, have kids, put kids first, forget your job, forget your social life, devote rest of life to the "nest." I reckon I can't get too deep into that here. But that's why Lisa was upset. She's motivated, and has goals, and recognizes that a baby is going to make a lot of those things near-impossible (at least until they turn 17!)

Bahahahaha. Edie waking up in a wheelie bin. Man, you have some good idea--OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO GIVE YOU A SHOUTOUT FOR THE CHEESE SANDWICH. In one of your previous reviews, you mentioned Seamus doing that, and it totally made sense to me. So I included it in this chapter and I MEANT TO GIVE YOU A SHOUTOUT AND I FORGOT AHHH!!! I will add it when I update with a CI. ♥ Thank you for the inspiration, you know him well!

Yes, "inner-Lisa" definitely becomes Edie's conscience for the rest of the story. I'm glad she made even you, avid Oliver-hater, see that the article is too spiteful.

The whole article-authorship is confusing, isn't it? I spend so much time going over it, and then going over it AGAIN, that I forget it's easy for readers to lose track. (What, you guys aren't sitting there, writing down notes for my story and planning everything out? What's wrong with you!) (So much sarcasm) (Seriously you guys are amazing) I think the next chapter or so will include Edie literally diagramming out what's happening, to explain it to Lisa (but mostly to you poor, abused readers.)

THE HEIST SCENE IS SO FUN TO WRITE. Even though it's taking me a zillion writes and re-writes to do it, it's a great time. Can't wait for everyone to read it!

Thank you so much for all of your amazing reviews! It's readers like you who really inspire me to keep me going, as horribly cheesy as that sounds ♥

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Review #11, by Courtney Dark 

17th May 2013:
Oooh, an update! How exciting!

Wow. If I'd spoken the above line I would've sounded like a warbling grandmother. Brilliant.

I love Edie and Lisa, I really do - sometimes they seem like such polar opposites that it's amazing they are friends. And that hot cocoa sounded really good - I'm kinda craving some, actually. I also really hope that Justin doesn't lose it when Lisa tells him she's pregnant!

Grr, Rose just makes me want to grind my teeth together in annoyance. That is really all I have to say about her - you do a great job of making me dislike her. A lot.

Hehe, Oliver wrote Edie a note! That made me laugh - especially the description of how red his face went. But now I am desperate to know what it said! Bad Edie! Why did you burn it up? I loved how once Oliver was out of the room she tried to recover the note...and failed. Just more disappointments in the life of Edie Lennox!

Ah, Seamus and Dean. Possibly two of my favourite characters. And I have to say, the description of their flat was very blokey! And I loved the line: “Do we have to wear black?” Dean wonders, rubbing his chin. “We probably should. But I don’t know if I have a proper black jumper. And it’s too cold out for a tee shirt…”

Great chapter, as usual.

Author's Response: Hi, hi, hi again! And there's nothing wrong with warbling grandmothers. They always have the best candy!

Lisa and Edie really are polar opposites, in a lot of ways. I think it's their loyalty and drive that makes them so similar (unfortunately, Lisa's the only one who's hard work ethic is paying off.)

I had so many Oliver feels while I was writing that scene! Like you, his face going all red got to me. I imagine him standing there, completely rigid, arm fully extended to an uncomfortable amount, stuck in this stupid pose waiting Edie to grab the note he's emabrrassed to be handing over in the first place.

And yes, total fail on Edie's part xD She was too proud to read it, even though she was dying to see what it said. Well, I guess we'll never know... ORWILLWEOMGPLOTTWIST.

I'm glad their flat came across as blokey, haha. There needed to be a legitimate reason why Edie would never try to live with them, so it's a complete pigsty!

Thank youuu!! Your reviews are always so wonderful ♥

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Review #12, by erised_stra_ehru 

17th May 2013:
OLIVER'S THE FATHER OF LISA'S BABY! Or maybe not.. I'm just saying, that would be a plot twist of soap-operatic (...probably not a real word) proportions. Great chapter by the way! Definitely one of my favorite stories :)

Author's Response: hahahahahhahahahhahahha. Oh my gosh. Even *I* couldn't make the story that dramatic. I really hope that the story isn't coming across as melodrama... Although now you're inspiring me to create soap opera parody scenes as a writing exercise xD

Thank you so much! ♥

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