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Review #1, by Jess the Enthusiast 

24th September 2014:
Oh my god??? What a way to end a chapter haha

Really great job though! I'm guessing that Tor's patronus is some sort of bird, but I really want to know what it is exactly!! And if it's compatible with a mink! Also, the snowball fight at the end was really cute :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the twist at the end, hehe. It's the sort of prediction which helps keep the story and the future grounded, though some of these decisions are so hard to make.

Thank you!! :D It is some sort of bird, and I promise to explain it...eventually. I'm glad you liked the snowball fight as well, it was a spontaneous addition but quite exciting to write! :)

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Review #2, by Teddy1993 

18th September 2014:
I was kind of expecting Tor to produce a Patronus in Azkaban after Terry taught it to her :) I liked how it gave Mr Nott the chance to exchange a few words with his sons.

Great job again on this chapter. You were able to amuse me with the snowball fight scene, but then you hit me with the seriousness of the war in that last sentence. Amazing work!

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad you suspected that she would! It was quite interesting imagining Azkaban and the effect it had on Mr. Nott. I'm glad you liked the contrasts in the chapter, the snowball fight was a spontaneous addition but I was pretty excited about it after! :P

Thanks so much!!

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Review #3, by nott theodore 

20th July 2013:
Wow, what a chapter!

The thing that strikes me the most with this chapter is the enormous contrast between the first and second sections. The beginning, with the visit to Azkaban, is so dark and horrible, then the carefree and happy nature of the snowball fight juxtaposes against the former so well; you made the perfect choice to include both of these scenes in the same chapter, as the stark contrast highlights the nature of both places and activities extremely skilfully.

The visit to Azkaban was hauntingly written. Some of the descriptions were almost beautiful (as beautiful as anything written about Azkaban can be!) and you communicated the feelings of dread and fear brilliantly. Orpheus was right when he said that it was no place for children, and I felt horrible at the thought of them going there, but it was still sweet of Tor to go along and support her friends.

I loved the fact that Tor's abilities in leglimency and occlumency offered her some sort of protection against the Dementors. I've never actually seen that written into a story before and it's very unusual, but I do like the idea. It would make sense as well, with Voldemort being so skilled, that he would be able to control them because of his abilities in those fields.

Your characterisation of Carrow was fantastic. She's such a horrible person, feasting (rather like a Dementor, so I suppose her presence in Azkaban fits) on the unhappiness of others and revelling in their misery. It's exactly how I imagine her to be from the glimpses we get of her character in the books. I was pleased to see Tor stand up to her though - could this be some sort of indication for what will happen next year, when the Carrows come to teach at Hogwarts? Although I imagine that a good Slytherin at that point would keep their head down and their mouth shut, something Tor may have trouble with...

It was devastating to see that Mr Nott didn't recognise his own children! I can't imagine what that must have felt like for the Nott boys, who have put themselves through such an ordeal to visit their only remaining parent. But I was pleased that Tor was able to help them by casting a Patronus, and it was sweet when it cheered Mr Nott up as well. I feel like the Patronus charm is quite an advanced spell for Tor to know at her age, but it does make sense that her father would have thought to teach it to her in his private training. I'm really intrigued about what animal her Patronus is! Will it be connected in some way to Terry's?

Tor and Pyxis were actually really sweet together in this chapter - an indication of how far back their friendship goes, and that's nice to see. I don't think Tor will be able to completely hide her relationship with Terry for much longer - at least, not without providing some sort of alibi - without people becoming suspicious. Her friends are already beginning to notice that something is going on, and it probably won't be long until others do to.

It was great to see them all get the chance to be the kids they are for once, rather than pretending to be adults in a world that's too dangerous for them. I loved the thought of them having the snowball fight, like normal teenagers, and escaping the darkness and responsibility placed on their shoulders because of who they are. They were all together as a group, too, which they'd probably be better as in the grand scheme of things instead of fighting amongst themselves.

That last line! How can you possibly finish a chapter like that? My mind is racing now with all the possibilities of who it could be. If it's one of the two people that Tor loves, then it's probably Daphne or one of the Nott boys. I know that Malfoy will still be alive at that point, since we see him in the books... my guess at the moment is that it's probably Theo, since he's getting involved in the Death Eaters (or so I suspect), and then Terry will be the other. It's so sad to think about!

Another great chapter, and I liked Derwent Dementor's appearance!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi again love! You always leave such incredible, thoughtful and detailed reviews and this is no exception. I'm so glad you liked the contrasts, since I wasn't sure if they were too different to include in the same chapter, but I'm pleased the snowball fight provided a nice break and change in the angsty tone of the story.

I've had the Azkaban scene in my head since the beginning, so it was great to finally have it written and validated. It's such an intense, horrible place for children to go, but of course seeing what happens to those who fail Voldy is very personal for these kids, especially with Theo and Pyxis seeing their father.

Yes, I imagined that since Tor is particularly skilled at mind control - like Voldy, in a way - that she might be able to control herself against the Dementors. However, I was also thinking that Tor hasn't technically lost anything yet in the war. She's in a difficult place and has hard decisions to make but is still quite lucky in that all her loved ones are safe. Pyxis and Theo, who have lost so much, would be even more affected by Azkaban than Tor in my mind.

I'm so glad you liked Carrow! I loved writing her, these villains are just too much fun. It's good to hear she fit with your head canon, and there will definitely be more conflicts with her in the future. And yes, Tor isn't really the keep calm and quiet type.

I know, poor Notts! :( It would have been awful, definitely, and I hope some of that desperation came across even in the boys who want to remain stoic. And we'll find out what her Patronus is... well, eventually...

Pyxis has turned into one of my favourite characters in this story somehow, and I love writing the depth of Tor's friendship with him. He is certainly starting to catch on, as others will as well. Hogwarts is a small place, and Tor will have some trouble figuring out how to deal with it. Poor girl, why do I put her through these things?! :P

Aw, I loved writing the snowball fight scene and letting them let loose for a little. Yes, they need to learn to stick together more and not be so suspicious and competitive. I enjoyed writing the group dynamics as well, and letting Malfoy act a little silly for once as well.

Ah, I love your predictions! :) Of course I can't say anything, but I hope to plant more clues in future chapters.

Yay for Derwent, I knew he would want to make a guest star appearance. :P Thank you for another wonderful review, and I'm very honoured you're still continuing to enjoy the story! :)

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Review #4, by marauderfan 

26th June 2013:
:O I think this is my favourite chapter so far. The contrast between the horror and chill of Azkaban and the snowball fight between a couple of teenagers gave a really interesting mood to the chapter as a whole. The first part you conveyed the despair of Azkaban so well and so vividly - the cold, dank atmosphere and utter hopelessness, and all the inmates reduced to shells of their former selves. I felt really bad for Mr Nott except then I remembered he was a Death Eater and tried not to feel sorry for him. Nice inclusion of Carrow, too.

The snowball fight was a wonderful addition. It's like this small light in the darkness, amidst everything that's happening, these huge issues that are far over their heads, they are still just kids and want to have some fun in the snow. It was nice to see Malfoy acting silly as well, since we never saw that side of him in the books.

And oh goodness that last line HOW CAN YOU DO THAT. Anyway.. I guess either Theo or Daphne. The foreshadowing in this chapter (Tor's discussion with Pyxis) hints at Theo.

REALLY magnificent chapter. I'm almost caught up now which is both exciting (because then I'm caught up yay!) and sad (because then I have to actually wait for the next chapter).

Author's Response: Hi! :)

I'm so pleased you liked this chapter, it's one of my favourites as well. I had the Azkaban scene planned since the beginning, but the snowball fight scene spontaneously wrote itself! :P I'm glad you liked the contrasts in the scenes, and felt a little sorry for Mr. Nott! :)

I know, I loved writing the snowball scene and giving these guys some fun for once. I wanted to show Malfoy as being more light-hearted and a bit overwhelmed, since in the books he's mostly just a slimy git. He is starting to open up and change, even as he gets deeper and deeper into the DE!

Interesting guesses! I love hearing these speculations, and well, you'll just have to keep reading! :D

Thank you for another great review, I really appreciate it! And it's exciting that you're nearly caught up on this monster of a story! :)

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Review #5, by -BookDinosaur- 

29th May 2013:
Hey! -BookDinosaur- here with your requested review! See, I'm not always terribly late! ;)
I loved Azkaban, it was written so well and it was so creepy. Carrow was written perfectly as well, this shows some of the hard-heartedness and cruelty Hogwarts is in for.
Your Patronus was good as well, I love how you used it to directly repel the effect the Dementors were having on Mr. Nott.
Speaking of your characters, I feel you wrote them as perfectly as always here. I liked Draco especially, it is true that he would have a lighter, more carefree side, it was just never displayed in the HP books.
I'm worried for Theo, though. For and Pyxis seem worried, and that's enough for me to be worried. Is it odd that I trust the judgement of your characters so much?
Is Pyxis going to be let in on Tor and Terry's secret? Exciting development here!
I feel that the use of heavy foreshadowing in this chapter was very effective and well written.
And then the last part! Within two years one of them will be dead?! Is it... Daphne? Theo? It could be anyone!
I'm slightly disappointed that my dream of the Great Mouse Killing Machine won't come true though. :P
Anyway, a great chapter that left me wanting more.

Author's Response: Hi! :)

I'm glad you liked this chapter, and thought Azkaban was well portrayed. While I'd never want to actually go there, I loved imagining how Tor would perceive it. I'm happy you enjoyed the addition of Carrow, and you're right, Hogwarts is in for a tough time under her tyranny.

I'm glad you thought the characterization was good! :) I wanted to let them have a fun time, especially after Pyxis and Theo had to go through that ordeal. I'm so happy you're trusting the judgement of the characters, it makes me happy! :) And you'll just have to keep reading and find out all the answers to these questions!

As for your dream, well, there's always next chapter! :P

Thank you so very much for another lovely review! :D

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Review #6, by Brightpaw 

27th May 2013:
I bad at reviews, but I thought the chapter deserved to have more than one, so yeah...

I liked the prologue with the dream... I hope we find out who's dream it was because I have no idea! Anyways, I love how you wrote Azkaban -- just like I've always pictured it. Of course, it wouldn't have been complete without Derwent. And it's great that you show how Draco is stressed out about his task.

So I've got to guess that Theo's going to die... Daphne would make sense because of the Zabini thing, but I'm feeling Theo. ;)

Author's Response: Hi! You're not bad at reviews at all, I loved this one and I'm very glad you decided to give this chapter another review! :)

I'm glad you liked Azkaban and thought it was written well, and appreciated the appearance of Derwent! :D As for the dream, and the foreshadowing... well, those are very interesting guesses, hehe. :)

Thank you very much for reviewing, it really means a lot to me! :)

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Review #7, by marauder5 

17th May 2013:
So where do I start? That last line?? Well, I think I'll get to that later. I have to start with this: you dedicated this chapter to me? Wow, I don't even know how to respond to that (especially since it was one of my favourite chapters so far in the story!) :D It's always nice to hear that my comments can make you happy, and honestly, I've meant every single on of them!! I feel very honoured :D

The first part of this chapter, visiting Azkaban etc., was perfectly written. You could really feel their dread, and the sadness and horrible atmosphere that surrounds that place. To have Carrow guard the prison was a nice touch as well; you also hinted something about Tor standing up to her next year. I just assume that we'll have Terry to thank for that.

The way you used the Patronus was so clever and innovative! To have it cheer even Mr Nott up - I was so sad when he didn't recognize his son, and it made me feel better for a little while!

While that part was very sad and horrible, the feeling that lingers with me now that I've finished the chapter is the one that pervades the second part of the chapter. I'm so glad that you allowed them to be just kids for a while, and especially for Tor and Malfoy, as I think that they are suffering the most. Well, maybe the Nott boys, as well: especially Theo. I still don't know what is going on with him, but Tor and Pyxis' discussion made it seem like it had something to do with him being recruited by the Death Eaters. Maybe he's supposed to be involved in the attack against the Weasleys somehow? I can't wait to find out. You've built up a lot of tension around him, so that's probably the part I look forward to the most as of right now. Also, it seems like Pyxis is starting to suspect that something is going on with Tor. Maybe he'll be the one to find out about her and Terry. If it is, I'm not sure if he'll have a bad reaction or if he'll just support her, because in my mind, he's the best friend she's got. I think. Haha, they're all so complicated, so I don't really know!

And then came that last part. Within two years, one of them will be dead. I have so many suspicions! I don't know if you're interested in hearing them, but I'll just give you an extract anyway: It could be Daphne, as a result of that whole Zabini thing that Pyxis was rambling about. It could be Theo, because he is bound to get involved with the Death Eaters (this is most likely to me). It could be Pyxis, although I know he will still be alive at the Battle of Hogwarts, thanks to Resistance. But maybe he's the boy in the wood with the centaurs? But I do think it's one of the people that Tor loves, from little Emma's prediction (was her name Emma?). It was the perfect ending to a flawless chapter, and I once again want to thank you both for writing it and for dedicating it to me! You are the most awesome person, you really are! :) I can't wait for the next one (I'm thrilled that you updated so quickly again, by the way!)

Author's Response: Hi! Aw, yay! I just thought you deserved a shout-out for all the love you've given this story! :D

I'm glad you liked the Azkaban scene, it was very fun to imagine and write! It's such a nasty place, and I wanted to show Tor and the Notts how far they have to fall if they join Voldy. Not sure if Theo saw it that way, however!

I really loved writing the second half as well, and felt that since the first bit was so depressing they needed some fun. After all, they are still pretty young! I'm so excited that you're enjoying the buildup around Theo, and yes there's definitely a lot going on with him! All your predictions are so awesome, and much will be revealed soon... well, someday! :)

I love your suspicions, and those are such interesting ideas! Yes, at this point it could pretty much be any of them, hehe. :) This particular chapter ended up with a lot of ominous foreshadowing, didn't it?

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter, and thank you for a wonderful review, as per usual!! :D I think you'll enjoy the next chapter as well... :)

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