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Review #1, by Sushmita 

17th April 2017:
Typo "He’d been so stuck imaging the future"

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

22nd January 2015:
So cute! A nice chapter as we reach the end. Unfortunately I'm on my phone because my computer keeps stalling and now my phone is too. :P

I honestly thought she was mad because Frank brought up getting married to her at such a morbid time. I know I'm getting ahead of myself! The duel was the worst part because I knew what Moody's look was. Sirius is not like his family! Heavens! It's unfair the prejudice people feel towards him when he has tried to prove himself time and time again. Peter used that to his advantage. Of course no one would second guess Sirius turning his back on Lily and James. Peter was too timid. But Remus always knew. That's what kept him slightly sane and going.

I just really want to know what happens to Belle in the future. I know everyone else's but hers. I can't help shake the feeling she dies in the end. It would be upsetting but for some reason it also feels right to me.

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Review #3, by nott theodore 

12th July 2014:
Hello, lovely!

I really liked the way that you wrote the Duelling Lessons in this chapter. I think it's a great idea to include them and I can imagine that Dumbledore would want his students to be as prepared as they possibly can be for the world outside of Hogwarts, even if that means that some of the Slytherins are possibly gaining some skills from them. I liked the fact that Moody was the one to teach them as well, because it fits in nicely with why Dumbledore might eventually turn to him as DADA professor and I think your portrayal of him is great; he doesn't care what anyone thinks and McGonagall has to keep correcting him.

I think that my favourite part in this chapter was the girls' section when we got to see more of their friendship - you write it so well! But it's really interesting to see the cause of the argument between Alice and Frank as well, because they always seem like a perfect couple. I can imagine that he'd find it hard to deal with the thought of Alice in danger but it's unfair to expect her to sit at home and let him fight instead - at least we know they both became Aurors so they must work it out between them!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #4, by FallenTruths 

30th July 2013:
Hi Jami!

Chapter 27 - I want to yell at James and tell him not to fall for the trap that Lily doesn't want James to do anything for Valentine's Day. Of course she will appreciate you doing something nice for it, James. As you were explaining the quidditch games I was thinking about how odd it is that the teams play so few games. You would think based on the amount of time they practice the season would include a lot more games between the teams.

So Lily finally remembered her conversation with Alrek. Obviously James is much more suspicious of him than Lily is, but to be fair there could have been anyone around them in the stands listening to that conversation. Dumbledore mentioned thoroughly looking into Alrek's history before accepting him as a student so you would think he can be trusted. I wonder how he even got involved with Bellatrix and Voldemort then if there weren't familial associations.

Typos: "her entire body forming to the the broom" and "Mr. Potter's future isn't he only that's been discussed this evening."

Chapter 28 - I was getting all excited for Sirius and Belle's date when you had Hogsmeade attacked! You're really going to avoid writing a scene where they sit across from each other awkwardly in a fancy restaurant with other couples making out around them? I'm heartbroken. Anyways, I noticed a pretty interesting dynamic when the group was discussing searching the rest of the shops for students. Sirius didn't want to let Bella out of his sight while he noticed James was perfectly fine (at least he appeared so) to let Lily go off on her own. I think this shows how strong Lily and James's relationship is that they're both completely equal, while Sirius still doesn't trust Belle (or himself) enough to have her go off on her own.

Typos: "Impressive," Belle said as a the passage opened." and "No, you say with me," Sirius growled. and "Each second that ticked away with no word on their professors condition." and "A small Scottish Inn, just miles from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy" and "It was her fault for being too stupid, to careless, to tell him the correct information."

Alrek has remained an intriguing character throughout this story because of his rather average personality and his role as a spy. I found this line particularly amusing, "Her bloodline was clean, making the act of falsely courting her less painful." This is obviously a very ridiculous statement for him to make, but the fact that he believes it wholeheartedly shows how corrupted he has already become.

Chapter 29 - This is exactly something I would expect Peter to say because, quite frankly, it makes zero sense. "It's Tuesday," Peter reasoned. "Everyone acts funny on Tuesdays." Also, no one could be fooled to think Peter has made the choice of him being single. Thank goodness Remus is there to put him in his place. I always get really caught up in the foreshadowing when I'm reading Marauder stories. I thought it was interesting that Peter commented about it being scary how Death Eaters will kill you for not obeying them. He should have taken James's advice and not let the Death Eaters talk to him at all. Moody pairing James and Sirius against each other wasn't something I was expecting but I'm assuming that was his way of testing them and their abilities to see if they were fit to join the order.

Typos: "Voldemort would in in Azkaban." and "and for a moment he struggled with the the feeling of his stomach falling" and "He'd been so stuck imaging the future" and "And we all know there isn't anyone else that would put with with James" and "But what it-"


Author's Response: Hi Alli!!! You need to get to work so I can poke you and see what I missed over the weekend!


When I realized how few games they actually play i was half annoyed, hahah. With how much of their lives it dominates in the books, it seems crazy that each house only plays four!!

I had a hard time deciding how soon/long it would take for them to suspect Alrek. I mean, to us it makes perfect sense because we see both sides. I was happy when the chance popped up to jog her memory in this chapter!

HAHHAHAHA I was actually pretty sad about that, too. I thought about showing tidbits from everyone's dates, Peter and Remus having taken their dates to the same place and basically talking to each other and not the girls, but then it came down to me picking scenes to cut and the awkward dates were on the top of the list. Boo. And I'm really excited that you picked up on that dynamic. That's what I was thinking when I write it, is even if James isn't totally happy with Lily being on her own he realizes that she has every right and is just as capable as him. He's worried in the same way she's worried about him, but doesn't try and stop her. Then, like you said, Sirius doesn't have that sort of trust. Our poor wittle guy.'

I had fun writing Alrek's creepiness in that last section. Well, you know me, the creepier the better. Mwahaha. But I really like showing the sort of middle between Bellatrix's devotion and the Prospects want-to-be tendencies. Alrek is part of the circle and isn't the same sort of juvenile cruelty that the prospects are, but he also (and I can't believe I'm saying this) isn't quite as held together as Bellatrix. She answers to Voldemort every time, all the time, without fail. Alrek more answers to his own crazy delusions.

Hahahahh I'm happy you thought that way about that line. I wondered if it would make anyone else be like, 'oh yeah, that's Peter.' haha.

I'm excited you liked the foreshadowing with Peter. I do want to show that he's more scared than the rest, and that there's nothing wrong with that. I can't say I'd be as willing to fight as the Marauders were if I was back in that time. Honestly, I'd probably be halfway to Switzerland the first few times murders started coming out :P

I'm so happy you liked these chapters and thank you for the typos ♥ ♥ now get to work and gossip with me :P!


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Review #5, by ValWitch21 

10th July 2013:
Aha! I knew there was somewhere I hadn't reviewed and where I could stop by now to leave you number 700! It's been what, six weeks since I left number 600? Something like that?

I know this is stupid, but I'm very proud of you, and now I run away fast before I start weeping and throwing compliments at you. It's bad for your ego.

Author's Response: I was so disappointed at first when I didn't think you'd get the 700 review and then you found this, you sneaky girl!

I don't even know how to explain what knowing you're proud of me makes me feel. My entire goal of BTF was to make people love these characters, and believe in their relationships and not just throw Lily and James together as 'people who got married because of the war, as much as I do. I wanted to give them all their own place, and show how they all belonged together. And having you with me and supporting me and making me feel like I'm writing something good, not just a recreation of all the other Jilys, just makes me way too happy ♥


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Review #6, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

25th May 2013:
Hello again :)

I had to laugh at the beginning of this chapter. The boys wondering what was up with the girls was kind of funny. It was nice to see Frank taking part a little more though, I like they you've included him as part of the group, even if he isn't a true Marauder like the other four. I agree with Sirius though - he should have given the other boys a heads up haha!

Oh Remus! Bless him with the gf + his 'furry little problem' problem. I'm just happy that I know he will get Tonks one day even if it is short lived. I have to say though, I loved this line: 'Then they'd be able to make fun of Remus for being the world's most whipped werewolf.' It's just so heart breaking that it won't actually happen. I swear Jami, you break a little piece of my heart with every chapter you write.

Oh Jami - your version of Peter is the first one I've truely liked and the first one that I've actually felt was most true to the character we know from the book. I always found it hard to see he could have truely been part of the Marauders given everything that happens even though I know he was. You not only make him part of the group the way I've not seen any author do, but you are really building him up for his fall. Your really making us understand why he's going to do what he's going to do and it really makes me sad. '"It's scary, isn't it?" Peter whispered to the group. "That just because you don't do what they want, they'll probably kill you."' and 'James knew the uncertainty of it, of the world they were going out into, was scarier for Peter than the rest of them' really stuck out to me. It's like your really helping us understand him as a character.

It was an interesting twist, having James and Sirius fight each other. Although, a very good point made by Moody as we know, that's exactly what might have happened with Peter had he not had the chance to sell Lily and James when he did. It was kind of funny that you picked James and Sirius too as most people thought it was Sirius who betrayed James. I had to smile at them drawing though - neither better than the other.

It was nice to see the girls have a conversation, just the three of them. The misunderstanding between Frank and Alice is totally understandable, I just hope it doesn't last long! I thought the idea about Alice giving Moody his nickname was great! It really made me smile! The whole section of the girl talk was just perfect though. It's so good that the girls have each other - everyone should have friends like that and you really nailed it. I had to laugh at Alice and Belle's little joke too haha!

One small spelling error: 'excuse to remind the Slyhterin that his group better stay far away from them' i think you mean Slytherin ;)

Awesome chapter as always!!


Author's Response: I have more Lauren reviews, yay!!! ♥

I always try and balance Frank to make it clear he is a friend but not exactly one of them. Alice is his person, and all of his other friends are just that. It's not the sort of closeness the four boys share.

It's so sad that they never got to see Remus happy :(. I have a whole afterlife where they got to jut hang out and joke around built firmly into my head so that I don't melt into tear puddles constantly, haha.

I don't want at all for Peter to just seem like he got scared and did the easiest thing. By the time we get there, it will be nothing like that and I want the reader to feel so sad for him, so I'm definitely trying to show that he isn't quite as strong hearted as the rest of the boys. I'm so happy you like getting to see more of him and that it helps you understand his character. I'm still trying to understand it myself, so that's a huge relief ♥

I'm so happy you liked the girl talk section!! I felt like we'd been missing one of those lately, and it's so much fun to make Miss Lily who is usually knowledgeable about everything be the one who has to ask the questions ;)!

Thank you for the typo! Silly speedy fingers :P!

Thank you so much for another amazing review, Lauren! You make me smile so much with all your amazingly sweet words, and I'm so happy that you haven't gotten bored yet!!!

♥ Jami

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Review #7, by True Author 

16th May 2013:
Hi Jami! Sorry for not reviewing all the chapters! I wanted to, but I wanted to keep up with the updates. The chapters are quite long so it took me weeks to be here to read the 29th. =] Anyways, from now on, I'll definitely review the upcoming chapters.

I really enjoyed the story so far. You are sticking with canon but you are applying your own ideas as well. The combination is nice. :) I really like Belle now. She's so right for Sirius! Oh and I also liked the Lily being a Healer thing. =]

Waiting for updates!!


Author's Response: Hi Ashwini! No! Really, I'd rather you do what you did. I want you to actually enjoy reading and not feel like you have to stop every chapter and review, and I'm so honored that you spent the time getting caught up!!

The chapters are SO long. I have problems. haha. I just get so carried away :P.

I'm so happy you like Belle. I know she wasn't a lot of people's favorite at first, so it makes me really excited that after you've gotten to know her a bit more you like her ♥

Thank you so much for taking the time to get caught up and I can't tell you how much it means to me that you enjoyed it enough to continue reading. This review was the best thing to wake up to. You've absolutely made my week. thank you ♥ And I can't wait to see you on Saturday!

(Ps. I'm still in love with your name. haha).

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Review #8, by MissMdsty 

14th May 2013:
I love the girls when they get together to be girly without boys.

The first section, with the mock duel is reminding us of the oncoming storm they will be confronted with soon enough. Getting these two to duel shows us the perilous nature of the conflict which will slowly seize the world they live in. It is sorrowful to think of the truth of things, which is: they will fight with friends, some will fight with their kin, nobody will be left uninjured, whether it is injury of the mind or of the body.

The issues the future Longbottoms begin to experience must be brewing for some time between them, but with the end of their schooling coming closer, it is something I suspect will begin to frequent the minds of those involved in this conflict between good and evil.

Lily is so innocent but I love how she turns to her friends for tips, giving them the opening to frighten her with some sides to the story which might not be quite true.

This is one very lovely story, I enjoy going on this trip down this period in the series with you very much. I will expect with curiosity next week's ventures.

Author's Response: Ral. I don't even know how to respond to this without laughing. All that work and there was still an a! BOO!

Moody showing everyone that, no matter what, things can change was sort of a bitter sweet moment for me. Especially with the fact that Sirius is suspected as the traitor a few years down the road. But it also felt like the sort of lesson the man would bring up... never a break for this group, I swear :P.

'The issues with the future Longbottoms,' was a very impressive way to avoid the A's in their names, haha! But yes, I think it's been building up for some time between them and the death of the Aurors just sort of pushed Frank over the edge.

Writing that last section was so much fun for me. We all know how much our girl friends mean to us during a time like that ;).

Thank you Ral for a perfect and highly entertaining review ;)!

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Review #9, by CambAngst 

14th May 2013:
Hi, Jami!

Yay! I ask you for an Alice chapter and now we have an Alice chapter. Sort of, anyway. I foresee more Frank and Alice time in the future.

But before we get to that, I loved all the "guy chat" at the start of the chapter. What a perfectly natural-sounding conversation among a mixed (single vs. dating) group of teenage boys! I'm going to assume that you've never been a teenage boy before, so that makes it even more impressive. So many little dominance games playing out, with each boy trying to assert his own "territory". You have Frank pushing back against everyone else's attempts to try to fix his relationship, James trying to be a father figure, Sirius the "team player", Remus and Peter teasing back and forth about why neither one of them has a girlfriend, James getting thoroughly emasculated by his choice in reading material... it goes on and on. You have such a great command of these characters, even the minor ones and even when they're not in the embroiled in the main conflicts that define the story. Very nicely done!

In the middle of it all was a line that cracked me up more than I can readily explain: "It's Tuesday," Peter reasoned. "Everyone acts funny on Tuesdays." I think what killed me about that line was the word "reasoned", because there's no reasonable reason for anyone to think that, but it just rolls off of Peter's tongue like the most natural observation in the world. That boy ain't right...

Also, this: Then they'd be able to make fun of Remus for being the world's most whipped werewolf. - It's funny until you stop and realize that none of them ever had the chance to make fun of Remus once he became a whipped werewolf. And now I'm sad. But you don't leave it at that, you just keep piling it on, talking about what kind of girls Remus and Peter are going to marry and what James and Lily will do with their lives. Sometimes loving this story is torture...

Another thing that struck me is the way you really brought Peter out of the woodwork in this chapter and gave him a little spark that we haven't seen much of so far. Seeing him suddenly going insult-for-insult with Sirius is an interesting change for him. Naturally, it makes me suspicious whether there's a reason...

Ah, the Slytherins have arrived! Strange that Moody would tolerate such a thing. Unless he's sizing up the opposition. Or maybe he really was planning to let James and Sirius curse the pants off of them. I loved all of Moody's teaching methods. He sounded perfectly in character and the Prophet article drives home the reality of just how pervasive the Death Eathers' brand of thinking had become by this point in the war.

You just enjoy tormenting me, don't you? This: "It's scary, isn't it?" Peter whispered to the group. "That just because you don't do what they want, they'll probably kill you."

"That's why you never even give them the chance to talk to you," Sirius answered in a gravelly tone. "And you sure as hell don’t let them blackmail you into doing something."
-- GAH!!! Kill him now, Sirius! Kill the filthy, back-stabbing rodent NOW!

And just to twist the knife a little more: James glanced at Peter and gave him a solid pat on the back. "Don't worry, Wormtail. That's why we’re here. To make sure no more of those bloody Death Eaters ever get the chance to talk to us." Peter nodded, offering James a small smile. -- I'm not certain what you're playing at with this. Again, it makes me wonder whether events have already been set in motion where Peter is concerned. Either way, the friendly comfort that James offers him is horribly sad to see, knowing what's to come. :(

Poor James! At every turn, it seems like Moody's finding a way to unintentionally torment him. Whether it's picking on Margaret to answer questions or bringing Lily and Alexander up to be the first dueling pair. I love the protectiveness he feels towards all of them, whatever his reason to feel responsible for them.

So the only thing I wish you'd done differently is devote more time to the dueling pairs other than James and Sirius. Snape and his opponent would have been particularly interesting, but also Remus and Avery. I know this was a long chapter already, but I would have loved to see what sort of devilish pleasure Snape would have taken in showing off his martial abilities. And Remus beating up on Avery? That's just icing on the cake. Maybe a little taunting from the Slytherins about how things would have turned out differently if they hadn't been limited to simple spells.

The sad little look on McGonagall's face at the end of the first section was a nice reminder of what's happening. Our little witches and wizards are growing up. And there's nothing Minerva can do to stop it.

Poor Alice and Frank! I don't think I'm going to be able to comment as much on the second section. For one thing, I'm running out of characters. For another, there isn't much I can do aside from gush. You are the master of "girl talk" between these three. From the moment that Lily -- Lily Evans! -- decides that they should skip class right through to Lily's, um, romantic anxieties, it was beautifully done. I have only a couple of comments.

First, the way that Alice and Belle pull Lily's leg about s-e-x was priceless! Poor, sheltered Lily! She's so often the one that other people are going to for advice, I guess it's only natural that they have a little fun with her.

The second thing, and we've talked about this already: "And Alice and I will both be 'ere to talk about it with you after it 'appens," Belle said and Alice nodded in agreement. -- This is obviously a girl thing. Guys do not do this. No guy ever says to another guy, "If you want to talk about your feelings after you do the nasty with that blonde chick from school, I'm here for you, bro!" Does. Not. Happen. ;)

Ah, Jami, it's always such a pleasure. Great job, and I look forward to next time!

Author's Response: Daniel! HELLO!

You're Alice/Frank request is not over at this chapter, good sir. They might have a bit more coming up...

Well, I suppose you can assume I was never a teenage boy. I wasn't even a tom boy. I do worry about how I do with slipping into the boy's, but half the time they feel more comfortable to write than the girls. No wonder JKR used Harry for HP instead of Henriette. Simpler creatures, you boys are.

Poor James really shouldn't have opened his mouth about the magazine. But what teenage boy hasn't flipped through his mom's Victoria's Secret magazine? You better have Martie hide hers when the boys start getting older... :P

Hahaha I don't even know where that line came form, but it seemed to fit Peter, didn't it?

I hate that none of them got to see the end of the war, even more that none of them were able to see Remus happy for that short while. I know what you mean about this story being torture. I have to constantly remind myself why on earth I'm putting so much effort into these characters who are all going to be dead in a few years times. Then I think about how much they deserve an actual life before death... and bah. Now I have sads :(.

Haha Daniel Smith, you know Peter is good for now. You'll know the second things start to change with him, pinky promise. Can't even utter wise crack without you wanting to pin the poor guys as turning over to the dark side ;).

I definitely think he was curious to size up the Slytherins. And probably to see if they had the... umm... you know whats to actually show.

Hahahh no no no! No killing Peter now! He just needs a cookie, is all :P

I knowww I wish I'd have been able to do a bit more with the duels. But with this already being 8,000 words it just had to take a back seat :(. And there's going to be so much more of that next book, that I figured it was okay to sort of skim past it in this one. Duels aren't easy for me to write. I can't believe how you were able to come up with the ones you have in CoB.

Yep, McGonagall just saw everything she didn't want to see and did at the same time with those two dueling. They know what an amazing asset to the order they'd be simply for their intelligence and bravery, but actually seeing their capable skills just reminded her that she can't protect them forever, and they'll end up where part of her really doesn't want them :(. Poor Minnie. See, you have me using that ridiculous nickname now :P.

It was a lot of fun to have Lily being the clueless one in this situation. Although it did make me sort of sad, because this is the kind of talk most girls have with their moms. And Lily not getting to do that tugged on my heart strings a bit :(.

Hahahahha Dan, you guys are missing you. Feelings talks are the best. You should really try and implement something similar next time you're with the guys. They'll thank you for it, I'm sure ;)

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Review #10, by Ginny Weasley 

12th May 2013:
Yay! I wanted to know why Alice and Frank were mad at each other. Fantastic as usual.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm so happy you liked this chapter!

♥ Jami

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Review #11, by patronus_charm 

12th May 2013:
Hey Jami, I hope you’re feeling better and yay another update :D

“It’s Tuesday,” Peter reasoned. “Everyone acts funny on Tuesdays.” Haha I loved this line so much, because it showed Peter’s place among the friends, and that he is allowed to have his own view and muck about with them. And yeah it was just awesome.

And we got to see Frank! Yay! We haven’t seen much of him lately. I hope there’s a Frank and Alice centric chapter coming up soon, as I really love those two and we’ve had a Sirius/Belle one and of course lots of James and Lily ones :P I did find it slightly suspicious about what the girls were up to though, but I’m with Remus it’s probably nothing to worry about. It’s probably just a surprise for all the guys or whatever.

I’m glad that you touched upon about how Frank wasn’t as close to the others. I know some people try and make there be a fifth Marauder but it just doesn’t work, so I’m glad that you made it clear that there wasn’t. Ooh and how exciting the duelling lessons are beginning, let’s hope they’re not going to be as eventful as Harry’s ones. Then again, there isn’t Lockhart around to go and do stupid things.

I really loved Moody’s characterisation, it was great. I felt so bad for Margaret as it seemed so awful what he was doing to her. It did seem like something he would do though, and I’m glad that she’s on the good side. James’ thoughts about his quidditch player being potentially harmed was great, and it added a humorous moment to an otherwise dark one.

Ok I’m really intrigued about what’s going on with the girls, perhaps James’ worry about them was ok, after all. First they’re talking about it will be alright, and I was just sitting there like what you can’t bring it up and not mention it, but I’m hoping it will pop up in the rest of the chapter. Then there’s Lily suggesting that they skip class, I never thought that day would come.

Come on Frank, don’t be silly like that. I suppose I can understand his point of view, but Alice seems to passionate about this that there isn’t going to be anything that will get in the way of her. Aw you shouldn’t have brought this up Jami, as now it’s making me think of what happens to them. And then what will happen to Belle, I guess the canon thing to do will be to kill her, but that would be awful. Hopefully she can just get amnesia or go back to France or something.

I spotted a tiny error here ‘“For me, It’s later zen most girls.’ I think you accidently capitalised the ‘I’ :)

I really loved reading the girl talk, as it just showed how close they all are if they can talk about something like that without getting embarrassed or whatever. I’m beginning to wonder whether that conversation at the end of the chapter is going to lead to something between James and Lily. I guess you won’t say, so I’ll just have to wait and see.

Another great chapter Jami, and I can’t wait for the next :D


Author's Response: Hi Kiana! I've pretty much just resigned to being sick for the rest of my life. Working with kids means a constant flood of germs, haha! Jk (sort of) I am feeling much better, thank you ♥

I really don't enjoy the sort of fifth Marauder take, so setting it straight that yes, he is there friend, but he's not really one of them was important to me. And Frank is perfectly fine with that. I feel like he is the sort of guy that's fine just being friends with everyone. I completely forgot about Lockhart's involvement in Harry's dueling lessons! Ha! I'm going to have to go back and read the second book again :P.

The girls definitely needed a bit of time to themselves. Or more specifically, Alice needed a bit of time to try and rant about Frank :P. I've been wanting to bring up Frank's uncertainty about Alice's place in the Auror department for a while now, and after the attack that resulted in two Aurors killed it seemed like the perfect time. But you're right, Alice is so passionate about it and she knows what she wants.

Thank you! I went through and fixed that letter ♥

The girl talk was a lot of fun to write. Especially with Lily being the one who needs the advice for once, and not knowing everything. haha.

Oh! And I can tell you that even though this does put some things in Lily's mind, she would never let their first time be in Hogwart's Castle. I think that would feel like committing some sort of terrible act against the school to her, haha!

I'm so happy you liked this chapter ♥ thank you for another amazing review ♥

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Review #12, by Courtney Dark 

12th May 2013:
Wow, I can't believe I just read the last chapter that's up! It feels so strange, to be caught up with everyone else.

Okay, so in this chapter there were A LOT of little bits and pieces that I liked and made me want to laugh and sob my eyes out and I don't know where to start (I realize that quite a few of my reviews are all over the place and probably don't make a lot of sense).

Haha, I loved how awkward James was when he asked Frank if he wanted to talk about what happened between he and Alice! And then Sirius just says: “Well, next time you piss (hope that's a 12+ word) Alice off,” Sirius began, “make sure you tell us so we can be prepared for the rest of them to be out of sorts. Common courtesy, really. Right, James?”

I also loved the line: “What Witches are Wearing?” James supplied, then instantly wished he hadn’t' because I can just imagine James blurting that out, and Sirius's reaction was just perfect!

James's thoughts about Peter and Remus both finding girlfriends and the war finally being over made me want to both laugh and cry at the same time. It feels horrible to think that the war isn't going to be over for another twenty years:(

The line: “Don’t worry, Wormtail. That’s why we’re here. To make sure no more of those bloody Death Eaters ever get the chance to talk to us.” More tragic irony! I love it and yet want to scream at the same time! I absolutely adore how you sneak lines like this into your chapters, as I've mentioned before.

And then there was the line: 'They could curse them so bad they’d have to spend the rest of the year in St. Mungo's' which just made me think of Alice and Frank:( I think I'm going to have to go back and read the Harry Potter books again with this story planted firmly in my mind. And I've just realized that this review is pretty much me quoting a heck of a lot of your magnificent lines, so sorry about that!

Oooh, the duel between Sirius and James was very intense! They are clearly very evenly matched. And McGonagall's look...I'm still not quite sure what all that was about, so now I am extremely curious!

Loved the girl's talk, which we haven't had much of for a while! Very sad that Frank and Alice had a fight, but I guess it makes them much more realistic! And Lily Evans, Head Girl and perfect student, skipping classes to talk about boys? Tut, tut, tut! I would have done exactly the same, though I'm not exactly perfect student material. And you just had to write a jam doughnut into there, didn't you? Now I am badly craving doughnuts!

This was an amazing, amazing chapter and I can't wait for the next one (I actually have to wait now - that feels really weird!)


Author's Response: How are you possible caught up?! You're super woman. You must be! As you know, my chapters aren't short. I can't believe you're here at the very end of the posted ones!!

All of your reviews make perfect sense and make me all mushy and happy! ♥

I hadn't written a just boys scene in a while, so it was really nice to be back with them without the girls. I know what you mean about about bad it feels knowing how much longer the war has :(. It's so sad that none of them ever see the end of it.

Hahahahh awww no I love knowing what lines you liked! Especially when they're the same ones that gave me more feels than the rest while writing it. that one about Sirius telling Peter not to worry definitely felt so bitter sweet when typing it out.

Hahahah the jam doughnut came from ME craving them, so I'm happy I've made someone else suffer along with me :P.

I'm so happy you liked this chapter, and I can't even tell you what the last 29 reviews have meant to me. Thank you so much, Courtney ♥

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Review #13, by Owlpost68 

12th May 2013:
I loved this chapter!! The dueling, and especially the possibility that Alice came up with Mad-eye's name!lolol

It's also funny that Lily, Head Girl, skipped class to talk about boys. James is definitely rubbing off on her lol.

There were a couple spelling errors, but nothing that'd be caught by spell check 'cause they were still words.

I like that you had Alice and Frank get into a fight. It isn't realistic if there aren't any, but I'm glad you ended it with the outlook like this:

“James and you love each other, and if you end up staying together it will take work. Just like everything else. But I bet it’ll be worth it.”

This is the kind of thing I love to hear, it takes it from fiction, to life lesson, just like that.

Really great job!!

Author's Response: Hi there! I'm so happy you liked this chapter!

I've been wanting one of them to come up with Mad-Eyes name for so long, and Alice is usually so sweet that the fact that she sort of thought of a funny name that she used in her own head made me giggle. I'm really glad you liked that.

I went through and hopefully got the spelling errors corrected! Thank you!

Awww I'm so happy you liked that line and that it can sort of bring FF into a life lesson. That's such an awesome compliment ♥

Thank you so much for this awesome review!


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Review #14, by DracoGal 

11th May 2013:
Lily skipping classes??? That's unheard of!! I loved the hang out session with the girls. I hope Alice and Frank talk and make up soon :) cant wait till the next update!!!

Author's Response: Hahahah it was so much fun to let Lily get make a not so responsible decision for once! I'm so happy you liked hits chapter. Thanks for another awesome review ♥


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