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Review #1, by Jess the Enthusiast 

24th September 2014:
I have a feeling that Theo likes Tor and that would have delighted me in the beginning of the story but now? Not so much. Hopefully Terry isn't /too/ hurt.

I'm really glad that Tor told Ginny about the attack plan; I know she was in a really awkward position, but she did the right thing, and I'm proud of her for that! Also, I can't seem to think of whose name Ginny could have possibly given Tor and it's bothering me haha. I guess I'll find out!

Great job!

Author's Response: Hey!! :) Haha, I love how you've changed your mind about Theo, that's so awesome to hear you're connecting with the characters. Terry knows that the secret nature of their relationship means there is a divide between the public and the private but he definitely doesn't want to see the girl he likes with another guy.

She really was in an awkward decision, but I'm pleased you're happy she did the right thing. It's a real turning point for her. Thanks for another great review! :D

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Review #2, by Teddy1993 

17th September 2014:
I think I could see Astoria spy (indirectly) for the Order of the Phoenix at some point. Provided there's more character development to come. Alerting Ginny of the plans of the Death Eaters is already a step in the right way.

That was another great chapter. Beautifully written.

Author's Response: Very interesting that you would think so!! :) She would have a lot of trouble reconciling that since she is at this point in the story still loving and loyal to her family. So it's tricky, but being around positive influences like Ginny and Terry do cause her to open up towards the Order.

Thank you! I'm so glad you thought it was well written. You really do make my day every time I see a new review, I really appreciate it! ♥

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Review #3, by nott theodore 

16th July 2013:
Hello dear!

Oh, why does Tor think it's necessary to try and make Terry jealous? Although I think it does fit her personality and age well - people always do stupid things at that age. The two of them were risking exposure quite a bit in this chapter, weren't they? Although I do like the fact that Tor is obviously becoming more open-minded and the fact that she agreed to receive the disguised magazine.

I'm not entirely sure about what's going on with Theo (rubbish at predictions, remember?) although I do have my suspicions. At points I think that he has feelings for Tor as well. But I think that he is involved in the Death Eaters, or at least trying to become one of them. I don't want him to, but from what I know of his character so far, I do think it's almost inevitable.

I'm so glad that Tor told Ginny about the attack that's going to happen! Ginny was surprisingly understanding about the whole affair, but then she probably doesn't know that the only reason Tor came across the information is because her father will be leading the attack. But Ginny is probably a more understanding and open-minded person than Tor, not having come from such a prejudiced background. I think she probably gave her Andromeda's name, thinking about the details. Hopefully Andromeda will help Tor to think about things and offer her support because she's experienced a similar situation.

Great chapter!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hello again! :) I know, Tor is being very silly, but I thought it was realistic for her age and maturity as she is only fourteen. Also, since so much of their relationship is in secret it would make sense for them both to be a little insecure and curious about what the other does when they're not around each other. But yes, they were playing some risks in this chapter! :)

Interesting ideas about Theo! :) Yes, it does seem to be pointing in that direction, especially since he's in a similar position as Malfoy with a disgraced Death Eater father. As for his feelings for Tor, I think Theo is in a selfish place at the moment and craves the support and adoration Tor gives him repeatedly: it's not very fair, but rather typical I think!

Aw, I'm glad you thought Tor did the right thing, of course! It was definitely a big moment for her, going against the DE so directly like that and nearly exposing her cover as the daughter of a DE. And yes, Andromeda really is perfect to give advice on these issues!

I'm so glad you liked this chapter, and I'm very sorry about my (once again) very delayed response! I'll hopefully be all caught up on the responses very soon! :D

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Review #4, by marauder5 

12th May 2013:
This chapter was great, of course! I am so confused about Theo. Usually, I have a lot of theories about what's going on, but in his case I really don't know. Well, I'm eager to find out more about him! At first, it seemed like he was just taken away by the way Tor looked, but he doesn't seem to be into her, so I don't know what it can be.

I'm a bit surprised that Tor barely noticed Harry at the party. As for Ginny, she's just such a great person, isn't she? Instead of getting angry etc, she wants to help Tor (of course, she might not be aware of the fact that it's Tor's dad who's planning the attack). I don't know whose name she gave her. My first thought was Sirius, but then I remembered that he's dead :( and that Tor would have recognized his name. So I don't know, I'll have to wait and see I guess! You're really good at making me want to read more!

Oh Tor, why do you want to make Terry jealous? It's not like he's blowing her off to be with other girls, it's just the fact that they can't be seen together! They acted a bit risky in this chapter, didn't they? I assume Terry is not thrilled that Theo was the one she used to make him jealous, given what he said to her about him in the last chapter. And then Theo blurts out something about how pretty Tor is. So maybe he does have a crush on her? Well, I'm VERY eager for the next chapter, so please update as soon as possible :) I love this story!!!

Author's Response: Hi! Good, Theo should be confusing at the moment. He's going through a lot and is kind of falling off the rails a little, even if Tor hasn't completely realized it yet.

Haha, I think Tor was a little pre-occupied with Terry to notice Harry! :P I know, Ginny is so nice! I think she likes and understands Tor, and they've formed a sort of unacknowledged friendship. And hmm, Sirius IS a good guess, not too far off! :) That was just my attempt at a "cliff hanger," haha.

They did act pretty risky, and *spoiler alert* all this recklessness is bound to catch up with them at some point! :P I'm not sure if they want to make each other jealous, per say, but especially Tor is still pretty young and having a secret relationship is getting harder for her. And when the boy she's had a crush on for years finally starts noticing her, well... it's just a bit messy all around! :)

Next chapter is in the queue, and despite being a bit scrambled it's another long one! :) Thank you again for this wonderful review!!! :D

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