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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

14th August 2016:
I had a suspicion that Lisa was pregnant when they were out dress shopping and she ate all those fish and chips. I just wasn't sure because over-eating due to nerves and stress is also a thing. Justin isn't a bad guy, he's just set in his own ways and high standards. I like that we saw a softer side to him in this chapter. Great writing!

Author's Response: Ahh you totally called it! I love hearing which readers did see it coming and which were floored by the news. And Justin has such a soft spot in my heart. It was funny because usually I shared the same opinions of characters as Edie (loved Seamus and Dean, loved Lisa, felt alienated and unsettled by Rose, disliked Ward, etc.) but with Justin I absolutely loved him while she was seething. But before this chapter she really hadn't thought of him as anything but the man who "stole her best friend away," and left her single and out of step with Lisa.

I love Justin so much! And Rafe Spall, who I fancasted as him, is absolutely perfect.

Another edit I'd like to place here: rather than Lisa wanting children "a ways down the road," I think she doesn't want to have children at all. And that's why she was so upset. I like the idea of Justin wanting them and being respectful of her opinion not to have them, but when this happens, that he would be the one to calm her down and be with her 100% of the way. Like he would be the one making them go to swaddling classes and doing breathing exercises and making her eat well, etc.

One day these edits will happen!

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

8th February 2015:
Is Justin happy about this? So many twists and turns I wasn't too focused on Lisa because for a moment when she said it in the other chapter I was like yeah right homegirl is knocked up but I'm a stress eater and I wanted to read more about Oliver.

Oh Lisa! It's going to be okay even though she has worked so hard to be a Healer and now she's going to have a baby and that's going back things up quite a bit and she has Edie as a house guest when the baby could be in that room.

Does Justin know?

Oh this is so sad! I do want Edie to tell her everything that's been going on. They need to share more. Well she needs to share more. Justin blowing up at her (sort of) was great. He cares but he's realistic and Edie needs that because she's got her head in the clouds a bit.

Author's Response: URRGHH Lisa is one of my biggest regrets in this story. She's just so two-dimensional right now. I wanted her to be a clear opposite from Edie as a means of emphasizing how differently their lives have gone since graduation, but it's to the point that I don't even see how their friendship works. OH ALSO I was really trying to avoid the trope of "That's my best mate... she's mental" that we see often, because in those situations the best friend is really just around as a conduit to get the main character into bad situations. ("I dare you to snog Oliver!" type nonsense that I ta-HO-tally did not want to write.) But it's backfired on me for sure. Lisa is too nice; I think Edie needs a bit more sass and mischief to stay interested. And somebody as rational and polite as Lisa would find Edie completely annoying. So anyway, I've been making some major edits with Lisa's entire character. They haven't made it to the site yet, but it's one of the bigger re-writes I'm doing, along with Oliver's dismissive attitude toward the press.

Anyway, with ~new Lisa~ she just doesn't want kids, probably ever. It's something that her and Justin have decided on before marriage (OMG can you even imagine Justin trying to raise a child?) but obviously that didn't pan out. So that's why ~New Lisa~ is so upset... and why she hasn't told Justin, because she's afraid he'll be like "Well crap."


Thank you for reading my prattling on and on. ♥

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Review #3, by marauderfan 

22nd June 2013:
Hahaha, that whole scene with Jae was hilarious. I bet Edie's Mum was pleased.

I loved that you included Edie's article! Good for her, writing what she wants and not watering it down. I really hope she gets that job at the Oracle Underground, although yeah the illegal/plagiarism/no real job experience might count against her. :-/ And Justin and Edie do seem like very similar people, which is funny considering how they don't get along particularly well.

AAHHH AND LISA! I sort of saw it coming, after Lisa's fish and chips episode, but she said she wasn't... Well anyway, that's going to make life a whole lot more interesting.

I can't believe I'm almost caught up with this story - only two more chapters! Off to read those right now.

Author's Response: Oh, Hypatia was very pleased indeed. I imagine her being like Mrs. Bennett, and trying to be a matchmaker and taking credit for making it rain and maybe I'm being too specific to Pride and Prejudice now. But yes, she was just seething with smugness, wasn't she?

I was so nervous to write the article! It's bad, but I was really shying away from writing it, to the point that I didn't include any of her writing until now. A bit late in the game. Another one of my edits will be to include a bit more of Edie's writing earlier on, I suppose.

Edie and Justin are totally the same person! I love him. I think he's probably one of my top-three favorites to write. He's just such a normal person, with his faults and such.

You saw it coming too, eh?! I think you're one of two or three people who said they did. (Unless everyone is just being very nice and playing along and acting surprised, hehe.)

Thanks again ♥

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Review #4, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

20th May 2013:
*Gasps* There are TWO chapters I haven't read?!? I don't know whether to squeal for joy or be upset at myself for not seeing the update sooner! Either way... YAY TWO CHAPTERS!! ♥

So I know there are a lot of other things I could talk about in this chapter, but I'll focus on the most obvious and shocking - Lisa!!! Oh my goodness, that certainly wasn't expected... no pun intended.. :P I wonder how she's going to handle that situation, and what Justin's reaction will be!

I'm also slightly concerned about what Justin was saying... about Edie getting into trouble over the whole "article" thing. I really think if ANYBODY should get in trouble, it's Rose... but I'm biased. :P

Anyway, another great chapter dear, and I can't wait to read the next one!! 10/10

Author's Response: Hi again!

I'm always so nervous with throwing in things like Lisa's pregnancy, because I did attempt to allude to it beforehand (the cheeseburger, the crying, the arguing with Justin, etc.) Because I want it to be clear that the story was leading up to it, and that I didn't decide last minte that, "Hmm, this should spice things up!" And then I get nervous that I gave too much away??? Anyway, my point is that I'm excited that you weren't "expecting" it. hehe.

I think Edie and Rose are in equal danger of getting into serious trouble. Edie, because she's a replaceable intern who WW basically knows nothing about; Rose because she's a paid employee and that raises the stakes for her.

We'll have to see what happens. Thanks for another review!

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Review #5, by Mizz Volturi 

12th May 2013:
i love this story keep going!

Author's Response: thanks! the next chapter should be in the queue soon.

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Review #6, by Courtney Dark 

12th May 2013:
I'm going to have to make this review short because I'm supposed to be at school in ten minutes (sob!)

This was a great chapter, obviously - and I loved the article. It was great to some of Edie's writing. I loved that it was a tad snarky and definitely had a mean streak running through it.

I actually love Justin! I definitely see what you mean when you say he and Edie are pretty much the same person. Neither of them are very good with the whole lovey-dovey emotional stuff.

Lisa's pregnant?? Gasp! I love the way you revealed this big piece of news to us, at the same time Edie told Lisa she was unemployed.

I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

Author's Response: YESSS A JUSTIN FAN!! I am throwing confetti over here. I just love him. He's such an emotionally-challenged, nitpicky guy, but he absolutely adores Lisa (and he thinks Edie's cool, though he'd never admit it.) And anyone who likes Lisa is okay by me :P

The "I'm pregnant," "I'm unemployed" thing has been written for months and months--at the time I came up with it, Edie wasn't supposed to have a job at all. But it just wasn't realistic that she could have survived without going back to the ol' Rusty Knight, so I overlooked the fact that she's technically employed.

Thanks so much for the review! I hope you weren't late to school! ;3

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Review #7, by JJFuzzyhead 

9th May 2013:
I think this is my favorite story...

Author's Response: Gah! Seriously, that is so awesome! Thank you so much. I've been a bit busy as of late, but I'd love to have the next chapter in the queue in the next few days. ♥

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Review #8, by teh tarik 

9th May 2013:




...and the article is finally written ♥

Right, sorry for the caps. I only have five minutes to write this review before I have to run off into the godawful rain outside and drive through rush hour traffic so HEREWEGO

First, I'm so happy we finally get to read something of Edie's! She - and you, of course - are wonderful writers. That article was so funny and flowy and OK, it was relentless with its systematic picking apart of the tiny details & misdeeds of Oliver's life and there was a mean streak to it. And that whole article was just the perfect thing to link the beginning of the chapter to the next part - the bit with Lisa and Justin. It was a lovely change in narrative style and form - and it was a great interlude to Edie's narration which I'm so used to now. I do hope we'll get to read more bits of her writing interspersed with the rest of the Edie's narration, because I think this is a lovely stylistic/narrative feature ^.^

Anyway, I'm hoping this sense because I'm rush-typing and my brain might just be spitting out nonsense I dunno...

GAH that scene with Justin and Lisa! And how Edie must've felt rotten for intruding into their perfect little lives (but getting free hot breakfasts every day). And Lisa being pregnant! I read that review response IN WHICH YOU LIED and I can't believe you lied :P But it does make sense. I honestly thought a baby would only underline the perfection that is Lisa Turpin's life - or at least the image of perfection. So I was quite surprised when her tears aren't happy ones but this is ten times more interesting. Because miserable people are more interesting than happy perfect ones. Anyway, eee I can't wait to see what will happen with Lisa's life and if Justin panics and throws a fit or something :)

I GOTTA RUN! FANTASTIC CHAPTER ♥ I'd love to see Edie get the job!

teh ♥

Author's Response: Hallooo!!

Bahahaha, "who cares where Oliver has gone." I'm sure that's how Edie feels right now as well! (Kind of?) And oh my, I hope you survived rush hour!

I'm glad you found the article to be the way it was--I hoped it was at least sufficient "journalism," and was mostly mean ;3 I definitely plan to add some more of Edie's writing. It's been limited thus far because I didn't want it to become dull to read :D

hahahahhahahahha I didn't think anyone really caught the lie I told!! I FELT SO GUILTY AS I WAS DOING IT, but I felt like if I didn't address it at all, it would have been obvious. Seriously, I had a pretty legitimate guilt-trip over that... I hope you forgive me!! ♥ ♥ ♥ I talk about this in the next chapter, but Lisa just wanted to focus on her own life for a while. Because, you know, I'm all about women doing that, haha. She goes into detail about why she's upset within the first few paragraphs... I need to do some tweaking and then it'll be in the queue!

Thank you so much for your review! Gah! ♥

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Review #9, by Main 

28th April 2013:

Author's Response: hahahaha, this made me laugh. Thanks! ♥

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Review #10, by LittleMissPrincess 

27th April 2013:

i really love it - everything, i can't believe lisa's pregnant! actually i kind of can. but whatever. and i forgot to say in the last review, that i absolutely love your language, and your humor because it's literally so funny, and like, GOOD JOB!

this chapter was actually really good, can you srsly ples update soon thanks

it was nice, reading more about justin because before i didn't really think much about him, but i know i think he's really cool.

i like the thought of lisa and justin being edie's parents, because right now, she needs some people like that in her life, to look after her and fend for her.

according to your authors note "I actually have this funny little thought that the reason Lisa likes them both so much is because they're the same person, in so many ways."


also edie's article on oliver, is kind of rude. but wait a second, if it gets published, oliver will think that rose is the one being rude. but wait another second, then he'll realize that it wasn't even rose who was there and heard all his secrets, it was edie. so then maybe he would go to rose and be like, 'why you stealing ma gurls article' and she's like wut, and edie's like wut, AND THE TRUTH COMES OUT AND BOTH ROSE AND EDIE GO TO JAIL, AND OLIVER HAS TO SAVE THEM, BUT HE CAN ONLY TAKE ONE, AND HE CHOOSES EDIE!

yay happy ending.

update soon ples (:

Author's Response: Hahahaha. I WILL UPDATE ASAP I PROMISE I HAVE TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF AND CAN WRITE A LOT YAY. But seriously, most of the next chapter is already written :3

I hate that I had to wait so long to paint Justin in a better light. He's had so little 'screen time' until now, and it didn't work to randomly be like "btw Justin doesn't suck." Maybe I should tone down Edie's opinion of him in the first chapter, and that would help.

Hmm. That's a nice thought, about Edie actually needing Lisa and Justin. You're right, she could use some taking care of right now.

Heeheee ♥! I'm so glad you saw the note about Edie and Justin being so similar. Edie's fiance and best friend are essentially twins ;P

Oh yeah, the article is totally rude. While it's no Rita Skeeter, I don't think a journalist's goal in life is always to be polite. It's to write about what ~*~the people want to read~*~. aka salacious gossip and scandal and sassiness, and whatever drives people to glue themselves to the TV to watch catfights between next top models. At least Lisa is smart enough to point out that Edie was mean (more on that in the next chapter).

Baaahahahha , that ending; I just may need a minute to think of this hilarious AU world of Edie and Oliver. Can you imagine Rose being stuck in jail? She wouldn't survive a day! :P

Thank you so very much for your review! It was quite entertaining. Like I said, I hope to have the next chapter in the queue by tomorrow evening.

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Review #11, by Lululuna 

27th April 2013:
Hola, I was so excited to see you had a new chapter up! I love this story, there's something about Edie's voice that is just so relatable. I love how awkward she is, and I have physically cringed on a couple occasions like when she snog-attacked Jae Chang, but hey if readers are physically reacting from reading about Edie's wild exploits then that can only mean you're doing something right!! :)

I really liked the first draft of the article, and I'm curious to see what will happen if Oliver reads it. I particularly loved the part about retired athletes pension, since I think the amount pros get paid in the, er, Muggle world is ridiculous and shows something very wrong about our priorities, so I'm really happy you wrote about that. Oh, and I'm really mad at Oliver, btw. He deserves to be taken down a peg. (But eventually forgiven so he and Edie can fly into the sunset.)

And Lisa's pregnant! I'm a little confused about why she's so upset, since she's getting married, has a good income and all that, but of course it would be a shock and take some adjustment. And not everyone is cut out for parenthood, so I'm curious to see how Lisa and Justin will act with this sprung upon them. Still, they do have a better situation than the majority of the other pregnant couples in fan fiction. :P Oh, and I love the chapter title. That baby is going to have a very long last name!

Can't wait to read the next chapter!! :)

Author's Response: Hahahaha. I am so glad the snog-attack made you cringe. It was kind of painful to write xD But you're so right about readers' reactions; that's such a lovely way to think about it. Thank you!

UGHHH I COULD NOT KEEP MY OPINIONS TO MYSELF. WHAT? HOW AM I SIMILAR TO EDIE COME ON. But seriously, it drives me absolutely insane that athletes are paid so highly, while we can't find a dime to set aside to lower the cost of higher education. UGGH. I acknowledge the amount of dedication, physical strength, coordination and quick-thinking that professional sports require, but come on. That's awesome that people are going to be talking about your front-flip into the endzone for years, while I can't find a job in my field because I can't afford grad school. Great.

*Rant over.* I'm sorry, I really am.

Haha, you are definitely not the first person to be surprised that she's upset. But... I mean... Lisa is one step away from her dream career, which is probably the most important thing to her, other than Justin. Cut-offs like this are bad for having to answer a lot of questions in reviews, but I promise the very next scene is Lisa explaining why she's so upset! And I totally agree about pregnancy fics, haha :P

Thank you so much!! ♥

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Review #12, by dreamer21 

27th April 2013:
this story is great. ive been reading it sinces ages and im dying for some oliver/edie action. makeit happen alreadyy. i veel sorry for edie sometimes but sometimes shes just reckless.
keeep updatingg.

Author's Response: Hello!

This story is going to be way longer than any other one I've written, and honestly my reasoning was, "Why not?"

I have the plot outlined all the way through the very ending scene, and I know exactly where I'm taking this story. But I wanted to just keep writing, because I love it more than anything! Hence these things that are not absolutely, 100% CRUCIAL to the Oliver/Edie plot. But I told myself so long as there was one person who read every chapter other than myself, my work was done xD

Ahem, FEELS!-rant aside, yes. Edie is an entirely impulsive character. I wonder if I was subconsciously channelling Ron, who has always been my absolute favorite character for his impulsiveness and loyalty? Hmm. They're both redheads too, haha... whoa!


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Review #13, by Siriusly89 

26th April 2013:
Super speedy update! I’m so happe. . . . . .

You have to sympathise with Edie though, the poor girl just sort of threw herself at Jae, without really thinking about what was going to happen after they pulled apart. Just typical Edie, this girl really needs to look before she leaps, not after!

‘Good-ater’- I have to use that sometime in the near future, I really do. Pure genius.

Poor Edie, I know the feeling. When it is entirely too late, and you know you should really be asleep, but you just stay up typing and re-typing, and the ‘writing mood’ always hits on the night before you’ve to get up early or something like that, and you’re just sitting there going ‘I should really be asleep, but I can’t stop now!’

Oooh! The first draft of Edie’s article. I’ve just read the first two paragraphs, and I can already feel the venom. Oooh, Edie is not a happy camper now is she. I’m just sitting here, pleased as punch, because Oliver needs taking down a peg or two. What’s he doing kissing Rose when he was after stringing Edie along!

I love how even when Edie is being mildly civil, she still manages to get her little digs in here and there. Take the paragraph where she’s describing Oliver’s love for Quidditch, she manages to call him an alcoholic, and slip in his snipe at Kenmare and Ireland (still haven’t forgiven him for that! Wait until Seamus hears, he won’t be his hero after that now will he?)

She totally over exaggerates Oliver’s obsession at Hogwarts, and I love her for it. In true journalist style, she’s managed to turn something small, such as a passing comment, into something massive. Just love her, and you can bet I’m laughing evilly to myself!

I just loved that article. It was so snarky, but yet had a professional edge to it, if you get me? Just pure genius. I cannot wait until it is published! But wait! If Rose and Oliver are going out, that means Rose might stop it from going to print. If she does that, then well, I won’t be responsible for my actions. Strongly worded letters will be sent her way.

Poor Lisa, I know it has to be hard for the poor girl. She really is very sensitive, isn’t she? Justin and his limited emotions are hilarious, although that might just be around Edie. As we all know, she can be anything from mildly awkward, to completely inappropriate! I am so glad she’s going for the job! Yaay! I really hope she gets it. . . .

Yay! No more drinking for Edie. A nice walk really does the same thing, now doesn’t it?


Did not see that one coming.

Although I don’t know why Lisa is so upset? She is getting married to the man of her dreams, so shouldn’t it sort of be okay? Although I have a feeling there’s more to this than meets the eye. . .

My suspicions are aroused!

Another wonderful chapter! Update soon please!

Author's Response: OH MY GOSH THIS REVIEW. :D :D :D

Yes, intersting how Edie accuses Oliver of being thoughtless, and then acts the same way... I can just see them being "that couple" that shows up to dinner parties two hours late with only some paper napkins, or starts political debates with strangers in pubs. What a trainwreck it would be xD

I'm glad the insomnia reads well, as I rarely suffer from it myself. I'm more of the "I'll read this book just to wind down a bit, okay here we go first senten--*snore.*"

Aagggh I was so nervous about the article!! I mean, obviously the one that Edie wrote was really well done, or Witch Weekly would never consider expanding the magazine. I talked it up so much and then had to actually write it xD Maybe it's not the kind of stellar work that Edie did, but I hope it suffices!

Oh my gosh, you're right--I have to include how Seamus feels about Oliver's disproval of Kenmare! It's too good to pass up! Thanks for the suggestion :D

Yes, Lisa is abnormally sensitive these days, if you catch my drift ;D ;D ;D I was so worried about including this in the plot, because I think these kinds of stories get some serious flack on HPFF (at least when involving teens or people outside of relationships.) But I couldn't help but include this little bit of feminism, that even if you ARE married, you may just not want to take that extra step.

Hmm, no, there's not more than meets the eye. (I'm so glad I have everyone paranoid by now though!! haha xD) Lisa was upset because, yeah, sure, she wants a kid. But a few years down the road, when she is prepared, and when she's gotten her "three years of marital bliss." Some people think that's selfish; personally, I think jumping right into parenthood before you are emotionally/financially prepared is selfish. And I think that's all I do as for answering your question :P

Thanks so much for this amazing review!! ♥

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Review #14, by AlexFan 

26th April 2013:
Oh Edie, responding to something that made you mad in such a female way. I admit, if I was in her shoes, I probably would've done the exact same thing that she did.

Anyway, there's so much drama going on and there's going to be more and more and more just being added on all the time. At some point, I feel like everyone is just going to explode from all the drama.

Congratulations on winning Best Humor, Best Original Character and Best Chaptered! I'm so happy for you!

Anyway, I'll be waiting for the next chapter and toodles until then!

Author's Response: Ha, I don't think there's a "female" way to respond to life events, but Edie surely did act impulsively! One of her less-than-pefect traits, I'm afraid...

Thanks so much for your congratulations! I was really flattered. And, of course, thanks for the review ♥

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