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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy 

8th August 2016:
PS on the last chapter- why is there now CI for it?


I don't think I can keep this review 12+, but I'll try. This was EPIC. And I'm SO EXCITED! Now the poop will really hit the fan! *pumps fist* I AM SO EXCITED! Oh, I said that already. Um... Hmmm...

"Besides, when the well-being of this school hinges on my sexuality, I think there's a bigger problem to address!"

This is probably the most intelligent thing I've ever heard Scorpius say.

Ooh, now I'm really hoping for that happy ending I don't think is coming! *dances*


Author's Response: I'm actually SO lazy about chapter images that if I don't make it the week I post the chapter, it's very likely it's never going to happen lol. It just so happens I only skipped out on the CI once.

That line by Scorpius is probably like top 5 smartest lines in the whole story loool. The poor boy deserves some sort of agency over his storyline.

This one of my fav chapters, hehehe. Excited for your excitement!

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Review #2, by pnix dont autocorrect me this time hpff, it's PNIX 

27th December 2014:
i am reading this chapter instead of the last one because i saw drinking in your summary. so this one makes less sense than i t would have i think. i really like things they do with brooms, thats my favorite part. except why is this story not advertised as a continuation of your other one? been looking for umbridge, too, will keep checking. good job, keep up the good work, i like the pictures you use with that boy from the movie with i think hugh jackman or the other one from austrlia, he controls people in a video game. very good movie i don't know if you've seen it. keep using that face, that face is good.

Author's Response: Ha! Drinking and skipping chapters both tend to make things make less sense. (I'm not sure where you're getting this other story from, as I haven't written anything with Umbridge in it; what do you think this is a sequel of?) And yes, that's Logan Lerman and his very good face! Never seen Gamer, but I watched some of his other movies!

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Review #3, by MissMoneypenny 

20th December 2014:

Author's Response: ehehehehehe~

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Review #4, by Miss MarlaG 

19th April 2014:
I am so entirely head over heels in love with this story and this OC and honestly, I have never read something so good before in my life that wasn't written by JK Rowling before (only because The Casual Vacancy is my favourite book ever.) Its not only fic-good, it's /book/-good. You blow me away. I know I need to read more but e continue continue!

Author's Response: Thank you so much ^__^ That's the biggest compliment!

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Review #5, by spreaddapoo93 

11th December 2013:
AaAaAah~ so angsty~

Of course, I adore Scorpius' act of bravado, only to crumple at Clemence's feet. He's such a loveable character (forgot to mention in last chapter review: best coming out scene I have EVER seen hands down).

But the morning after awkwardness was baked and iced to perfection, capturing exactly the heartfelt confusion, regret and fear, especially for a character like Clemence who has never had to really deal with anything like this before. It defies her invincibility... Ah, when she thinks she deseves it! My heart keeps bleeding for her, mwrff.

But excellent way to end the scene!!! Haha, I don't even... Team Clemence? I know it had to start one way or another, but this was inconceivable! Disturbing and ingenious, I say.

As always, your writing takes me by the ankles, upturns and shakes down my world !!

Much love ♥♡

Ps. Your playlists for etc. were amazing! The art, the music, the concept !! Mwwwrrrff, I bow down in reverence.

Author's Response: I've been waiting to do the Scorpius-reveal since forever--a wee Chekhov's gun from the beginning, meaning Albus did have a decent reason for being so angry at Clemence over her article.

I've yet to see a good morning-after scene in fanfic! In real life, if they're not boring, they're just plain awkward. It's not just 'omg we did it'; there's the fear of what other people will think, of practical things like protection, of feeling equal parts regret and wanting more.

Heee, I'm glad you had a chance to look through my blog of stuff! A lot of my favorite music goes into my etc playlists, I love music with a cynical twinge.

♥! Until I see you again!

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Review #6, by patronus_charm 

14th September 2013:
Ah, it's been so long! Silly school :P Sorry if the review proves to be rushed/garbled, I should be asleep but I couldn't stay from this any longer!

The aftermath of it was excellent! First, I was just on the same level as Clemence and thinking the F word too and was tempted to run around screaming about it, then we get to find the identity of the person in between her and Al and I just couldn't stop laughing! Haha, I guess the rumous about those two are true :P

Yay Hagrid! I thought he was great and you wrote him really well, which is something very hard to come by! I almost thought he was going to threaten to write to Harry and Ginny about what Al was getting up to but from what you've said about James and Lily I guess this is tame! The whole awkward conversation when Clemence and Al were picking the plant was brilliant and I just wanted to die from the cringiness of it all!

WQahaha - how I feel about what just happened! So Albus loves Clemence but then she goes and rejects and it like hahaha I'm cold hearted and I will never love, then Scorpius goes and throws the Bombshell which deserves to be capitalised (I mean, I knew but I never thought he would admit it. That resulted in me cheer leading them about them being true about themselves (ok, that might only be correct in Scorpius' case as the Clemence/Al thing is still confusing, then everyone starts going for Scorpius about the whole Dom/Rose thing.

Gah, I blame all of this on Scorpius. If he had just been honest about himself it would not have involved him dating Rose and the whole Dom stealing him then the rival wars. But he's so cute ♥ I take that back, Team Scorpius for ever!

I guess all that drama over Scorpius was nothing over what happened with Clemence! That was crazy! Haha, I can't wait to see the consequences of this and how she might actually have to be nice to Al now. I wouldn't be surprised if she ditches him due to all the death glares she gets from Appy. Ooh and the whole Quirky Girl take over is over now I'm guessing as the whole Team Clemence thing needs to be fought over.

An awesome chapter!


Author's Response: Wah! Well I reached 900 in favorites so it's a collective something-hundred party. As long as I'm guilty of causing sleep-deprivation c:

Dom's always called Pickett 'Henry'! It's only Clemence who calls Pickett 'Pickett'. Hopefully I'm consistent about these things, because sometimes even I forget xD Like Clemence calls Albus 'Potter' when talking directly to him, but generally refers to him as 'Albus' when talking to other people and weird details like that. Albus is the only one who changes so far; he starts calling Clemence by her first name riiight around now.

Hagrid is just the most awkward per square inch of human-giant, and there's a lot of square inches on him :D He knows about the birds and bees too well, caring for creatures, welp, he doesn't get to be surprised by the subject often.

I love reading your commentary on how everything's going nuts in earlier chapters, and then this chapter takes those nuts and starts flinging them around in a food fight over a gay bloke stopped only by Clemence kissing Albus in full view of everyone causing an even bigger food fight and pending war. The crazy only spirals downwards.

Poor, pathetic Scorpius, perpetually downtrodden, at least in me and Julia's stories. It really is his fault, but I can't entirely blame him either. I'll just pat his head and place him on the mantelpiece to admire.


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Review #7, by diversrock 

28th July 2013:
I love this story! Please write another chapter...

Author's Response: Writing it right now! :) Thank you for waiting!

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Review #8, by maya 

24th July 2013:

please update this story soon!

Thats really all I can say. there are too many
emotions and feelings for me to try to write them

Author's Response: I'm writing the new chapter now c: ! Glad you've enjoyed it up til now!

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Review #9, by Rachel Payne 

16th July 2013:
Well that was an unexpected twist! I'm glad it happened though, it is almost like Clemence is learning to care about all the people around her other than just Dom and Pickett. I very much hope that a snappy speech is in her very near future and that she finds a way to placate the masses and put them back in their place.
Best of luck with the writing

Author's Response: It'll take a little more than a snappy speech :'D this is just the beginning! I think there's a lot to Clemence that she herself doesn't even know, but will show in her actions, and it's only just starting to come out now.

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Review #10, by Chivalrous 

13th July 2013:
I love this story!! :) #TEAMCLEMENCE

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

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Review #11, by Eve August 

12th July 2013:
Hahahahhahahaa, I love the last scene. It is so funny :D

If it's a real life situation I would probably be like trying to escape the Great Hall, don't like commotion that much..:P

But for my fangirl needs and sake, TEAM CLEMENCE TILL THE WORLD'S END! (I love weirdo Clemence)

Can't wait for the next chapter~ Love the story!

Author's Response: I feel like that's the spirit of every introvert fangirl out there - avoid sunlight and people, but *supporting fictional characters?* Sign me up!

Thank you! :D

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Review #12, by A huge fan 

11th July 2013:
I have reread your story at least 5 times whilst I wait for the next chapter and it has just dawned upon me that you may never upload another chapter and I will have to suffer the rest of my life without experiencing any more of this story's (and your) brilliance!! This is the first thing I've read in ages where I haven't been tempted to skim over the boring bits because there are no boring bits, it is all so fantastic and hilarious and full of sharp humour and wit! So I can only beg that you continue writing and hope that you will actually read this and hear my plea!

Author's Response: I do hear it! I'm definitely not abandoning it, I just had to finish my other story first :) which is now about a few hundred words shy of being finished. Then etc will start getting regular updates for the second half of the year.

I'm so glad you like it, and really sorry you have to wait. Thank you for sticking by!

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Review #13, by LemonSkulls  

10th July 2013:
So the plot begins to thicken! I'm very excited to see #CLEMBUS in action now! (I thought they deserved their own hashtag.. just cos)
And Scorpius is now one my favourites; "You know what, I said it. Flaming as a flamingo." That actually made me laugh for about five minutes!
I can't wait till the next chapter :)

Author's Response: All aboard the Clembus! (sad that Clambus never caught on; I'm rather fond of the image of a mollusk on wheels)

Scorpius is a roasted flamingo at this point :D I'm going to like expanding his role~!

Thanks! c:

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Review #14, by nargles 

2nd July 2013:
This story is so unique, just like all your stories are. It's absolutely amazing. Clemence is such an awesome character. It was hilarious when she thought she woke up to Scorpius's face instead of Albus. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! c: hehe, these past few chapters have been extra fun to write~

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Review #15, by nutellugh 

29th June 2013:
Gosh, this fanfiction is amazing. Update soon! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll try :D

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Review #16, by Misschievous12 

28th June 2013:
=O I finally caught up...now I am just gonna have to wait on those updates!!! Keep them coming. Another great chapter and big cliffy

Author's Response: Thanks for reading through and reviewing! :D

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Review #17, by Zqad 

22nd June 2013:
Worth the wait :D

Author's Response: Thanks! c:

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Review #18, by IceCubism 

21st June 2013:
I never thought that I could find a story that would just blow my mind and make me insanely addicted, but you've definitely proved me wrong.

Is there nothing you can't do? I swear, you're like superwoman, or something. You can code, you can graphic, you can write.

And you write like a goddess, because every single one of your fanfiction stories is amazing.
I just started reading this story today and you've got me absolutely hooked. It's spellbinding and I can't wait to read on, so please, please, update soon

Author's Response: Blushing like mad here c: my curse is that I've got too many things to do *all the time* and I've always been just 'okay' in everything I do because I don't get to focus on any one of them xD alas, the jack-of-all-trades.

Thank you! It's back on my schedule to write in July, sorry about the delay!

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Review #19, by QkStephen 

18th June 2013:
This story is a masterpeice and the ride you're taking readers on is really transcending the fanfiction boundries it was introduced in

Author's Response: Ah, that means a lot! :')

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Review #20, by Vvvvv 

1st June 2013:

Author's Response: Haha well, 12 OMG's ought to do it. Thanks!

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Review #21, by Anneka 

17th May 2013:
Oh my goodness!! I've just started this, and I love it :) it's hilarious, sweet, adorable and totally, fabulously sassy. You are a wonderful writer! I hope you continue soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much c: hah, adorable does not tend to be on the list of adjectives for this fic - I think you're actually the first. It's going to be my main fic after I finish my other one, so updates will be more frequent later!

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Review #22, by flyingmandarin 

12th May 2013:
I LOVE your story! I read the whole 17 chapters in 2 days and omg so funny! I am so glad Albus and Clemence are finally together! And the mustard girl totally rocked.

Author's Response: Thank you! c: Hehe, it's only about halfway into the crazy, so there's still a ways to go with Clambus~

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Review #23, by Alexandra M. Camilleri 

7th April 2013:

First of all, how can such a brilliant story even exist? It's perf. The characters are great, they're believable and on the whole, the story has a nice mix of genres to it as well.

Author's Response: Thank you! c: I'm glad you like it.

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Review #24, by heartjily4ever 

7th April 2013:
This chapter is just...
I think this may be my favourite ever chapter from any fanfiction i have ever read. Possibly any story.
At first I was kind of shouting no at my laptop screen when Clemence said they should forget about it.I would nearly have thrown something, but i only had a laptop at hand and i would be crazy to break that.
But I was gearing up for a shouty review on how you were ruining the lives of your characters.
Then, I was just cracking up at the food fight scene. I loved how you made it so serious and warlike- that made it even funnier.
Marmite on cheeks
Comrades who have fallen at the hands of JAM
going down in a blaze of sugar
Then when Clemence kissed Albus. I was not in shock exactly, more laughing with happiness.
And then full blown chortles and guffaws when the team Clemence bit started.
Your writing is the best, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story and cannot wait until the next chapter is uploaded

Author's Response: Aaah thank yous o much c: bahaha, I think my characters are very good at ruining their own lives; they don't need any help from me.

I love that I've been able to pull off some of the most outrageous ideas here. I allowed myself that when I began writing this - to let etc's stories become larger than life - and it's maybe not for everyone, but so so /fun/ for me. Plus, food is my natural habitat. The more food in my stories the better 8D

♥ thank you so much! c:

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Review #25, by Soraa 

5th April 2013:
GREAT! can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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