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Review #1, by ngyaonatkailanman 

21st February 2016:
It is interesting that you have introduced Lyall. This makes the story slightly AU. I think JKR did not even say anything about Remus's parents ...Love your Teddy and I thoroughly enjoyed Fleur and Seyrod.

Author's Response: Lyall was never in the book, but JKR has told us about him on Pottermore. She never reveals whether or not he's still alive by the end of the war (we know that his wife isn't) but I liked the idea that he would be. I am so happy you enjoy those characters! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #2, by Sevy_Snake 

5th December 2015:
Mr. Lupin dies in The Deathly Hallows. I was slightly confused.

Author's Response: Sorry about the confusion - this is not Remus Lupin but his father, Lyall. He doesn't die in the books - he actually never makes an appearance :) Thank you for bringing this up, though! Xx

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Review #3, by Siriuslover177 

23rd June 2015:
Awe, that really sucks that he died :/ Harry and Ron really did like him and he seemed like a really good mentor. And he left his pregnant wife, which really, really blows. I hope she'll be okay. I know Ron and Harry will be able to get over his death. They have seen so much of it already.

I am glad that everyone else was safe though, especially Hermione. I was really worried about it. And I am glad that Ginny is okay. I couldn't imagine being tortured like that.

Awe, Teddy is one. That is really cute. I am glad that Harry is spending more time with him. I am sure Remus and Tonks really would have loved that.

Really nice chapter.


Author's Response: Yes, it is very sad and I think Harry and Ron will miss him. Of course, not as much as his poor wife! I wrote this after reading about a soldier who was killed and whose wife had just found out she was having his baby, and I guess that's what inspired Seyrod and what he left behind.

Yeah, I can't imagine being tortured either. She'll probably have some nightmares about it.

I'm glad you liked seeing Teddy and the fact that Harry wants to see more of him too. I agree, it's what Remus and Tonks would have wanted.

I'm so glad you liked the chapter! Thank you again for reading and reviewing xx

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Review #4, by :D 

13th June 2015:
I love the whole book so far. It is amazing!

Just one spelling typo: "the two tiny feeth sticking out of his gums" - do you mean "teeth"?

Author's Response: That makes me so happy! Thank you so much!

And yes, that should definitely be teeth. I'll make sure to change it. Thank you so much for pointing it out xx

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Review #5, by mpriya 

28th April 2015:
Really liked the chapter..I love Ron's reactions..there were never much of what he was thinking in the books.

However, conjuring the cake..that might not be possible, food being one of the exceptions to elemental transfiguration. (Interestingly, I never found out the others) Minor point but I had to mention it. Great work!

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that! I'm really enjoying exploring the inside of some other people's head in this story, not just Harry's. I'm glad to hear you like that too :)

You're right about the elemental transfiguration, of course, but I think the point was that you can't conjure food out of nothing? However, I think that if Andromeda actually has egg, butter, flour etc. in her cabinets, she could produce one with her wand? But maybe 'conjure' is the wrong word in that content. I'll definitely keep it in mind when I edit this chapter. Thank you so much for pointing it out, and for reading and reviewing xx

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Review #6, by Michael 

14th December 2014:
Definitely a little do heavy on the couples romance for my taste, bit perhaps it's appropriate considering they're teenagers, who tend to be a bit dramatic in emotional situations. I like the balance between the intense action scenes and the heartwarming family scenes; this is what truly defines Harry Potter for me and I think you have an excellent grasp on it.

Author's Response: Understandable - but yes, it's the fact that they're teenagers that made me do it ;) I'm very, very glad you found the different themes balanced enough, as I wouldn't want to make it too heavy nor too soppy. Thank you so much for your kind words!


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Review #7, by Teddy1993 

20th February 2014:
I thought you handled the action scenes quite well. I was sad to see Seyrod die, especially while he was going to have a baby. I had a strange feeling that you were going to kill off Kingsley during the skirmish at Hogwarts, but I'm really glad you didn't. It was great to read more about Teddy. I must say that I was quite surprised to see Remus' father make an appearance. There was never any mention of him in the books and I actually always thought that both his parents had died before the first book.

This was one of my favourite chapters so far. Your writing is amazing. Great work!


Author's Response: Thank you. It is indeed very sad. Hm, that's interesting that you thought I'd kill him off. I'm really glad you liked seeing Teddy. Remus' mother actually died before the books but according to some info that JKR released on Pottermore his father would still be alive. He was just never in the books. I'm so, so happy you liked this! and I can't thank you enough for reading and reviewing, it makes me so happy!

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Review #8, by Liana 

29th December 2013:
I don't have a problem with your action scenes. And it's very mature, for lack of a better word, of you to notice things about your writing style. There are a couple of things I know I'm not good at when writing. I still try to write those things anyway figuring that practice makes perfect.

Author's Response: That's very comforting! I guess I'm my own worst critic but that's a good thing because it's what makes us grow as writers :) You're right though, the best thing to do is to keep trying in order to get better!

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Review #9, by Matt 

30th September 2013:
Poor Seyrod. :(... Each chapter I read is getting better though.

Author's Response: Yeah, I feel really bad for him :( I'm glad to hear that! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by ash 

21st September 2013:
Thank you for writing about the lestranges!!! I always wondered what happened to Bellatrix husband!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading it ;) I wondered too, which is why I wrote it, haha :)

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Review #11, by Rosy 

13th August 2013:
I do love your writing, but I did feel that when the big action scene breaks out you can add a little more detail, I read it And its simply chaos and them you just move on with out better explaining the situation. With that minor critique over all I love the story line characters and your pieces with George have moved me to tears every time (,:

Author's Response: I am so glad that you're enjoying the story. Thank you so much for pointing that out about the action scenes. I'll definitely keep that in mind, both when I go back and edit this and when I write more of them in the future. Thank you so much for your advice, and for reading and reviewing the story! :)

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Review #12, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

5th July 2013:
This chapter was just SO full of SO many different feels! I was scared and worried, and sad when Seyrod was killed, but I was also happy with Teddy's birthday party and super-excited when Ginny got her letter from Gwenog! Again, you are really good with conveying all those different emotions, dear, and I love it!

Another fantabulous chapter! 10/10!

Author's Response: This was kind of an emotional roller coaster ride, as so many different things occurred in this chapter. I am so glad that you still think that those emotion come across well - that makes me so happy! You're so encouraging, it's incredible. Thank you a thousand times for those compliments :)

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Review #13, by Robin 

11th June 2013:

Author's Response: thank you!! :)

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Review #14, by Lululuna 

7th June 2013:
Okay, I was really concerned at the beginning here! I was terrified for a few moments that the Killing Curse had hit one of the Weasleys, or even Dean... happily, they were all alright! But poor Seyrod, I really liked him too, and he died heroically, even if everyone was a little nonchalant about his death considering everything else going on! I might have liked to see a little followup about him: did he have a funeral? A family? :(

I think that if the boys are going to be good Aurors, they really need to learn and put their personal relationships aside for the sake of protecting others. It's hard, and they're still young and probably quite traumatized from the war, but being an Auror is about more than saving their loved ones. For some reason I feel that Harry understands this a little better than Ron, however. :P

I think you do very well with action scenes, personally! :) The buildup about what happened to Hermione was very suspenseful, and I was convinced she'd have been badly injured! Teddy's birthday party was very sweet, and it was nice to everyone together once again. I still really enjoy Harry in the godfather role, it's different but very sweet! :)

I really enjoyed the banter between the characters, like Ron noticing that Fleur has changed was really funny and very typical of the least-subtle Weasley. :P I liked the transition of the letter from Gwenog Jones- hooray for Ginny! :) Another amazing chapter, really!

Author's Response: You're so right about Seyrod. I wanted to include something more about him, like his background etc, but I couldn't quite fit it into this chapter or the next one! However, I'll try to work on it a bit more, because you're right, it would make it better!

Yes, they need to learn how to put their own feelings aside, and I think they'll get better as they grow older and learn more. You're right - Ron probably follows his emotions more than he does reason, but they're only around 19, and they'll get better at it :)

Wow, what a relief to hear that you think I've done well with the action! I'm also glad you liked Teddy's birthday party. Harry still feels a little awkward around Teddy, haha :)

Thank you again for these absolutely wonderful and helpful reviews, and just know that I appreciate them SO MUCH. You're so lovely for doing this, and I hope you realise how happy it makes me!!

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Review #15, by WJ Nelsen 

6th April 2013:
I thought you handled the action really well! Love, love, LOVE the way you're introducing Ginny's being recruited by the Harpies, excited to see how it all plays out!

Author's Response: That's nice to hear :) I'm so glad you liked that bit, and thanks again for reviewing :)

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Review #16, by FriendofMolly 

18th March 2013:
I bet after the Disaster on the Pitch, every Auror will know the counter curse for Fiendfyre. I would love to know just what happened to the Lestranges. Just for throwing the Killing curse they should be in the deepest hole in Azkaban. At least you gave us some very nice snippets. You are the first who had Remus's father in the story. I have seen his Mum, but never the father. Sweet 1st birthday party. Last, it wasn't a big surprise that Ginny got an invitation from Gwenog. Though it was a very cool way for it to arrive. I don't think that action scenes aren't necessarily your strong suit, just don't try to put too much in. Keep it simple.

Author's Response: Yeah, and surely they'll teach Harry and Ron how to do it straight away! Yes, and the Lestranges are wanted for other reasons too - they can look forward to spending the rest of their lives in Azkaban.

I'm glad you liked the birthday party. I actually have a whole background story about Remus' family, but I'll save that for another story.

No, I guess it wasn't that surprising, but it had to happen. I'm glad you liked it :) as for your last advice, I'll definitely think about that as I continue this story.

Thank you so much for reading, and for always leaving great reviews! I really appreciate it!!

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Review #17, by Ginny_Weasley43 

18th March 2013:
Really good! I am glad you updated so quickly. I was checking it nearly everyday! Very interesting! Keep writing!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Wow, that makes me so happy to hear :) I'll update as soon as possible!

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Review #18, by DracoGal 

18th March 2013:
Another brilliant chapter! Poor Seyrod :/ it's good that Ginny and Hermione are safe though! Update soon! :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you liked it! I'll try to update as soon as I can :)

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