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Review #1, by justonemorefic 

15th July 2013:
"particularly because Neville was a genuine hero" -> aw, he remembers, even in the midst of important professor prank/betting business. I don't know, Neville love just makes me happy. OH NEVILLE YOU ARE SO EAGER, I could pinch your probably-wrinkly cheeks. Fences! Industralising revolution!

Ha, Aurora gets things done, I like her. She also gets Archie into Situations, so. Oh dear, a Muggle Studies brigade of student volunteers, I can see where this is headed. *Here's hoping for exploding basketballs*

“Without blackmail?” -> I like how this is the immediate concern.
“in the name of closing the gap between Wizarding and Muggle culture for the generations to come.” -> YOU GO ARCHIE! even if you are mostly hypnotised by certain womanly wiles.

Can I just say that I am in perpetual appreciation for your use of bets and side dealing and wheedling and scoops. Every student and professor for himself.

“Archie,” Dionne said, lips pursing as she turned towards him, “I hadn’t realised we were married with several children.” Oh dear they went all out.

AND A KISS ON THE CHEEK! From the hottest prof in Hogwarts, according to the school newspaper. Now it's canon!

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Review #2, by Cirque Du Freak 

4th June 2013:

Terry says impaling on ANOTHER electric whisk like its happened before... WHAT OTHER AMAZING MISSING MOMENTS ARE WE MISSING OUT ON? Gosh, you're so oppressive whats wrong with you. (*COUGH*Iwantasequel*COUGH*)

THE BRILLIANT HUNGER GAMES BIT!!! I FORGOT ABOUT THIS WHERE YOU DESCRIBED IT IN DETAIL. I loved that bit especially. I can't wait for it to come up again. asiohfdsaifsa


And yeah altogether enjoyed this chapter because it was the best and drama is fantastic and I love that they have a newsletter that rates Professors with a professor overseeing the rating and all such things and OH THE WOE OF DARCHIE'S (Archionne?) NONEXISTANT CHILDREN.

I'm stopping here for not, because I have an early day and its going to be rubbish and tiring and all that so WILL CONTINUE THE LAST TWO CHAPTERS TOMORROW LOVELY


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Review #3, by patronus_charm 

2nd June 2013:
I saw I could get the 160th review so I decided to come back :D

I adore the banter between Michael, Terry and Archie. In fact, it’s the thing which I look forward to most in each chapter I read. I never imagined Michael and Terry to be so funny and imagined them to be boring old swots so I love seeing them here. Oh and the Fred and Dom banter is also brilliant, I never expected them to be great friends and now it’s my head canon for how they were at Hogwarts!

Your Neville = perfection ♥ I can never write him but he was so cute and adwarkable with his alopments I just wanted to hug him for his cuteness. They’re going to have a muggle sports day? I hate participating in it, but watching it is great so I can’t wait to see what on earth is going to happen at it.

Eep this line ‘And Dionne Scrivenshaft had not let go of his arm.’ Romance is definitely on the cards for them or I’m a flobberworm. When you mentioned The Hunger Games I almost thought Archie was going to get them to participate in their own version and I was seriously worried about his mental state.

This line ‘Weasley/Potter unit (a force onto itself, really)‘ was exactly how I imagined them to be so I couldn’t help but laugh a little when it came up. I wondered when the infamous James Potter would appear. He always appears in next gen stories and is the main focal point so it was nice to have a different one for a change. I think I may have died with the bit about James Bond. It was brilliant.

Ack the ending the romance blossomed at last. I really did die at that part. I couldn’t help but laugh at the crazy details Archie had come up with and then for her to go and kiss him was very unexpected to say the least. It was so perfect for them due to the unexpectedness of it all.

This was the best chapter so far :D


P.S. The pun was great!

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Review #4, by Crescent Moon  

16th March 2013:
I loved it!
It actually seems like good (ish...) out come for Archie for once! Well... partly...
I also can't wait to meet Archie's and the Charming Charms Teacher's children, do you think they'll be appearing in a chapter? XD
Another amazing chapter that had me laughing out loud all the way through.
I really can't wait to see what he gets up to next and what's going to happen next with Dionne.

Author's Response: It is! Things keep going well with Archie! I must rectify this in the next chapter. Yup. can't have too much accidental good.

I solemnly swear the last two chapters will be full of Archie having a MARE of a time. Can't wait :D

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Review #5, by Hope's Mom 

15th March 2013:
Another (mostly) positive outcome for Archie - is his luck finally turning. He even got a public kiss (on the cheek) from his purported secret wife Professor Scrivenshaft. The Hunger games references made me laugh out loud as did the James Bond bit. So funny... Thanks for the new chapter.

Author's Response: The James bond bit was my favourite. Here's me cracking up over my computer screen feeling really pleased with myself... oh well. Thanks for the lovely review! :D

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