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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

3rd August 2016:
I'm so proud of James for finding out what the disease entails before deciding that it didn't matter. That he still loved Carlotta enough that he wanted to be there for her. That he wanted to make her as happy as she would make him. I feel so much joy at the prospect that their relationship.

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell 

2nd October 2013:
Is he going to give those tickets to Ingrid and Mark? Aww!!! I hope so.

Author's Response: He's such a babe when he wants to be, isn't he? :)

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Review #3, by Slide 

27th September 2013:
omg I have 11 chapters to review. Actually, this is great. ALL the reading to do. Muwahahaha. And I owe you, like, big-time. And then I realised sitting down with this fic again was like sitting down with an old friend or some comfortable slippers. It's just snuggly and right.

And so we start with my favourite father/son duo! And James is... making a stab at him about him also making decisions for someone else's own good. Well. Fair cop. But perhaps not your kindest move.

Also, weirdly, I love you for getting "another think coming" right. So many people make it "another thing coming". In fact, I used to. It's one of those things I had to train my brain out of so now I notice it ALL THE TIME (like its/it's and effect/affect). So much love for not making me point at the screen and sputter. Instead I... squee? Much better.

Yay, more Audrey! And yay, more magic theory advancement! I have weird preferences. Oh good. No miracle cures. Not that I thought you'd do all this setup only for a miracle cure, I have more faith in you than that, but you know what I mean! And many interesting and valid points about why Carla can't just swan between Muggle and Magical treatments.

And Ingrid! And - oh. I'd forgotten that about her boyfriend. Yipes. Ouch. You don't shy away from the realities of this situation, good and bad, which is, you know, good! It's not a situation to be treated likely, and I find it extra fascinating in that I'm fortunate enough to have never given it in-depth thought. So I appreciate it being handled respectfully but not shying away.

Awww James. You sweetheart. Good stuff! Onto the next! Muwahaha!

Author's Response: Ungh I don't think I can even remember what happens in these chapters enough to respond properly. This is what happens when I'm too lazy to come up with proper chapter titles. Still, refresh of my memory will probably do some good in jump-starting my inspiration, I'm woefully stuck on the current chapter.

James makes a stab at Harry because he doesn't understand the logic. He knows Harry;s story, but he didn't experience it himself. To him, it's OBVIOUS that Harry couldn't go it alone. Put him in Harry's situation, though, and he'd probably do exactly the same thing. But he's trying to play the supporting role, and so Carlotta's stance is frustrating for him.

"Another thing coming" is one of my BIGGEST grammatical peeves. Shame on you for getting it wrong! Glad you approve of its proper usage.

No miracle cures ... because then where would the James/Carlotta story go? No, that would be FAR too easy a resolution. As it is, that arc of the story will continue into Derailed. In fact, in a sense this is where that thread of this fic ends; from here on out it's James' Quidditch career that carries the story. Which means I actually need to start properly planning Derailed soon. OH GOD.

The conversation with Ingrid and her fellow was actually one of the first 'moments' planned for this fic, way back when the idea first sprung into my head. It was nice to finally write it, although it WAS difficult because I, obviously, have not been placed in this situation either. POOR INGRID. Cheers for the review :)

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Review #4, by nott theodore 

11th March 2013:
Wow. I feel like James' character has advanced and developed a lot in this chapter, and it was good to see. I loved some of the characters you brought back this chapter, especially Audrey, she's one of my favourites!

It's good to see James really trying to find out more about the illness and prepare himself for any future he might have with Carla, and I thought you wrote the conversation with Mark and Ingrid really well. I think you definitely helped us to understand much more about Carla's feelings, even though she wasn't in this chapter. I also thought the talk with James and Harry was really sweet, and it's so good to see their relationship improving and them becoming closer.
I never guessed that Ingrid had gone to see Lily about James and Carla! But it would be good to see Lily again, I do miss her character.

And you wrote in your reply to my last review that you're writing a sequel to this story! I can't tell you how excited that made me! Anyway, yet another great chapter and I hope you update soon because I'm looking forward to it!

nott theodore :)

Author's Response: James has grown up a lot recently. He's not changed, necessarily, but he HAS matured and become much more sensible in how he goes about things. Which is a good thing given the situation he finds himself in! It was nice to throw Audrey back in, because she's not been around much in a while and her role as a Healer is hugely important here.

Ingrid and her fellow were created for a reason! This conversation was also inspired by the film, actually - when I watched it I was struck by the old man who basically wished he'd had the chance to back out, and while the roles may have been reversed here in that it was the actual sufferer who was telling James not to get involved, I still wanted his resolve to be tested by SOMEONE telling him the complete opposite of what he wanted to hear.

When I first wrote those chapters I felt certain that people would realise that Ingrid had somehow been involved in getting Carlotta to visit James, given that her conversation with him was only in the previous chapter! Maybe that was just because I knew that was the case, so to me it was obvious. :) But yes, Ingrid orchestrated that little trick. Lily will crop up again soon, once the immediate Carlotta plot-thread is dealt with. :)

Glad you're excited for the sequel! It's a bit different to Rails, but a couple of the main themes from here will be carried across. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by CharliesRose 

9th March 2013:
Wow. As usual just complete wow. I love this story so much. I love how believable and fun it is but at the same time it's sad and I just really want Carlotta to get back with James. They both seemes so happy together and so cute!
Bringing Ingrid back into the story was good and I really liked the perspective of Mark even though he told James not to be with Carlotta it was still good to be introduced to him.
But you know who I miss. Lily. I miss Lily. I think we need another Lily moment. I just think she's so cool and even though she's a squib she's so amazing. So yeah, please can we see more of Lily (I said please!)
Also I like the fact that James and Harry are on speaking terms, that's good. It's nice to see things improving for James. Next step; GET CARLOTTA :)
Okay well, you wrote amazingly, as usual. Please please please update soon :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked Ingrid's reappearance; she's a personal favourite of mine so it's nice to see that other people like her! I wanted James' resolve to be tested by someone telling him what he doesn't want to hear, and additionally it will help his understanding of what Carlotta's going through.

Lily will come back soon. At the moment the main focus is on Carlotta, but once that's dealt with (and Lily's back from her roadtrip!) then we'll have more Lily, which will hopefully please you! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #6, by Justanothermuggle fan 

9th March 2013:
Bringing Ingrid back. I like where this story is heading. Great writing as always...

Author's Response: I didn't throw an ex-girlfriend with a dying boyfriend into the fic for nothing, don't you know! :) Glad you're enjoying, thanks for reviewing!

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