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Review #1, by nava 

21st February 2018:
I really can't imagine the death eaters being so active after Voldemort's death. They don't strike me as the kind of people who would be loyal to a master who can no longer offer them anything. As for revenge, again it doesn't seem very likely for a death eater to risk his life or freedom out of devotion to a dead spouse. I have to admit I didn't like this chapter very much. Sorry :(
But the general idea and the tone of the story has really got me hooked on.

Author's Response: That's okay! I hear you, and I agree with some of what you're saying. I definitely think that people like the Malfoys wouldn't even consider staying loyal to Voldemort, because they believe they've got at least a chance at clearing their names. But the Lestranges? Not so much. They spent the last 16 or so years in Azkaban and wouldn't really have an optional life waiting for them. I don't think they would have gone free anyway, or had much of a life. I guess it's like what we see around the world when terror groups dissolve but you still see terrorist attacks from lone people whose convictions haven't died. But I get your point as well! I'm glad you're still enjoying the story! Xx

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Review #2, by Sreshtha 

8th April 2016:
This was beyond perfect! I love it!!

Author's Response: I am so happy you think so! Thank you so, so much!! Xx

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Review #3, by ngyaonatkailanman 

21st February 2016:
oh my goodness... love the fact that protocol was thrown aside... yet, again! cheers Ron and Harry... way to go.

Author's Response: I am so happy you liked it! And yay for Ron and Harry finally getting to do what they do best, huh? Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!! Xx

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Review #4, by Siriuslover177 

22nd June 2015:
Wow, I was not expecting Death Eaters to go into Hogwarts. That is really reckless and stupid. I hope they get caught and put in Azkaban. Harry and Ron need to get there, fast.

I wonder how many people are going to be injured because of the fire. I couldn't imagine everyone trying to rush out of there that fast, that seems impossible.

Goodness, I really hope everyone is okay!!


Author's Response: Yeah, the Lestrange Brothers set themselves up for disaster. But also created a lot of chaos at the Quidditch pitch. Sadly, I don't think everyone would escape the fire...

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing !! xx

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Review #5, by Yoss 

17th June 2015:
i like where this story is going, but it needs Harry to visit
Hogwarts more often.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like the story! And I understand your feelings about Harry. He'll go back every now and then throughout the years - perhaps not as much now that Ginny's about to leave the place though xx

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Review #6, by horcruxxx 

5th March 2015:
This is going to be a short review, so forgive me for that.

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your ability to pick up those minor pieces from the books, or even parts that weren't part of it, and combine them into your story as important plots. I'm referring to the Lestrange brothers revanging Bellatrix. I don't think I would ever think of that, given that they are not the main characters in the books and there are many other Deatheaters who would want to have their revenge. Nice job!


Author's Response: Any review at all is more than I could ask for! :)

I'm so glad to hear that you liked that. The Lestranges aren't minor characters but they always scared me - maybe not as much as Bellatrix, but I imagined her husband and brother-in-law would be quite twisted as well. Again, I'm so happy you liked the idea. Thanks for still reading and reviewing xx

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Review #7, by Happiness 

24th December 2014:
Cliffhanger! 😊 Nice I've got to go read the next chapter😊 great job bye😞😆😇

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm very glad to hear you liked it :) x

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Review #8, by Teddy1993 

20th February 2014:
It totally makes sense for the Lestrange brothers to go after Ginny, as she is Harry's girlfriend and Molly's daughter. Great idea. It seems a bit strange though that they got so far without being stopped, seeing as the Quidditch stadium is filled with students and teachers, but maybe there are other Death Eaters there. Either way, great chapter! I loved it.


Author's Response: I'm so glad you think so! I get that it might seem a bit strange but yes, I thought they would have help, and that they're extremely skilled as well. Thank you so much, I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed this! :)

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Review #9, by Liana 

29th December 2013:
I thought this chapter was exciting. Bringing in the Lestrange brothers was a good idea. I just hope the few Aurors who are left get to the pitch in time to stop the fire and save Ginny and Hermione.

Author's Response: That makes me very happy! I'm so glad yo liked this :) thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by Kacey 

20th December 2013:
ooo love this chapter

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that :)

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Review #11, by marauderfan 

27th August 2013:
Hello! I do really intend to keep reading this, although I think it'll be in little sections every few weeks at this rate - real life, you know how it goes. But don't worry, I'm not giving up on it!

I loved the first scene where Ginny put Caroline Mclaggen's helmet on for her when Caroline was just fixing her hair repeatedly. Haha that's so like Ginny, she's not going to take that from anyone.

I like how you set up Ginny's future career with the Holyhead Harpies by having Gwenog Jones come to watch a match! I'd love to know why she was there though - I feel like professional Quidditch players don't often go to Hogwarts games, but I guess they must scout players from somewhere!

Also, the part about the Death Eaters... You know, it's weird, I had never really thought about the Death Eaters after Voldemort's downfall. For some odd reason I just assumed that everything was all fine at Hogwarts again after Voldemort died, and never considered the fact that of course the Death Eaters were still around and some of them would try to keep going with Voldemort's plan - maybe try to be the next Voldy or something.

Great chapter! I'm looking forward to reading more :)

Author's Response: I know how real life can get, believe me! I'm just really, really happy to see you back! :)

I could really feel Ginny's frustration when I wrote that scene, haha ;) I just wanted to put Caroline in her place, a little bit.

I imagine that they'll come and scout players at Hogwarts, especially towards the end of the school years. And especially when someone (like Ginny) has been playing extraordinarily all season. Although they can't find enough players at Hogwarts to fill all the teams in the league, so I suppose they look elsewhere as well.

I wish that everything would be fine after Voldemort's death, but I can't imagine them being able to catch all the Death Eaters at once. After all, many of them are very skilled witches and wizards, so I can see them slipping through the hands of the Aurors etc.

I am really happy to hear that you liked this chapter! I feel so insecure about these early ones, haha ;) I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you back (but I understand that life gets busy too). :) Thank you so much for this review!!!

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Review #12, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

5th July 2013:

EEk! A cliffie!

Must. Read. More. NOW!

Author's Response: Cliffies are mean, aren't they? But I just had to do it ;)

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Review #13, by LittleMouse 

17th June 2013:
Love it! Wow this is really good :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that! Thank you so much :)

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Review #14, by Robin 

11th June 2013:

Author's Response: thank you!! :)

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Review #15, by Lululuna 

7th June 2013:
Hello again! :)

I really loved this chapter, it was so tense and suspenseful! Ok, well first of all the depictions of the Quidditch game and Ginny's annoyance and stress was really great. I love how you write Ginny, she reminds me so much of how she came across in the books, and she has so much personality and character. I love how she went to confront the Lestranges, even if it was a little foolish, and her interactions with McLaggen, who is still one of the most amusing character for me as well.

Harry and Ron are so protective! I think the argument that the Auror force was severely depleted made a lot of sense, and it fits that they'd be hunting for new recruits to fly into action. I really enjoy the little details of the story to make it that much more realistic, like the anti-disguise charms in the office.

The conversations of the headmaster portraits was really great, possibly my favourite bit of the chapter! I love how Dumbledore pointed out how involved McGonagall gets with Quidditch-which is so true, even though she tries to hide it! :P Phineas Nigellus was so typical, I laughed out loud when he commented that the invasion might help Slytherin win!

Oh no, poor Ginny! :( I'm pretty sure she'll survive, however! It makes a lot of sense that Death Eaters would be difficult to round up after the war, and that they'd target Ginny, especially with the personal vendetta of the Lestranges! I did think that the Aurors realizing the Lestranges was a bit confusing, however, as it seemed like they just casually came in and mentioned that despite not being able to find the Lestranges they now knew exactly where they were. It might be more believable if they had suddenly received a report that the Lestranges were spotted near Hogwarts, or overheard talking about going to Hogwarts, or even if they had received a tip-off or threat to Harry that they were going after his loved ones? After all, they really weren't too subtle about the attack! :P Just a thought I had, anyway! :)

This was another wonderful chapter, and I'm trying to grab the opportunities to come and review whenever there's a chance! Can't wait to find out what happens and if Ginny's going to be ok! :)

Author's Response: I'm so thrilled to hear that you liked this!! I've been feeling quite insecure about these two chapters, so it's really great to get some positive feedback ;) Thank you so much!!

I'm so glad that you still think Ginny stays true to her character. She's one of my favourites from the book, so it's really great to hear that you think I've done her justice so far :)

Harry and Ron are protective, but I think it's a damage from the war. Also, who wouldn't worry in that situation, right? It's so great that you always notice those little details, that makes me so happy!

I'm also very happy that you liked the headmaster portraits. I think it was my favourite part of the chapter as well - Phineas Black was really fun to write! :) Didn't think I'd be able to include him in this story, but well...

Thank you for pointing that out about how they got information on the Lestranges. I'll definitely go back and change it, because I agree with you, it would use a bit of improvement ;)

I'm so glad that you still like the story, and I do hope you'll come back, because I appreciate your reviews so much! They're so kind and helpful, and I'm incredibly grateful that you're taking the time to do it!

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Review #16, by Luna_Lovegood_ 

9th March 2013:
It was great! I am confused with Hermione though, is she dead? Please say no! If it is a surprise for the next chapter then update soon! Cant wait!! Hope Ron and Harry get there soon enough to save them! I really liked it, I was hoping you would put some more action! Please Update Soon!!! :D

Author's Response: First of all, thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I really appreciate it :)

I'm very glad that you liked this chapter. Hermione's fate and everything else will be cleared up in the next chapter, and I promise it won't take too long before it will be up ;) I agree, it was time for some action, but I think that's what I do worst, so I hope you'll still enjoy it!

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Review #17, by Sam 

9th March 2013:
Finally! I absolutely adore your story and I check it almost everyday to see if there's an update! This chapter left me in suspense.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much for your review, you've made my day :) I promise I won't keep you waiting for too long this time!

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Review #18, by FriendofMolly 

9th March 2013:
I HATE CLIFFIES! Having let that out, I will now let you know about the rest of the chapter.
Gee, the Aurors didn't learn did they? I realise that being established Aurors give them some knowledge, but Harry and Ron have been dealing with DE's for a while now. Not to mention Harry been privy to the thoughts of not only Riddle, but the actions of his gang of thugs. Still they balk. I can only hope the boys are able to get to the pitch in time. I do question, just why no one else other than Ginny, has pulled their wand and started defending her? There has got to be Professors present, not to mention DA members and Parents? Surely they are not complacent yet? Hermione seems to be out of action, and some are trying to deal with the fire, but still? I do hope your block is cleared and you are rested enough to get on with the next. I won't be holding my breath, but I will be waiting,
PS The chapter did make sense in the way that the Lestranges would react to Bellas death. And too, maybe the reaction by the crowd. Not necessarily complacent, but a bit more relaxed. Until all the DE's are captured or dead, they can't let their guard down.

Author's Response: FriendofMolly,
trust me, I know. Cliffhangers are mean. Unfortunately, I couldn't see this chapter ending any other way. I can promise you to update again soon, though :)

I think the Aurors, especially Seyrod, are a bit torn because Harry and Ron are so young (but definitely not inexperienced, as you mention!), but they wouldn't have let them come at all unless they had had that experience. In this case I think it's pretty clear that Harry and Ron know better than the Aurors, which is a bit frustrating, I guess.

A few more people around Ginny was disarmed, but there is chaos and panic all around, which gives the Lestranges the perfect opportunity to go after her.

The next chapter will be up very soon! Thank you so much for reading my story. Your reviews are always very helpful, and I really appreciate them. I'm glad that you thought this was a credible reaction on the Lestranges' part.

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Review #19, by DracoGal 

9th March 2013:
No not a cliffhanger!! Harry and Ron better get there in time because they were right; Seyrod wasn't. It was another brilliant chapter! Update soon! :)

Author's Response: I know, I felt bad for it, but it had to be a cliffhanger this time! ;) I'll update soon though, so you won't have to wait that long. And I agree with you, Harry and Ron were right!

I'm really glad that you liked the chapter, and thank you so much for your review!

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