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Review #1, by Liana 

5th February 2015:
I think Tor and Terry are just a couple of friends fooling around. I'm worried about Mr. Yaxley at the moment. Maybe he's out on personal business. I'm really enjoying your story.

Author's Response: Hi again! I'm glad you're worried about Yaxley, he gets himself into a lot of tough situations and leaves poor Tor to worry about him. Thanks so much, I'm really glad to hear you're liking the story! :)

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Review #2, by Secret Santa ;D 

5th January 2015:
I love Terry and Tor's banter. Terry chasing down the last of the bats and naming it Aslan--where do you get this stuff? I'm really glad Tor recognized that Terry is far from perfect, but still finds him irresistible. I think that's a lot more realistic and better to base a relationship off of.

It's interesting that Tor knows better than to mention what she and her Slytherin friends get up to. She seems to already understand that Terry doesn't exactly subscribe to her side of things.

I react the same as Terry when people tell me that they don't read fiction. I can't even imagine only reading biographies and self help books and such. Disappearing into a narrative beats all if you ask me. Terry mentioning dystopias makes me smile really wide. We'd be best friends, I'm sure of it.

He wanted to be a novelist, but then realized that a war was approaching, I'm sure. Which would certainly put that notion on the back burner. That's pretty sad to think about, especially because he can't have been the only person to postpone their dreams because of Tor's lot.

Terry and I have more in common with each passing chapter. His ability to memorize poetry is so awesome. I read An Horatian Ode for school some years ago. He couldn't be more accurate with his use of that particular poem for this exact moment.

I love these little moments where Tor reflects about Muggles. How she finds it strange to think of them having wars, kings and revolutions speaks to the level of dehumanization being the daughter of a Death Eater really entails. She's been--in effect--brainwashed her entire life. This ongoing revelation she's experiencing in which she's beginning to realize these are human beings who live actual lives is going to set in and it's going to be a nasty shock for her. You're carefully pacing that in all of the right ways.

Being drawn and quartered is one of my worst fears. Ever since I learned about it in history, I have a huge irrational fear of it. Especially irrational in that I'm pretty sure it isn't really practiced much these days..

Studying the Chronicles of Narnia from a critical perspective!! This boy is my favorite person ever.

I cannot believe that Tor is actually going to go through with attending Muggle Studies class. That feels like it'll lead to something bad, but I'm not sure what. I don't think I've ever seen a Muggle Studies class written about in fanfiction, so I'm excited to see what that's like, though.

I AM SO SUSPICIOUS OF TAURUS. I hope my instincts about his smell of smoke and 'boy-cologne' are correct. But, I suppose I'll just have to wait and see.

I'm in shock about how perfect it is that Tor tried to look into Draco's mind and he thought it was Snape. The way this parallels canon is incredible.

I wonder what's holding up Yaxley. Also, the euphemism people of the moon is really spectacular. I quite like the 'T' names honestly and I sincerely hope Boot begins to quote poetry in every chapter. :P

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Review #3, by Jess the Enthusiast 

21st September 2014:
I have a really great feeling that Terry is going to be able to change Tor's worldview and I'm super excited about it! Of course it's going to cause a lot of conflict between her and her fellow Slytherins, but I love the idea of her changing for the better. Because I think deep-down she is a good person, just mislead like Ginny said in a previous chapter.

I have a feeling that Annie the portrait is Anne Boleyn, but I can't be sure. Great job!

Author's Response: Hello!! :) Yes!! Terry definitely will help Tor develop, and she does the same for him. I feel like she's had so many influences in her life which bring her to become that prejudiced person, and spending time with people with alternative views is so important. She is a good person, definitely, and she does have potential to change.

Ooh, interesting hypothesis. :P Thanks so much, I love your reviews so much, and I'm sorry how repetitive my responses are. It's just so hard to express how much it means to me that you're liking the story!! :D

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Review #4, by Teddy1993 

3rd September 2014:
A Slytherin attending a Muggle Studies class? Now that would be a sight. Tor would definitely have some explaining to do in her house if that got out and I imagine something like that is hard to keep quiet at Hogwarts. Another good chapter. I'm enjoying the story very much.

Author's Response: Hi again! Oh, definitely - Tor will definitely have to face her housemates at some point if she keeps doing controversial things for the Slytherins. I'm so glad you're still enjoying it, thanks for all the awesome reviews. They really mean a lot! :)

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Review #5, by MissesWeasley123 

7th January 2014:
Jennaaa. Here for the 12 Days of Reviewing and what a great chapter to come back to!

Terry man, he's so amazing. I will say it over and over and keep on asking you -- where do I get myself one? He's so amazing. But he''s wise in a way too, beyond all the immaturity and awesomeness, which is nice.

Tor is fabulous as always. One of my favourite parts is her encounter with Snape, and I loved how she would reply to him, it was very fitting and you characterization of Snape is brilliant as well. He's such a complex character, it's so difficult to write him because you have very limited boundaries. But every word he said made sense and sounded like him, from his demeanor to the bit of dragging and his pauses. Excellent.

And Daphne! Aw, where is she? It was nice to see that she still cares for her sister.

Another thing I'd like to mention is whenever Tor does her leglimency( dunno how to spell, too lazy to check haha),it's always so real and makes sense. You do a great job with that every time. It adds the mysterious tone to this whole story, especially since there's a war raging!

Excellent chapter!

Author's Response: Hola!

Haha aw I'm glad you love him as I do. Terry is a lot of fun to write, I wish he was real just so I could hang out with him all the time. I'm glad you find him both wise and a little immature - he is a sixteen year old boy after all! That's exactly how I see him.

I'm glad you found Snape okay! He's so difficult, I think it would almost be easier to write his nastiness than his nicer persona towards the Slytherins. I'm really pleased you thought his language and actions sounded right!

Yes, the sisters aren't very close but they do occasionally spend time together and be kind to the other. :)

Thank you! Wow, I'm really happy to hear that her legilimency (agreed, I wish that was on spell-check) seems realistic. I have been a bit worried it makes the story too cliche but her skills are quite important to the plot at times, so I'm pleased you liked it!

Thanks for the lovely review, darling! :D

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Review #6, by greenbirds 

2nd January 2014:
oh wow. i love this! so excited to read the next 20 chapters. interesting take on terry boot, who has always been one of my favourite da characters. i love reading stories in which the author takes their on twist on not as explored characters in the series, such as terry.
interesting how she's two years younger than him. i a-ssume romance will arise due to the summary? i'm sure you'll pull it off amazingly.
great story so far! bea xx.

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Can I just say that all your reviews have made my day?! I'm so happy you like the story! *dies of excitement*

Terry is great, I'm so glad you like him here. He is quite unexplored and so there's a lot of room for creativity in writing his character. :) And yes, as you know by now, there will be romance and lots of drama. :P

Thanks for the amazing review, I'll respond to the others as soon as possible! :D (I'm in an internet-limited place at the moment). You are awesome! :)

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Review #7, by EnigmaticEyes16 

22nd September 2013:
Oooh, it's getting more interesting! I don't know what Taurus could have wanted to talk to Tor about although I do understand your T name obsession as I have a little problem with it of my own in my own story, although there aren't as many as in this story, lol. I've been wondering if Anne could be Anne Boleyn ever since you first mentioned her, and she lived in a time when torture was prominent and she was also thought to be a witch...

I assume Malfoy's issues with Snape stem from Half-Blood Prince where he constantly declines Snape's offers to help him, not trusting him with his task. And Daphne? I don't know. Nor Yaxley. I hope they're fine though. It would clearly upset Tor very much for her to lose her father...

Anyway, brilliant chapter! I am also curious what Terry Boot is brewing in the secret room. I wonder how long before it's done and we find out what it is.


Author's Response: Hello! Haha, I'm glad you sympathize with the T name affliction! I also have a habit of giving OCs last names starting with H.. who knows why! :P

As for your wondering about Taurus and ideas about Anne, well, you're definitely onto something! More will be revealed in later chapters. :)

You're right, Tor is very close with her family, and she would be very upset if any of them were in danger. Of course, being in that line of work often leads to being in danger!

I'm glad you're enjoying the story and liked this chapter! :) Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #8, by Broken Butterfly 

28th May 2013:
Another great Chapter! As always I'm really empathsing with Tor, and I wonder if Portrait Anne happens to be my favorite Queen in all History: Anne Bolyen, but don't answer that i want to figure it out for myself. Anyways, a couple of grammar mistakes I would suggest fixing, and otherwide great plot. Its keeping me on my toes. See you soon for chapter 11.

Author's Response: Hi! :) I'm so glad you liked the chapter, and hmm, interesting hypothesis! :P I'll keep an eye out for those grammar mistakes when I go back and re-edit. Thank you very much for another kind review! :D

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Review #9, by nott theodore 

21st May 2013:
Aw, it's quite cute that Terry was the one who ended up helping Tor get rid of the effects of the hex!

I get the impression that Terry is refraining from judging Tor on her friends at the moment, or the sort of beliefs she might have grown up to hold. He has to know that the group Tor hangs out with are prejudiced against Muggle-borns, while he's one of them. I also think he seemed to have a bit more depth in this chapter; at the beginning he seemed quite easy-going and care-free, but he comes across as someone who has thought more about the approaching war and what he will have to do on it. I think he understands the implications of it more than Tor does (although being Muggle-born, a DA member, and two years older than her that would be expected).

Every time Tor mentions the ASS I can't help laughing. I know, I have a silly sense of humour.

I love the idea of people studying Muggle books in the Muggle Studies classes and using them to think critically about what the text tells them about the Muggle world. One of the things that I've always wondered about Hogwarts is the lack of any real reading of literature they do, or arithmetic, so I like the idea that they'd use Muggle literature in that class. It helps that the Narnia series is one of my favourite children's series - naming the bat Aslan was a great touch!

Your characterisation of Snape was perfect once again here. I can definitely imagine him giving preference to the students in his house, particularly those whose parents he knows well. He has to seem to be fair, but Tor knows exactly how to stay on his good side.

So, I'm going to try and answer your questions now...

I'm thinking there's going to be some romance between Tor and Terry at some point, but there's going to be obstacles to overcome and I don't know how quickly it will happen. But I'm taking that one from the prologue, because Tor obviously really cared about Terry at that point. I hope she does go to Muggle Studies - I think she's definitely interested in the idea, but it's going to be difficult for her to go because of the sort of peer pressure she experiences with her friends.

I'm absolutely rubbish at predicting what's going to happen in stories, so I'm going to say I don't think that Tor's attendance at the Muggle Studies class (if she goes) will be found out, because I think that would put her in a really difficult position and she'd probably be cast out from her family unless she managed to convince them that there was nothing in it.

Since I'm awful at guessing, I also don't know what Taurus wanted to talk to her about, unless it's another teenage-y thing of a crush. As for why all the names start with 'T', I think you're entirely to blame for that one! :P

I have a sneaking suspicion that Anne in the portrait is Anne Boleyn, because there were accusations that she was a witch before she was executed, and of course, she was executed, which Terry said Tor could talk to her about. I don't know if that's the right era, but if I'm right about that I'm going to be so proud of myself!

You have to love a boy who can quote poetry, but I think every chapter might be a little much! Malfoy's problem with Snape is what we saw in the books, right? He doesn't want help from someone who he sees as the usurper of his father's position, and he wants to prove that he can do the task set by his master all by himself.

I have absolutely no idea where Daphne is, though! It was nice seeing that despite the sibling rivalry between them, Tor is still worried and concerned for her sister. If we're going with canon, I'm going to say Yaxley will be alright, but I'm really interested about what he's been doing and where he is! The letter was really intriguing, and I like the fact that you kind of coded it, because obviously post was being watched and read at that point.

Why does Tor have so many mood swings and feelings? That's easy! She's a teenage girl - when where they ever uncomplicated?!

Another fantastic chapter, and I'm really trying hard to stop myself from reading this story all the way through because it's highly enjoyable procrastination, and really captivating!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Ah, another wonderful review! :)

You're definitely right about Terry: while he's usually pretty easy-going and friendly, he is both frightened and passionate about the war and has a lot of opinions, whereas Tor has been more sheltered. He definitely doesn't approve of Tor's friends, but he likes her and so is turning a temporary blind eye to them, kind of the way Tor is to his potential blood status and allegiance.

The ASS makes me laugh too. :P

I wondered these things about wizarding education too! They're just completely cut off from any Muggle education... I always imagined their writing skills would be weaker as well, since they stop taking writing classes at 11! I love Narnia, and felt like it would be the type of book Terry would enjoy! :)

Hmm, those are very interesting predictions! :P I definitely seem to have a strange affection for names beginning with T! And as to the Anne Boleyn prediction, that's very clever of you, hmm... :P

I'm so happy you're liking the story, and that the characters are coming across as diverse and complex (despite the similarity in names). Hopefully you won't procrastinate too much, but I really appreciate these reviews and they are just amazing to receive!! :) Thank you!!!

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Review #10, by marauder5 

11th March 2013:
Haha, I loved your author's note. So many questions... ;) I was actually asking myself all those questions too.

Terry is a great character, but I wonder why he doesn't realize who Tor is and the kind of people she hangs out with. It should bother him if he's a Muggle-born, shouldn't it?

You write really well, and the story itself if absolutely brilliant so far. As ever, I look forward to reading the next chapters. (And then I'll have to wait for you to update, how will I manage?) ;) keep it up, because it's really good!

Author's Response: Hooray, another awesome review!!! I guess Terry is just trying not to judge Tor on her personality, not on her upbringing, as much as he can at least for now. I think that he's not as happy go lucky as he seems to be in these early chapters, and seems to have a bit of a hero complex of wanting to save people, in Tor's case, save her from herself. Not that Tor's the damsel in distress type.

But then again, what do I know, these characters keep insisting on writing themselves!!! :P

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Review #11, by fi 

4th March 2013:
I am in love with this story! I love the characters and am so excited to read what happens next!!

Author's Response: I'm so happy you like it!!! Thanks for reading and reviewing, it really means a lot to me!! :)

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