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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

20th January 2015:
I thought the chapter was a bit of a filler but I always enjoy glimpses into the past of Lily and Petunia's relationship. I have a sister and sometimes having a sister is hard. Especially when you're two different people and do not have the same outlook on life. So to see their interactions I can kind of tailor it to my own relationship.

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Review #2, by Tris  

24th November 2014:
Gosh,mi love the Murauders. Every tome I read one though I can't help but be sad about Lilly and James, it was nit enough time for them. I am TRULY enjoying your story and even though I am home sick for the day there is nothing I would rather do right now than curl up and read this story. Also I am really loving the depth with Bella, the cute potter family, the backstory of petunia and Lilly and just all of the dynamics you have created. This is a story masterfully pieced togather, and I am really excited to read on!

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Review #3, by nott theodore 

27th August 2013:
Haha of course James and Sirius would shorten little Butterscotch's name to Scotch! It seems like a thing they'd do, and I like Lily's indignation over it as well. It all seems very in character, and although they're only little parts of the story they help to flesh it out a lot, and really make me smile. Aw, and Lily referred to James as her boyfriend! *Squeals in excitement*

Another thing I liked was the learning about the mechanics of how the students all make it onto the train for Christmas. It's never touched on in the books (from what I can remember, anyway) but I like reading about the details like that because I feel like it means I get to delve deeper into the magical world and learn how everything works. I think it's great that you manage to make everything so interesting!

Aw, the snowball fight was really funny to read! It reminded me of the sort of thing that would happen with my friends - I can definitely imagine myself falling over like Lily and managing to start a snowball fight, although my aim probably wouldn't be as good! All the friendship-y bit was really cute, and you have the dynamics between them just right. It's so nice to read!

I found the section with McGonagall and Dumbledore interesting to read. It was great to see Minerva's emotions as she thought about her pupils, and her concern for them is really touching and consistent with her canon character. I can definitely imagine her loving teaching more than spending time alone during the holidays. And there was some subtle foreshadowing in that section as well, and the suspense of it contrasted well against the happier, lighter tone of the previous section.

Haha reading about Christmas at the Potters has made me excited for Christmas myself, even though it's still months away! It sounds like a great way to celebrate, and it's no wonder that they're all excited for it. I'm excited to see them then but I think there's some important chapters to come before that point!

The flashback was another interesting addition. Somehow you always know just the right time to include them in the story without disrupting the flow. It was a sad memory to read about but I like the fact that you showed both of them as having done something wrong which contributed to the breakdown in their relationship. I think out of all the memories we've seen so far, this was one which seemed to show a real break in the relationship. It seemed like it could just be a normal sibling fight - because they're really the worst kind - but the fact that Matti, who seemed so nice, was there as well is what made everything so much worse. If they'd been able to fight it out between them without witnesses then maybe things would have been resolved, at least a little bit, but then Petunia lost her friend because of it and there's one more thing for her to resent Lily for. Gah, it makes me so sad and I'm going to stop with my rambles about sibling relationships now before I really bore you!

Ah, and the Lily and James cuteness at the end! You've made me feel all warm and fuzzy with this chapter and I'm excited to see what's going to happen next!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi, lovely!

I LOVE what you said about Matti and Petunia losing her friendship with her because of how she treated Lily, then having her own friend stick up for her sister, and how that's one of the starts to a really big crack. I think taking a look at Lily and Petunia's relationship, and weaving that into the story, is something that I probably enjoyed writing more than most people really cared to read, haha. Going into the past like that without creating a break definitely isn't my strong point, so I'm very happy you thought it was done smoothly! Looking back on it, I probably could have found a shorter way to sum up Lily and Petunia's relationship and get in the facts that needed to be told, but I just really loved writing these past scenes. And I loved feeling like I was getting more intimate with Lily and understanding her more each time I'd start to work up an outline for her and Petunia's childhood.

I this response still making sense? It's one in the morning, so I'm probably rambling. Anyway, I'll end here with a serious THANK YOU for making my night so awesome with these reviews!

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Review #4, by Courtney Dark 

10th May 2013:
Haha, I love the fact that James and Sirius shorted Butterscotch's name to 'Scotch'- that definitely seems like something they would do and I loved how Lily was so disapproving of their little nickname.

And she referred to James as her boyfriend! *squeals dramatically* I'm so excited!

It was quite nice to have a little section from McGonagall's point of view in this chapter - I love how worried she is about James and Lily and her thoughts on having the Hogwarts castle much emptier than usual. It was definitely a great addition to the chapter, and I actually really like the way you characterize McGonagall!

I also like the way you ended this chapter with the friends all together, chatting away as the headed home for the holidays. And I was definitely having some strong Jily feels in this chapter! I think Christmas with the Potters would be a very lively, warm affair, and I am definitely looking forward to reading about it!

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hahaha it seems pretty appropriate for James and Sirius to want to shorter Butterscotch's name into that, doesn't it? ;)

Hahaha yay!! I love dramatic squeals!!

Writing McGonagall is still such a scary thing for me. She's nearly as scary as Dumbledore. But at the same time, I love what she can do for a chapter. And I figure I'll be writing her a lot more in book two so I better toughen up and practice now ;).

Anything on the train is always fun for me to write. Just that feeling you get from the leaving Hogwarts or coming back to Hogwarts... it was always my favorite part of the books. Well, maybe not favorite, but one of them :P

Okay, I seriously hope these responses are making sense. They make sense in my head, but as I mentioned I have strep throat so I might just be talking nonsense. Haha.

Thank you so much, Courtney!! ♥

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Review #5, by LovlyRita 

26th March 2013:
So like it's only been a million years since I've been here to review this, but I am here now and I am ready to go!

Ok, so the start of the chapter is awesome. I love the fact that James tried to shorten Butterscotch's name and she was having NONE. OF. THAT. haha love it. It reminds me of my friend who was like "My mom named me Elizabeth and she says it should never be shortened, she wanted to call her daughter Elizabeth." Yeah I called her Liz. lol!

The fight with the snowballs and McGonagall interrupting it was so perfect. I love that she was kind of laughing while pretending to be stern. That is the best kind of awesome, I want to be like McGonagall someday!

Whenever I read this story, it really makes me miss like...college and stuff. Where I could just go hang out with friends and be silly for hours and do silly things. Now I'm all old and grown up and I never get to see any of my friends. I think you do a great job of getting the dynamics of their friendship though, the whole group I mean. Really great job with that!

And the scene with McGonagall and Albus was great, it really kind of built suspense and foreshadowing in a really kind of subtle way and I thought it was well placed in your chapter.

Now, this memory with Petunia is so sad. Especially since Petunia seemingly had nice friends and then something just happened to her brain and now she's mean and twisty. I felt bad for her friend though because she was just trying to be nice to Lily and ask about her holidays. I mean Petunia totally had it coming to her but it really does a good job of continuing to build animosity between Lily and Petunia. That's just really heart breaking to me. I love your portrayal of both of these characters though, and I especially liked later when you brought up the fact that they had both done things to hurt each other. It's great that you don't show Lily as completely blameless, that they had both done things to ruin their relationship. Of course Petunia did more. 'cause she's a jerk.

This Christmas dinner at the Potters sounds really awesome, and I invited? I liked the description of Alice's parents here, I'm glad you didn't make them all genial and BFFs. It's really a nice picture. And I liked how you included Peter's parents and didn't make them standoffish. I hope that we might get to see a glimpse of this in later chapters since I know there is a Christmas chapter at the bottom of the page :P

And of course the Lily/James fluffy stuff at the end. yay.

Over all this was another brilliant chapter, I'm constantly bewitched by your writing and your ability to be such an engrossing story teller. Marvelous job! :)

Author's Response: ASHLEY! CAN I BOTTLE YOU UP AND KEEP YOU? Yes? Okay, let me just reach through the computer and.whack! Ashley, why did you whack me away? I just wanted to bottle you up!

Fine, I'll respond to the review instead. And here is another reason I should have know DD was you. You always do the uppercase letters with periods when you're being all intense. Dang.

I want to be like McGonagall someday too! Except not alone. I don't do well alone. Hahah. Writing this story makes me miss school SO much. Not HS, because I hated that, but definitely college. They always get to be around each other and they get to be stressed over an exam that seems like the end of the world and ugh I miss it all. I'm so happy you like the dynamic between all the friends &hearst;

I think I'll eventually have to write something of just Lily and Petunia, because their relationship is so much fun for me to explore. I'm sure I've rambled about this before, but I just don't see it being as cut and dry as 'lily is a freak i don't like her.' there's another big thing in a newer chapter that found it's way in really well in terms of these two not being able to ever be close again. I don't now what I'm saying anymore, so imma move on to the next part of your review.

YOU ARE SO INVITED TO THE POTTER CHRISTMAS DINNER. You'd be lots of fun there, especially when they pull their prank.

I'm so happy that you're still enjoying this ♥ I just want to cuddle into a happy ball every time you review and purr like Scotch. Er, Butterscotch. Sorry Lily.

Love you ♥

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Review #6, by patronus_charm 

23rd March 2013:
She referred to James as her boyfriend *squeals excitedly*, I donít know whether this beats their first kiss, but it certainly ranks up there on the James and Lily classic moments list! Then the way they were both packing together and helping each other out, it was so cute and couplely! I agree with Lily I am not ok with Jamesí nickname for Butterscotch, scotch just does not sound cute and cat like!

Aw poor Lily falling over in front of everyone! I loved how Alice cooed at her though, it just seem to suite her! Then her throwing snowballs at James and Sirius was great, they deserved after sort of laughing at her! Iím surprised that McGonagall wasnít sterner, but she does have a soft spot for those Marauders, so of course she wasnít going to get them into trouble when it was Christmas.

Yay Albus and Minerva time! Again their characterisation was great with McGonagall being the worrier of the two, and then Albus was just being like chill Minerva everything will be fine. It has put me more at ease knowing that Dorcas and Edgar will be at the wedding too, but then they both die at the hands of Death Eaters so perhaps this is an ominous sign?

I liked the brief bit about Lily being in a Head Girl mode, she really does make a good one, showing how much care she puts into her job. I really liked how much Butterscotch keeps on popping up. In some stories Iíve read a character has a pet but it only appears once, and Iím just sitting like what has it died or run away, but itís not the case with Butterscotch. I donít really know how itís relevant but it seemed important to me when writing it ;D

Of course the Marauders would have a Christmas prank! I thought it was sweet that the whole group was invited, and it made me want to join with all of the festivities as it sounded fun! Aliceís parents didnít sound that much fun though, not wanting to go to the Potters party! I spotted a minor typo here Ė Ďlack of lamb,í I think you meant rack :)

So theyíre actually going to France then? I canít wait for that part; itís going to be so exciting. I dread to think how Sirius is going to be though, heís probably going to let his temper get ahead of him and make it awkward for Belle and her parents. More mentions about Aliceís parents though, they do sound rather cold and unfriendly, I wonder if we get to meet, because it would be cool to see whether theyíre as horrible in real life.

And double yay another flashback! I know this sounds mean, but I never imagined Petunia having any friends, so it was nice to see that she had one here. I guess she wouldnít have a reason to hate them, so thatís why she could be friends. Oh wait, I remember she had a friend called Yvonne who was mentioned in the books, so I guess she is capable of having one then.

I didnít expect that twist with Matti though. There she was being nice to Lily, then rounds on Petunia and then Lily sticking up for Petunia, then Matti shouting and swearing some more, and then for to be finally kicked out of the house! Wow it was a very action packed flashback. I really liked it though as we got to learn more about Petuniaís character. I do feel rather sorry for her, because of this jealously she feels for her sister, and not being able to contain, which makes her isolated in her family, then losing her friend because of it too, which makes her even more isolated. I spotted another typo here Ė Ďthe girl finally spit,í I think it should be spat :)

Aw Butterscotch fell asleep on Sirius that must have been a cute scene! Ooh that brief hint about that big fight with Petunia got me intrigued, I canít wait to find out what it was as Iím sure it was explosive. Poor old Petunia though losing her only friend, it does make me sorry for her. It makes me wonder if she was magical too, would she have been any nicer or not. At least Lily gets to spend Christmas with people who are actually nice though!

Another excellent chapter Jami! I felt like I was rambling a lot in this review, so sorry if it doesnít make any sense!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: I've come to my last un-responded review of yours ;(. Ohh I've had so much fun reading back through these this evening!

I really enjoyed writing this chapter. Both the starting out scenes, which was a bit lighter and more fun than lately, and switching into McGongall and Albus and getting to explore their worry and play with them a bit. I'm slowly but surely getting less intimidated while writing them.

I really don't like when stories have a pet then you never see it again, so I'm always being careful to include our little guy in this. And I'm happy you mentioned it, because I love when people notice those really small details like that, and not much do. Ahh you're so awesome ♥

Haha it seems so fitting for the Marauders to have a Christmas prank, doesn't it? :P We do get to see Alice's parents! And they're not really horrible so much as uninterested. They have their lives, and their daughter is sort of just there. THey aren't the kind of parents as James's, but they're far from any sort of parents like Sirius or Belle's... if that makes sense!

And thank you for pointing out the typo! I'll go fix that right now :)!

I really like exploring petunia and Lily's relationship. I think Petunia would have been incredibly afraid of her friend liking Lily more than her, but she doesn't understand that what she did just drove her friend away. Being a younger sister, I remember when my older sisters friends would be nice to me and stuff and my sister would always get irritated. But that's just normal older sister stuff. With this, Petunia can't handle the idea of one of her friends liking Lily, and that just sets her over the edge and gives her more of a reason to hate Lily. Poor girl :(

No! It all made perfect sense! I love your long detailed reviews, there always so much fun to respond to, and getting to know what you were feeling throughout the chapter is such an awesome treat!

Thank you!!

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Review #7, by Arithmancy_Wiz 

2nd March 2013:
One chapter away from being all caught up! Though it's Saturday, so by the time I've finished typing this, that will probably have changed :P

This was really an interesting chapter style-wise. Obviously it was a fair bit shorter than a lot of the previous chapters, but it also had a lot more scenes, even though the time elapsed in the chapter was relatively short. That said, it still felt very in-rhythm with the rest of the story. I don't actually have a point here... it's was just something I noticed.

I thought the opening scene was very sweet. The whole "who's packed what" discussion is such a couples problem. Who hasn't been there? And I liked the idea of the Heads helping get everyone off to the station. It reminds me of field-trip day in school. Getting everyone on the bus was always a nightmare :P

The scene with McGonagall and Dumbledore was also very sweet, though with a much more ominous undertone. I'm getting the feeling that things may not go well at the wedding for reasons that have nothing to do with Petunia being a brat. Minerva really is the ultimate Deputy Headmistress. In many ways, she's far more protective of the students than Dumbledore is. Of course, he has bigger concerns, but still...

I'm always going to be iffy on flashbacks for reasons that have nothing to do with how well you or anyone else writes them (it's like you with Snape :P), but objectively, I thought the transition here was fine. It's a style/pattern you've chosen for the story, and the most important thing is to be consistent. It would be totally weird if this flashback was the only one in 130K words, but it's not. It's just the way you've chosen to explore the Petunia and Lily relationship.

And I definitely liked the content of the memory. You've fleshed Petunia out a lot more than most authors and gave her a nicer side, which I think is much truer to life. Even nasty, mean-spirited people have their moments, and with siblings it's not uncommon to see them drift apart as the age (or sometimes just the opposite, but the point is the change, not really the direction). But we know how far this relationship falls, so at some point, the scales have to tip from Petunia just being mean and jealous on occasion to there really being a wedge between the two. Having Lily (through no fault of her own) come between Petunia and her friend is telling. It sets up one more reason for her to fear people in her life meeting her sister. On one level, she's afraid they will think Lily is a freak, but perhaps on another, Petunia is afraid they will just like Lily better. I'm not sure if that's how you view it at all, but that was at least what I took from the scene.

I really liked the ending, where Lily reflects on spending Christmas with the Potters. I know she cares for James a lot, maybe even loves him at this point, but I also think this touches on the fact that she also really needs him, even on a level she's not yet fully aware of. She has a huge hole in her life now, and though he can't fill it all, him and his family can give her something she can't get anywhere else at the moment, and really, something none of her other friends can provide either.

I saved your AoC about the chapter being too slow for last since it's more of a tough one to address. The scenes themselves and even the chapter as a whole didn't feel slow to me. When I think of something being slow in a story, I usually think more of having to wade through 500 words of description on something mundane, or characters spending an entire chapter in one conversation without actually saying anything. Your scenes are always fun and easy to read. No matter what the characters are doing, I can always just sort of jump in and go with it.

But since you mentioned the chapter being a transition into the big stuff, I'm thinking maybe you were wondering if the story itself feels slow at this point, as opposed to a particular section being too wordy...? It's hard to say on my end without knowing what will be important in the future of the story, or how long the story is going to be to know if we should be nearing the climax anytime soon. A scene where characters appear just to be doing housework might actually have major plot points cleverly tucked inside (I'm thinking of like in the HP books when Harry seems to just be going to class but is really learning about something he'll need to fight Voldemort by the end of the book). I don't know how helpful it will be to you, but when I'm unsure of my pacing, I take a look at every scene and ask, "what's the point?" The more basic the answer is, the shorter the I try and make the scene, maybe even eliminating it altogether. If it's just to show the passage of time or something, a few sentences may be more than enough. If it's more complicated, like to show something important about the character or relaying information that will be needed for the plot later on, the more likely I am to flesh out a scene. And then, if I'm really trying to build tension, that's when I go for the big moments that are depicted the closest to real time. Again, not sure if that is at all helpful (or even what you were really asking about), but that's my amateur, unsolicited opinion -- something I probably give out all too freely :P

Well, that's more than enough out of me on this chapter, I think. Just a few typos I spotted below. I can't believe I'm almost caught up!!

-- "Put the students in these two," the head girl instructed, glancing over them. (glancing over at them, or glancing them over)

-- Just as the unmistakable stands of Sirius's dark hair came into view, she felt her boots slide under the snow. (unmistakable strands... and I think her boots would slide over the snow, not under, or slide out from under her across the snow...?)

-- Of course the sisters had ended up on speaking terms again, making up only a few hours before Lily left for her fifth year to Hogwarts. (at Hogwarts)

Author's Response: I love how your first paragraph was so true, hahah. I posted chapter 21 then clicked my author page and there was a review!

I'm happy that even though it was set up a bit different, it still felt right with the rest of the stories.

That's exactly what I was thinking in this, is field trips. Make sure everyone has their sack lunches packed and permission slips... haha. I like giving the Heads things to do so they don't seem like they're just sort of pointlessly floating around with that title.

I really agree with what you said about Minerva. I think Dumbledore looks at the big picture, and she does focus more on the people that make up that big picture. I get so sad when I think about what she looses too... i can't imagine watching the children you've practically helped raise from age 11 all get picked off one by one :(

We've talked about before how family is never cut and dry. Petunia didn't just decide she hated Lily and the two never spoke again, so I really love getting to explore the different things that may have added up to tear them apart piece by piece.

That's exactly how I view it. I never thought that Petunia's feelings for Lily were as simple as her deciding Lily was a freak and cutting her off. We know that she wrote to Dumbledore, so we know some part of her really wanted to be able to be special like her sister. And watching her best friend stand up for her sister was a big deal for her. Sure, the girl was just being nice to Lily, but Petunia didn't see it like that. She saw it as her sister out doing her once again, and her best friend gravitating toward Lily the way she thinks everyone did. I remember my older sister getting so mad when her friends would talk to me, haha. I just amplified those feelings up a bit in Petunia's case :P

I always want to hug you when you pick up on these things. You have like a zillion mental hugs from me.

Your section on how the chapter is feeling made me feel a lot better. Because we are very, very close to a big thing in this story happening. It isn't the biggest thing of the story, but it's close to it. Your opinions ARE solicited! Haha! And I love them! I'm excited to see what you think in a few chapters, and to see if you feel like these last few more build up chapters were worth it. I think I've been really careful to make sure all of me scenes have a point, whether it's to make something else make sense or to work on my characterizations.. okay... I'm not sure where I'm going with this section of the response. Haha. But when you get a few chapters ahead, if you feel like compared to the amount of build up sort of chapters I've had and the events, and it falls flat - pretty please tell me ♥

I always feel like my responses are inadequate to your insanely helpful and detailed reviews, bu I hope you know how much I appreciate them ♥

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Review #8, by MissMdsty 

17th February 2013:
Hello there you wonderful and talented writer! (this is my way of trying to win you over for not having the time to review yesterday).

Another amazing chapter, like usual. I like the fact that you took this moment to explore the relationship between Petunia and Lily a little more. It's obvious that Petunia never wanted to be average and she couldn't stomach that compared to Lily she was. It's horrible to feel like that, in the shadow of your sibling (I can only imagine, I'm so awesome my poor brother can't compare! Yeah, don't tell him I said that...) and to see her get to live this amazing experience that you want but is out of your reach.

I find it fitting that you chose to show us this now, when Lily is quite literally on the edge of her new life, with the Potters and Sirius (who we love, like always) and the healing process will never be complete until she embraces the new and lets go of the old.

I can't wait for the trip to France. I have a feeling it's going to be very emotional and if you take mercy on me, we might get some Sirius/Belle. By the way, before I forget, if you need help with the French, feel free to PM me!

As for Belle, I still don't understand how some people can be like that. In my family, we're not overly organized and formal. We eat in the living room and wait until morning to do the dishes, we get to eat whatever we like, whenever we like and my Mum and I have this very informal relationship, were we make fun of each other and laugh all the time. But I have seen other parents, in some cases, that don't let their children have toys on shelves or eat whatever's in the fridge when they want or talk to them in a certain way. I can never understand why some people want to raise their children in a museum and make them feel like they're in front of a teacher instead of a parent all the time. That's horrible. I'd rather my kids leave toys on the floor but talk to me, than be perfectly neat and organized and have them be these robots, all civilized and unhappy. Bleah!

As I said, I liked how you described the sisters in this chapter and the atmosphere in Belle's house! Can't wait to meet the parents (I bet Sirius feels the same way too)! :)

Author's Response: Ral! Okay. I was so scared about this chapter, and I was obsessively review checking and and and nothing and I was so scared you hated it!! PHEW. I do like the way you started this review out, I suppose that make up for my scared-ness. :P

I actually was really, really jealous of my sisters. They're two years older than me, and always just seemed so perfect. It was always such a bad feeling, but it's also natural. We're all extremely close now, but I do totally get how Petunia was feeling. She just couldn't deal with it the way most people can. And of course there's much more to be jealous about in this case. Lily gets to have this amazing life, and Petunia just can't deal with it, so she decides she'd rather be normal any day than a freak like Lily. Poor sisters :(

I will absolutely take you up on that offer! I've figured out a way to avoid having to do much French, but I'll need a line or two. I'll PM you when I get there ♥

My family's very similar. We're all just really comfortable around each other, so I couldn't imagine feeling the same kind of distance that Belle does with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Leclair is what I nickname 'mantle piece parents.' they want children to display on a mantle piece. To be perfect so they can brag to their friends about their child, but the second it becomes a human being who makes mistakes, they no longer want them. Poor Belle :(

Belle Sirius feels, you say? hmm.. I'll see what I can do :P

Thank you so much for all your amazing reviews, m'dear ♥

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Review #9, by CambAngst 

17th February 2013:
Hello, again, darling! I am really impressed by the pace at which you've been publishing new chapters lately. It can't be easy to keep the words coming at this rate. You're doing a great job!

"Boyfriend" It is a pretty big word, isn't it? I think the doubt and trepidation that Lily feels as her relationship with James gradually developed is one of the best decisions you've made as you write this. The pacing feels so natural. There must have been a lot of temptation to throw the two of them together. Heck, I might have even encouraged you to do that from time to time. But you didn't, and I feel like I really got to love both characters as individuals before they became a couple.

It's the small moments in a story about tragic characters that really get you sometimes. Nobody can see the Thestrals except McGonagall and Dumbledore. Unfortunately, that won't last. Sigh.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention James and Sirius's attempt to saddle Butterscotch with a less than noble nickname. Genius!

I felt badly for Minerva. Albus is, of course, correct based on what the Order knows at this point. Somehow, she has that intuitive feel that there's more going on than they realize. That James and Lily are in much more danger. I love the way you characterize her. She's a lioness, fiercely defensive of her cubs. Rawr!

The train ride was just a cozy, friendly, happy scene. Lily and the girls are lounging and Sirius is plotting mayhem. It's nice to see the group of them have some downtime from the tension of this dangerous and difficult world.

I think this is the first time you've given us any insight into life at the Christopherson household. It definitely provides a nice comparison to the easy living in the Potter family. I guess you're right, Belle would feel somewhat at home there, although not for any good reason. As much as losing her parents hurt, Lily keeps a good perspective on things.

Another line that really tears at the heartstrings: "Even if her parents were gone, at least theyíd given her enough happy memories to last a lifetime." Unfortunately, that lifetime will be very short. Meteorites were falling on Russia the other day. Couldn't one of those land on Voldemort?

The dream sequence was great. That's the Petunia Evans we all know and loathe from the books. Small, narrow-minded, jealous and nasty. She's so awful! I cannot disagree with one syllable of her characterization here. Lily is a saint for attempting to see the good in that woman!

Aww! The kitty is sleeping on the doggy! Don't think I didn't see what you did there. ;)

James and Lily are starting to really talk now. Saying all the seemingly meaningless little things that mean a lot. I love the easy dynamic and the genuine warmth between the two of them.

Sigh. Big things are going to start to happen soon, aren't they? It's been far too long since we've had any sort of tragedy in this story. I'm fearful. Fearful, but excited, nevertheless. Until next time!

Author's Response: Dan! ♥

More like it can't be easy for my poor beta when I email a chapter the night before it's supposed to get published. You're an editing superhero, you know :P

I can't believe they're actually dating now. I know, I know. we're 19 chapters in. But it still feels like it happened so fast! Haha! My babies... of making relationships of their own :P

I got the idea of Scotch for his name back when I wrote that James and Lily one shot. And it had to be those two changing a perfectly sweet name into something different ;P

I always worry if I'm making Minerva too caring, but I really do think she would have held such a special place in her heart for these children. And I just wish that they would have gotten to joke together about Harry when he was in school. And Lily would have opened a letter from Minerva telling her about some trouble he caused with Ron, and at the very end it would say, 'it's just like having Mr. Potter back inside the walls of Hogwarts again.' Or something along the lines of that. And and. Now I'm sad and feelsy ;(.

JKR is so annoying sometimes. She takes away all Harry's family so I have to get rid of them all, then she does the same with Neville. Except for Augusta. I couldn't kill off any more parents, so I decided to make the Chrisopherson's the kind of people that would want nothing to do with their daughter once she gets more involved in the war. More on that in book two *sneaky ninja face*.

Did you see that video where the meteorite left a fire trail?! Voldemort deserves to get a big huge one right on top of his head.

Hahahah you don't miss a thing. Playing with the guys's animal forms without anyone else knowing is too fun :P

I've decided this will be a no more tragedy story. Nothing bad happens. Everyone lives happily ever after, the end.

I wish. I kind of just want to scoop all these guys up and put them somewhere else. No one ever told me writing a Marauders era novel would cause so much sads ;(

Thank you so much for your awesome reviews, beta work, and not firing me from being your author to beta read for when I'm being ridiculous ♥

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Review #10, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

17th February 2013:
Hello :)

I loved the cuteness of the beginning of this. Yay - Lily thinking of James as her boyfriend - even if it does feel strange to her! I like James and Sirius's nickname for Butterscotch too. Then the snowball fight was great. I like that you include these little moments and I to take as many of them as possible as I know they can't last *sob*.

The section with McGonagall and Albus was really touching. It was really nice to get something in her POV. I always see McGonagall as more this kind of person - even when she's stern you can tell how much she cares about her students so it was nice to see from her perspective. I think you have her character really well.

Then back to more happy Lily and James moments. This chapter was really full of them - It may just have to go down as one of my favourites for that. The bit where she saw his face light up because she was excited about spending christmas with them just made me so happy and filled me up with lots of warm fuzzies. I'm definitely in a good mood now.

The flashback was rather sad. It's horrible to watch Petunia push everyone away through jealousy. I know she brings it on herself, but I just can't help but feel a tiny tiny bit sorry for her. Only a little bit mind. You really got across how caring and forgiving Lily is though - she still wants to have some sort of relationship with Petunia even after everything. You've done a great job of getting us up to date as to where Petunia and Lily are in their relationship though through the flashbacks.

Wonderful chapter though - I loved it! Christmas with the Potters coming up soon! Can't wait.

Lauren :)

Author's Response: There is no excuse for how terribly long I've taken to respond to this :(.

I'm so happy you liked the warm fuzzies in this chapter, though! The snow ball fight felt like something that sort of just needed to happen :P. I was happy Lily was the one to kind of start it all, haha.

I always worry when writing McGonagall. I agree with you on how I think she'd really care about her kids, so I have a hard time finding that balance between how she'd act when she cares and still keeping her feeling like Minerva. I'm so happy you thought it turned out well ♥

I feel a bit bad for Petunia, too. She wasn't nice, but it's so easy to see how hurt she was. Lily has so much. Her magic, all her friends at school, a whole other life. And watching her best friend gravitate a bit toward Lily, even if she was just being nice, really put Petunia over the edge. She absoluty acted terribly, but i get what you mean about still feeling a bit sorry for her. And that makes me happy that you do :P

Christmas at the Potter's is coming soon!! Yay!

Thank you so much for all your awesome reviews and support, m'dear ♥

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Review #11, by ValWitch21 

16th February 2013:
Did I spot a glimpse of twinkling Dumbledore?

Ah, this was such a fluffy chapter -- except for that flashback, but it was great as well. I'm super excited to read about all the action you're hinting at in the next few chapters.

Sadly, it is now one o'clock in the morning and my brain is a bit fuzzy, so I'm going to stop this review while I sound normal.


Author's Response: I told you I'd get some twinkly Dumbledore in there for you soon ;)!

I'm so happy you liked this chapter, and thank you for stopping by ♥ the next few ones definitely get a bit... crazy ;)

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