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Review #1, by justonemorefic 

15th July 2013:

GO RAVENCLAW Archie. I don't recall if you mentioned his house before, alas I forgot then, if you did. Omg Archie and Dionne have so much common. Dang it, I forgot what a space hopper is again *googles*

Ohhh dear, locked in a broom cupboard, we know what that means. ...co-conspiring professors, yes I am exactly right. I'm still in high belief that pranks are 1000% funnier from Archie because he's cast with RDJ. 'Teaching' and 'treachery' aren't far off lexically, you know.

“You’re coming out of the closet!” Miss Barbie declared. -> SNORT

AW I mean it's kind of sweet that they'd save his job so quickly. "his sixth years seemed to assemble themselves into a legitimate group of protestors and burst out into the corridors yelling things about the freedom to use Space Hoppers and occupy whatever broom cupboard they wished to occupy." oh my god this is the actual best, of all the protests, I would join this one. You know how I'm a fan of large mobs occupying Hogwarts.

"Apparently the idea that Archibald would keep Muggle, and therefore extremely volatile, explosives in his office was a little too believable for Sinistra to dismiss." Explosions are why you're loved, Archie.

“Currently, Miss Skively and Mr Weasley are attempting to convince Aurora that a legendary incident involving a Space Hopper was actually their fault, rather than yours.” SEE THEY'RE ACTUALLY DARLINGS.

Oh I've missed Muggle Studies so ♥ A bunch of eejits, all of them. Must finish the rest!


I think this is the first time his house was mentioned, actually. He has a touch of the Hufflepuff about him, but someone so... nerdy. Well, it had to be done.

HA YES ALL THE MOBS GINA. And broom cupboards. I'd forgotten how much fun I had writing this and now I'm sad that it's over all over again.

there's something special about closet jokes and explosions and space hoppers and such and THANK YOU FOR RETURNING YOUR REVIEW IS GREATLY APPRECIATED (as are you)


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Review #2, by Cirque Du Freak 

4th June 2013:
(This was supposed to be included in the last review, but I forgot I had the other window opened with this bit in it so...)

I know I reviewed on the last chapter, but I can't remember what it says but all I wanted to say WHATS ARCHIE DOING WITH THAT OLD DODGY CODGER FLETCHER EH?

I so wanted to hear Dionne's version of the Space Hopper incident - how life ruining is this that there's both of them that have space hopper incidents and are simulating soul mates with a simulation cat. This sucks. I want a simulating simulation soul mate.

Infinitely my most favourite line from this chapter yet hahahhha.

Aw i loved this chapter (i have such a way with sympathising with all your bloody main characters what is wrong with me goodness).


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Review #3, by patronus_charm 

2nd June 2013:
Ah the last chapter has been posted *cries to self and wishes for possible sequel involving muggle reality TV*. Oh well, I still have the rest of these chapters to read and then all your other WIPs to stalk, I mean, follow ;)

Archie’s a Ravenclaw! Woo! I always knew our house got the coolest people. I probably be one of those Ravenclaw nerds who take muggle studies even though I would be a muggleborn just for the fun of it. I always knew there was a reason why Ravenclaw was awesome :D

Ok when I read this line ‘“We appear to be locked in a broom cupboard.”’ I assumed something different was going to happen other than dung bombs being let off, with the whole hand touching and the thing in the last chapter I thought Archie was going to get a chance at romance and happiness other than being mocked all the time but the moment was kind of dampened. Oh well, he still may be with his girlfriend so this could just be wishful thinking.

Somehow I have a feeling that Archie and Dionne’s pranking is going to be up to the same level as Dom and Fred’s. I think the fact that Fred has access to everything a joke shop may possess raises the stakes a little for them. Plus it’s ingrained in their blood being Weasleys and all.

My old English class and our teacher played a prank on a person by changing the clocks in the lesson ah the simplicity of the prank but it works so well :’) I thought their reactions to Archie ‘leaving’ were so sweet and the way they were even going to get Hugo to make posters for them despite slating them a few months back.

Another amazing chapter and I can’t wait to read the final ones :D


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Review #4, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

15th March 2013:
Hahaha as hilarious as always! Loved this so much! Archie is so my favorite :3

Author's Response: Thanks! I love Archie, b'awwhhh. He's a cutie :D

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Review #5, by Hope's Mom 

26th February 2013:
Poor Archie - hiding from his own students. It seems likely that more teachers might actually like to do this but can't. I am amazed that not only are there more than one brand of dung bombs but that Archie can differentiate between them - such talent! I am amused that Archie considered his Boons and Mills collection to be "fine literature". If I haven't mentioned it before I love the use of actual authors names as some of the students names- the irony is so much fun! I think perhaps Archie should collaborate (or just allow her to come up with the plan) with Professor Scrivenshaft more often. Great chapter!

Author's Response: See, Zonkos made dung bombs. And I couldn't imagine WWW not doing dung bombs... so I decided there must be multiple brands. And of course Archie would know. ahhha. Oh, I work in a bookshop and the Mills and Boons section is always a source of amusement and jokes for us. Could. not. resist.

Thank you for the lovely review! :)

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Review #6, by alicia and anne 

25th February 2013:
Dionne had a incident with a space hopper? Her and Archibald are made for each other!
Also Robin Hood as a wizard? I love it!
Boot and Corner are so mean to Archibald aren't they? I love that the professors are basically acting like the students, it's so funny :D No wonder he was hiding until midday from them.
Although it's funny that Fred managed to get them with Dungbombs.
I love that they all want to save Archibald's job, they must really like him :D Fred's 'charging' was my favourite part :D
Oh my they're protesting! I'm laughing so much at imagining them protesting haha.
How do you keep coming up with all of this brilliantness? It's amazing!

Author's Response: OF COURSE SHE DID.

I couldn't resist her having one... I just couldn't.

I really love the whole colleaguey relationships in this, mostly because I secretly want Minerva and Severus to have been playing tricks on each other way back when. Aha.

They love him. Who can blame them? Oh man, the protest was one of my favourite ideas thus far (but then again, they all are).

Thank you for your lovely reviews! :D


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Review #7, by Crescent Moon  

24th February 2013:
Archie's back!! And as funny as always!
I loved it! And more of charming charms teacher which is always a bonus!
How do you come up with the ideas for this, they're always so funny and original! Not to mention really well written.
I can't wait to see what he gets up to next.

Author's Response: Awh, thank you my dear for this truly lovely review! I think Archie will be back again very shortly (because I'm on a bit of a spree) and I've missed his wacky ways. And of course, the charm of our favourite charms teacher ;)

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