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Review #1, by Libbypotter 

23rd March 2017:
Perfect just perfect. Best couple ever in Harry Potter

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Review #2, by Roisin 

19th March 2015:
KISS! This was the perfect place in the story, and it was very clever of you to remind us of Hector Flynn a little while back, then give us JUST enough time to kind of not be thinking about it.

Also, the first time I read it, I remember sort of not seeing the kiss coming right there, even though I'd obv been seeing it coming IN GENERAL for ages. At the same time, it made perfect sense that it would be THAT moment. But THEN you do a good job outlining all the ways it doesn't fit traditional romance (SPIDER PARTS). But it's also super flutteringly cute and romantic.

I don't enjoy romance in fanfiction often, and I rarely read Romance As Primary Genre stories (I get scrunchy nose and have feelings about tackiness)--but it's so well balanced here! There's just enough to temper it that it really works, and is brilliantly satisfying and enjoyable.

Man, the whole scene with Lockett is so well played! Her whole "well done" thing really worked, because she enumerates all the DUMB beforehand, and also, of COURSE she would say that. She's just that kind of person.

Also, I'm really glad you had Methuselah say 'exoskeleton' because 'skin' kept throwing me. Now it reads more as some sort of potioneering phrase/term/nick-name rather than a technical anatomical description.

Scorpius' comment about Selena without sleep strikes me as a THAT'S GONNA COME BACK LATER thing. Could be wrong, though.

Man, you get a lot of mileage out of the convo with Albus. First of all, I LOVE that Rose has awkwardness about going into Scorpius' room. Like, I feel that. Suddenly being in the sort of intimate place /but having her cousin there and he doesn't know/ is a really great thing.

Also, Albus' whole 'complex about not having enough of a hero complex' thing is excellent again. It really does work, having a kind of different perspective and suite of priorities in a post-trio world.

The second make-out sesh is also just SO well done. It was really smart to include so much of her internal thoughts to punctuate the actual description--it makes it more tasteful than a "THEN THEY SMASHED THEIR FACES TOGETHER FOR A WHILE" thing, and also enriches the whole thing by focusing as much on the emotional as the physical. And you complicate it so nicely; 'he knew what he was doing' and then the flash of jealousy. Plus, you really make me /believe/ they're both coming to this as individuals (and as always, Rose gives me happy feminist feelings for being such an active participant. Like, I get really stroppy about stories that think it's sexy for girls to be like "AH, WHAT?").

And it's so perfect and amazing that SCORPIUS is the one to mention Hector--like, it shows a lot of his GOOD GUY side. And then Rose's whole reasoning and everything is really great. It's in character, and it also serves the narrative at large. And it's just nice that she isn't the one (right now) to be like "BUT I HAVE A BOYFRIEND." Again, her self-possession and agency is wonderful. I know she's gotten a weird amount of hate from other readers, but again, I have FEMINIST feelings about that. I think that in a male character, her behaviors would be much more accepted. And yes, she's supposedly 'flawed'--but I read that more as her being a dynamic, fully-realized character who's also realistically her age (despite being rather precocious). I don't see Super Mature and Consistently Perfect as likable so much as two-dimensional.

And just AH! The toggle of cuteness and difficultness at the chapter's end is just wonderful. And DAMN YOU for giving me something of a fictional-character crush on Scorpius! I know he's probably the most crushed on fic character, but this is the first story I've read where I genuinely see it.

Oh, and having two different kisses from two different perspectives was a really good idea. It makes it so they both have a say. PROPS.

Author's Response: Oh yes, I totally mentioned Hector earlier on purpose. *cough* Just assume that if I'm doing something clever, textually or technically, it's not intentional.

The kiss was inevitable, true, but I really had no set timetable coming into the story of when it would happen. As I wrote more and as I got closer to the time, I obviously saw it coming, but I think I made the final decision on doing it now quite late in the day. A lot of Ignite was written on gut instinct.

I don't tend to go for ROMANCE stories, either. I do love a good romance, but I tend to need Romance With Something Else, to help keep the characters fresh and motivated by something other than each other. But Ignite is Epic Adventure, which needs its romance.

Lockett, the world's worst mentor. I don't recall if I was intentionally using skin before Methuselah dropped exoskeleton, or if in writing him I remembered how SCIENCE works, but I didn't go back and edit it, so... wizards, man.

Actually, sleep-deprived Selena has not been a thing. Clearly this is now something I must do in Book 3.

Albus was the trickiest character to get to grips with; I look back on so many of these conversations and I they almost read like writing exercises of me trying to figure him out. :-D I wanted so much for him to not be the hero's son who resents his father's heroic status that finding a different kind of dysfunctional was tough. Because he had to be some kind of dysfunctional.

I do think you're spot on that a male character with flaws like Rose's wouldn't have got so much hate. I mean, Scorpius is a BRAT, and I would objectively say a worse person than Rose (at the story's start, anyway), but he almost never gets criticised by readers. You raise an interesting point about 'flawed' - Lockett is FLAWED, Lockett has serious faults to her character. Rose is just normally imperfect (and also 16).

Maybe I had to make Scorpius a doofus because he's always Captain Sexypants to the Next Gen crowd. I need a bit of doofus in my fictional crushes.

I also did not intend to give them both kisses from their own POVs. Like I say. Always accidental.


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Review #3, by EmmaGM 

9th February 2015:
I was waiting for this! I was expecting it to happen, but you somehow still surprised me. Very well written.

It seems unlikely that the two of them will jump into a relationship, however. Although they would definitely make a good couple, it can't be too easy to get together after 'hating' each other for so long. And Rose still has a boyfriend, right? I'm curious to see where you'll take it from here.

If the previous chapter was one of my favourites, then this is without a doubt my favourite of all. I loved it.

Author's Response: It was inevitable, yes! And, there are a whole lot of obstacles to cross besides accepting the attraction between them. Rose's boyfriend is one of the more major ones! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #4, by Siriuslover177 

20th June 2014:
Ohmygoodness. I am so happy right now! Ahh, they kiseed, and she is breaking up with Hector. And no one is mad at them for breaking the rules. And they are brewing up more cures. I could dance I am so happy!!

Although her telling her mom is going to be... interesting. She is going to be so mad at her! And Scorp for bringing her with! My goodness... next chapter is going to be insnane.

Ahh, loved this chapter. Scorp and Rose are sooo cute!


Author's Response: They kissed! She's going to break up with Hector! Lockett's reasonable about all of this!

For the moment. We'll see how long it takes for everything to go wrong.

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Review #5, by LightLeviosa5443 

21st November 2013:
Yay! That was fabulous! I hope something real comes of that kiss, and soon! I wonder how Al will take it? That'll be interesting. Hermione is going to freak when Rose tells her what happened. Especially after she asked Scorpius to keep Rose out of the forest.

I'm so happy that Rose said she'd dump Flynn.

xoxo LL

Author's Response: Yeah, finally these two crazy kids begin to sort out their differences - good and proper! Rose has realised he doesn't infuriate her as much as she thinks, and always knew her and Flynn wouldn't last. It'd be a bit awkward for poor Al, though!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by water_lily43175 

14th March 2013:
I'm here! Finally...

I love the dialogue between Rose and Scorpius. She's so concerned about Thane's motives, and all he cares about is his broom. Amazing. "The sweepiest broom!" Rose's question is indeed a puzzling one, and one which I was wondering myself in the last chapter - why has Thane just let them go? But that all comes back to the key question of "What is he doing all of this for?" and I doubt that will be answered for a while, so I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the Rose/Scorpius chemistry here, which I utterly love. Along with their differing reactions to what just happened - namely, Scorpius just being happy they got out of there ALIVE.

WHOA KISSY! Yeah boys, get in there Scorpius my son! I like this, I like that it took the "we nearly died" episode for him to go ahead and make his move in the end, SO MUCH YES. The right amount of holding back to ramp up the UST, and the perfect moment for them to finally get going. I must say I'm relieved that you're not going for the "I'm going to tease you right until they kiss in the last chapter" approach which I utterly hate. This is PERFECTO. And I realise I'm getting slightly ahead of myself because they've had One Moment, it's hardly as though they've declared their undying love for each other. But Things have Happened, and this is exciting. Love the reference to Rose's Weasley jumper, a true magical institution. And the fact that she initiated a kiss of her own. Basically I love it all.

"And I lost my broom." SCORPIUS! Oh my god I love this kid. SO MUCH.

It seems very much RIGHT that Nat isn't angry with Rose and Scorpius. She clearly doesn't take to a position of authority all that fondly, and I guess because she doesn't have a family of her own she's not quite so concerned when other people's kids are risking their lives, so long as they're successful in their aim. Rose and Scorpius did something silly, yes, but they survived and they got the goods, so what does it matter to her? Very right for this Nat. Whether the Nat of old would have had the same attitude, I don't know, but from the Nat who "sold out" her colleagues... to be expected.

But she's making Rose tell Hermione. Sneaky. Underhand. Almost cruel. I APPROVE. Aaaand more evidence of her apparent lack of compassion, that she's more excited about proving Hermione wrong than she is about actually curing this affliction.

Albus' reaction to this is adorable. Of COURSE he thinks they were idiots and would have wanted to tell Nat, but he wanted to go with them as well... And I like seeing more of an insight into Rose's thoughts on the Scorbus bromance. It almost seems as though part of her bad feeling towards Scorpius was because of resentment, that her cousin has a close friend who's NOT her. I may be reading too much into this, but that's my impression at any rate.

"I'm glad you two are getting on better." Oh Albus, you don't know the half of it.

More kissy time! HUGE approval for Rose's little pang of jealousy at the thought of Scorpius' previous activity with girls. Such a small thing to throw in, and yet such a real, genuine feeling. It's little things like that which make your characterisation so accurate, and I love that kind of attention to detail.

And so we leave them in a very interesting situation. Because they've both admitted to themselves and each other that there's SOMETHING there, but neither of them have a clue exactly what they want right now and that's not a question that can be answered on the spot. Excited to see how they DO deal with things! And I absolutely love that last line, beautiful. Cracking chapter, it's just a shame it's taken me a month to get round to catching up with it!

Author's Response: All the kissy. Good idea or bad idea? Well, bad as it turns out, but poor kids, they weren't to know. Naughty Scorp, kissing the girl with a boyfriend. But, he doesn't care. He's got bigger things to worry about. Like his broom!

I'm glad Rose's little stab of jealousy at the thought of Scorp with other girls was good and realistic, not eyeroll-inducing. She's a girl who's had her fair share of romance but at the same time... yeah, we all have these insecurities. I like to include the little weaknesses like that but they always run the risk of coming across as, well, obnoxious. Dodged that one!

I can't judge about it taking you a while to catch up with this chapter when it's taken me about 6 months to reply to this review. SO THANKS.

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Review #7, by missdagane 

26th February 2013:
Love your fic. I love the mystery, your writing style, everything. So glad I found it on this site to continue to read it. Waiting for the next update.

Author's Response: Updates soon, I promise! Glad you're enjoying the story, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Gab :) 

21st February 2013:
This is such an amazing story, I don't want to stop reading it. It flows well, the script is good and consistent with 16 year olds and the way the story is written is modern and refreshing. The detail added to this story is perfect and the characters are portrayed marvelously. I hope you continue to write not just fanfictions but your own pieces too as this is an excellent piece to read.

Author's Response: Thank you! I do try to keep the characters dynamic and dramatic (and a little heroic, in their own ways, as suits the genre) - but they are still, yes, 16-17 year-olds. So I'm glad that's all come off well for something enjoyable. I do, indeed, write my own stuff, but I enjoy my fanfic as a way to blow off steam and I'm always happy when it finds an audience. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by AriesGirl40 

18th February 2013:
A kiss! I am so happy inside right now. I was hopeing Scorpius would Tell Rose his feelings.

Author's Response: A kiss indeed! But it's not all over yet. Still a plague and all the tension that comes with to deal with. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by ForeverStrength 

17th February 2013:
Okay so I have to say this story is brilliant. Im not usually a fan of these stories, I am a fan of cliche love stories, but I absolutly love this one. I have spent all weekend reading every chapter and your idea behind the plot is wonderfully. How well thought out it is is amazing, pleasae keep writting more!

Author's Response: I do try to avoid the cliché, so I'm glad I'm succeeding at both doing so and yet making it entertaining for you. There will be more to come for sure, so I hope you keep reading and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by MadiMalfoy 

17th February 2013:
YAY OMG THEY FINALLY KISSED AND THREE TIMES NO LESS!!! :D Fantastic! :) I love how Lockett acts all nonchalant about they're quest into the forest and then drops the bomb about them having to tell Hermione. Absolutely brilliant! :) I really want to know if the Acromantula skin will work (at least to an extent) in curing the students/professors and how Hermione will react to hearing about Rose/Scorpius' retrieval of it. And I want to know if Albus will be perceptive enough to pick up on Rose/Scorpius's feelings for each other. Love it!! :D xx

Author's Response: Lockett is a sensible woman. Why chew them out when Hermione will do it for them, and far more effectively? So much better to bribe them with it - she won't tell them off if they talk down Hermione. We shall see more of that aftermath next chapter.

How much Albus knows is... well, he wouldn't show clearly if he did. But then, it's 3 AM, maybe he misses things? Who can say! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #12, by Hannah 

17th February 2013:
Eekkk!I'm totally girling out right now cause nothing really happened in this chapter but everything happened,if that makes any kind of sense.Finally!They're adorable.The end.I will be happily awaiting the next installment where I will be back to my normal self that reads the story to unravel this mysterious man and his plague.But for now I'm just going to say,this chapter was friggin' cute!:)

Author's Response: This chapter is all aftermath, you're right - minimal plot progression. Oodles of characterisation progression! The next installment will come soon, and plot will come soon, but I'm glad this chapter was fun in the meantime. Thanks for reviewing!

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