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Review #1, by Justżna ČadanovŠ-Czech 

12th July 2017:
Im little jealouss when I see the beautiful friendship that Lily has with all those people from seventh year.. And the way that Sirius is dealing with Belle.:-))) I would love to see them both together in France.

Author's Response: Writing friendships is my absolute favorite thing. I'm so happy you're enjoying theirs. Thank you so much for the review!!


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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

20th January 2015:
J, I loved the shift here! First, Lily figuring out about Remus. As they say, "Give the girl a silver dollar," for a job well done! It wasn't dramatic, overdone, just perfect. It was what worked in their relationship.

Now, Sirius and Belle. Her feelings for him are growing and I can see why but man. I have to feel bad for them. I know France is going to be horrible for her and Sirius will have her back but I can't shake this feeling that something is going to go terribly wrong. That might also be because of Lily/James and the plan Bellatrix and the rest have set out for them.

Such darkness and sadness in all of their lives and yet they are able to power through. It's like McGonagall said, it doesn't make it easier. They're strong and they have each other. They have the ability to feel different emotions and fight for what is right. Just wish they didn't have to and I think what I've realized from all of this is that they HAD too. They didn't have a choice.

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Review #3, by Snuffles 

31st December 2014:
I love the way you write everyone. I love how you've developed the characters, mostly your OCs (Belle, who I simply adore) and those who essentially are (Frank and Alice- especially Alice! I can see where Neville gets his kick-butt-ness from!) But you also do the Marauders and Lily really well, and since this is a Sirius chapter, I'll mention him. He's my favorite character in the entire series, so I get very upset when people don't write him well, but you've not only written him well, you've somehow written him with almost every one of my Sirius headcanons included, it's so fantastic. Ugh. I can't stop fangirling over this enough. This is why I love fanfiction, because people like you really do use your immense talent to further craft and expand the world that we all love with a work that rivals the original in quality (in my humble opinion).

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Review #4, by nott theodore 

27th August 2013:
Jami! You've nearly caught up on responding to my reviews, so I thought that I had to leave you some more to read! :P

I felt like the title for this chapter fitted perfectly with what happened, and I really like the fact you chose it. It mirrored so many of the things that happened here and it made me smile a lot.

Haha of course Lily would enjoy her detentions, especially if they're with Madam Pomfrey and she gets to learn more about the healing processes. I almost have a feeling the Professor McGonagall chose to put her in detentions in the Hospital Wing because she knew it wouldn't be a real punishment for her! It was interesting to see that Lily's thoughts about her future are becoming firmer and she's decided what she wants to do for a career; I think her personality suits being a Healer. I wonder how her application to the school will go? It makes me really sad to think that she doesn't even have that much of a future left.

Aw, poor Remus! It must be really difficult for him to come up with different excuses each month to cover for his 'furry little problem', as well as having the pain and injuries to deal with. I liked the way that Lily gradually realised that something was wrong with Remus' story and gently prodded him till she could work out the truth, although without pushing him too far. She dealt with it all so sensitively - just like I'd expect her too, really. She's a really compassionate person and that came across well here.

The way that you write friendship is so great to read! I was really happy that Lily waited till she had left Remus to recover before actually crying. And the reasons that she was crying for made sense as well, since I can't imagine her being prejudiced against werewolves, especially when it's Remus who is the werewolf. She faces so much prejudice as a muggle-born already that I think she'd try to avoid judging other people unfairly.

Belle and Sirius are just so cute! I'm excited now for the two of them to go to France together, even though it's going to be hard for the two of them and Belle in particular. Her reasoning made perfect sense to me - in situations like that, you either want to forget that something's happened and remove yourself from the situation entirely, or face your family and get some closure. I have a feeling that she wouldn't have done it so soon if Sirius hadn't pushed her to, and I think the dynamic and relationship between the two of them works well. They're similar but not the same, and I don't think that someone who had had an easy life would be able to have that same understanding with Sirius. The fact that he's pushed Belle into going to France seems to be consistent with what we know of his character from canon - the way that at times he tries to live through others. I think that he'd probably have liked to confront his family in the same way, which is one of the reasons he's pushing Belle into it.

Still, it's really sweet that he's going with her to France. I'm really excited to see what happens there, and if either of them will manage to keep their tempers and not hex her family or Christophe!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi again ♥

I LOVE what you said in this review about someone having an easy life wouldn't be able to understand or relate to Sirius. Giving them both their ghosts, and making them both outsiders in their families -- well, JK made Sirius an outsider in his -- but in different ways was really important to me. When I first started thinking of Belle I loved the idea of just a rich, mostly spoiled, girl being completely disillusioned by her life the way Belle was and having to find herself and make a few really important decisions bout her own life. A weaker girl could have accepted her families terms when she found out she was pregnant, made it as if it never happened and continue living her lifestyle without a care in the world. Making someone who had more heart and guts to say, "No, wait, this isn't me. This isn't what I want" was probably one of my favorite things about this novel. So having you notice those things is such a huge compliment.

Thank you SO much for another amazing review, Sian ♥

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Review #5, by Sarah Stone 

7th July 2013:
"Even if it was for their own good, he hated keeping things from his mum and dad. Sure, they may not look a day over fifty, but the truth was that they were nearing their eighties."
how the heck does that happen? otherwise great chapters

Author's Response: HAHA! Okay, that's a JK Rowling thing. She stated that James's parents had him later in life then died naturally of old age (probably dragon pox) before James and Lily died. Old age for a wizard is usually well into the hundreds, and their bodies don't seem to age the same as Muggles. I couldn't stand making them into their hundreds, so I settled on using the excuse of being Aurors and putting a lot of damage on their bodies for early aging.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reviewing! And I'm so happy you are enjoying this! Your review made me giggle, because when I read the interview of JKR talking about how old James's parents are I thought the exact same thing :P!

♥ Jami

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Review #6, by FallenTruths 

11th June 2013:
Hi Jami,

Chapter 16 - I love that William is so perceptive and doesn't want to reveal too much around Alrek. I guess nothing can beat an auror's intuition, even a retired one. Also, Alrek has to know that Lily's parents are dead. What a jerk he is for bringing them up!

Wow James. PDA much? :P Poor Lily is so confused at the current state of her relationship with James, but at least Alice is there to sort her out. I think they need to just go ahead and make it official already so they can both be on the same page. Lily really needs to be more careful around Alrek! I can't believe she's giving him information that her and James will be alone at the wedding! Jami, you just set me up for a quidditch game and then didn't show it! I'm disappointed. :P

Typos: "the idea of not having him around is frighting" and "so thick that it it seemed to be suffocating her breath by breath" and "and even that may be to soon"

I wasn't expecting Bella's reward to be given the opportunity to punish another follower, but it definitely makes sense once you think about it. The only way Voldemort can insure his followers are loyal solely to him is to turn the rest of his followers against each other. At least we know whatever Alrek and Bella are planning will be mostly unsuccessful since he won't be able to kill them off at this point. I don't foresee them defying Voldemort and then him just letting them go freely immediately after that. Maybe they make it through the wedding safely after all?

Chapter 17 - Sirius clearly doesn't understand girls if he thinks running off immediately after talking to Belle is a good idea. She's probably off crying her eyes out and thinking Sirius hates her now and is angry at her. I love the relationship that James and Sirius have. The moment where James tells Sirius he wanted to be found because he was stomping around was so heartwarming. I also like how you showed Sirius reacting to Belle's secret, especially his uncontrollable anger. Unfortunately it's one of his biggest faults and probably what gets him in the most trouble.

I really enjoyed the confrontation between the Slytherins and Lily. Abigail fake crying when trying to make up an excuse for herself was so funny! I'm glad Minerva and Dumbledore were on the Gryffindor's side and didn't feel the need to act impartial as they maybe should have. I saw just one typo, "Lily had thought a lot throughout the day about the talk she had with her friends before the match stated."

Chapter 18 - So Lily has finally let herself realize what she already knew about Remus's furry little problem. I'm glad she didn't push the subject too far, but she let Remus know she would be there for him no matter what. Sirius being there to support Belle as she confronts her family shows how close they have become since the short time they've known each other. I'm really excited to see her parents and family get what's coming to them. Maybe Sirius will give them pig tails or something? :D I spotted one typo: "shouldn't have been amusing, but is was."


Author's Response: Alli! I wanted Alrek's mention to feel like that. Just a super jerky move. We know there's no way he doesn't think they're dead, and he's just a meany for bringing it up. *points finger and lectures bad DE*

I WILL show you a Quidditch game by the end, I pinky promise! They're SOOO hard to write. All the moving and people and sports words and ugh.

But yes, I totally agree that Lily should have been more careful about what she said in front of Alrek.

Hahah I like what you said about Sirius clearly not understanding girls. Most of their species doesn't :P. I always want to keep the fact that he isn't great with his temper well known, because it is such a big part of his. But I'm so excited you like the friendship moment with him and James in this ♥ those are always so much fun for me.

You know, there are so many people I think that could use a pig tail cursed to their bottoms. Maye we should get to work on learning how. think how much more interesting our days could be!

Thank you for another awesome review, Alli ♥ I'm so lucky to have you still sticking with me and making your way through the ridiculous amount of chapters ♥

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Review #7, by Courtney Dark 

10th May 2013:
Wow, it has been about a week since I have reviewed this story, and boy do I miss it! I was really enjoying this holidays, actually, with all that spare time in which I could sit down on the couch with my laptop and a pile of food and read and write until my heart was content. Now I have zero time and I'm so glad to be back to this magnificent story!

The idea of Lily actually enjoying her detentions made me laugh. She really is such a great character and I love the way you have developed each aspect of her personality. She seems like a very precise sort of person, especially in this chapter. I think she would make a very good Healer!

Oooh, Remus! The way you described his injuries really made me wince and Lily's reactions when she saw him were perfect. It was clear that Remus was extremely uncomfortable with the situation, but Lily kept pressing his anyway, determined to find out the truth and to help her friend, rather than let him suffer on his own. I honestly felt so sorry for Remus in this chapter and was happy when he sort of told Lily the truth.

And then, when Lily went out and began to cry for everything that Remus had been through, I actually realized my own eyes were watering, which shows just how great a writer you really are! I love how compassionate she is and I also love that we got to see a bit more of the Remus/Lily friendship in this chapter, because I've always seen the two of them as having reasonably similar personalities - at least in some respects.

The Belle and Sirius scene was great, too. I liked the addition of Sirius' story about he left home and I extremely curious about this scar of his, now. I think it is fair to say that I am looking forward to reading about the Christmas holidays - with Sirius and Belle going to France and James and Lily going to the wedding, it should definitely be interesting, to say the least!


Author's Response: Courtney! You are spoiling me so much!!! I'm laying in bed with strep throat and feel so pathetic, that having all your amazing reviews is such an awesome treat ♥

I like what you said about her being a precise sort of person, and completely agree. I'm so happy that you like how I'm developing her. She was one of the most intimidating parts about starting this story, but now that I'm at the point where she sort of writes herself, I really enjoy working on her.

I don't like the whole, I'm a werewolf, chapters in the Marauders fics. I think that Remus would have done everything he could not to tell her, even if she already knew. So making it clear that she knows, and that he knows that she knows, but not really having him give her an answer felt like the best way to go. And I totally agree with what you said about them having similar personalities. I think they do, too.

Aww I wish I could say I was sorry for making you tear up, but I'd be lying :P.

Now that you're passed the Christmas chapters, you know just how interesting it was ;). And Sirius seems like someone who would wear scars well, doesn't he? Not that I want him to have them, but I think it would just enhance his dangerous sort of feeling. Okay, I'm done gushing over Sirius. Really, half the time i'm tempted to change Belle's name to Jami ;).

Thank you so much for another amazing review ♥

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Review #8, by patronus_charm 

22nd March 2013:
I found some spare time, so I couldnít think of a better way to spend it then review another chapter!

I think Lilyís detentions with Pomfrey kind of had to end if she was looking forward to them, I mean they werenít even a punishment anymore! I liked seeing Lily the Healer emerge again with her making a pepper up potion! I forgot how good she was at making them, so this is a sure sign that she would make an excellent one! I forget that there would be a Healer school like there is a medical school and that was a really cool idea, and I hope the story gets far enough for us to see Lily there!

Poor old Remus, he just canít stay out of the Hospital Wing can he? Of course he would have to end up in there for another reason other than his furry little problem ;D An orphaned hippogriff though? I would never have thought that they would be so dangerous! Remus was so true to himself by not wanting to get Hagrid into trouble, and it was nice to see a happier outcome to a hippogriff attack.

Lol my bad! I guess I donít have as good deduction skills as Lily has! It was nice to get some Lily and Remus friendship fuzzies, and for one fleeting moment when she kissed him I shipped them, then I knew that could never happen and went back to Lily and James! Those two really are good friends though, and you could tell how Remus didnít want to hurt her former friend, and she had to end up trying to coax it out of him. It was a cute story though!

Stop torturing me Jami! First I have to deal with poor Remus getting attacked, and now Belleís all sad, and reminiscing about a brief happier time with her family. I canít deal with all this angsty stuff! Sirius though, aw so cute! The way he was getting angry about all the people who had been mean to her was just so adorable, and I just want him and Belle together now! Theyíre like James and Lily, and Alice and Frank they need someone! Now to find someone for Remus and Peter!

I liked finding out how Sirius had left home because each author does it in a different way and I rather liked yours. It seemed fitting that it was his mother who fired the curse, her portrait always seemed pretty evil so I can imagine her doing something like this! You could tell that it took a serious situation like that for Sirius to finally give into his pride and ask for help, because he always seemed very stubborn in that respect to me.

Haha Sirius you evil person! I guess it is for Belleís own good to go and confront her parents, because I donít think sheíll ever get over it otherwise, but the way Sirius is forcing her to do it! I suppose itís just tough love! Then the way he invited himself along Ė classic Sirius! I liked how Belle came more into her own once she decided to go and confront them. It seemed as if that gave her the strength to carry on in life, and all she needed was that rather forceful nudge from Sirius.

Yay theyíre going to France! I canít wait for that chapter, as itís always fun when they go abroad. I canít wait to see Sirius try and grapple with the French language, but then again, I always had it in my head that purebloods would be fluent in French or Latin, so he may have a secret talent up his sleeve ;D

An excellent chapter again!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: YAY! Can I just tell you how insanely happy it makes me that you're still enjoying this? I swear, I am going to figure out how to get through this computer and hug you.

I like to think that Professor McGonagall gave Lily the detentions with Pomfrey knowing she would enjoy them a bit. Of course Lily needed to get in trouble... she cursed another student! But she was also defending her class mates, so it's a hard line to walk.

Haha I loved reading that second paragraph and was like, Ohh Remus is tricking Kiana! heheh!

I'm not meaning to torture you, I'm not! Well, at least not too much :P. There really were a lot of feels in this one, weren't there? Remus hadn't gotten enough face time lately, so giving him and Lily some friendship time made me really happy. And now he knows that he can talk to her if he never needs to.

I'm so happy you liked Sirius's protective side! I thought it was fun getting to write him get so angry about people hurting her. Hahah you better go search Hogwarts and find someone for those two, missy! I don't think I'd be able to write Remus shipped. I don't know why, I just don't feel like I understand how he'd work with a girlfriend well enough. Though it wouldn't be bad for him to go on a date or two :P

They're going to France! Hahah I'lll admit right now, I had a secret little way of getting around that French language thing. You'll see soon enough. but I didn't want to have to translate everything :P.

But I love the idea of Sirius having a secret talent up his sleeve :P

Thank you again for making me the happiest author in the whole world ♥

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Review #9, by Arithmancy_Wiz 

26th February 2013:
I'm diving right in so I don't have to trim this like I did the last one to keep it in the word count!

Yay for some Remus and Lily time. We haven't seen a moment between them in a while so it was lovely to see them share a little something here. And in answer to your first question, no, I didn't think it started off too slow. If you are really worried, there were a few spots where you could tighten up the opening paragraphs, but I loved that you started Lily out by having her sorting through the potions. And it was great to see her return to the idea of being a Healer. Often authors mention things and forget to return to them later (I know I'm guilty of it), so it's great that you don't let these little details fall through the cracks. And, of course, you also managed to tuck in the bit about the passage of time as well, which is obviously very important.

I really like the idea that Lily had at least an inkling about what's been going on with Remus. And yes, it was perfectly clear that's what was going on here. At this point, they've been friends for a few years. Plus, she's been at school with him for nearly seven, and there aren't THAT many students at Hogwarts. She has to have noticed all the classes he missed, the weird bruises and scratches. My favorite part was how you tied it back into Snape (and no, not just because I like him. Okay, maybe a little). But obviously we know from canon about the prank the boys played on Snape, so that's a factor. Plus, it's just like him to want to try and make her dislike the Marauders in any way he can. Of course that would never work on someone like Lily, but that's not the sort of thing Snape would understand. Anyway, I just thought the bits with him were a very clever way to plant the seed in her head that he's a werewolf. I think it's a much better way to handle it than (1) having James tell her, since he would never betray Remus's secret without his permission, or (2) having Lily so smart, she just guesses it. That's too similar to how Hermione figured it out. I see it that way a lot (or him just blurting it out like you say). This was more original. Lily's smart enough to put the pieces together, but she gets help along the way

Hitting your third (?) point on the list, I totally agree with your choice not to have Remus spill his secret, at least not yet. I think it's more true to life -- okay, not the werewolf part, but that sort of "I know you know my secret but I'm not ready to deal with it so let's ignore it for nowĒ sort of moment. And it was also perfectly clear that she now knows and will keep her mouth shut until he brings it up on his own terms.

The only thing about the scene that felt a little off to me was Lily's insistence about finding out what happened to Remus. While she's hiding, she goes through her suspicious about why his story doesn't add up and maybe Snape was right all along, but she never pauses to think that maybe Remus really just doesn't want to talk to her about it. She did ask him what happened and it was clear to her that he lied, but she never asks why he didn't want to tell her what was going on. Lily is pretty attune to people's emotions, so I thought it was a little surprising that this didn't give her more pause. She does say at the end that if he needs to let himself believe his secret is his own she'll allow him that, but that she's ready to talk if he wants, and THAT'S the Lily I'd expect, but she does burst back in on him and press him pretty hard to tell her what's going on. If she really thought he was being bullied or Hagrid had wild creatures, the pressing would make more sense. She's Head Girl and might feel compelled to help her friend AND find out if there is something in the school that needs addressed, but if she all but knows that he's hurt because he's a werewolf, then I guess I would expect her to be more gentle with him -- let him know she knew what was really happening but not push him to confirm.

Gah! I'm running out of space already. I'll try to be quicker through the next scene. I love the parallels between Belle and Sirius's life stories. Clearly they have their differences, but the pair really understand where the other one is coming from. I think there has to be some symmetry in relationships. If either of the characters had lived perfect lives up til this point, they'd have a hard time understanding each other. It wouldn't be impossible, but it just all works really well between the two of them.

Hitting on your AoCs, I thought the transition was just fine. The line break was more than enough. Unlike other scenes, it isn't so important in this one when it's happening. We can assume it's around the same time as the Lily/Remus scene, but even if it's the next day, it doesn't matter in the greater context of the chapter. And yes, I thought Belle's reasoning for needing to make peace with her family, or at least close the door on them, made total sense. Some people would just rather cut them off and forget they existed, while others would need to take a stand and have their final say. Either one would be totally understandable. And I REALLY like that Sirius pushes her into it. We know from OotP he has a bit of a tendency to live vicariously through others. I imagine he'd love to have been able to tell off his family and slam the door in their faces, so I can see him pushing Belle to do it, whether or not it's the best decision for her. And I do hope we get to see him punch Christophe. I'd love to see Sirius's wild side come out. Not to mention that Christophe totally deserves it!

Dang, I'm over again. I'll PM you a few typos I spotted. Another great chapter. I noticed the next ones are pretty short. Maybe I'll even manage to catch up this week! And you're right. You got me to talk about emotions without breaking out in hives. It's a miracle :P

Author's Response: I'm going to try *very* hard to get my response to cooperate with the maximum character count ;)

I am trying *really* hard to not mention something then forget about it. I'm sure there will be a few things, but this wasn't one! yay! I'm happy you liked her sorting through the potions and sort of dwelling on her future. I see a lot of times in Marauders fics where authors forget that this group didn't realize they'd be joining the Order. Like, their making no plans about their future. Obviously we know where they end up, but I don't want to fall into that trap where they aren't planning for their futures. Because right now, they have no idea where they'll end up. Wow, did any of that make sense? Haha

Your favorite part would be when it tied back to Severus :P I really have an issue when anyone other than Remus tells Lily that he's a werewolf, because like you said James is too loyal. And Remus does whatever he can *not* to tell people, so I don't ever want that "i'm a werewolf" sort of scene. Like you said, Lily is smart enough to piece it together, but she probably wouldn't have without the clues she already had. There will be a time when they talk about it, but it'll be under interesting circumstances. See, now I'm being all vague. Mwahhaa.

I really agree with you about Lily and how she acts. I worried about that before, but then I think I sot of let it go and figured I was only noticing it because I wrote it. Apparently not :P I've been thinking of editing this part a bit so that Lily kind of argues with herself, and decides that letting Remus know that she is there to talk is the most important thing. So she'll still press a bit, but she'll at least give it a second though. Thank you for bringing that back to my attention ♥

Ahh I'm so happy you're still liking the dynamic between Belle and Sirius. I love the idea of Sirius kind of being able to help someone whose been through too much like he has, because he knows how much having James saved him. It adds a really intimate connection between Belle and Sirius having both understood what the other lived through, and one that's completely emotional. And I think Sirius needs something like that.

I was worried that Sirius would seem insensitive by pushing her into doing it. But like you said, we learned that he does do things to live through others, and he doesn't often think too much about those repercussions. I can tell you that we will absolutely see Sirius's wild side come out. Belle's too. Really, the entire chapter is just going to be a bit crazy. Haha.

Thank you so much for PM'ing me the typos &heats; They are all edited in! Yay!

Ahhh Becky. I don't even know how to thank you so much for all the reviews you leave. Not only do you give me awesome feedback, but you ever made giving the feedback seem like a chore, which means a lot to me. Thank you so much for all your feedback, and you're so close to being caught up :O! Also, I have an OF idea that I'm going to PM you about later. It's one I want YOU to write ;).

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Review #10, by LovlyRita 

19th February 2013:
Ok, I am determined to make this review concise. Are you ready for this mess?

First of all...d'awww Remus. Love. Him. And Lily, just couldn't mind her own business. I don't normally find myself rooting against Lily but this was one instance where I was just like, Leave it alone Lily. The man is hurt, he's been up all night, he clearly needs some alone time. But no, she just has to go and hide and such. But, I thought the whole thing with the calling the werewolf issue the "hippogriff" was funny and kind of cute. I love Remus, I really do. And I guess it's kind of nice that Lily is in on his little secret now...in the most secretive way possible. that didn't even make sense. Forgive me.

Anyway, So in conclusion, I am glad that she knows these things now, and I am glad that her hunger for knowledge has been satiated. Now she needs to mind her own business :P

Oh and there was that part in the beginning when she decides that she wants to be a healer and I was like, I feel ya gurl. Watching someone walk again, or helping to improve their gait is just...gah. Best feeling ever. me and Lily could be BFFs. Like forever.

ANYWAY, moving on to the adorablness that is Sirius and Belle. I love them because they just try SO HARD not to be together. Both of them always have some reason why they shouldn't be together, although not Sirius so much anymore. I love how flippant he is. I am kind of obsessed with Lost right now, and he totally, in this scene, reminds me of the character of Sawyer whenever he calls her Blondie. Which, you know, is super hot. But all kidding aside, I think that it's great he's going to France with her because I think he'll definitely be able to offer moral support to her, because obviously it's not going to be an easy trip for her. But she's right, she can't keep punishing herself for her past, she has to move on. And if this is what does it, then so be it. I am very excited to see how that is going to go down in France. These next couple of chapters I think are going to be super interesting and I can't wait to read them!

Ok. This review was short. Right? :) Loved loved it!

Author's Response: Lily really has quite the curious streak. I mean, her intentions are always good and she doesn't do it to be nosy, she's just so curious! Someone better tell her that curiosity killed the cat.

Although, considering Lily's future, that's be in poor taste, right? Well, we'll just let her be curious, then :P

I love the way you put that. Lily is on his secret, in such a secretive way. He didn't admit it, and it's almost like her secret that she knows his secret, except he does know that she knows, but he has to pretend not to because, well, it's remus. And anything that has him blurting out, "I'm a werewolf," makes me grind my teeth.

Umm now I'm not making sense.

Back to your review... :P

Funny storyy! I thought of you while writing that part. Haha. Actually, I think of you while writing nearly anything that has to do with medicine. Creeepy Jami.

I wish I'd have stayed into Lost. I watched the fist season, missed the second, and it was done from there. Maybe when I finish season five of Son's of Anarchy I'll try it.

The next few chapters have been scary to write. I hope they come across okay. And yes! This review was a much more reasonable size. Not that there's anything wrong with your elephant sized ones, but I bet this didn't take nearly as long ;).

You are awesome, PS.

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Review #11, by ValWitch21 

10th February 2013:
ME AGAIN -- are you surprised?

Anyway. I am so relieved you're making Lily a Healer instead of an Auror. AND making her go through the stress of applications -- I can identify to her so badly right now, being on the fence for her university studies and such, you have no idea.

Anyway again. You actually had Remus keep the mystery about his furry little problem, bless you! What I love about your story is the fact that you go past readers' expectations, steering away from what is traditionally found.

Belle and Sirius fluff, tehe. I've been waiting for this moment for quite some time, and I really can't wait to meet Christophe and see his nose be twisted to the wrong side!

Another lovely chapter, tsk tsk. &hearts

Author's Response: Aww I'm so happy that you like my Lily decision! I think with her passion for potions and her caring nature, a healer really fit her! I felt for her in this chapter with her being on the fence. It reminded me too much of being back in undergrad and realizing my bachelor of arts was not going to be helpful what so ever with what I wanted to do :P Haha.

I'm so happy you liked that Remus didn't really tell her. I think it would have been obvious to her what was really happening because we know that Severus spent years obsessing over the theory, but it's not something you just blurt out!

Aww I'm so happy you liked the Sirius and Belle! Thanks again for your awesome reviews ♥

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Review #12, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

9th February 2013:
Hello again :)

I'm back and feeling all happy after that chapter. Yay Sirius! That ending was so lovely.

The first section was great. Lily is really funny, enjoying detention bless her. It was a good chance for you to show us more of her character and her future plans. I love the thought of her being a healer, I think it suits her personality so much. It makes me sad once again that she's not going to get the chance to do it. Gah, reading this story really gets to you, you know? I love how modest she is about the whole thing too, I'm sure she could do anything she put her mind too.

Poor Remus! He comes in really suffering from the sounds of it and then has the added worrying of one of his friends finding out his furry little secret! I loved how bad his lie was - it must have been so hard for him. He really was the Remus we know and love in this - saying so much with his eyes and trying hard not to inflict his pain and suffering on anyone else. You know and write your characters so well!

I loved the compassionate nature Lily showed him though. Again, it just suited her so much. She gave him all the reassurance she could and made it clear she knew his secret but then still managed to give him the space he needs. It was amazing to read! Honestly I just wanted to hug them both. I like that you included that it was from Snape she got all the clues from, and even then she didn't care if it was true or not. When she told the story about the little boy I couldn't believe it was her just trying to explain to him she didn't care - she was so close to the truth! Then she went and actually cried for him. Gah - it was beautiful to read.

The next section was just what I needed - a bit of Sirius/Belle time. My heart goes out to her more and more. After all her parents have done and put her through she continually can't help but blame herself. It's so heart-wrenching to read. I love that her and Sirius can bond over this though, they really have so much in common, right down to how they react when the other is the one in trouble. Sirius just gets her though and knows how to help her get through it, I love how supportive he is for her though. It's lovely and sweet and just makes me want to see them get together!

I love love love that he's convinced her to go to France! And he's going too, I absolutely can't wait to read what's going to happen! I will say though, I have all my fingers and toes crossed that he does punch Christophe and if he happened to hex her parents too that will be a bonus, just saying!

Just a couple of typos for you:

'Lily stood up from her position on polished floor and stretched her legs.' I think you need 'on the polished floor'

'when he convinced her read the section on werewolves in their Defence Against the Dark Arts book' I think you mean 'convinced her to read'

'but now as she sad beside the heat' I think you mean sat not sad.

Amazing chapter as always. Every chapter I always fall more and more in love with your characters and this one is no different. Sirius in this was amazing! I'm so excited to read the next few chapters, there's so much built up ready to happen! Bring on next week!!

Lauren :D

Author's Response: Hi m'dear! First off, thank you for pointing out the typos! I just edited the corrections in :)!

I'm so glad that you think a healer fits her. Even if she won't have a chance to get there, I think it's still important to show her making plans. But yeah, it definitely gets to you ;(. Maybe I should just write a chapter about Voldemort giving himself up and going to Azkaban... :P

I hadn't planned on Lily making it clear that she knows yet, but then it felt like the best timing. I mean, we know Severus had it all but figured out before Sirius ever told him about the passage, and back them him and Lily were still friends so she'd have had to hear all about is theory. But the story -- remember in chapter 4 when she asks if he's ever lost anyone and he talks about the little boy? That's what that was tying back into :)

The crying section as also a last minute add on so I'm extra happy you liked it. I always worry about the things that weren't actually 'planned' for a chapter and if they feel 'right' or not and now you've gone and made me feel so much better ♥

Hahaha I think Sirius absolutely agrees with you :P I'm nervous about writing the France chapter but it's coming up pretty soon.. eek!

Thank you so much for your amazing review and making me feel like I really am giving these characters a story they deserve ♥

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Review #13, by CambAngst 

9th February 2013:
Hello, again, darling! It seems like I was just reading this yesterday. Probably because I was. ;)

You find the best opportunities to get Lily off by herself and give us more and deeper insight into her character. She really has found something she enjoys here, hasn't she? It's so incredibly sad to think what a great healer Lily could have been if not for that thrice-damned prophecy. Or most any other career she chose to pursue, for that matter. Yet she's humble about the whole thing. Even in her own thoughts, she keeps some perspective and a level head about things. I see so much of her in Harry.

And she is completely, 100% correct. Even if McGonagall had stuck her cleaning trophies with Filch, it was worth it to curse Rosier. So very, very worth it.

Ooh, things just got juicy! So Remus has come in needing treatment after one of his transformations, or so it seems. And Lily is in the perfect position to learn a little more about everybody's favorite furry Marauder. The poor guy sounds really banged up. I guess James, Sirius and Peter weren't able to control him especially well the night before.

You did a fantastic job writing Remus in this. He came across so warm and self-deprecating, but with the strength of character that I always love seeing in him. He's trying to protect everyone from the horrible burden that he carries, not least of all Lily. The lie he tells her was pretty transparent, but I suppose it was the best he could do under the circumstances. I liked the way you paced yourself during their discussion, using the sting of the salve to introduce pauses where Lily could reflect on some of what she was hearing. His story is already sort of tenuous at that point. Then Pomfrey tries her best to cover for him, but it was definitely too late.

I loved the conversation that Lily and Remus had after Madam Pomfrey leaves. She's firm with him, but sensitive and caring. Those are fantastic traits for any Healer -- or any mother. She lets him know that she's not buying his story, but she does it in a way that's not threatening at all. If and when he does finally tell her, I think you've set the moment up beautifully. For Remus's part, he doesn't jump too quickly to embrace her offer, either. As much as she tries to reassure him that nothing is going to change their friendship, Remus has lived far too difficult of a life to accept a statement like that at face value. You are absolutely right: Remus Lupin is old and wise beyond his years.

Ah, so she does have a good idea about the truth. It's funny how she manages to take Snape's vengeful, bitter revelations -- he's 'Snape' when he's being bitter and vengeful, not 'Severus' -- and actually make something positive out of them. The metaphor she uses about the little boy who's been attacked by the monster... GAH! Does she even know how apropos that is? I mean, I guess she can sort of figure it out, since he's been a werewolf for as long as she's known him. But that was unintentionally brilliant on her part!

Aww.. she actually cries for him after she leaves the Hospital Wing. That's so sad, but it's so Lily. She feels for everyone.

Belle is another one who has a strong tendency to subjugate her own needs and feelings for the good of others, which is an interesting contrast to making her a very outspoken, girly-girl character in other respects. You continued to do a fantastic job of building that inner conflict she's burdened with and layering on more of the experiences that define her. No matter how horrible her family has been to her, she struggles not to slip back into the mindset where it was all her own fault. All kidding aside, Sirius and I need to hop on the flying motorbike, blast across the English Channel and lay a powerful hexing on these people!

Oh, my. It seems that there's a very real possibility that I may be able to live this desire vicariously through Sirius. I mean, sans the motorbike, but he's actually convinced her to let him escort her to France! This is a very exciting development, but I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

I think the 'takes one to know one' dynamic you've created between Belle and Sirius is a great, great thing. They're such kindred spirits, which always makes a budding romance easier to buy into. He does such a good job of dissecting her inner conflicts and figuring out what she needs to do about them. Drawing on his own, tormented life experiences, he's able to help her see the wounds that remain to be healed. And to top it all off, he knows just the right buttons to push to get her excited about the project. Sirius Black, you sly dog, you! OK, that was a bad pun...

You keep setting up these amazing moments that I expect to enjoy in future chapters, which really keeps my excitement and anticipation level high! That's the mark of a great story-teller. It's always a pleasure to work with you on this story, even when I am running on fumes. Hope I didn't miss too many typos. ;) Until next time, dear!

Author's Response: Hahaha I think you should get award for being the only beta reader out there that could deal with me... :P. I'm going to have to mail you a massive, car sized cake or something.

I think Lily really would have made a great Healer. She's logical but still emotional, and she's smart. But like you said, she really could have done anything. I will bring her love of healing into the next book quite a bit. Of course she won't go to the training, but she'll spend a solid amount of time volunteering at St. Mungo's. Her and James had to have done something other than Order work. So I though volunteer care would have been right of her alley.

I'm so happy you picked up on Pomfrey trying to cover for him. I think if she'd have realized/remember how close Lily and him were she wouldn't have told Lily to help, but then after she did it was too late. Lily's little mind can't be turned off :P

I think that's what Lily doesn't understand in this. She is such an accepting person, and again logical. So understands that Remus's condition has nothing to do with him, and that it's, somehow, being managed. It breaks her heart to face the fact that Severus was right, but not because she hates him for it, just because it's truly tragic. And I totally agree about him being Snape when he's like that. Haha. He was Severus for me during Pixi's novel, but that's because she took away the part of him I hate the most -- his obsession with Lily. Remember in chapter four when he told her the story she was crying about her parents? That's where she's turning that around from. Although now that I think about it, I think I should go back in this chapter and edit a 'clicking' moment to remind us that she'd already heard that story...

Hahahahah I think Sirius may have gotten a chuckle out of your sly dog pun ;). I'm so happy you liked the kindred spirits connection though. From the point that I decided I want a 'Belle' and for the certain purpose that you know she'll eventually serve, I wanted to go the opposite route from what I see Sirius with a lot. A kind, sweet girl who wants to save and heal him. I wanted belle to be beautiful, because Sirius is shallow. Yes, he has a great heart and would do anything for his friends, but he would still be more attracted to beauty first than personality. But I wanted there to be something real between them that only they could understand. Poor Belle. She has to take quite a bit from me into this story, doesn't she? Naughty author.

Hahaha I still can't believe you were even able to beta read this in time. You're awesome, and I'm terrible for putting that kind of pressure on you.

I wish I could say I was sorry... but... we both know it would be a lie ;)

Thank you so much Dan for all the amazing help you. I wouldn't be half a motivated to work on this without you, you know.

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Review #14, by MissMdsty 

9th February 2013:
I was so anxious to get home and read this! I think I'm starting to get addicted and you just keep feeding me all these twists that make me want to know more!

Let's take it from the top. I love the name of the chapter, since to me it reflected both the small step Remus took to opening up to Lily and the beginning of Belle's healing and closure. With baby steps. So cute. Once again I am in awe of the details that you put into this chapter. The healing process and the description of the various magical remedies and their characteristics was nicely written and with an appropiate attention to detail (why am I sounding so formal? My God, I should sleep more!). Basically, you rock, girl! :D

You are trying to kill me with the Sirius and Belle relationship. Whatever I expected, that was not it. You do realize I will never forgive you if you don't show me how the showdown with the French parents goes down, right? Just think how you felt when JK robbed us of the Lily/James story... Think... And try for some remorse... (When is it appropriate to make Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows references? Always.). Ahem. Back to your story. I am still crushing on Sirius. Bad.

Something about your writting and the way in which you portray these characters is unique, in the sense that you make the bad guys seem worse. Don't get me wrong, they are presented impeccably but their darkness runs deeper than what we see in the books. I saw it before in Bellatrix. We know she's just blood thirsty and something's loose in her head (in other words the wheel is probably spinning but the hamster is most definitely deceased) but in your story her mental illness just runs deeper. She has her own little parts in the story and even her motives are just sick. Which brings me to Walburga, whom we all know as the screaming portrait lady, throwing insults at whoever enters her family home and is undeserving of such an honor (I can't believe I wrote that). Yeah, she's sick as well and has her priorities wrong. But in your story she's so much more. In this chapter you showed us a woman who is so cold and blinded by her hatred of those that are not like her, that she forgets she is a mother, she is capable of cursing a person she created and brought into this world and who at sixteen is still a child and in need of a mother's love and protection. To deny a child that and to demonstrate with actions that they are unworthy in your eyes of existing... That's something that makes my skin crawl. I just wanna hug Sirius. Really.

Sirius and Belle really deserve each other. They are, I think, the only two people that can fully understand each other and the painful experiences of their past. It's going to be really sweet to see them battle their demons together and find out whether they can pull through together or if they'll just let said demons pull them apart. I'm not going to make an assumption on that. There are too many twists to this story to be sure right now. But you are the best hope they have. I trust you (I know, again with the reference? Can't help it!).

I'm going to stop here before I run out of space and you run out of time to read this and tell you that I'm so very curious to see what you have planned for us next!
Oh, and did I mention this was a lovely chapter, as usual? I did now!

Author's Response: Aww I'm so happy that you were excited to read this! That just made my week ♥

Hahaha I like your formal ending with 'go girl' :P. Sometimes I get super formal in reviews and then forget what I'm talking about. Haha. My poor brain.

Putting detail into the behind the stuff of magic is so much fun for me, but I did force myself not to get carried away in this one :P

Ral I have good news! I WILL show you the showdown! AND it's only a few chapters from now. Mwahaha. I haven't really decided what I'm doing about the fact that we'll be in France where they speak French. I'll figure something out... :P

Sirius is pretty crush worthy, right?!

I think Mrs. Black was pretty terrible. Sirius has a lot of issues, we've always seen that. He's an amazing man, but still broken, and something broke that years ago. Thank god he had the Potters to help put him back together ♥ Okay. Now I'm getting feelsy.

It makes me so happy that you feel like Belle and Sirius deserve each other. I don't think someone innocent who has never seen the bad side of the world would ever fit Sirius. He's not a guy that needs to be 'saved' like Draco, he just needs to be understood. And Belle can do that. And Belle's always been treated terrible, though hers was more emotional than physical, so she needs someone who can understand that, though as she may think she is, she has a lot of insecurities that will never fully go away.

Okay. Now that I've rambled on, I'm stopping myself. Haha. This is your fault, btw. You make me ramble :P

Thank you so much m'dear for this wonderful review ♥ I can't wait to see what you think of next Saturdays!

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