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Review #1, by mysuv1 

21st December 2015:
thank you a different view of Rose. I like this one. May be one day you can write companion that shows their lives.

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Review #2, by tiggertilson 

6th December 2015:
I just learned about fan fiction while auditing an English class about Harry Potter. Your work is amazing! I am so pleased to have found this. How nice to see all these familiar characters again, and see what their lives have become. An excellent story. Rose Weasley and Viktor Krum? Who would have thought...
Thank you so much. Your efforts are much appreciated.

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Review #3, by Elane 

4th November 2015:
I really enjoyed this! I actually couldnt stop reading until I reached the end. I love how you brought such depth to a whole new aspect to this world we all love so much.

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Review #4, by LittleMissAutumn 

29th August 2015:
Ahhh! I just read your entire story and I absolutely loved it! I never would have thought to put this pairing together but I just adore them, especially now that that they're going to be like the wizarding Bonnie and Clyde. Your banner for this is perfect and I pictured Michael Fassbender as Viktor the whole time and I think he's a perfect fit (and so dreamy too)!

This was such a creative idea and Rose's background story was perfect, as well. You really got into detail with the publishing process and the steps of writing a book. Magnificent. 10/10

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Review #5, by Clare 

17th May 2015:
I happen to come across ur FF n I think it is really good, especially for a first timer. Lovely effort dear. Hope u writes more. Except though, if u could perhaps make it more original, that would b brilliant. See the plot was enjoyable but I am afraid that it was predictable too...there were cliche'd bits n parts in it.but the way u told ur sorry is good. Take care, write more n b proud of ur writing skills once in a while(ur ego needs a boost)

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Review #6, by Tiffany L. 

29th October 2014:
Just finished! Life has been so stressful lately, and immersing myself in such a great read has done wonders! I loved the complexity plot, the character development, the suspense and plot twist at the end... You most definitely deserve that most original work title! Thank you again for such a great story; I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing!

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Review #7, by ruby_slippers 

1st July 2014:
Oh my goodness! WOMAN! All the feels. Seriously I need a moment.
Wow. So for a moment there I actually thought Rose was dead. Proper dead. 6 feet under dead. I wasn't dealing too well with that. Seriously, I was actually sitting in the tea room at work reading this on my phone begining to tear up and being like "pull your s***t together girl!" haha.
If she had died after all the crap the two of them went through ... Straight up would not have been able to handle that hahaha.
So bottom line I completely loved this story. Loved your depictions and recreations of Krum, Rose and all the classic characters and how you spun it all together. Never would I thought a Viktor/Rose pairing would have worked but oh my did it. Totally shipping this now!
This is one of my favourite fan fictions ever. Can't wait to read even more of your stories.

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Review #8, by N_Nana 

24th March 2014:
You were great.
Really, it was worth the effort. I think that you are going to be published one day - I'm sure abut it. Two things you need to improove:

1st: You were doing a great job at character description. There was really a feeling of Victor's presec. He was very mysterious and it was clear as day why rose would fall for him. Charming really. But there was something missing in terms of character development. He kind of stayed the same mysteriaous stranger for the rest of the story. I think he would have needed some softening. Some habbits or quirks to show that Rose was really getting to know him. You described him perfectly from the outside, but there was something missing to make him a real person rather than an ideal. I hope what I mean is understandable - can't get the words quite right.

2nd: The ending is missing something. Maybe it was not the perfect moment to break off. I havent quite figured it out. The problem is, that you have kind of explained everything they are going to do in detail bat it still feels like your leaving them hanging in mid-air. The end doesnt feel solid. Maybe it would have been easier to tell the last part of the last chapter at a time in their future. Some years later when they look back. It would have been easier to make their situation and surroindomgs feel real... Just guessing there. As I said - I just feel like it's not quite right. Might just be something minor.

And last: I was so shocked when I thought Rose had died! You had my crying there! As bad as it felt for me - I think it shows just how great a job you were doing. Your characters found their way right into my heart.

Keep going. I'm sure you're headed in the right direction ;-)

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Review #9, by maikedrei 

16th February 2014:
I really enjoyed your story! I didn't expect it to be so good, because the pairing is really different.. but you discribed both characters so well and they had a real connection
The end unfortunaly was a bit sudden,but that doesn't matter! Please do more storys like this and congrats to the win of Dobby's!!

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Review #10, by maskedmuggle 

10th December 2013:

Woah I've finally reached the end of this story after reading it very slowly over the past several months! It's been a really great read and I think I may have said this before but congratulations on finishing your first ever novel, especially since it's such an awesome one!

The last chapter (Chapter 20) definitely felt so incredibly intense with Regina/Rose's "chat" and the knife fight, and I definitely did not expect Regina to be that crazy at all! I was super eager reading the beginning of this final chapter to find out what the legal implications would have been - and finding out Viktor had tampered with the evidence and was now sentenced to life in prison was really surprising but also something that I found quite believable. I love how through Viktor's actions you can see how much Viktor has changed and how well Rose/Viktor fit together.

I did personally find it slightly surprising to believe that Albus would help break Krum out and that Rose would be willing to live life forever on the run but.. I guess love and family really does trump everything else!

Although it's taken me so long to get to the end, I really have enjoyed reading your super original story! As I've said before, I love how unique the Rose/Viktor pairing is, and how you characterised them individually as well. You're a really brilliant writer and this story was truly amazing.

- Charlotte :)

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Review #11, by alexaemd123 

9th December 2013:
I loved it! One of my favorites definately! Loved it!

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Review #12, by Julah 

14th September 2013:
that was a really good story, very well and carefully written, original plot - i liked it very much! congratulations! i hope there will be more finished novels in the future!

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Review #13, by patronus_charm 

19th April 2013:
I loved the Krum and Hermione scene Ė it was perfect! I think it was right to leave it to the last chapter, as it was as if everythingís coming to an end, and this is the end of them. Sneaky Helmsey appearing there, I just want to yell at Krum that heís part of this evil conspiracy. Did Albus just go and obliviate him, as it seemed like he did. Then those things Krum knows about Amelia, I knew there was something up with her. Thank Merlin thereís a sequel to this so hopefully my questions will be answered then.

Yay for Rose being alive. And sort of yay that Regina is dead, though I do feel a little mean being happy about that. Krum took the rap for the crime then, I see what he meant about that passionate love he felt for Rose. I do feel bad that he is doing this for her, but I guess love does make you do strange things.

I can see why Regina hated Krum so much now. Though he didnít kill the baby, hating it, and not wanting it to exist was probably more than enough, and probably contributed to the miscarriage. I wonder whether we will ever get to the bottom of his hated of children, and Iím guess it relates to why heís so quiet about his childhood.

That was such a brilliant end to the story with Krum plotting to run away, I wonder where heíll end up. Iím guessing some unknown Pacific island like Kiribati!

This was such an excellent story, and the twist at the end was brilliant and despite the hinting I never assumed it would be so dramatic and shocking as that. I canít wait to get started on the sequel, and Iím so glad that I read this :D

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: I'm embarrassed how long it's taken me to finish replying to your lovely reviews. I hope you can forgive me!! I really feel awful about it.

It seemed only fitting to have one of the last moments of the story be between Krum and Hermione. It was a last-minute add on my part, but I'm so glad it felt right. Albus was actually just undoing the spells that were keeping Krum bound in the chair... though now that you mention it, I imagine he must have had to do some other inventive spellwork to sneak the pair of them out of Azkaban without being noticed :P And both Al and Amelia will definitely be back for the sequel.

lol, I think "I guess love does make you do strange things" could be the thesis statement of this story! All the characters seems to have done a lot of odd things in the name of love.

I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to explain fully Krum's dislike for children, but it will definitely be a topic that appears again in the sequel. I think in the end, he's just afraid of having children because he thinks he'd be a bad father.

I'm starting to think you are psychic!! The exact location I use for them in Undertow is actually fictional, but I based it largely off of Mo'orea, another tiny island in the South Pacific!

I really can't say how pleased I am you enjoyed the story. Thank you so, so much for reading and reviewing, and I really do apologize for taking so long to reply to this review.

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Review #14, by CambAngst 

17th April 2013:
So here I am, finally at the end. I have a lot of general things to say, but I'll save them for the end. To start, I'll just say that you really had me going with the entire first section of the chapter. I was completely convinced that Viktor was a dead man.

But that's getting a bit ahead of myself. Your Hermione was beautifully done. At the outset, you described her so well:

Those large brown eyes, always wide and alert. That look of practiced control, which never seemed to fully mask the current of emotion that lay just below the surface. For Krum, the resemblance between mother and daughter was haunting in its exactness.

And what I found impressive about it wasn't just the the descriptiveness and how true this statement was to Hermione's character. What I found most impressive is that fact that you really delivered on your premise with the way that you wrote her. Her words and her mannerisms all fit perfectly with that description. Even her actions at the end of the day, although we don't find out how much so until after the jump.

As for Viktor, Rose was his life, and without her there was no future for him. - I thought this was a really powerful statement. Taken out of context, it probably would have sounded kind of cheesy. But in Viktor's case it's profound. In a world full of people who either hate him for what they perceive him to be or are only interested in him for the things that he's done, Rose was a person who understood him and all of his shortcomings and loved him anyway. She was something that was actually worth living for.

I really liked Albus in his brief appearance. You can feel the doubt and apprehension radiating off of him, even though he's determined to carry out the task that's been handed to him.

And then they're both still alive! Actually, I wasn't sure about that at first. I've read more than enough afterlife scenes in HP fics, so I had that thought in my head for a while.

It took me a little while to fully figure out what Viktor tried to do for Rose, but once I did, I was in awe. I think we've known for a few chapters now exactly how important she is to him, but what really blew me away was the thought that went into what he tried to do. His analysis of her circumstances and the reality that would have faced her -- under incredible duress, I might add -- was amazingly prescient and accurate. If people learned that she killed Regina, even in self-defense, she never would have known peace again. The act of killing changes the world's perception of a person, no matter the particulars. I am so impressed by the way that you tied it all together, because I'm 99% sure that if it was me, I would have simply accepted the self-defense angle as an easy way out.

You did an amazing job of writing poor Rose's fractured, partially obliviated recollections of what happened in her flat. I thought it had the perfect feel to it. This paragraph was brilliant:

The memories were nothing more than fractured pieces of light and sound. It was like trying to view the world through a broken mirror, smashed into a million tiny pieces until the images were no longer recognizable. Only there was one thing Viktor hadn't been able to completely obliterate from her mind: the feeling of warm blood dripping through her fingers.

One more amazing excerpt and then I promise I'm through:

"I von't let you go to prison, Rose. Not even for a single day. It would crush you. Kill you."

"And it won't do the same to you?"

"There's a lot less of me left to kill."

How do you even do that? Those three lines are incredible. I'm so jealous it's sick!

I loved the fact that it was a team effort to spring Viktor from prison. Hermione, Albus and likely other unnamed parties took a huge risk to make sure that Rose didn't have to watch Viktor waste away in Azkaban. For quite a few chapters now, it's been really heartwarming to watch the way that certain members of her family, the ones who really know her and care about her the most, figured out just how much she cared for Viktor.

I honestly don't know how I feel about Viktor's final revelation about Regina's pregnancy. I understand that it gave Rose a certain form of closure and it ascribed a more human motivation to Regina's hatred of Viktor. Maybe it's me, but I liked her a little more when she was just around-the-bend-and-off-the-deep-end crazy. It's a matter of personal preference, I suppose.

OK, I lied. One final excerpt:

Maybe time just finds new ways to make you bleed. - That was poetic!

And then they ride off into the sunset together. Or take a portkey or fly on a broom. Whatever. The End. Absolutely beautiful.

Let me get the couple of typos I saw out of the way really quick:

... when heíd arrived with a message for Hemsely... - Hemsley

If I want to use it while away the hours on a beach somewhere... - ... use it to wile away...

I really had no idea what I was getting into when Jami talked me into reading your story, but I'm going to have to send her an extra-large bundle of cookies or cupcakes or chocolate. Maybe all three. This was one of the most amazing, unique, well-written and all-around inspired stories I've ever seen in the HP fandom. I can't say enough about your creativity and sophistication as an author. Thank you so much for this brilliant story.

And now, I can go read the sequel!

Author's Response: I'm a little sad to respond to this. I've so enjoyed reading all your reviews.

I'm so happy you liked Hermione here. She was a total last minute add to the chapter. I was just planning on having Albus come in, picking up right where the prologue left off, but I felt it needed something. And since I only skirted around the whole Krum/Hermione thing, it seemed a good way of giving that mini-storyline some closure. Hopefully it serves a couple of purposes: to let the reader know Rose is running off with some measure of support/permission from her family, and to sort of set up the idea that we are all capable of sacrifice for the people we love.

I tried REALLY hard to stay away from cheesy and over-sentimentality throughout the story. I don't know how well I managed, but hopefully, like you said, this line works in the context of the chapter. Krum is done with the bravado and games. Rose was his last shot at happiness, and he really doesn't see a future for himself without her.

I'll admit, I had to play around a lot with how to make what Krum did for Rose work... at least, I HOPE it all works. I struggled with how to make it believable that Krum felt compelled to take the fall for Rose and not just support her through whatever police inquest she'd have to face. In the end, I hope that the fact that Krum has been through a trial, been the subject of speculation, has some measure of blood on his hands, etc., makes him credible on the topic. He thinks by doing this, he's allowing Rose to put it all behind her and be free of Regina.

In my head, I see everyone but Ron sort of playing some hand in the escape... though most without admitting it to anyone else. In addition to Hermione and Albus, Heart gives them the money in a form the Aurors can't easily trace. Peter makes sure Rose has the bracelet so she knows how much she means to Krum, etc. I thought that way, the reader wouldn't feel so much like Rose was trading her friends and family's happiness for her own.

I'm not sure how I feel about Regina's pregnancy either. It was always "head canon" for me, but I went back and forth on actually including it in the story. I'm of two minds on it really. I think a villain that's just totally nuts can be a cop-out. But I also don't like overlooking the innate evil of some people and thinking every character that "goes bad" has some tragic past.

Yikes! Misspelling your own characters' names is a big no-no. Thanks for pointing that out.

Thank you so, so much for all the lovely reviews. I really am beyond thrilled that you enjoyed the story. It was a lot of fun to write, and I feel like I learned a lot through the process. There are still a lot of things I don't like about my writing, but I do feel like I'm heading more in the right direction than when I started the story. Thank you again for taking the time to leave so many wonderful and thoughtful reviews!

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Review #15, by adluvshp 

8th April 2013:

Okay, I feel guilty for not reviewing every chapter but I've been reading this story from the beginning since 2 days and I couldn't bring myself to stop to review.

This is truly a masterpiece. I absolutely loved it. Rose and Krum are so complex and yet I love them. The entire plot is just brilliant. The way things played out is amazing. The suspense you built up towards the end was just superb.

I really don't have any more words to comment on how brilliant this entire story was and how much I loved it. You have done a great job with it and I am excited to read more of your stories now!

Congratulations on finishing your first absolutely marvellous novel. To me, it is perfect! If this was an OF, it would totally rake in a lot of money! You're very talented, hats off.


Author's Response: Oh, wow! Thank you so much, AD. I'm beyond thrilled and flattered that you enjoyed the story enough to read it all the way through!!

I definitely learned a lot over the course of writing this. Krum and Rose turned out to be such a fun pair to write, and this story gave me the chance to try my hand at a lot of new and different scenarios.

Thank you again for such a lovely and unexpected review. I really am so happy you liked the story!

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Review #16, by Dark Whisper 

14th February 2013:
Arithmancy Wiz,

Well, here we are... the end of a brilliantly written novel.

Hermione and Krum... well I can't say that I didn't wish for more of these two... something said of their past. There was only a hint and bit of a smile at the memory of "being young once." *sigh*

You wrote this so well, that I honestly didn't know if Rose was alive or dead. I didn't know what kind of story he told that Hermione knew was a lie and I thought Albus was going to kill him for Rose's death, especially when Krum said he didn't think he had it in him.

You left me full of questions and answered each of them at the very end. The thought actually crossed my mind that Viktor just might jump off that cliff... thank God that was not the case. It was heartbreaking that he did everything to protect her so that she might live without the same dark clouds that loomed over him for years. I'm thankful to you that you allowed them to have an ending that kept them together. You gave them a chance in life... with plenty of money. He could've refused and ended their relationship for her own good, but I'm glad he didn't. He needs her.

Well, what else can I say, except that it has been a true privilege reading and reviewing your story. You gave us this amazing depth of your characters, true believable characters, each of them with their own personalities, mannerisms, and backstories that intertwined impeccably well. From Heart's foul mouth to Brooks and Hugo's unfailing professional support to Albus's amazingly deep display of faith and friendship. You showed us the love of Ex-1 and the hate of Ex-2, even suit-man ended up having a name and his own loss of a brother. Rose was adorably sweet and smart with her youthful naivity and most certainly her 'not knowing what is good for her' mentality.

And lastly, you expertly penned Viktor Krum. Your characterization of Krum was perfection... flawless. And I do not use these words lightly and I do mean what I say. It was precisely how I see him and everything that I wanted to read. He is a lover and a fighter, secure and insecure. He is a womanizer and a gentleman. He is an addict, but in recovery. He has hurt people and has been hurt. He is guilty and regretful. He has made mistakes, but pays for them as well as takes the blame for things that are not exactly his fault. He has been rich and poor. He has experienced extreme highs and extreme lows. He was a boy who left home to take on world fame only to return as a man who has had enough of it. He tells the truth, but is a liar. He was hot in his youth and is still hot at 53. And finally, Viktor Krum is... after all that has happened... still a good man.

What more could a fan of Viktor Krum's possibly want or ask for?

Congratulations on finishing this, your first novel. You have talent and it is no wonder that you are so involved in this wonderful HPFF writing community. Your story had a great plot, followed a logical track, and you successfully pulled your readers along with smart chapter endings. You did everything right and then some.

Bravo! I throw long-stemmed fragrant red roses at your feet for your outstanding romance novel that you expertly injected with mystery and tragedy. Can you hear the applause? Take a bow. I don't give out my roses to just anyone. :)

It was truly my pleasure to read your story.

Happy Valentine's Day,
Dark Whisper

Perfect 10/10

Author's Response: Hermione was a last minute add to this chapter. I probably could/should have done more with her, but I afraid it might feel like I was shoving too much in at the last minute. I'm glad the opening was a bit confusing. I wanted it to seem like Rose had died and Hermione and Albus were there to settle the score. One last little bit to tie in with the opening chapter...

The very end was one of the few things I decided before I started writing. It didn't seem right to have them go through all this and then waltz off into the sunset. It would be too easy. They'd been through too much for a perfectly happy ever after. But I wanted to leave them with at least a fighting chance.

I'm so glad you enjoyed all the characters, but especially Krum. Everything you said is just...gah! More than I could have hoped for. It's Rose's story, but he really is the one with the most dimension, I think. My first attempt at a Byronic hero-esk character, one of my favorite literary staples.

Thank you so much for all the lovely reviews you left for me. It was such a treat to log in and see so many new reviews, and posted so quickly. I'm beyond thrilled that you enjoyed the story. I had a lot of fun writing it, and it means so very much to me that other people might enjoy it too, in any small way. Thank you again!

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Review #17, by Jchrissy 

5th February 2013:
Guess what! This is my 700th review! I was about to review this this morning, then I realized I was at 698 and wanted it to be a big mile stone sort of review, because... it just felt fitting.

So now Iím here for 700! Yay! And I need to try and toughen up while I review this. So far I start crying every time I get to the point that Viktor meets Rose on the rocks... hopefully I can hold it together for this one.

Itís all circling back. I canít believe I didnít see this coming. I mean, you made it obvious with the start of the book. I clearly just put my blinders on and hoped for the best. And with the heels clicking, I was so hopeful that it was Rose coming to tell him everything had been sorted... then incredibly surprised it was Hermione. I could as good as feel her fighting with herself in this. She knows Krum didnít do anything like heís saying he did. She knows what did happen, because the pieces are too perfect not to fit together. But like she said, just because sheís willing to face it doesnít mean everyone else is. Especially if Krum wonít even let anyone else face it because heís too stubborn and rawr.

I donít know exactly what I was thinking when Albus came in. Was this it? Has Krum been sentenced to die and Albus is the one serving it? Is he so angry that Rose could have been hurt, that he wants to make sure that Krum never has the chance to see her again?

And gah! HEíS okay! You deserve a huge hug for that one. Only Iím going to take the hug away for what you do by the end of this, so donít get attached to it.

I thought I could make it through :(. I canít. I just love these people so much. Krum is such a good man under it all, and Rose is more an love than probably she even realized. Iím so angry at him though! Rose can handle it! Sheís strong, sheís capable, she can deal with understanding she killed a woman to save her own life. But Viktor has to protect her. He never wants her to walk around with the kind of hauntings heís lived with from Regina. And God I hate that woman. Rose is right, the story does humanize her a bit more (and you got it in there one million percent perfectly. It feels so much better here than it would have the previous chapter). But I donít care. Sheís destroyed so much, and I know sheís insane and unstable, but I wish sheíd have just gone and one herself in years ago. But then we wouldnít have this story, would we?

I donít know what to feel. Iím so, so broken hearted that their life will never be what they deserve. But at least theyíll be together, and for that I willingly give your hug back.

The emotional road coaster this has taken me on... I donít even know how to explain it. The way these characters felt so real to me, the way I found myself torn between wanting what they want, and wanting whatís best for them. Watching Rose, this young, driven, slightly naive woman falling so in love with a man thatís terrible for her but amazing for her all at once. Watching her grow under that love, learning darker things than she probably ever wanted to, then coming to accept them. Watching Viktor go from being amused by her, interested, being the arrogant man that basically coerced Rose into their first kiss by creating a challenge... and seeing him become so infatuated with her. Understanding as that grew past infatuation and he found himself needing her more than anything. I think a big moment for him (for me, at least) was when he turned down her advances after the wedding. That right there. It wasnít lust anymore, it wasn't infatuation, it was a real, complete love that he wasnít willing to let anything be halfway on. He wanted it all and he really can be such a good man.

But no matter how much they love each other, this wonít be easy on them :(. And that makes me so sad. Sheíll miss her family so terribly, and I canít imagine she wonít regret it at times. I think Iím going to imagine that they go on the run for a few years until Hermione contacts Rose and they build this amazing case with what happened. But theyíd still be in trouble for running, but UGH. I just want them to have everything. At least they have each other though, and a secluded little home on the beach where they can wake up and walk hand in hand every morning.

This was a crazy ride, Becky. I canít thank you enough for creating this beautiful story. You should be so, so proud of yourself and your amazing talent as a writer. You made me love people I could care less about, and you made me need them to overcome it all. And I have to be done now or Iím going to start crying on my keyboard or something. I donít think Apple protection covers water damage, either ;).

Author's Response: Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with this. You have been so amazingly supportive throughout this whole story, I just... GAH! I truly don't know how to say thank you enough. Phew, okay, I can hold myself together. Here we go...

Hermione was a last-minute addition to this chapter. Originally, it was just going to start where Albus walked in, but I felt like I'd chickened out of having Hermione and Krum talk at the wedding, they needed to have *some* interaction. And I just knew she'd be smart enough to figure out what really happened. Also, I didn't like the idea of her family always wondering what happened to Rose after she runs off. This way, she almost goes with their blessing, and Hermione can break the news to Ron once he's ready to handle it.

You get all the credit for the inclusion of Regina's motivation here. I really don't think I would have included it without your help, and I think that would have been a mistake on my part.

Gah! Your mention of the scene right after the wedding. That is exactly what I wanted it to represent. It was just as much about Rose showing she'd "forgiven" Krum as it was about him showing that he loved her. This is Rose's scene for making it clear she loves him, but that was his moment.

The ending is definitely bittersweet, but it was the only way I could see this working out. I think Krum is too damaged to simply settle down for a happily-ever-after. And in a weird way, I think Rose had to go through what she did with Regina in order to be equal with him. Now they are both damaged and that makes them able to understand each other and find their own version of happiness. If you twisted my arm, I'll admit that I see Rose making her way back home eventually, but not for many years. She'll miss them, but not as much as she'd miss Krum.

Really, I don't know how to say thank you enough for everything. Every review. Every PM. You've been the best reader and cheerleader I could ever hope for, and I'm so beyond thrilled that you actually enjoyed the story along the way. I'm so happy and sad and everything in between now that it's over. I never thought I'd feel this much emotion after finishing a story.

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Review #18, by Ardeith 

4th February 2013:
I loved your story! I hope you continue to write more -- and on this site -- so I can read them.

This was such a unique pairing and you more than did it justice.

This epilogue was a good read. All the twists and turns... I thought Rose was dead, I thought Albus killed Krum, then that they were meeting in the afterlife lol!

Nice that you included Regina's motivations for hating Krum. It's definitely believable that she would not be able to forgive him and obviously, being unstable, it was enough motivation to ruin his life.

So glad Rose and Krum are ending up together, but kind of sad that they will have to do it on the run.

Author's Response: Thanks, Ardeith. I'm so, so glad you liked the story, and I'm glad it left you guessing a bit until the end. I always meant for the ending to be a bittersweet, so hopefully that came across. I do plan to keep writing. I've got some original fiction going, and I'm planning on finishing up my other WIP -- I just love myself some Next-Gen :P

Thank you for all the lovely reviews you left me throughout the story. And thank you, of course, for READING it!

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Review #19, by TearsIMustConceal 

4th February 2013:
My heart is completely melting here! The ending is so sweet and cute and ugh, i loved it! I'm so happy they're together and with nothing to stop them or get in the way (well, if you forget the fact they will be on the run but that is just a little hitch!)

I didn't think it was possible to love Viktor anymore but you have proven me wrong! I kind of knew he would take the blame because he loves Rose too much to let her go down for it but the way you have written it is just amazing.

And as for Rose, you have completely turned my opinion of her around. I never used to like Rose an awful lot and used to avoid stories with her in, usually because of the cliche of her and Scorpius together (i'm being hypocritical because i put them together in my story but that's another matter!) so when i came across this story, i was so reluctant to read it as it was Rose centred but it was one of the best decisions i have made! You've made me like Rose and i think only a really awful Rose story would make me change my mind again!

While i'm upset that this story is over, i'm so happy you finally finished it and you should be really proud of it! Your writing skills are just incredible and i could definitely read your stories over and over again. I would most definitely recommend this story to anyone and i can't wait to read more of your stories!

Congratulations on an amazing story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Tears! I'm so glad you liked the ending, and the story overall. I tried to make Viktor "worthy" of the sacrifice Rose would have to make to be with him in the end. And it's so cool to hear that the story changed your opinion of Rose a bit. I tried to write her in a way that I really thought a person raised by Ron and Hermione might turn out.

Thank you again for reading. I plan to start working on After We Fall again now that I've finished this one if you're interested. And thank you for the wonderful review!

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