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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

14th August 2016:
I hope Edie follows through and tells Blakeslee that she's the one who wrote that article, and that Rose is still using her to write the other two articles. This has gotten too far, especially considering Rose just received an award for an interview article that Edie wrote. Rose has zero integrity if she can honestly accept that award without feeling even an ounce of guilt.

I'm glad we got to see some Edie and Lisa. Their shopping outing revealed how close they are as friends. While at the same time, Edie still hasn't told any of her friends that she's lost her job. Makes sense considering she's feeling like a failure. I hope she opens up to someone about it soon, though. Maybe Oliver will be the shoulder she leans on.

Author's Response: Hello! It's been a while :) I've been super busy getting things organized for a 3 week Europe trip so I'm sorry it's taken so long to respond, but I definitely wanted to do this before I left! (See how I both made an excuse *and* bragged about my trip? Pretty smooth eh?)

This chapter was a pretty classic example of me writing and immediately posting a chapter without much plot fact-checking. Originally I did intend Edie to tell Blakeslee in this scene which, as you now know, didn't happen. There were several reasons for this but mostly I wanted to prolong the Edie/Rose/Oliver love triangle and have Edie be offered the position at WW.

These fist few chapters are also SO OLD and they really need some reworking, particularly Rose's character. I like how she turns out in the end of the fic and early on she's a little *too* ruthless to be believable.

Oh don't worry, there's still plenty to come, in terms of Edie refusing to admit that she's floundering and lying to her friends.

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

8th February 2015:
I mean, I seriously cannot imagine having to wake up every day, for the rest of my life, next to the same bloke snoring away. And why should a womanís existence be nothing but striving towards marriage?

^ This.

I felt like this for a long time. I never thought marriage married and even now when people told me for years 'you need to get married, find a man, etc' now they're like 'there is no point to marriage unless you're going to have kids.'

And I'm like...way to do a complete 360 on me there.

I've always gotten so annoyed with the guys I've dated I started to question if humans are even meant to be with one person their entire life. Maybe you're meant to be around each other for awhile and then you can move on because nothing is long lasting.

Now I'm dating someone if they ever left me I would kill them (MWAHAHAHA evil laugh).

Maybe not kill but I would be upset because I went to spend a life with him.

Edie, you want to be with Oliver Wood, you need to be with Oliver Wood.


ďWell, Iíll be the one with the camera,Ē Theo says with his perpetual hint of sarcasm.



Once more with feeling:


Theo is the one that took the picture of Edie and Oliver, isn't he? IT WOULD MAKE SO MUCH SENSE. What a sneaky sneaky lurker


It's always the ones with the good bums.

She's not going to tell her anything. Something is going to get in her way but I can't say what exactly. Addicted to this story is an understatement.

Oh and thank you so much for responding to my previous reviews! I love it when author's respond. Makes me feel appreciated. :D Yes, I am on the forums. Under a different name. Yet our paths have yet to cross.

O...when will it happen...no one knows...except me because I know who you are! HAHA.

(Yeah, that was creepy. I agree.)

Author's Response: Yeah, honestly marriage just seems like a trap to me. I'm petrified of getting old/dying/falling out of love/the future in general, and it just seems like something that two people get themselves into before evolving so much that they no longer have anything in common. I dunno. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule but growing old/settling in general... *shudder*

I'm glad you like review responses! And I try to respond in a timely manner because you took the time to even read this in the first place, let alone share your opinions. It's the least we writers can do :)

*Creates opportunities to use the word "Wizardazzi" in the next chapter*

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Review #3, by marauderfan 

21st June 2013:
I didn't think this was too long of a chapter! Your chapters are a great length.

First of all, I loved the message from Ward and how he ends everything with an exclamation mark. As someone who is also guilty of doing this, it made me laugh just because it looks so silly in this case!

Also loved the detail that Edie used to date CORMAC MCLAGGEN. Hahaha. Poor Edie. I guess everyone has those past relationships they choose to forget though!

And oh goodness Rose. Someone needs to take that girl down a peg or two, or ten. I can't wait to see what Edie says to Blakeslee!

(Is it odd that I imagine Blakeslee like Miranda Priestley from The Devil Wears Prada? Their names are similar, and they're both no-nonsense, leaders of a big-deal magazine... well, I guess that's where the similarities stop, but that's who I imagine when I read about Blakeslee, haha.)

10/10! As always I'm loving this story - you're a fabulous writer! :)

Author's Response: Hello there!

I am also guilty of the overuse of exclamation marks... Two words into this review and there one is. But it just seemed like something that he would do; I imagine him to always sound overly-enthused by things. Like maybe he considers himself particularly brilliant, or as though he were privy to some kind of knowledge that other people weren't. Oh, Artie.

CORMAC YES. I originally had that character as a no-name American musician who bummed off her couch. But then I watched HBP again and remembered how funny that character was, and had to.

Nah, apparently a lot of people are imagining Blakeslee like Priestly or whatever. It kind of bugs me, partially because there are so few "strong female characters" in pop culture that any two can be compared to one another. But really, Priestly was just a horrible boss. She didn't even take the time to learn her assistant's names and sent them on wild goose chases just to make their lives hell. Blakeslee really values her employees; she was horribly disappointed in Rose for doing something like that, and instead of blowing up at Edie, she accepted her as a part of the WW team. (Yes, this was mostly done because she has a magazine to run and needs Edie to do it, and I suppose that could be seen as a similarity between Priestly and Blakeslee.) But really, the name similarities was entirely coincidental--Blakeslee was the third of a series of names I had picked out--and I'd like to think that I'm not ripping off Devil Wears Prada. Just wanted to mention that, as a lot of people have pointed out similarities in character :3

Thank you so much for your kind words. Waking up to ~*~five brand new reviews~*~ was an awesome surprise!

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Review #4, by peppersweet 

29th May 2013:
Switched from Laura Marling to some truly miserable James Blake piano noodling to reflect how sad I feel on Edie's behalf. Stop torturing her, you heartless author!

I know Lisa wants the best for me. But I don't want to be patted on the cheek and told that my time will come. - YES RIGHT ON EDIE YES YES YES!! You tell Lisa! You tell everyone! Not all women have some 'marriage and babies' instinct! (And now I'm soapboxing too, but even at a considerably younger age than Edie, I get this from my friends too a lot, and it gets my goat)

Edie: The Feminist. I like it a lot! She's the first OC I've come across in a long time who I can wholly identify with, and who feels so, uh...real. Like, I can imagine her being someone I know, if you know what I mean? And I am proud of her politics! Go Edie!

I think I want Rose to take a long walk off a short pier now.


♥ (but I am also raging at everyone because poor wee Edie is so mistreated)

Author's Response: Hahahaha, I'm glad you've found some music that encompasses how awful I'm making Edie's life! It's pretty mean of me, eh?

YES YOU CAN RELATE TO EDIE YES YES YES This makes me so happy. Seriously. I just want her to be real. And I was concerned that nobody would be able to relate to her because I (rather foolishly) assumed that everyone else my age had quit reading fic, and that all the readers would be much much younger. I don't mean that in a sense that younger people can't relate to older characters and vice-versa, but I was afraid that it wouldn't "hit home" because nobody would be in Edie's life situation.

♥ to you too!

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Review #5, by LittleMissPrincess 

21st March 2013:

all this distressing rose/edie anti everythign action always makes me feel sad and slightly sick. because rose is literally so annoying, and if i met her in real life, i'd probably throttle her.

theo is really awesome, and maybe him and edie should hook up and then oliver will be jealous and then maybe rose will accidently drink poison? idk. i'd read that story.

okay fine, i know i'm being rude, but you should take it as a compliment! i find your characters so life like that i intend to fight their battles for them. (:

till the next chapter :D

Author's Response: hahahaha, I love that train of thought leading to "and then Rose will accidentally drink poison." I know how you feel. The girl that Rose is based on really gets to me. Like, more than anyone I've ever met, haha. But it inspires writing!

Edie quite likes Theo too. I haven't considered them getting together though xD

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Review #6, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

15th March 2013:
Aah!! I really, really hope Edie is about to tell Blakeslee everything, but I'm kind of afraid for her to. After all, I think Blakeslee will find it really hard to believe, and I can only imagine the reaction...

*Rushes to next chapter*


Author's Response: Gah. Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of this chapter. I wrote it last minute because I didn't want Edie to be such a pushover to Rose anymore; it didn't feel realistic. Buuut, as you will see in the next chapter, it just didn't work out xD

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Review #7, by patronus_charm 

6th March 2013:
Yay! More awesome Edie Lennox time :D

I liked the start to the story! I have the exact same reaction when something suspicious wakes me up, and I always think itís an assassin coming to kill me, or in Edieís case, Rose! The letter though, very mysterious, and I always love a bit of mystery, as it spices up a story!

Haha so Edieís sort of stalking him, by looking through the newspapers for new about him then? I loved the reaction of how teen girls can be! I am guilty of doing that as well, but I do hope that I am out of that stage, as itís so embarrassing! I liked the little bit about how Edie was annoyed that his real personality wasnít showing, as it showed how much she liked him, and how she wanted the public to see the real him, not the centaur kissing version of him!

I liked the mention of her previous romance Cormac, it just made me laugh so much the way she reminisced about it! She doesnít seem too bothered that it was a failed romance, and that was really nice to see, as I hate the moany person who canít get over the forget theyíre not together anymore. Is this Cormac McLaggen by the way?

Iím totally with Edie on the dress front! Come on, itís the one time you can splash as much as you want on a dress, yet Lisa wants her to go to the second hand shop, Iím glad that Edie won though! That hint about Lisa being pregnant made me a little curious, I know some health freaks and they would never eat fried food like that, so Iím sitting here, waiting to see if my assumptions will be correct or not!

Ooh and this Theo guy! There was a little thing going on there. Iím probably reading way too much into this, but hey itís more fun doing that, as you never know what will happen next that way!

GO AWAY ROSE! DONíT BE MEAN TO EDIE, SHEíS AWESOME! RANT OVER! Sorry about that, I get very passionate on the topic of Rose;D Still, I hate the way she takes all the credit for the articles, Iím secretly hoping theyíll be a big reveal scene, where Edie bursts out, that it was her all along! I should have read to the end of the chapter before putting that, but still go EDIE! I really hope sheís going to admit everything, as Rose winning that award was a step too far!

No CC's I can think of, so yay for that! Another amazingly awesome chapter :D


Author's Response: Hello there!

Bahahaha. "Stalking" is a very funny way of thinking about it. I feel like I should expand on that in the story... thanks for the plunny! ;D

Yes, it is Cormac. He was just such an idiot, in my opinion, but really cracked me up (especially his performance in the film). When I tried to think of the least likely person that Edie would end up with, it was him! And yes, she's rather nonchalant with past breakups and family history. I didn't want her to be overly-emotional. But there are two sides to that coin, because she's also awful with talking about ~*~feelings~*~.

Hmm! I actually hadn't considered anything between Theo and Edie, really. You know me and my unlikely 'ships. I feel like I just need to write a series of one-shots of crack ships that should have happened in this story... omgtotallydoingthat.

As for Edie finally taking credit for the articles, we'll just have to see... ;D

Thank you so much!! ♥

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Review #8, by soapman333 

24th February 2013:
Lisa is pregnant?! Well, that explains everything :0 Way to go Justin the Jerk! Use protection next time, buddy. Geez.

Mildred?! Hi Mildred! I wrote you a poem:

A gaze that cuts into my heart,
A smirk that speaks unto my soul.
Mildred, you are a work of art,
Please say that you will make me whole.

Rose. . .you hurt my trust, again. Go get her Edie!


Author's Response: Hahaa, nooo she's not pregnant. Edie was just making a very tasteless joke. (Weird, right?)

Oh my gosh.

This poem.


She'll definitely continue to have a minor role thoughout the story! Can you tell I'm trying to trick you into coming back? :D

Seriously though, thank you *so* much for leaving all of your reviews. No matter how nonsensical you seemed to find them. I really appreciate it!

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Review #9, by wouldn't you like to know 

18th February 2013:
TELL HER TELL HER TELL HER!!! Rose Is Seriously Ticking Me Off And I Want Her Destroyed For Hurting Edie Like That!... So Yea Great Chapter
( Awkward Turtle)10/10

Author's Response: Hello!

Rose is making quite a few enemies here, it seems. I know she's rotten, but I feel like it's just her nature, too. Like she doesn't know how not to be manipulative and genuinely thinks it's the way you're supposed to treat people. Oh, how wrong she is!

Thanks so much, mystery reviewer! ;3

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Review #10, by teh tarik 

14th February 2013:

no you can't just end like that no no no arrgh arrgh. no my head is spinning yes honestly gnglnalskhkjlhasdjkfasad


Er...trying to think of something to say here. First, LOVED that conversation between Edie and Lisa. This went in a very unexpected direction and I'm so glad it did. Their friendship in the past had always seemed a little flat mostly because Lisa did not seem human. Baha. I mean...well you know what I mean. Great perfect life...getting married...good job...great perfect life - and that's pretty much all Edie ever sees about Lisa, at least now in the present - not sure how these two were like when they were younger. But lovely work here. LOVED how Edie packed enough supplies for a full day excursion which turned out to be a ten minute thing.

Edie dated Cormac!?!?! You mean McLaggen? Baha...I loved how you described their relationship: We were both bored from day one, but we were bored with everything else in our lives too, so we stuck it out.

Sounds like quite a typical modern day relationship :D I really appreciate it when you bring in these sorts of anecdotes of Edie's life...in fact I love it when any new information on Edie is revealed :)

And the Gala. I'd quite forgotten about it. It was quite a few chapters ago. Gah! By the time Mildred allocated to Edie I was hardly surprised. I knew it was going to suck. Just didn't know how bad. And then drama. And then Rose. And then what. Edie is going to tell Blakeslee.

OK I have no idea what's going to happen but I bet it's something bad. Things do not flow smoothly for Edie never ever. Bah, OK.

One last thing...just MORE. And SOON.


Author's Response: You!!!


I'm glad to see that I have (I think?) converted one reader into liking Lisa. I know she sounds perfect, but I based her off of my friend who is in the same life situation and is equally nice and beautiful... it's nauseating, haha ;D I also wanted to show her as a modest and un-frivolous person, like she has it all but she doesn't let it get to her head--that's why she took all of 10 minutes to find a wedding dress!

Yes! Cormac McLaggen! haha. I had an original character at first, but you know how much I love throwing in minor characters... Rose, Theo, Lisa, Dean, Seamus, Cho (kind of)... now Cormac! xD

hahaha I love that everyone's response so far has been "something bad is going to happen to Edie because NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS TO HER." I won't say either way ;3 but the next chapter is being validated right now.

Thank you so, so, so much! I'm always so excited to see reviews from you!

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Review #11, by AlexFan 

7th February 2013:
First, let me say that I hate Rose and she needs to go into a corner and stop being such a . . . such a . . . SUCH A FEMALE DOG!

It's about time that Edie told Blakeslee that it was really her that wrote the article. Of course, nothing good will probably come from it but I'm hoping that Rose gets at least some kind of punishment.

Judging by the way that you're ruining Edie's life though, I'd say things aren't in her favour at the moment.

Moving on.

How exactly is Edie going to make Wood seem arrogant, selfish and thoughtless when he's anything but. Surely even Edie can see that Oliver is actually a really nice guy.

If Oliver really was canoodling with a male centaur, I bet you that night was UNBELIZEABLE.

Am I great at jokes or what.

Clearly, Edie hasn't heard of lying on a resume. Unless the interviewer is going to owl Witch Weekly about Eddie, they'll never know that she lied on her resume. I realise that it's wrong to do that but I mean come on, the girl is going to be practically homeless!

You had a couple of punctuation errors but nothing really major.

Edie sounded like my mother when she went on her rant of staying single. I couldn't help but smile at that part.

Good God, what exactly did Edie have in mind that included genitalia and good combined as one!

No, you do not need to delete this chapter because it is awesome the way that it is and I loved it. Sorry for getting to your review so late!

But seriously, I want to shoot Rose.

Author's Response: Heehe. Yes, Rose is rather abominable. And I am having fun toying with poor Edie. xD

As for her approach on the article, think about things from her perspective. Her first impression of Wood was him a) lying about his identity, b) kissing her without asking, which definitely crosses a physical boundary c) starting a fight in her bar. Then he showed up to his interview still drunk from the night before, and was thoughtless enough to continue drinking despite having a professional appointment. He was the only team member of Puddlemere United who refused to donate money to a children's charity. Lastly, he played a huge role in getting her sacked from her job. The odds are definitely against him in terms of Edie's good opinion--but I'm glad that at least YOU can see that he's not a bad person, deep down xD

Hahaha, I don't know if Edie would ever actually do something like that for Lisa's hen night. In my experience, though, there is a lot of shamelessness with bachelorette parties, from genetalia-themed cupcakes to male strippers. It's all very odd to me--just wanted to comment on that!

No need to apologize; I appreciate you taking the time to review. Thanks so much!

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Review #12, by Courtney Dark 

5th February 2013:
Yay, another update! Happy dance!

I seriously love this story so much. It has all the flirting, enemies, friendships, drinking, partying and poor, suffering young adults that I love to read about but is not cliche in any way, shape or form. I love the issues that you are able to subtly write about in this story and the way that Edie deals with them. And Edie's character is just brilliant!

I've always actually been a fan of Lisa, and this chapter just made me love her even more! I love the friendship between her and Edie and the way the two of them contrast each other so nicely. Although I must say, I was a little disappointed by the lack of Seamus and Oliver in this chapter, hehe.

Gah! Rose! You have done a really good job with her characterization, making my severely dislike her. Poor Edie-it must suck, having someone else take the credit for all your hard work! And I really do hope she gets her revenge! Though, knowing Edie's luck, something will probably get in the way.

Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Yesss! I'm so glad I changed your mind (if only a bit) about Lisa. I just thought people were getting the wrong impression, so I wanted to give them some more face-time with her ;D

I love seeing that people actually *miss* my characters. I've actually added a lot of extra scenes for Ediver interactions that I had never planned on including, like when he pops in to see her at the coffee shop. I want this story to be as realistic as possible and I'm not sure how well I could pull it off if they bumped in to each other every day, etc., since right now they don't have a reason to be around one another so often. But now that she's getting more and more into writing the article, they'll have to spend time together ;D

Thanks again! It's so lovely to have loyal readers like yourself.

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Review #13, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

5th February 2013:
Hello... again.

Noo! I can't believe this is happening. I did start to see where the chapter was going and I was praying I was wrong. I can't believe how far this is going! Poor Edie. I hope she goes and see's Blakeslee and tells her and it works out well in Edie's favour but knowing you, that won't happen.

I really enjoyed reading your Edie and Lisa time. I never disliked her but she doesn't isn't really my fav character personality wise but you started to change my mind in this chapter so yay.

I'll admit I missed my Oliver...

Absolutely can't wait for the next chapter!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Hahaha, I just laughed to myself at "but knowing you, that won't happen." Well... we will see. hehe. Although I think you may be on to something, Edie does get to exact a little revenge.

YES! I converted you! I didn't want Lisa to be disliked by anybody, really... except maybe that she's so head-over-heels in love with Justin that she neglects her friends for him. We all know people like that, and I wanted her to represent people losing perspective of things when they get into a serious relationship.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Review #14, by Lucy 

3rd February 2013:
I think Edie should tell her. She would get reprimanded I'm sure, but at the same time the ethical implications are important to consider. I hope you update soon, I quite enjoy this story.

Author's Response: Thanks!! And thanks for your opinion ;D I had Chapter Eleven all written out, and then deleted everything and started over. haha. I will explain in my next Author's Note.

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Review #15, by batsoulini 

3rd February 2013:
That Rose, what a BITCH! Seriously... WHAT A B-I-T-C-H! I really hope Edie tells everything to Blakeslee! Edie might lose her job but that bitch will definately lose even more... She won't be able to find a job period! MOU A HA HA!

Update soon! Oliver was dearly missed from this well written chapter!

Author's Response: Haha, yes, Rose is quite the devil... I totally know how you feel, but remember to keep your reviews 12+! :3

I missed having Oliver in this chapter, too, hehe. Don't worry. Soon you'll be sick of reading so much about him ;D I just love some good ol' fashioned buildup to a romance.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #16, by Siriusly89 

3rd February 2013:
NO! I've been piped to the post!

Ah well! Still super excited about the new chappie!

People hate Lisa? Who could hate that sweetheart? I loved their girly time, very entertaining considiring Edie ate a SALAD! Dun dun dun! And then the way she spent her morning, pj's until noon! She is just the best! Makes me feel a lot better about myself, seeing as its ten past two in the afternoon and I'm still in my pyjama bottoms. . . . .whoops!

YES! SWEET SWEET REVENGE IS ON THE CARDS DEAR ROSE! Ha ha! I hope Edie gets to tell Blakeslee, but then I hope she doesn't, because Rose is such a manipulator, she will probably worm her way out of it, and then Edie will have no job! Gah!

She should really open up to Lisa about everything though. I understand she doesn't want to look pathetic in front of her seemingly perfect best friend, who basically leads a charmed life, but she needs someone to talk to! ASAP!

Another brilliant chappie! I wait in anticipation (I will regain my title :P)

Author's Response: I know! I was so shocked! haha, I think the chapter went up sometime reeeaaally early in the morning, so don't worry. It didn't count ;3

I don't think anyone really hated Lisa, but they just didn't believe she was realistic because her life was so perfect. And I based her off of my friend, who is the sweetest girl I've ever met; is gorgeous; danced professional ballet and traveled the world; is engaged to a guy she is crazy about; lives in an awesome house; has an adorable baby; etc etc etc. So I just wanted people to see that Lisa's very human and does things like eat an entire tub of ice cream when nobody's looking.

You are so on-point about Edie needing to tell somebody about being unemployed. I'm hoping readers will see exactly how little she's capable of opening up to people. She doesn't want to admit fault to anyone, so she refuses to talk about what happened with her job--even Oliver--even though her friends and family would be more than willing to help her out. She's too proud. It's definitely a character fault that will be playing a major part in later chapters!

Thank you so much for your lovely reviews. I always look forward to them. Can't wait for an update on your Oliver story! ;D

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Review #17, by ValWitch21 

3rd February 2013:
It's a pity, really, that reviews must be kept 12+ because I have a few choice words to describe Rose right now...


Edie should have smashed a spinach puff in her face.

As for what Edie, is going to do, I hope she does it, but I'm also worried that Blakeslee won't believe her -- which, in my head, is more than probable.

But other than that, I'm screaming at her to go for it without any guilty feelings. Rose deserves it.

(The best thing you could do to Rose, though, is have her embarrassed by Oliver. Make Oliver save the day, okay? Please?)

I loved Edie getting angry about the cheese souffles things. I was wondering how long it would take her to lose her cool, and it's a miracle she survived that long...

This chapter, I think, marks a turning point. Edie's life was going completely downhill, and I really want to see it go back up again, hopefully this is the start of her getting back ino the fight (that sounds dreadfully cheesy)? I feel like reaching through the screen and doing the three following things:

a) Give Edie a hug
b) Kick Rose. Hard.
c) Push Edie and Oliver in a secluded corner, and tell them to, you know, breed or something.

If that wasn't clear enough, what I'm basically saying is that I'm forever jealous of your characters, that this was a fabulous chapter (but I finished it too fast, again), and that I'm waiting for more.

Just saying.


(By the way, stick with Ediver. Olie sounds less cool.)

Author's Response: Hahahaha. I know what you mean... Rose really just makes you want to shout profanities. Edie is actually a bit difficult for me to write at times, because she's much more aggressive than I am. It never even occurred to have her do something like smash a spinach puff in her face... even though it would be really fun xD I actually re-wrote this chapter last minute, because I originally had her just standing by, upset, as Rose accepted the award. But then I was like, NAW GIRL, THAT'S NOT WHAT EDIE WOULD DO and changed it. (I think I need to create a WWED bracelet for times like this--What Would Edie Do?)

Doesn't sound cheesy at all! (Especially next to a chapter that mentions brie, muenster and all kinds of cheesy goodness!) I think this just might be a turning point for Edie... but that's all I'm gonna say right now ;3

Thanks so much! It's so nice to hear that you like my characters, when Camille and Xavier and Mathilda and Helena and Kiwi are all so well-developed. :3

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Review #18, by zipzin 

3rd February 2013:
I hope that she tells Blakeslee. She deserves to take revenge. And Rose deserves to go done. Please update soon this is so good!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Chapter Twelve is all written, but I need to go back and finish what I've been putting off with Chapter Eleven xD The conversation between Edie and Blakeslee is really hard to write!

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Review #19, by Badname 

2nd February 2013:
Ohmigod, Rose's situation just became that much more precarious - if Edie tells Blakeslee who really wrote the Wood article, her accepting the award will make it so much worse.

I'd like to think Edie would tell the truth, but I'm sort of hoping that something will get in the way - she's just lost her bartending job, and can't afford to lose her share of the profit if Blakeslee decides to let her go. Although... Edie could do with some revenge.


Author's Response: Yeah, Edie kind of reacted before she could really think it through. (Weird, right? hehe) I'm spending a lot of time on the conversation between she and Blakeslee because I really want to get it right... it's kind of stressful, really! haha. But I'm so glad you like my story.

And yes, Edie really could do with some revenge. ;D

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