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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

14th August 2016:
Poor, Edie. But hey, she got a two-way mirror call from Oliver whilst sitting in Alchemy Coffee feeling sorry for herself; not to mention the fact that he apparated straight to her the instant she told him where she was. That's got to mean that he cares for her a least some... there's a sliver of hope for them yet. I'm even falling for Oliver. Also, I like how you've invented the magic properties/rules of the two-way mirror to incorporate in this fic. Also, love the fact that Edie put charms on hers so that only people she enjoys speaking with can get through to her... means she likes Oliver. More hope! I'm so an Ediver shipper. They're so cute, and I have a feeling Oliver has other motives for meeting up with Edie Friday night, especially since he chose a fancy, expensive restaurant for the next interview. He really likes her. I just know it.

Author's Response: Ohh so you caught the little reference that she has charmed her mirror to only allow those who she likes to contact her. Teehee. Silly Edie, even if you think you don't like Oliver, you've obviously enjoyed your time with him.

I was really torn about the two-way mirror thing, because it's supposed to be a TWO-WAY mirror, in my understanding. Like they are magically bound in pairs, and these work more like cell phones, but I would assume that the magical world would progress similarly to the Muggle world--new magic, new technology. That's why Hypatia hates using two-way mirrors and still opts for owl post, and Edie never checks her mail. (My parents refuse to call me on the phone but will send me lengthy emails, and I never associate my email account with anything but junk mail and Real Adult Things, so I never respond to their emails. You see where this is going.)

I'm so glad to hear that you're falling for Oliver, because I *still* have a crush on him four years after starting to write about him. He's the dream!

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

8th February 2015:
Thereís a dull ache in my stomachódid I really dig my own grave like this? Because I dared to bend the rules, just once? To take on a challenge, and try to better myself as a journalist? I cover my face.

^ Karma girl. How unfair but that's how the world works. If this was reality she would get fired from her job for kicking them out. It doesn't matter if they were acting awful and it got out. She would be fired so fast she would get whiplash.

Why is Wood so delicious? Uh. I want to squeeze his cheeks (on his face, get your mind out of the gutter). He's so cute! And nice! And warm!

I wonder how he's going to react when he finds out that Edie gets nothing for her interview. Well, she gets the money which she clearly desperately needs now at all times but I really do not think Rose will pay her. I just have an inkling.

I want to say everything will go up from here but...yeah, that's not going to happen, is it?

Author's Response: Yes, karma and also an unfair advantage in which the universe hates Edie Lennox. I seriously had the plot bunny of "What if there was an OC who ALWAYS had something go wrong for them?" and KC&CO was born.

I'm so happy that most people like Oliver! It's funny, I started writing this and then six months in I met somebody who's kinda similar to him, and now we're dating. So a few of Oliver's habits (the smiling down at his hands, over-thinking everything he says, and having a very calculating look) are things that I kinda picked up from my boyfriend. Whoops.

It goes up for a bit! Don't worry! Maybe stop reading when things seem perfect a few chapters down the road and it'll be like things never go wrong again. (No please don't stop reading, I love your reviews!)

Thank you again, so very much, for these. I love following along with somebody who's just started the fic from the beginning ♥

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Review #3, by TheGirlOnFire 

17th July 2013:
Things seem to just be getting worse and worse for Edie. Maybe he and Oliver can hook up *winkwink*.


Author's Response: Pahahaha. That would possibly make things better for her right now--or possibly much worse. An interesting thought, though. ♥

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Review #4, by peppersweet 

29th May 2013:
Nooo Edie *claws at her* nooo. The girl can't catch a break, can she? Edieee.

Oliver needs to be pelted with rotten turnips. And Rose. And the guy that owns the pub. I am NOT HAPPY WIT YA, OLIVER. You're no doin' yer country proud, laddie. *Aggressively Highland Flings into next section*

This is where the hipsters come die. Or at least to wax philosophical, with their Dragonskine notebooks, I decide. - this is where I belong.

I am actually feeling so much rage towards Rose right now I'm starting to exhibit physical symptoms. Fists clenching and unclenching. Teeth grinding. Brow furrowing. Furrowing like a well-tilled field.

If life doesn't pick up for Edie soon I might defenestrate myself (don't panic, I'm on the ground floor).

Author's Response: ROTTEN TURNIPS YES. Or maybe a Mandrake, as I see no difference between the two (at least visually.) I DONT KNOW WHAT I HIGHLAND FLING IS BUT IT SOUNDS AWESOME IS THAT LIKE THROWING A LOG OR SOMETHING I HOPE SO

Heeheee! Maybe you are the witch with the septum piercing, then, who nods at Edie :P As in that's what I'm going to choose to believe from now on.

GURL HOLD ON DONT HURT YOURSELF. I know Rose is a total jerk, but I need you alive and well to write more lovely fic! And make awesome fanmixes!

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Review #5, by LittleMissPrincess 

21st March 2013:

okay so i said this last time but that was awhile back so you probably dont remember but OMG I HATE ROSE SO IMPOSSIBLY MUCH LIKE UGH WHY DOES SHE EXIST i know she wasn't even in this chapter but her presence just WJKHDKNS.

edie, oh poor edie :( of course, i dont have a job, so i dont know what its like to lose one but OUCH. THAT MUST SUCK. also since the guy, what was his name? Angus. (just went up and checked) yeah so since angus was so fond of her - gosh those owners suck.

and i think it was ironic that oliver was the reason she was fired. now dont get me wrong, i'm a total ediver (lol the ship name) but i dont think i'll be happy till edie just gets really mad at oliver for being annoying. also rose is so mANIPULATED AND I WISH EDIE COULD JUST SFLKUSAHFLKJSD wait no i already talked about rose, okay so i think i'm done here.

oh and one more thing, i just feel really bad for edie because of her friendship with lisa - wait let me explain - i think lisa is great, but i feel bad for edie because her life's a mess and the perfect life is literally being lived in by her very own bestfriend.

also you are totes awesome so see you in the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh! I just logged on to find your many reviews. Thanks so much, you've made a mediocre day awesome! Glad to see that you're back on HPFF.

I haven't lost a job either (yet--I feel it's inevitable, haha.) But I *have* applied for a dream job and not gotten it, so I imagine there are similar letdowns. I think it would just make me feel so awfully inadequate to be sacked :c Yes, the owners are awful. I based them on the couple who ran a restaurant where I used to work ;D

I'm glad to see that you're still shipping Ediver even after what's happened. Most readers seem to hate one or the other at this point, haha. And I'm glad that you like Lisa, but are aware that she's totally got it better than Edie.

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Review #6, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

15th March 2013:
OH no, Edie! What has she gotten herself into?!? Well, I mean, it's not her fault, but... you know what I mean.

Maybe it's just because I'm feeling particularly protective of Edie with her recent loss-of-employment, but for whatever reason, I don't particularly like Oliver in this chapter. He seems a little Rose-ish to me, if that makes any sense. And of course I'm worried about what Edie will do to make ends meet now.

All this stress has got to be taking its toll on Edie, and I'm just hoping she's not on the verge of an emotional breakdown!! I suppose only time will tell, though! Really great chapter, dear, 10/10!!

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear that you're not the hugest fan of Oliver here! A lot of readers seem to think that Edie is a huge brat and needs to just suck it up, haha. In a way she is being that way, so I won't entirely disagree with them. But it's always so fun to see who likes and dislikes which character!

Hmm, an emotional breakdown? At least she is terrible with displaying emotions. She just may be safe there. ;D

Thanks so much ♥

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Review #7, by patronus_charm 

28th February 2013:
How could I ever be sick of reading about Edie? Sheís awesome!

I donít think Iíve mentioned this before, so Iíll say it now! I loved that you chose Kate Nash to be Edie, it seems so fitting given her kookiness, and it just seems to fit Edie so well.

Edie got fired! Those quidditch players deserved it though! I mean yeah she was late all the time, but the fact they were all doing drunk karaoke means they deserved to be chucked out! Even though Angus was firing her, I rather liked him, as he made me laugh with the fact he was blatantly the one who read that magazine!

It was funny to see how much something in the tabloids affects things. I mean Iím used to it in the wizarding world, but to see it pop up here as well made me laugh as it was so unexpected, and it just shows you how similar the magical and muggle world really is.

I liked how you showed the wizarding aspects of muggle things. It was funny to see that London prices were still the same in magical London, and I liked the idea of a magical newsstand and cafť, it just added something special to the story, and made it more believable and accurate, as it just made you want to go there even more.

I see what you meant about the mirrors now! Thatís a really cool idea, as it does make sense for the magical world to move with the times.

Aw Wood called her! Then offended Indie music, itís not bad, if you want bad music listen to One Direction! (Iím praying that youíre not a 1D fan right now!). I didnít expect Wood to turn up, but it made me secretly pleased that he cared enough about her to see her. I loved her ideas of Woodís thoughts though, as it did seem rather accurate.

So Wood has a secret side to him then? I liked the fact that he did seem rather intelligent, and he could quote muggle books. It was just unexpected but it did seem fitting at the same time. I liked the part of him not liking muggle like communication, as that seemed unusual, but again once you had mentioned it, it seemed to fit Wood well.

I got a little hopeful with Edie about Friday night! The my dreams had to be dashed :( Rose though, how could she say that the articles were a joint effort, they were not, it was all of Edieís awesome work! I dread to think what happened on their sort of date! After all it is all about him and Edie. I guess at least he had the decency to look embarrassed.

You have a gift for coming up with such cool places and names! It just adds something to the story, and the Hanging Moon sounds so cool, and now I want to go there, and be on a date with Oliver.

Another awesome chapter! I canít wait to see how Friday goes!


Author's Response: Gah, I think I've become more and more in love with Kate Nash as this story progresses. I originally chose her because I knew they're both sassy and she has funny pictures, but the more I learn about Kate the more alike I'm finding them to be!

I have such a soft spot for Angus. I based him off of this guy that used to work at the museum where I intern. He's really big and gruff but doesn't know how to act around young women because he's emotionally stunted ;3

No. No I am not a One Direction fan. In fact, I'm proud that I didn't know who they were until about two weeks ago.

I wouldn't say he has a 'secret' side to him, so
much as the idea that Edie got the wrong impression of him. As in he acts like an idiot when provoked by friends, which I explain a bit in chapter twelve :D

I'm sorry to dash your dreams! And I'm also sorry that Rose is so sneaky. She can't help it, really. haha.

Thank you so very much for this review!!!

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Review #8, by soapman333 

24th February 2013:
Oh snap! She did not just get sacked! Poor Edie :(

This interaction between Edie and Ollie is adorable (Gah, I keep thinking about the sad mess that is Dean).

I should say more. . .Oh I liked the bad singer, what a funny extra in the scene (I sound like I'm describing a movie).

Bahaha, Rosie and Ollie. I don't know why I think that's so amusing. That innuendo just made me crack up. I hope she doesn't break more of my trust...yeah, she will.


Author's Response: She suuure did get sacked. Just when she thought things were going well with the articles. Life turned around and bit her in the bum. (Story of her life?)

I'm glad you found it adorable. I know I keep saying it but I was so afraid that other people wouldn't think they click. I obviously do, but it's my brain-baby, so of course I'm biased!

And yeah, she definitely will. ;3

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Review #9, by teh tarik 

6th February 2013:
Hiya Sarah :D

So...um...I'm not sure how to say this, but THIS. THIS is the chapter I've been waiting for. This is the chapter where you've really shown me EDIE - not just funny awkward sarcastic Edie who has a oneliner for every situation but a more vulnerable side of her - a more poignant side of her beneath all the sarcasm and caustic comebacks. And more amazingly, you've still managed to keep the tone of the chapter funny and awkward. Funny and awkward and moving and just brilliant. That's how I'd describe this chapter. So anyway...Edie losing her job, and partly because of her own doing :( That really struck a chord with me, me being *cough* unemployed, having been made redundant a few months ago. When I read that part, I was half-expecting Edie to just storm away angrily, and lose herself temporarily in some long ranty internal monologue which of course would be very hilarious (well, you know Edie...) but you gave us so much more. You've really taken this unemployment issue and approached it so realistically, and shown how badly it affects Edie - losing a rubbish job like that, even if it IS a job she's been complaining about and all.

There are these lines / paragraphs and they're so wonderfully written - I'm not sure if you realise just how moving they are (sorry I'm going to quote an entire paragraph back to you :P ):

"I pause at the heavy wooden door. I've worked at The Poisoned Apple for almost three years. It was a shoddy job with often seedy customers, but it paid the rent. This dingy little pub was where I'd reunited with Dean and Seamus after being no more than acquaintances at Hogwarts. We'd gotten into an argument about the Holyhead Harpies that resulted in a shouting match and a broken pint glass. It was where I'd had my last drunken snog, albeit some time ago. And where I thought I'd met Viktor Krum, and had actually met Oliver Wood.


I think I'll take the long way home tonight.

Oh, this is just so beautifully written. Add any more to it and it would've become a little too sentimental for Edie, but now, as it is, every word is so perfectly placed. And that last gut-wrenching sentence. Just...wonderful. ♥

OK, and of course, Oliver Wood. And BAHAHAHA HIPSTERZZZ! JACK KEROUAC! HIPSTAZZ! DRAGONSKINE BOOKS! SEPTUM PIERCINGS! Even in Edie's state of distress there's all this brilliant wit and humour and all her wry observations and sociocultural commentary (or whatever it is...not sure if that is the right term).

The two parts of this chapter really fit together nicely by the way. If there hadn't been that touch of angst from the first part, I don't think the conversation between Edie and Oliver would have turned out so wonderfully. And just like how you've totally pushed Edie to her limits here and showed a different side of her, so you've also managed to surprise me with...not-drunk and not-too-socially-awkward Oliver. He's a little slicker here, a bit more confident, maybe because he realises that Edie isn't having the best of days or maybe he's getting used to her presence or maybe he just realises that she's probably more awkward than him or something I don't know what but whatever it is I LOVED this scene. So much development! And then of course, towards the end, both of them stumbling over their own words - first Edie with the Friday night, and then Oliver with his "She and I didn't accomplish much the other night" on Rose...BAHA, OK whatever, I'm boarding this Ediver ship along with the whole band of your other reviewers.

Ooh, and the two way mirror thing was really neat. I think you explained them in the previous chapters as well, but here I think you included some lovely and very unique detail about casting charms on them so the mirrors between two people will only link if you've met the person and enjoyed talking to them. Ahem. Oh, that's very subtle indeed!

OK, finally, that last sentence: The door shuts behind me, silencing the last hanging guitar chord, the applause and Oliver Wood's stupid brown eyes. Oh Edie ♥ She's back!

Anyway, well, brilliant chapter, really. Things have just...got a lot trickier for Edie, but also a lot more interesting :D You did a fantastic job with this. It's your best written chapter yet. So whatever you're doing, keep at it! Looking forward to more :DDD



I was worried about showing too much sentiment with Edie; part of her character is that she's really emotionally dense at times, and doesn't know how to talk about feelings, etc. So I really wanted this chapter to be written well enough that it could have been said by her. I'm so glad you liked it, you have NOOO idea how much I admire your writing, so hearing it from you is just--GAH! So amazing.

HIPSTAAAZ!!! hahaha. I think I'm just becoming bitter, because the city where I live is entirely too trendy (this coming from somebody with a liberal arts degree/vegetarian/art museum person). So I just wanted to poke some fun. I'm glad you caught the Dragonskine thing ;D

Thank you!!! I'm so glad the scene with Oliver turned out well. I wrote it and re-wrote it and something just wasn't clicking, because first he was beeing TOO awkward, and then he wasn't being awkward enough, and finally he just started cooperating with me, and I think that he and Edie mesh together quite well (although I'm a bit biased.) I think the main reason that he got so snippy was because she was being kind of a jerk to him, and I did NOT want this to be the situation where the girl is always angry and says mean things and is slapping the guy, but he just follows her around anyway. Oliver got snarky because she started it ;D

Oh yes. I was trying to be quite subtle with the mirror thing... glad you picked up on it! haha. I originally had said something like "I don't want to contemplate why the mirror was letting me talk to Oliver" but was like NO NO NO NOT SUBTLE ENOUGH WRONG WRONG WRONG *perfectionist fist-pound* So I was hoping some readers would notice it, and others wouldn't ;D

Thank you so much for this amazingly wonderful review. I feel like I could never write a response that's even halfway worthy of it--thank you SO SO SO much.

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Review #10, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

5th February 2013:
Hello. again.

Okay, I can't stop reading and I actually can't believe what I have just read. I can't believe Edie got sacked and she shot herself in the foot with the article!! Noo! What are you doing to her?? Yes you really do love toturing her!

Now I've got over the shock of that can I just say all my previous comments about a certain Mr Wood have been blown out of the water with how cute he was in this chapter? The comment about having a few blows to the head left in him yet and outwitting Edie herself, yeah I fell in love with him all over again.

Oh she's got herself into a mess here hasn't she? I love the sound of that restaurant. When you said 'The Potter couple were there' it made me smile. I can't wait to see how this goes as if your past chapters are anything to go by this is going to be great!

Lauren :D

Author's Response: GAH! I am so, so, so excited that people like Oliver. I just imagine him to be so different from how I've seen him on HPFF before (even though I love the other characterizations of him, too!) and I wasn't sure how people would take snarky, socially awkward, well-read Oliver Wood. :3

And I had a lot of fun describing The Hanging Moon in an upcoming chapter... now I just wish I could go there myself! Thanks so much, as always.

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Review #11, by Hope's Mom 

1st February 2013:
Edie is really having a hard time! It seems particularly cruel that Oliver would contact her about another interview just after she had been fired because of his actions. I understand her pride is damaged and won't let her mention it, but ouch! Thanks for the update!

Author's Response: Yes, she really is, isn't she? I think I need to give her a formal apology, when all is said and done... hehe. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #12, by Courtney Dark 

1st February 2013:
This chapter reminded me of just how much I love this story! You pot Edie into the awkwardest and weirdest and most horrible situations. And then just when things start going well for her...everything goes downhill!

Poor Edie, losing her job like that! I really felt for her in this chapter, especially the whole prospect of her being unemployed while her best friend has an amazing job. You have an excellent way of writing about the trials and tribulations of adulthood!

Your characterizations are awesome. Edie is such a real, believable character and so...human if that makes any sense at all. I love her witty little comments and I especially love the chemistry between her and Oliver. And this bit made me laugh: 'Iím sure his thought processes, which I imagine to be something like QuidditchQuidditchQuidditchFoodQuidditchSexQuidditchQuidditch, did not account for how this may be uncomfortable' because it just seemed so...Oliver Wood. And the comment was so...Edie.

Wow. I am so unhelpful!

Anyway, I can't wait for your next update, and I am certainly interested to find out how Edie and Oliver's next meeting is going to go. I'm guessing things won't go exactly to plan? They never seem to in Edie's life!

Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Hi, hi, hi!

The notion of everything being weird and horrible, and then only getting so much worse, is why I wrote the story in the first place xD

Losing your job is a very real (and very scary!) aspect of our world today. A lot of my friends IRL and on HPFF have been affected by it, and I wanted to comment on it and hopefully help people see how difficult it is. Not only has Edie been turned down from every journalism position she's applied for, but now she's lost her shoddy job too! What's a girl to do, eh?!

No! You have no idea how helpful you are being. I was SO nervous posting this chapter because I wasn't sure how people would respond to their chemistry... at the last minute I had a breakthrough in which Oliver finally started getting along with me and told me a little about himself xD So I feel much more comfortable writing him now.

I think it's pretty safe to say that for Edie, nothing will go as planned... ever. ;D Thanks so much for another lovely review.

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Review #13, by AlexFan 

1st February 2013:
I am indeed an Ediver shipper! Hardcore man! Okay, well I'm not going insane over Edie and Oliver in the "LULULULULULULULU YES THEY ARE PERFECT TOGETHER" but more in the "they need to get married. Now. NOW BREED."

If I that didn't make me come off as a psychopath then I don't know what will. ANYWAY.

I feel so bad for Edie because she just got fired and now she has no job and no money and oh my gosh, her life is just going down the drain isn't it. I feel really bad for her but at least she's getting paid by Rose for her articles.

I don't know how but you managed to make becoming unemplyed and going off to get coffee because you can't afford beer to be really funny. I especially the poke at hipsters when reading this.

It also seems as if everyone is becoming successful except for Edie (which sucks for Edie). Lisa just seems perfect at this point because she's gorgeous, nice, smart and she's getting engaged.

Have two way mirrors gone on sale or something because everyone seems to have them now. At first it was just Harry and Sirius and then Aberforth bought Sirius' half off of Mundungus and now it seems as if everyone in the Wizarding World has two way mirrors.

Is there some kind of store titled "Two Way Mirrors" where people can just go and buy two way mirrors and pick from a selection?

Would Oliver and Harry still be friends? Wouldn't Seamus and Dean have kept in touch with Harry? This just occurred to me now.

I'm sorry but I love Oliver, you just can't help but like him! I wanna hang out with Oliver now because he seems awesome.

And last but not least, the awkward moment when Edie thinks that she's getting asked out by Oliver.

To conclude, I really enjoyed this chapter and I thought that it was really hilarious and you did a great job on it.

Author's Response: hahahahaha. They do indeed need to breed... (yay rhymes!) I am so glad to hear that people enjoy them as a couple... it really is important to me that my readers support the 'ship rather than settling for 'Well this is an Oliver/OC story, they might as well date.'

Yeees, Rose paying her is the only thing keeping her on right now. So she's in quite the bind, as she definitely does not want Wood in her life anymore... but then we wouldn't have a story! xD

Yeah, Edie isn't the best with money-management, is she? Just got sacked and she's already spending money on a coffee, haha. I think it's her denial; she wants to feel like she's still in control of her funds, and doesn't want to admit that she isn't. So she does rather reckless things like that.

The two-way mirrors was a way that I showed the Wizarding World advancing. When Wood mentions Jones and Bones, I was hoping to make it obvious that they were now patented and being sold to the masses. I want this story to be very relevant to the average reader, so two-way mirrors are like our society's cell phones. Everyone has them; some people hate them; some people are addicted to them; they're pivotal to social life whether you want them to be or not. :3

I'm sure Seamus and Dean keep in touch with Harry, but I never saw the three of them as being incredibly close. Especially now that Harry is able to have a normal life, I'd imagine he'd like to keep as quiet an existence as possible, and tend to spend his time with the people who matter to him the most. Also, if my calculations are correct, didn't he and Ginny just have a baby when this story takes place (2006)?

I'm really glad that you like Oliver! Really! You have no idea. And yeah; Edie's a bit conflicted, isn't she? I don't think she even realizes how flustered she became when she thought he was asking her out. What a gal.

Thank you again, so much!!

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Review #14, by ValWitch21 

1st February 2013:
Okay. This is the review I owe you for all the wonderful ones you left me, and I will try to keep this coherent.


I'm really conflicted with this chapter: Edie getting sacked makes me want to cry, because those Murray people are idiots, and I'm also really, really annoyed with Rose right now.

But I also feel like laughing. Poor girl, you give her such horribly awkward situations to deal with! Her comments make me laugh even more -- House Elf in a sock, come on, that image had me on the floor :)

And she gets these fake ideas about Oliver, haha. Just so you know though, I'm still expecting Super Oliver to clear up the mess with the press (I'm on a completely accidental rhyming spree).

I AM SO EAGER TO READ THE CHAPTER AT THE RESTAURANT -- but please, please, please, Sarah, make Rose embarass herself for once, not Edie. Or Rose doesn't turn up at all and Edie and Oliver end up eating fish and chips in the street while in really fancy clothes. PLEASE?

And also, I have to tell you how much I love your Oliver Wood, stupid brown eyes and train of thought included.

You killed me with his thought process, you really did.

Ediver shipper, me? Nah, of course not.

Lies, all lies. I &hearts Ediver.

Author's Response: Hellooo!!!

Isn't Rose just the worst? I actually got so worked up over something that she does in a later chapter that when I went to work after writing it, I was really mad at the girl I base her off of for no reason! (In reality, this girl is nowhere NEAR as horrible as Rose.) But I still had to remind myself that this girl isn't actually a writer for WW who screws over my dear friend Edie. hehe.

You are totally right for laughing, though! When the plunnies for this story started popping up, I made a conscious decision to make her bad luck humorous. I think if she was genuinely upset all the time, it would be a totally different tone of story. And Edie just wouldn't be Edie! As you can see from this chapter, she rarely even cries. :3

Yeah, her view of Oliver is a bit skewed right now. Wait--Edie being headstrong and stubborn and not stopping to think before forming a bad opinion of somebody? What?! :P

Oooh, you actually just gave me a little idea for the next interview... thanks! And I'm glad to hear that you're an Ediver (Olie?) shipper... I ship Kiwiver too ♥

Thank you so much!

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Review #15, by zipzin 

31st January 2013:
Oh Edie. What were you thinking? I'm a total Ediver shipper right now for they are so cute! The next chapter sounds very promising (I'm expecting it will be Friday) and I can't wait. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Yaaay I am so glad you are an Ediver shipper! It makes me really nervous to write OC romance stories. I feel like presenting it to readers is like meeting the parents... I just want them to accept my OC and like her and think she's suitable for the canon character xD

Thanks for the review!!!

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Review #16, by honorary_weasley 

31st January 2013:
I really love this story coming along.
Edie is so REAL, and I love the characterization on Oliver (and her mother, and Dean, and Seamus XD)

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I felt that something was missing from Wood's character, and then I realized that he wasn't witty or intellectual enough for Edie to be interested in him. Now it's all falling in to place :D

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Review #17, by Siriusly89 

31st January 2013:

First review once again :D Hee!

GAH! Edie can't lose her job! Where will she go for some seedy-pub interaction? I want to grab the Murrays by the ear and clock their heads together! :( I am so upset! And I don't know exactly how this is all Olivers fault, but it just is okay? Don't question my madness! :P

The Achlemy Coffee! Yaay! More seedy establishments! And the place where hipsters come to die. . . . pure genius! I really am laughing my head off! :D

Olivers thought process according to Edie was very funny! The classic perseption of a sport-mad lad! I loved it :P

Ah! The banter between Oliver and Edie! I like how he can keep up with her! As she put it, he bested her twice in as many minutes! So he is obviously well read! And I like that! :D

Another wonderful chappie :) Your characters are so unique! I really love them!

P.S: I really missed Seamus, so maybe he could make a bit of an appearance in the near future :D Because you know how fond I am of him! :P

Author's Response: Hello, you! :3

The Murrays were inspired by the owners of a restaurant where I used to work; basically clueless and stingy and generally bad people. haha. xD

I feel like there are so many stories on HPFF that talk about hispters and how cool they are, so I wanted to poke some fun at them! I'm not going to get in to whether or not my friends and I qualify as "hipsters," but it's totally taking over western society. So I wanted to comment on that ;D

I'm glad you liked the Ediver banter. I've always seen Wood as intelligent. I think he applied himself at a bare minimum in school, just to have marks needed to remain on the Quidditch team. Plus I see him as being a bit of a loner, with a lot of acquaintances but not many close friends. So I'd imagine that in his day he's read a fair share of books to pass the time!

I missed Seamus too, trust me. He will definitely be making another appearance soon! Although I don't remember if it's in the next chapter or not...

Thank you again, as always. It's so nice to have such devoted readers :')

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