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Review #1, by patronus_charm 

19th April 2013:
Who is this man in the suit? Iím currently worried I havenít been enough attention when reading and that heís appeared beforehand, Iím hoping that Iím proved to be wrong. He does seem to be very mysterious, and all of this mystery seems to be building up and up. I have feeling itís all going to collide and a web of mystery will be unfolded revealing everything!

Krum actually got off? I almost didnít think he would, as it just seemed inevitable that he wouldnít. I suppose it may not go to plan if the aforementioned web of mystery is unfolded. Then again, I may be reading too much into this, and thereís no mystery to deal with anyway.

I love Rose! I loved that bit when she was listing all the reasons why she shouldnít be dating Krum, and I was just sitting there laughing, as despite her knowing this, she still dated him. Then Krum was just cool and asked whether that was everything, and then she brings up weddings of all things after that. I wonder whether the big reveal scene of Hermione and Krum sort of dating will happen then.

I liked learning more about the family history, with the wedding usually happening at the Burrow, and Arthur being dead meaning that Molly spilt her time between the rest of family, as it was nice to catch up with the Weasleys. I liked having the cameos with the various family members, and it made sense that Viktor would actually be able to talk to Harry. He seemed to respect him throughout the Triwizard tournament, so this is the respect being carried through.

It may just be me but I think this needs a room on the end of bath ĎThe bath is on the third floor.Ēí

I really liked the dancing scene, even though it was quite serious with them talking about whether they wanted children or not, it was still light-hearted and really sweet moment at the same time. It was nice just to sit there and enjoy it. Though I was a little surprised Rose didnít question her mum finding her bringing Viktor as odd a little further, though I guess weíll find out later.

It was nice to see that they had managed to recover from the slight difference of the previous night. I agree with Rose, Viktor did seem to buy a lot of food, but again that was a nice light hearted moment. It is funny to see how quickly media can lose interest in certain people, and they were only briefly mentioned compared to the front pages they had just a little while ago.

ďOver the edge of what?Ē Ah I spotted the title! That makes me oddly happy for some reason. Itís probably appeared before, but this is the first time Iíd seen it, so I had to point it out! And itís the book title, itís all clicking together now :D

The tangle of mystery is all coming together now with the intruder! I see what you did, making it a nice sweet chapter, so we wouldnít realise what would happen next. Well, you fooled me!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: The man in the suit is actually the man from the prologue who interrogates Krum, but don't worry about it. I know there are a lot of OCs in this story. Hopefully the mystery did all manage to come together by the end and I didn't leave too many questions unanswered. And you definitely weren't reading too much into it!

Oh, yea! I'm so glad you liked that moment with Rose. There are so many reasons these two make for a bad couple. It seemed only right that she acknowledge them all at some point. Maybe saying them out loud made them somewhat less terrible :P

Writing the Weasley wedding was a lot of fun. I always enjoy reading how other people picture all the characters in the next-gen era, so I thought this might be a nice way to catch up with everyone. And I thought it anyone would take Krum being there in stride, it would be Harry.

I'm really happy you liked the scene with them dancing. It was one of my favorite to write. There is just something inherently romantic about dancing, and weddings do tend to make people start thinking about their future. I thought it might be a good way to make an otherwise serious discussion a little more lighthearted.

I agree!! That was waaay too much food, but he meant well. And it's so true. One minute you're a major headline, the next, nobody cares anymore.

Hooray! I couldn't resist slipping in the title. Other than in the opening chapter, this was the only other time it's mentioned, so you didn't miss anything!

Thank you for another great review! I'm sorry it's been taking me so long to reply, but I really have appreciated them all very, very much :)

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Review #2, by CambAngst 

7th April 2013:
Hi, there! I am trying really hard not to let myself start reading your new story until I finish reviewing the rest of the chapters of this one. It's meant to be an incentive, although it hasn't been getting the job done so well. :-/ At any rate, one chapter closer...

Poor Rose. Never get drunk unless you're prepared to pay the piper. And Rose is paying the piper. I really couldn't find any fault with your descriptions of her suffering. It felt completely realistic to me. And then her knight in shining armor -- well, at least her aging former sports hero in yesterday's wedding clothes -- shows up to save her. I loved this line from Viktor:

ďAre you really going to question my expertise in this area?Ē

He had her with that one. She supposed if anyone would know how to treat a hangover, it would be Krum.
- Indeed. I doubt most people alive would have more experience with waking up hung over and confused. And it was followed by another classic Viktor-Rose exchange:

ďSee,Ē Krum said when sheíd finished cleaning her plate. ďI told you I knew vhat I was doing.Ē

ďI suppose it was bound to happen eventually.Ē
- Brilliant!

I loved the way you wrote the article from the Society section, presumably from the Prophet. Hermione was right, most people in the wizarding world really are a bunch of shameless busybodies. But the quick glimpse of Rose and Krum on the dance floor, looking -- gulp -- normal and happy was a really nice touch. I liked the effect that it seems to have on Rose, even though it is brief.

OK, so Heart came off a lot less creepy in this chapter. Slimy? Sure. Unscrupulous? Mostly. But not nearly as creepy. It's all just free publicity to him, apparently. And who can blame him for decrying the lack of it. Well, aside from Rose...

Your description of Rose's editor really struck a chord with me: The man, despite his timid appearance and an unusual affinity for sweater vests, proved to be excellent at his job, plowing through Roseís chapters with lightning speed. Is there anything in the world that makes an otherwise competent, respectable, professional man look more namby-pamby and, I don't know, lame than a sweater vest? I am completely blown away that we're still having this conversation in 2013. Now that I've gotten that out of my system, back to the review.

I find myself wondering whether you have any first-hand experience with the publishing process. That section wasn't especially long, but you wrote it very deliberately and with just the right amount of detail to make it feel very realistic without belaboring the point. Peter came out of this looking like a very competent, very smart attorney. When I think about the way I've been going back and forth on the guy for pretty much the entire story, this was a pretty nice way to wrap up the plot line for him.

The conversation between Krum and Rose as they're walking back to her office really put a smile on my face. The two of them have been through so much together, and neither one of them is "relationship material" in the classic sense of the term. That's probably one of the things that brings the two of them together. I really liked the anxiety that both of them feel about what's going to happen once the book is complete. It's the great unknown, and it definitely seemed a bit scary. You wrote it as less of a happy ending than the start of the next adventure, which I think is totally appropriate for these two.

I have to say that I love the little note she left for Heart under the title. I can't repeat it, but I love it!

And then... and then... You leave us with the ultimate cliff-hanger!" So obviously I know what happens next, but I'm going to channel my thoughts from the moment I first read this. I was convinced it was the Man in the Suit. Con-freaking-vinced. If you made me take a second guess, I would have said Viktor's first wife, Liddy. You did a great job of building misdirection around this.

So I found one little typo on this:

-- Krum, as usual, seemed obvious to the cold. - oblivious

I'm gonna do it! I'm going to get to the end. It's in sight, and then I can let myself read the new one. That's my proverbial carrot and I'm chasing it for all I'm worth.

Author's Response: There's no rush at all. I've been having a super dry writing spell of late so there will be very little to catch up on ;)

Haha! Rose did get what she deserved, I suppose. Though in her defense, it can be pretty easy to drink too much champagne. And I'm so glad you liked that little moment there. I love throwing in a bit of banter between the two whenever I can. It helps them from taking themselves too seriously.

I think the wizarding world is so prone to gossip because there are so few of them on the whole. It's like living in a small town. Who is marrying who really IS front page news. But the normality of it all really was the point -- leaving the impression that the two are heading down a path where they and the world at large embrace the relationship as "no big deal."

Phew! I'm glad I managed to redeem Heart a bit. His real moment of redemption comes off-screen and is alluded to in the last chapter, but I'm glad you didn't want to throw a shoe at him in his last appearance.

Nope, no publishing experience for me, but I have read a lot of books about writing and they always seem to contain at least a few chapters on publishing. The rest is just educated guesses! Hooray!! I'm so glad that you ended up on the side of liking Peter. I thought ending on a note where he walks away looking competent and that he did a good thing by bring the pair together was a proper sendoff.

I feel like you are hitting on all the things I wanted from each scene! Their little stroll down the street was totally meant to feel like the two are heading off into the unknown but ready to face it together. This whole chapter was supposed to have that sort of feel to it -- wrapping up their old lives to head off into something new as a pair. Not necessarily marriage and kids and that sort of happily-ever-after, but a future of their own making.

Hehehe... Rose's note to Heart was a favorite of mine, if I do say so myself. And yay for surprise plot twists! I'm so glad you didn't guess Regina, though I hoped she lived up to the role of villain!!

Thanks for another awesome review. And thanks too for the typo spot. I can't believe you're almost at the end!

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Review #3, by Dark Whisper 

14th February 2013:
Ah, and Rose rightly deserves that hang-over of hers. And how awesome of you to write Krum, "Are you really going to question my expertise in this area?" LOL! Love that line. He would be an expert by now, wouldn't he? He would have much experience and would know the best remedies. I'm so glad that he was there for her.

I knew Heart wanted scandal to sell his books. Yikes.

Now that the book is coming to an end... Viktor seems worried about their relationship. Awe... he is so 'vonderful'. :) I can't help but worry too.

And oh my... someone is pointing a wand at her? Who? Why? Is it creepy suit-guy?

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hehehe, I suppose Rose had this one coming. At least she has someone around who's been there before...quite a few times, actually. And Heart...well, he just can't help himself :P

Awww, vonderful! Too cute. I thought they needed one sweet moment before all hell brakes loose.

Thank you as always for the review!

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Review #4, by Ardeith 

28th January 2013:
Okay...you are so evil! This whole chapter kind of lulled the reader into thinking the story was winding down and then boom! the cliffhanger ending. And by the way, that end bit when she realizes the door isn't locked, that's how it played out for me when my apartment was broken into. (Though no one remained inside -- fortunately!)

And all this happens when Rose is feeling so good about her book and her writing! And I'm firmly on the Krum/Rose bandwagon. I love how they can talk about the relationship and being kind of scared. It's so easy NOT to talk about where things are going.

Author's Response: Oh no! I'm so sorry your apartment was broken into, though I'm very glad there was no one waiting on the other side of the door. And sorry for being a bit evil with this one. I did want it to feel like the start of the end before the final surprise showdown.

And yay for the Krum/Rose bandwagon! It isn't easy to talk about where relationships are heading, which is why I kind of left the question hanging a bit between them, but I'd like to think they've grown close enough to feel safe opening up a bit.

Thanks for another lovely review!

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Review #5, by Jchrissy 

27th January 2013:
Youíve described the feeling of a hangover much *too* well. I didnít even drink recently and all of the sudden I feel like squinting my eyes or putting on some dark glasses :P

This entire morning scene with the two of them was really sweet. Not only was it nice to watch Krum take care of someone else, instead of being the one getting the care, but I loved that they were sort of able to use a bit of dry humor about Krumís vast knowledge at treating a hangover. And! I got a bit feelsy when you described the photo of them in the paper. Krum smiling down at her.. ugh. Okay. Iíve made up my mind. Give these two a happy ending, please? PLEASE? Yes, Krum probably is too old. Yes, heís been through things Rose probably couldnít even dream of.. but sheís not a teenager tryign to defy her parents by dating an older boy. Sheís a grown woman who understands what she wants. So, if sheís okay with his past, if sheís okay with the fact that him being hr future may mean no marriage or children... I am to.

Although... what if she changes her mind someday? UGH. This is so hard. Iím not even Rose and Iím stressing over it all.

Oh Rose.. her response to Krumís Ďnot all of ití had me wanting to bang my head against a wall. I was really pleased that he decided to explain what he was talking about. I love how honestly they can admit their feelings to one another. Theyíre both scared, but they both realize it and ahh see now I want them to have a happily ever after again.

YOUíRE KIDDING ME, RIGHT? You arenít really going to leave it like that, are you?! Ohh Becky Iím going to remember this, and you just wait... James is going to be in the middle of a terrible attack and then a green light is going to flash and BOOM chapter over. And whenever that happens, Iím dedicating the chapter to you >:|

The entire last section I was fairly nervous because I know your style and this was definitely stretching details out more than you usually do, then when she didnít hear the click I was crossing my fingers that Krum was just going to be sitting there, but you wouldnít have made such a show about Krum already being there because it wouldnít be that odd.

I was really hoping I was over thinking it, but nope. Okay. I need to brainstorm.

The man in the suit is the same that Albus (or hugo, i forget) saw and they assumed it was a reported. Heís been to Krumís twice, meeting Rose one of those times. Well, both, but talking to her that second. And then he was the man in the very beginning questioning Krum.

So he has to be some sort of Law official, right? Which means whatever he wants to pay Krum back for is much more than an unpaid debt or something. He had to have had something to do with the overdose, and that didnít work. Krumís probably being more careful after that and this Suit man is probably irate that Krum seems to not only be getting off on probation, but that heíll actually stick with the terms. So heís down on his options and is deciding to use Rose.

Iím on the edge, missy. Nearly Over The Edge, really ;).

Iím reserving the right to hold my opinion on this chapter until I find out if Rose is going to be okay or not. Thatís fair, right? ;) ♥

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad you liked the little morning-after scene. I was aiming for something sweet to establish that the pair were all right after the little spat the night before, but without having a heavy conversation about their relationship. And I'm glad you liked the "not all of it" part too. I feel like they've been together long enough that they can talk about how they feel without it seeming all needy, but I also think they'd both prefer not to dwell on it too much since talking about their relationship in depth would force them to deal with a lot of hard truths.

I'm sorry about the cliffy. Feel free to return the favor anytime :P I'd feel worse about it if I hadn't already posted the next chapter, though that one is a cliffy too. I hope the explanation for what the man in the suit's motive is/was isn't too much of a letdown. And I'm glad the change in the style was noticeable at the end. I was trying to build a little suspense. Hopefully you could sort of feel that something was coming.

I'm glad your still routing for a happy ending. I am so, so looking forward to what you'll think about how it all works out and if you think it's happy enough. Gah, I can't believe we're almost at the end!!

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Review #6, by TearsIMustConceal 

26th January 2013:

You can't leave me hanging like that!

Apart from the cliffhanger, i loved it although it does make me sad that the book is finally written, i feel like it could mean that any minute and their relationship could fall apart and i don't want that to happen because i am now an avid Rose/Viktor shipper! But then i'm glad because Rose will finally have her book out and i want her to do well...conflicting feelings here!

I also want to know what Viktor's surprise was...you're getting mean by leaving these things untold!

Amazing writing, as per usual. Your skills make me unbelievably jealous! Can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Tears. It is a little sad that the book is written, but it's also supposed to be a really exciting time for Rose. So many possibilities in front of her. And it makes me so, so happy to hear that you like the pairing. I know it's a bit unusual, but I always hoped that by the end, readers would be routing for them as a pair.

Gah! Sorry for all the cliffhangers with this one. And the ones in the chapter that follows! But thank you so much for the review. I'm so happy you're enjoying the story!

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